mega eeveelutions

Mega Jolteon

This one was so much fun to do! I colored him during a a livrstream over on Instagram . I stream there every Friday around 10-11 pm Eastern Time if you guys want to join. :D

Credit for the sprite art goes to the talented @pkmnfusionprof! Always really inspired by his stuff. Go show him some love!

As always hope you guys are having a lovely weekend!

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anonymous asked:

With all of the talk of dual type eeveelutions, and eeveelutions for types that don't have one, I had the thought that if eeveelutions ever mega evolve, they should get the unused dual type. for instance, water-dragon vaporeon, electric-steel jolteon, or even fairy-bug sylveon (because of the eyes and the butterfly on it). The only type that wouldn't be used would be ghost because ghost is opposite of normal

Sorry that I’m just getting to your ask! To be honest, I don’t really like that Mega Evolutions (as of now) take the place of possible additional evolutions, so if it came to it I’d rather see more Eevelutions for the types we haven’t gotten yet instead of just Mega Evolutions for those that we already have.

But if we’re not going to get those Eeveelutions, I think your concept is a cool one! It would be an interesting way to see more types on the Eeveelutions, and seeing their designs for the type match-ups would be fun (plus I like the types you matched together). Too bad Ghost would be left out, but you rationalized that pretty well. Cool idea!

40 Day Pokémon Challenge

Seeing this everywhere and it looks like fun so I’m gonna give it a go!

  1. A Pokémon that makes you smile
  2. Favorite regional bird
  3. Favorite Elite Four member
  4. Favorite Pokémon that can’t evolve (No Legendaries)
  5. First Pokémon game
  6. Your first starter Pokémon
  7. Favorite type of Pokémon
  8. Favorite starter type
  9. Favorite Fire type
  10. Favorite Water type
  11. Favorite Grass type
  12. Favorite Electric type
  13. Favorite Ground type
  14. Favorite Rock type
  15. Favorite Fighting type
  16. Favorite Ice type
  17. Favorite Dragon type
  18. Favorite Dark type
  19. Favorite Ghost type
  20. Favorite Psychic type
  21. Favorite Bug type
  22. Favorite Flying type
  23. Favorite Steel type
  24. Favorite Poison type
  25. Favorite Normal type
  26. Favorite Fairy type
  27. Favorite region
  28. Favorite Gym Leader
  29. A Pokémon that you wish was your friend
  30. Favorite rival (Anime)
  31. Favorite rival (Games)
  32. Favorite travel companion
  33. Favorite Pokémon Professor
  34. Favorite villain team
  35. Favorite Pokémon movie
  36. Favorite Legendary Pokémon
  37. Favorite Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon
  38. Favorite Eeveelution
  39. Favorite Mega Evolution
  40. What does Pokémon mean to you?

I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time, but I’m now happy to announce I finally opened up an Etsy Store!

At the moment I only have button / badges up for sale but I’ll put up the bookmarks soon and eventually also prints, hopefully even charms as well.

My main goal is to finish the whole smash roster for buttons / badges, the bottom pic has all the ones I have done thus far. Hopefully the full roster will be complete in the first half of this year.

Stock is quite limited for some designs in particular, what I have currently is leftover stock from cons. I don’t own a badge machine myself but hopefully I can get enough from this to buy one for myself!

Positive Pokemon Themed Questions!

Send me numbers!

1. Favorite gen?
2. Gen that you’d love a remake for?
3. Region with the best cities?
4. Pokemon game with the best music?
5. Favorite Rival?
6. If you had to choose a group from the anime to travel with, who would you choose?
7. Favorite male and female protagonist?
8. Dream team?
9. Your favorite underdog pokemon?
10. A pokemon that you really like that might not be favored among a lot of people?
11. Favorite mega evolution?
12. What eeveelution do you want next?
13. Favorite shiny pokemon?
14. Favorite Pokemon design?
15. Favorite characteristic from each region?
16. Favorite starter from each region?
17. Favorite Legendary pokemon?
18. Favorite villainous team?
19. What pokemon game (after oras) do you want next?
20. Favorite gym leaders?
21. Favorite Elite four members?
23. Favorite Champions?
24. Most memorable battle?
25. If you had to choose your birthplace in the pokemon world, what region would you be from and what city?

I'm ready for a new Pokemon game!

I kinda want it to be in a new region! 

I want some new Pokemon!