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ART CONTEST: Mega Monoxious

One of these above poisonous monstrosities will be the Mega Evolved form of Monoxious! Which of these myriad takes do you, the community, most favour?

1. ericsart40′s fang-fisted draconic brawler

2. seizurecube’s mushroom-headed mystical take

3. furrycutie1210′s radioacative-green fungal fusion

4. alexanderstarhero’s titanic toxic terror

Only one can win!

Mega Luxray Art Contest!

Call all artists! Do you want a chance to win some shiny mythical Pokemon? If so, this contest might be the thing for you! 

Luxray is my favorite Pokemon so I desperately wish that it had a Mega Evolution. Since Gamefreak hasn’t made an official Mega Luxray yet, I’m leaving that job to you guys! Good luck!

Your task is to make a design for Mega Luxray. I’ll be choosing three winners. Entries will be accepted until May 27th at 6 PM PST.


  • You don’t need to be following me to participate
  • You can either submit your entry to my blog or post your entry on your blog and tag my blog
  • Entries don’t need to be digital. You can draw it on paper and take a picture of it if you want
  • Backgrounds are not required
  • Must have ask box or messaging open so I can contact you if you win
  • All submissions will be posted onto the blog
  • Make sure that Mega Luxray is the main focus of your entry

The Prizes:

The shiny Mythicals that are up for grabs are Mew, Shaymin, Celebi, Keldeo, Manaphy, Diancie, Arceus, Jirachi, Darkrai, and Genesect.

There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. What the winners receive is based on their placing. What the winners receive is mentioned below:

  • 1st place: 1 of each Mythical (10 in total)
  • 2nd place: 5 Mythicals
  • 3rd place: 3 Mythicals

our young couple call their homes to tell them that they got engaged! may’s family and drew’s grandmother and cousin (whose designs i took from the game im so sorry. the female ace trainer is the cousin bc ace trainer drew lmao) prepare their houses for their visit!

for contestshipping week 2016! day 3: meeting the family

also, a bonus!


Behold: this year’s summer contest entry! And boy it was a doozy. I redid everything once the infamous trailer was released, the game hit the shelves, and, well….you know the rest. It was important for me to keep this entry as good-natured as possible, for all of the Mega Man fans and MN9 backers. It’s been a rough summer for some of you! If this entry cheered anyone up, then I did my job. 


pσkєmσn trαínєrs - cσntєst вєαυту hαlls  

trαínєr lísíα  

trαínєr mαч - trαínєr вrєndαn  

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ART CONTEST: Mega Brrhemoth

We have a three basic takes on the idea of a mega Evolution for Brrhemoth, the pure-Ice snow roller Pokemon. There are a few variants upon the same versions, though, affording our region’s voting public the opportunity to really fine-tune which rendition of the concept they enjoy the most!

So, which is your favourite execution?

1. muscularhaiku’s snowman

2. hazard100′s upgraded take

3. muscularhaiku’s masked marauder

4. seizurecube’s spiky cylinder

5. furrycutie1210′s transforming terror