mega cats


was clearing stuff on my laptop an saw these screenshots I took from I don’t even know LOL but these are cute look at them

2014: mega milk shirt
2015: cat bikini thingy
2016: boob keyhole turtleneck sweater
2017: stupid fucking “sweater” that just straight up doesnt have a back
2018/2019: ???
2020: diapers


Jeremy- likes cats mostly but likes smol dogs (he likes cats but probably doesnt have one ,,he probs has a goldfish)

Michael- Big doggo person (i dont think Micha would have any dogs in his house but whenever he sees one on the streetos he’ll always pet it like,,me)

Christine- hamster and birb person :Oc (she probbos has a green birb and a tan hamster)

Brooke- M O P  D O G S. (she probs has a medium one :Oc)

Chloe- fluffy white cattos (she probs has one and loves it sm)

Rich- i like 2 think rich likes a wide verity of animals :Oc like mostly birbs and mediumish doggos??but he cant have any other pettos so he always goes to jakey d’s house just to see his doggos (edited it a bit bc someone told me rich has a lizard?? and??thats??adorable??holyshit)

Jake- he likes(and has) huskys and cool dogs liek tht but is secretly a mega cat lover

Jenna- she doesnt have a pet but she lovvos hamsters and cats :Oc

Mr. Heere bc why not- he likes dobbos

Squop- he doesnt have one hes a computer

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RFA +V and Unknown comforting a bi MC who came out to her friends but was shunned. This just happened to me and I am currently...... well I guess not in my right mind. These boys (and girl) have gotten me through a lot and I kinda hope they can help with this. Sorry if this isn't a good request or is too heavy a subject. Thanks if you do it, and I understand if you don't.

I’ve been avoiding writing for a month now but I just saw this and wanted to do it. I’m so sorry you’ve had this experience, that’s fucking awful. You don’t deserve to be treated like that. It’s not much but I hope this helps. ♥


  • Yoosung would be mad. Like, super mad. He seems all sweet and cuddly, but when it comes to you? Nope, consider his Yandere Mode™ activated.
  • He just won’t understand how anyone could shun you for something that should be so easy to accept.
  • You’re his absolute world and the thought of anyone treating you badly simply for your sexual orientation will fry his damn brain.
  • Eventually after pacing the room ranting he will see how hurt you are by what happened, and he’ll calm himself down immediately.
  • He just wants to see you smiling again.
  • Yoosung will definitely tell you that it’s ok, you don’t need to have friends like that when you have him.
  • In fact he would probably love having you all to himself.
  • He’ll wipe away any tears and hold you tight until you feel a teeny bit at ease.
  • And if that doesn’t take your mind off things he’ll find a game that requires maximum concentration so you aren’t even able to think about it.
  • He adores you and will do anything to make you feel better.


  • There are two beasts within Zen.
  • The one we all know and love, and the one that comes out when someone upsets the person he loves.
  • He can probably hide it very well, instead focusing on making you feel better.
  • He accepts you no matter what so the thought of your own friends not accepting you confuses him so much.
  • Like, you’re incredible? Why would they be so weird about this? It doesn’t change who you are as an individual, just who you are likely to fall in love with?
  • He doesn’t understand in the slightest.
  • He adores that you are bi.
  • Not in a weird fetishy way, but in the way in which you are brave for being open about your sexuality in a world that is not always accepting.
  • He admires your courage for telling them, and he will tell you all about it whilst holding you in his arms.
  • He loves you and will stay with you until he sees you smiling again.


  • Jaehee is a logical person. She’s always thinking 20 steps ahead of other people.
  • So when you tell her that your friends didn’t like the fact that you were bi, she was dumbfounded.
  • She ??? didn’t ??? expect ??? this ???
  • She honestly didn’t even think it would be such a big deal, it’s nothing out of the ordinary. Being bisexual isn’t weird or different, it’s a normal thing that a lot of people experience???
  • Despite her lack of understanding about why your friends were so shitty, she will push those thoughts aside and do what is best for you.
  • Making you feel better is her priority now.
  • Her phone is off, and so is yours.
  • Tonight she’s focusing all her energy on you and making sure you aren’t feeling so down about what happened.
  • Want to watch a movie that doesn’t star Zen? Done.
  • Want some nice comfort food to fill the empty space within you? Done.
  • Anything you want to do, she will do it.
  • She understands the struggle, she’s bi too, and it took some time for her to realise and come to terms with that.
  • So she will make sure you don’t feel bad about it at all, despite how your friends reacted.
  • You’re the light of her life, you showed her a whole new side of herself and she sure as hell will make sure she helps you in return.


  • Jumin is very similar to Yoosung in the respect he wants to keep you all to himself.
  • He may have stopped joking about putting you in a cage but that doesn’t mean the thought doesn’t occasionally cross his mind.
  • So when you tell him about what happened with your friends, he will feel extremely smug.
  • But when he sees how shit you’re feeling because of it, that’ll change instantly.
  • He isn’t equipped to deal with this kind of situation, but the sight of you being so hurt by what happened will break his heart.
  • He’ll likely try comforting you with praise, but with his monotone voice it doesn’t do much to help.
  • His next method is Elizabeth 3rd. It’s a well known fact that petting cats has mega soothing affects on people, Jumin uses it to calm himself after stressful days at work so he’s aware of how helpful it can be.
  • So he’ll sit you down and put her on your lap, encouraging you to stroke her.
  • He will sit next to you, an arm around your shoulders, watching quietly as his two favourite things in the universe interact with each other.
  • He doesn’t know how to effectively comfort you, but he wants to, and you can see the effort he’s making.
  • He reminds you that you still have the entire RFA who think so highly of you and love you no matter what.
  • Every now and then you’ll see his fist clench as he thinks about what your friends did, but placing your hand on his relaxes him instantly.
  • It’s a quiet and peaceful night, and it surprisingly eases your mind.


  • If anyone is going to understand you, it’s Seven.
  • This boy is bi himself, so he’s probably experienced some struggles in his life, especially with his religion.
  • He will probably feel hurt on your behalf?? Anything that upsets you feels like a personal attack on him.
  • Like his heart will physically ache at the thought of how much this is hurting you.
  • His first reaction is to make jokes.
  • He’ll tell you not to worry, he can destroy their life in an instant if you so wish.
  • You laugh quietly along with his jokes but you both know he genuinely means it.
  • He will pull you in to snuggle on the sofa, rubbing his thumbs over you hands soothingly.
  • His joke level will be at max, and he will try anything to make you crack a smile.
  • But if that doesn’t work then he’ll just hold onto you.
  • He may always be messing around but he knows when it’s time to stop and be serious. 
  • He reminds you that even if your friends don’t accept you for who you are, he does, and he loves for who you are.
  • He wouldn’t change a thing about you.
  • You are everything he ever wanted and needed, and he’ll make damn sure you don’t feel shit because of people who don’t deserve you in their life.


  • He is an angel.
  • Like, a legit angel.
  • The second he sees you are upset he’s by your side trying his damn hardest to fix what is broken.
  • Once he realises that your own friends have shunned you for simply being bi, his heart sinks.
  • He knows there isn’t much he can do to fix that, if anything at all.
  • But he wants to help you feel better, so he’ll try his best.
  • The first thing he thinks of is a hot beverage. He will likely make you some tea, or if you prefer something else he’ll make that.
  • Once you’re settled together drinking something hot, he’ll quietly tell you in his soft voice all the reasons why your friends are ridiculous for treating you so badly.
  • He’ll leave his tea on the table and pull you into his arms, stroking your hair as he talks.
  • The tea, his soft voice, and his kind words all sooth you in a way you didn’t even think was possible. 
  • It doesn’t seem like he’s doing much but his small gestures make such a huge impact.
  • He never thought he would love anyone but Rika, so you are probably the most precious thing in his life.
  • He’ll do all he can to make you feel better about what happened, even if it takes all night.


  • To say he is angry would be an understatement.
  • He is absolutely seething that anyone would treat you this way.
  • There’s almost definitely a small part of him that wants to see them suffer for doing this to you.
  • But he’s grown a lot, thanks to the help of the RFA and especially you he’s gotten a lot better at handling his anger.
  • Just like Jumin, he’s not really sure how to handle this, but he desperately wants to help.
  • After being insanely awkward for what feels like forever, he finally gets an idea.
  • Without saying anything he grabs your hand and leads you to the bedroom.
  • Once there he unbuttons the duvet cover, opening it up and gesturing for you to climb inside.
  • He gets in after you, clearing his throat.
  • He tells you about how when he starts to feel shit he gets inside the duvet and forgets about the world.
  • You sit cross legged, facing each other, and it’s more blissful than you could even imagine.
  • He tells you how it feels like you’re in your own little bubble, and once he says it you start to understand what he means.
  • He doesn’t press on the issue with your friends, instead giving you an escape where you can feel peaceful again.
  • As you sit and chat about meaningless things he holds your hand, something which is a huge step for him.
  • But he just wants to see you smile again, so he’s willing to push himself beyond his comfort zone if it helps.
  • He wouldn’t share his escape with anyone else, only you.

Happy Friday the 13th hehehe… heh..Here’s something really cute that’s been stuck in my head for anyone that did have a bad day. We all know a little fire-eyed Remy would’ve had a tough time growing up with the whole New Orleans being especially superstitious and what not. BUT ADD A BLACK CAT?! *boom*            MEGA ADORABLE, “UNLUCKY” MIX OF TOO MUCH CUTE.