Mega Charizard XY

A mega collaboration between myself and @tulerarts! I did the composition and sketching, Tuler did the linearts and coloring.

We’ll be selling this at Anime Expo 2016 in LA this weekend (July 1-4)! You can find us at Table C7. Come by and say hi! :D

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Now that the next generation of pokemon games has been announced, I thought I would post my personal renditions of three mega pokemon that I would love to see in the future! Tried to come as close to the original style as possible since it’s one of my favorites when it comes to simple, yet well-balanced creature design!

“Slowlife Beach”

Another my favorite work in Mega Evolution Artbook from last year ////v////!

Mega Slowbro became my favorite child because he look so chill and many people said that Mega Slowbro in this pic is looklike me a lot. (Haha Whyyyyy “XD)
At first, I think that his Mega Evolution form is so humorous! (and I still think like that.)

I love many pokemons because I drew them, Mega Slowbro as well! He’s become my lovely child ///v///!  


Day 603 - The Monster that Tore the Heavens

Rayquaza | レックウザ

Mega Rayquaza | メガレックウザ (Shiny)

Rayquaza was created to quell natural disasters that went too far. It lives above the ozone layer and circles the planet as it pleases. It controls the jet stream and direction of the wind.

Mega Rayquaza was the very first Mega Evolution. Infinity Energy radiating from space was infused in the meteoroids that rocket towards the planet. Rayquaza devours these, imbuing itself with enough Infinity Energy to control Mega Evolution itself.

(P.S. Daily new Pokémon drawings, follow to see them! Contact me at for inquiries on commissions. Commissions are not limited to Pokémon. Prices vary, do not be afraid to ask questions!)​

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