woops did another one 

Never personally cared for Lucario’s mega evolution as far as aesthetics go, and since 1) he’s Benjamin’s ace and 2) among my favorite pokemon, I wanted to have a go at designing an alternate form. Since I’m pretty sure Lucario is loosely based off an Egyptian jackal, I decided to go crazy with the ‘Anubis’ theme and base it off the patron of lost souls. 


Overwatch Heroes and their Pokemon: Full Series

And that’s a rap! Thank you all for being so supportive and enjoying this series. Also, thanks to all my new followers! With this series, we’ve reached 1000 followers! (which I’ll have to do something for) But I have to go on vacation tomorrow, So I just wanted to leave a quick thanks, and I hope to bring y'all more great art in the future! 

Individual Hero Posts:

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