mega beheeyem

Mega Beheeyem, based on the Flatwoods Monster

Think this is more fitting to base the mega of an alien encounter like the rest of the line, than just giving it some bigger details. Gave it steel typing as Flatwoods Monster had some metallic clothing, and levitate because well, Beheeyem already does and Flatwoods Monster was said to do as well. And also good to make it immune to ground. Another option could be adaptability as ability.

The shiny one is colored to look more like the Flatwoods Monster, with darker clothing and reddish face.

Was skeptical at first, but now I enjoy the idea of the megas! Also wanted to try design one myself, of one of my fave pokémons, Beheeyem C: If he gets a real evo, it will be permanent and it would suck if Beheeyems evo looked crap :C (wouldn’t evolve him of course). But IF it gets a mega instead, it would be great as I would still have actual Beheeyem as they transform back after battle C:

Here is what I would hope for: Psychic/Steel, removing its other weaknesses and gains weakness for ground and fire instead. BUT since it has Levitate it would only have fire as its weakness. Stat-wise, it wouldn’t hurt to get slightly more speed and def/sp.def. Since it’s based on a UFO a bit = travel fast. Part steel because of UFO stuff, it could have some more defence/sp.def. Other stuff in the design, I just tried to give it a more disguised look. Gave it and asteroid belt because.

aaa now I just hope Sableye gets the rumored mega!