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I think we can post these now? This was an entry I drew up for the “wildcard” category of @rockmiyabideusexmachina‘s Valentine’s Day contest!

Nothing fancy, but this was my first ever attempt at trying a lineless, painted look for my art. I already see things that I wish I had done differently but I guess it’s all cool, since it wasn’t being judged, but I’m still a bit disappointed in myself. Regardless of the end result though, I’m happy this gave me the inspiration to try something new and contribute a bit of sappy art to the fanbase!

Might touch it up over the course of the next few days. Hope everyone had a nice Valentine’s Day!

our young couple call their homes to tell them that they got engaged! may’s family and drew’s grandmother and cousin (whose designs i took from the game im so sorry. the female ace trainer is the cousin bc ace trainer drew lmao) prepare their houses for their visit!

for contestshipping week 2016! day 3: meeting the family

also, a bonus!

Really? You’re sticking your tongue out at me? Are we in first grade again, Dawn? Hm? You know what happens when you stick your tongue out at Conway, huh? Do you? You know what happens? YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS?! Well, Dawn…


I literally drew this yesterday!

Just on a whim!

Oh, you probably don’t get the joke, do you? Huh? You assclowns have NO IDEA at all, do you?!

Well, if you would puh-lease SHUT - THE HELL - UP!!! then… well, let me remind you this is not my first picture of Conway pulling a Chris Jericho. Oh no. See, Conway’s holding a list in this one too. But that’s from Jericho’s much younger days; this one references our present-day Chris Jericho - the man who, along with Best Friend Kevin Owens, is the main reason to watch Monday Night RAW! IS! JERICHO!

But you heathens and muttonheads wouldn’t be able to connect the dots, would you? Well, feast your eyes on a reference video fired up via the JeriTron 6500:

That’s just a montage of moments that IS… The List of Jericho.


So in case you were wondering, yes, the one giving Conway Jericho the stinkface is Dawn indeed! 

This is basically a concept art of some status quo changes to expect once Arc II kicks in. As I’ve said multiple times before, Conway will shift from battling trainer to Coordinator in Trifecta Arc II. Since Best Wishes doesn’t officially happen in this continuity, Dawn will be in Kanto like she should’ve been to begin with, and she’ll serve as Conway’s rival for this arc of the story. Do you understand what I’m saying to you right now?

You’d think Conway would be all over this, right? Because he adores Dawn so much, right? ASK HIM!! Well, things CHANGE with time. While he still likes Dawn, there’s gonna be a bit of role reversal in their dynamic. 

Namely, Dawn is going to be IMMEDIATELY suspicious the second she sees Conway competing in a contest. Remember that she didn’t see Conway’s one-time stint as a Coordinator in Sinnoh during chapters 9-10. She didn’t get to know Conway well enough to realize his nature of a freelancer with no commitment to any one path at this time in his life. After being freaked the hell out by the over-eager Conway during the Sinnoh League, Dawn’s going to regard Conway with nothing but suspicion and immediately assume the worst of this wonderful dude.

Yes, she will assume Conway deliberately stalked Dawn to Kanto and took up Contests solely for the purposes of getting closer to her.

In truth, Conway had no idea Dawn had any intention of going to Kanto. He’s going to Kanto because he’s gotten to be super-close Best Friends with Paul and wants to see through his buddy’s journey to overcome his pyramid daddy. In the meantime, since Team Galactic’s finished and his cousin is behind bars, Conway’s free to live his life again and wants to try new things. Since he really enjoyed his one-day Coordinator gig, Conway wants to see if that might be his calling, after concluding that he’s not cut out for a path like Paul’s.

So yeah, it’s all very coincidental! But now that Dawn already had to deal with an overbearing dick of a wannabe love-interest in Kenny, she’s a bit more wary of getting too involved with feelings and whatnot.

Dawn will find Conway before Conway finds her. Conway will be legit shocked, but for a while Dawn is not going to believe his innocence. Since Dawn was SO, SO close to achieving her goals last time, she’s extra driven to go the distance and follow through. Zoey won’t be around this time to be her guide, and Dawn is traveling solo for her Kanto journey. In other words, no one’s gonna be there to help with her damn hair before the contest starts. 

That’s why I intentionally made Dawn’s hairstyle an incomprehensible mess.

And she has all-new attire! No, this won’t be her travel outfit (but now I’m kinda tempted to make one for her even though i don’t have any outfit changes planned for our three main guys at this time; if they don’t get to have seasonal wardrobe changes, why does Dawn deserve one?), but I am sick to damn death of her boring-ass pink dress from the DP series. Yes, I know she made unique minor changes to her outfit accessories/hairstyle and whatnot, but that dress has had its time in the sun. It’s time for a change.

And my goal is to NOT have Dawn in the same outfit for every single fucking Contest - same with everyone else who’ll be in the Contest picture for Arc II! I don’t really have solid recurring Coordinators aside from Dawn and Ursula planned, but I’m open to ideas. Since I’m reinventing Bianca’s character, maybe Burgundy and/or Georgia might be viable choices? Much as I’d love to use May/Drew/Harley, they already had their time in Kanto and most logically would be touring Sinnoh by Arc II.

Though it did recently hit me that they COULD return for a Wallace Cup tournament. It’s in different places every year; why not Kanto this time around?

So yeah, Dawn’s actually gonna be a bit of a heel in Trifecta Arc II. You might even call her a dirty, disgusting, brutal, bottom-feeding trash-bag ho! She WON’T start out as a friendly adversary. After all, I always did think that for the most part, Dawn had it way too easy with her rivals in DP. Ursula was great, but Ursula also debuted well past the series’ halfway mark. So Dawn being on her own and having more antagonistic competition than she’s used to having would probably make her put on a bit of a tougher front. Being a Runner-Up in a recent Grand Festival means she’ll have a target on her back for sure, and even in Kanto, most Coordinators there are gonna know who she is. Dawn can’t be having Conway creeping on her while she politely brushes him aside when she’s got an image to keep up! Even though Conway won’t be doing that… 

He’s still VERY into Dawn, don’t get me wrong. But once Dawn confronts him in Kanto, it’s gonna hurt the poor guy a lot. To prove his innocence, he’ll go out of his way to NOT initiate anything with Dawn.

On the flipside, Dawn is so sure Conway has a hidden agenda that SHE’LL be the one doing the creeping on Conway! She’ll be the one going out of her way to watch him from afar, and to keep notes on what he’s doing.

And no, Kenny will not be in Kanto because he said in the fucking series itself that he’s going to Hoenn next. Even if he didn’t say that, I’d be sending him to another region anyway because I don’t like Kenny and sure as hell don’t wanna write for the putz. AT MOST, I might include him in the Wallace Cup. If only for shock value and to make him even more of a STUPID IDIOT towards Dawn. You know, just to rub it in that Dawn has no interest in him whatsoever.

But that’s it. 

So yeah, Dawn will be straight-up ruthless towards Conway and force-feeding him his own medicine.

We know Dawn can dish this out because…


Eventually, yeah, Dawn will realize Conway wasn’t lying and hooboy she will never… EEEEEEEEVEERRRRRRR… be the same… a-GAIN.

So that’s the rundown for the change in our HeatTagshipping dynamics in Arc II! I doubt Conway would actually put Dawn on the List of Stupid Idiots but… you never know! 

Oh yeah, I also had a small idea of there to be some sibling rivalry between the Coordinator Hosts, Vivian, Lilian, and Marian. Namely that, as someone informed me (forgot who, sorry!), that there were certain rules in Contests that were exclusive by region. Maybe the three are engaged in a battle for ratings and Lilian wants to outdo the glitz and glamour that came with the Super Contests in Sinnoh that Marian hosted. 

This would allow me to mold the Contest part of Trifecta into pretty much anything I want. Like, to make it more Sports Entertainment-like, with more backstage segments! And not just between interviewers and Coordinators, but between Coordinator and Coordinator! Having these ongoing storylines televised to everyone so the rivalry stuff becomes extremely common knowledge, and maybe in a nod to Kalos’ Performances, the Contest Halls will be full of people who will mark out for different Coordinators.

And then someone ends up being the Roman Reigns of Coordinators. ;) Bizarrely, Dawn ALMOST fits those credentials. She’s the daughter of a well-known Top Coordinator (Roman Reigns is part of the Samoan Royal Family of Wrestling, descended from the Wild Samoans), came very close to achieving ultimate victory early on in her career (Roman’s only been in his singles career for a scant few years and he’s already won the WWE Title like 3 times already - also he’s made it to the Final Four of the Royal Rumble for four consecutive years now…), and would probably be a major heat magnet for the Coordinators of Kanto.

Besides, a minor sibling rivalry spat between the Contest Hosts fits perfectly with Trifecta, now doesn’t it!

On a semi-related note, I wrote quite a bit of Trifecta 21 over the past week! It went from ~500 words to over 10x that amount, so we’re getting somewhere!

I am deeply considering having Conway begin his listing habits starting with this chapter.

Now if only I could find a way to fit an armbar or five into that concept…

-I mean, Happy HeatTagshipping pic kinda!

A Mega-Evolved Pokémon will be able to tap into a strength far greater than it could before. 

Some Mega Pokemon may see more than just their stats increase, and may change their Ability or even their type!

Mega Contest!


  • Splice a mega evolution for a Pokemon that does not yet have a Mega-Evolution.
  • This means that Lucario, Mewtwo, Blaziken, Absol, Mawile, Ampharos, Kangaskhan are not eligible.
  • Include any stat boosts, ability or type changes.


  • Any final-stage Pokemon may be used, aside from those mentioned above.
  • This includes legendary Pokemon and Pokemon that are not part of an evolutionary family.
  • Use sprites from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heartgold, Soulsilver, Black, White, Black 2, or White 2.
  • This means that generation 6 Pokemon are not eligible. (As there are no official sprites for these Pokemon.)
  • Front and back sprites (from the aforementioned games) can be used to splice, but your entry should be a front facing sprite only, and it may not be a moving GIF.


  • Completes challenge by including a Mega-Evolution Pokemon AND stat/ability/type information.
  • Quality of skill
  • Creativity 


  • August 30th, 2013 at 11:59 PM PST


  • One free set (four pieces) of official TSplicA buttons
  • Winner must be comfortable with giving their address to receive the prize. Personal information will not be shared with anyone.
  • To receive prize, the winner must have their inbox open, and must respond within 48 hours. 
  • If the winner does not respond in the allotted time, the prize will be given to the runner up.

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The Mega Contest is over!

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