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Bros as pokemon trainers? What teams would they have?

… omg anon if there is one thing I love as much as Osomatsu-San it’s Pokemon. Let’s do this!!

Osomatsu:He’s trash and his team is made up of pseudo legendaries. Really I think Osomatsu would have a pretty simple team made up of his favourites, he doesn’t have a battle strategy but that’s fine with him. His team would be Blaziken, Altaria, Gallade, Gengar (that he uses to scare Choro sometimes), Galvantula, and Blissey.

Karamatsu: You know how sometimes there are those trainers that look really tough and intimidating but after you beat them they’re just nerds. Yeah, that’s Karamatsu. He’d probably have a team that looks scary and cool on the outside, but deep down they have hearts of gold like he does! He’d lead with a Krookodile, Emboar (cause eyebrows), Dusknoir, Electivire, Pangoro, and Glaceon.

Choromatsu: I feel like everyones favourite churro would be interested in pokemon research. As such he’s not much of a battler, but he does has a variety of pokemon and types that he likes. He has a Gardevoir, Floatzel, Noctowl, Larvitar, Leavanny, and Mienshao. (Also he’s scared of ghost pokemon)

Ichimatsu: Cat pokemon………. He probably wouldn’t be a trainer that actually battles a lot though, if he does it’s usually with Jyushi. His main would be Purugly! He’d also have a Weavile, Meowstic, Delcatty, Espeon and a Luxray

Jyushimatsu: He likes pokemon that are really quick, strike first ask questions later! I also feel like he’d be a really big fan of electric types! His main would be a Manectric, and he’d also have Emolga, Vigoroth, Ambipom (purely for it’s silly grin), Togekiss, and a Lucario!

Todomatsu: Totty probably wouldn’t be down for battles but he’d be a great contest star :3c. So he’d like really graceful, pretty, or cute pokemon! He’d main a Dragonair (A shiny one of course!), followed by Sylveon, Chandelure, Froslass, Bellossom, and Lopunny.

Dayon: Arceus