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We’ve got 20 minutes of new gameplay footage from the cancelled Halo Mega Bloks game.

It looks fantastic!


Mega Bloks Halo | Unreleased by N-Space (2013)


A Mega Bloks Halo game was in the works as recently as 2013, but Microsoft cancelled it.

I would literally buy fifteen copies of this…


Display room update
I made a second large table the same width and height as the existing large table with the tan carpet. Eventually I will replace the 3 black tables with new ones made to fit perfectly. I added all the kotobukiya base parts I had to the back of my unsc base, all I’m waiting on now is the halo mega blocks fire base to mostly finish it. With the addition of the blue table I started adding covenant forces and empire zoids to the opposing side, along with my unfinished bio zoids. I’m not entirely sure what to do with the terrain, acquiring enough halo battlescapes would cost a fortune, maybe I could make something myself. I also strung up a few more zoids from the ceiling, Gil Vader and Gil Dragon were surprisingly easy, Zero on the other hand was a butt and didn’t want to cooperate. But she’s now in flight and looking majestic. Anyway let me know what you think!

To clear things up for both new and old followers: I don’t hate 343i, nor do I want Bungie back.

I know I talk shit and get angry at 343 daily, but to be quite frank, most of the stuff 343 has produced has been lovely. Halo 4 is my entire fucking life, FUD, Nightfall, freaking…Hunt the Truth, all AMAZING, and Halo 5, although the worst in the series plot-wise, was refreshingly revolutionary in the way of game mechanics and overall gameplay (clamber and ground pound are the best). 

For the most part, a fair portion of the EU produced under 343 has been okay, but of course, we’ve had our problems/there have been trainwrecks. But generally, the problems with 343 have been, IMO, the direct result of a singular writer, and it’s not something really with 343 in general. (Yes, I know, Frankie also sucks. And some of the others also suck. I get it. But H5…???? yeah. No. I blame a singular human for that disaster.) 

When it comes to Bungie, they’re okay, I guess. None of their games, save for Reach, have had the emotional impact that H4 had on me. I play CE, 2, 3, or ODST and I just kinda feel “meh” about it all. I also have my own opinions regarding some of their writing, characterizations, and character designs in general that I won’t get into here, but honestly, I don’t think Bungie was that great.  

But I know a lot of you love the Bungie games, and that’s great! But you cannot hold on to that love (with for most people, is nostalgia-fueled) and automatically disregard all that 343 has done well. Don’t forget, Bungie also had it’s own fair share of problems, but we haven’t stopping playing their Halo games for 15 years. 

I think that the split between Bungie and the Halo franchise was a healthy one, in the long run. If Bungie held on, we would either have no Halo at all or a significantly worse one than they’ve given us in the past so they could focus on Destiny. It was just time for a change, and it was time for a company that could focus entirely on Halo. 

343 is a relatively new company. They’ve had their obvious ups and downs, and they have honestly broken my trust, but this is to be expected when a new authority comes in (this is true in all aspects of life. School, home, work, etc). And I know that most of the time it seems like they’re destroying Halo and it’s the worst thing ever, and I know some of you want to be unapologetic about the “awful things they’ve done”, but I refuse to think like that. Halo 4 proves that they have it in them to make a FANTASTIC Halo game, and I’m choosing to have hope. I’m choosing to believe that 343 will figure it out. But only if we let them. 

I’m refusing to look back and scream about wanting Bungie back. You cannot progress without looking forward. 343 will not grow as a company without looking forward. I mostly just want a singular person to be removed from 343 and someone more competent put in place, and for them to listen to the fans, but if we simply cry about wanting Bungie back, we aren’t helping them grow. They will stop listening if we don’t give them fair criticism. 

So please, don’t message me saying you want Bungie back. I don’t. Instead, please consider some leniency and some hope in regards to 343, and remember to look forward. Looking back will get us absolutely nowhere.

TLDR; I don’t want Bungie back. I want to watch 343 grow into a company we all can trust with our beloved franchise. 

*also totally not sub-blogging anyone. just thinking at night because of what someone said to me* 


Mega Bloks Halo : Follow-up and Raw Gameplay

A quick follow-up with the response from Bonnie Ross, the 343 Industries lead, and some small details, followed by some nice, clean gameplay.


I find Clawdeen to be a bit of a puzzling addition to Series 3… Series 3 has five new characters (Lorna, Kiyomi, Catrine, Skelita, and Rochelle), and two duplicate characters in Fearleader uniforms (Lagoona and Ghoulia).  Then there’s just… Clawdeen in a regular outfit.  She’s not even the first Clawdeen in a regular outfit, Series 1 had one.  I feel like it might have made more sense to have her in a Fearleader outfit too, though there’s already a little playset of her dressed like that.  I dunno, I’m just wondering why they picked Clawdeen dressed this way for Series 3…

Don’t get me wrong though, I do like this figure.  I’m not complaining.  I’m just pondering.  Her outfit is cute and I like her color scheme :)