i actually like fluffy sherlock fanfiction more than angst because there is already more than enough angst for me to handle in the real show i mean he jumped off a fuCKING BUILDING ISN’T THAT HEARTBREAKING ENOUGH WITHOUT ADDING 547587354 AUS WHERE SHERLOCK DIES OR DOES DRUGS OR ABANDONS JOHN FUCKING HELL IF THEY CAN’T BE HAPPY IN THE SHOW I AT LEAST WANT THEM TO BE HAPPY IN MY IMAGINATION

i know that john gets married in the acd canon

i know that they’re not going to make johnlock canon in the show

i know that it’s unrealistic to think that john would live in baker street for the rest of his life and never seek out a romantic relationship

and i know that mary is super awesome and great in the canon and makes john happy and puts up with sherlock

but i am still so



don’t even fuckin talk to me about johnlock not being canon in the ACD stories because after holmes comes back from the dead he gives his relative a very high sum of money to buy watson’s practice so that watson can move back into baker street with him and john was just like “lol okay what doctoral practice” these motherfuckers loVED EACH OTHER OKAY

i love how with interviewers martin freeman is like “did you just talk about my kids who told you i have kids i don’t have any kids no i’m not telling you anything shut the fuck up” but you know ben will be like “yes let me tell you all about my kids!!!!!!! these are their full names and these are their ages and they’re so cute when they’re sleeping i have a bunch of pictures do you want to see some??? here i’ll send you my favorite 400 and you can publish them with the article my kids are the cutest”