(ꜱᴛɪʟʟ) ꜱᴇᴇᴋɪɴɢ ʀᴩ ᴄᴏɴɴᴇᴄᴛɪᴏɴꜱ ᴀɴᴅ ᴩᴏᴛᴇɴᴛɪᴀʟʟy ᴀ ꜰᴄ!

For those who don’t follow me, this is a ‘seeking’ post for Megetu Adarkim, located on Balmung world! For all intents and purposes, she’s now my ‘main’ character. I’m looking for some RP connections for her, as well as possibly a RP FC. Wanna know more about her? Under the read more!

This has some amended details about Meg and her story from my last connection seeking post, and I felt it was better to make a new post instead of bringing my old one back from the dead :D

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anonymous asked:

What's You've Got Mail about? I've never actually seen it and I have an idea from the few prompts you've done, but I don't know it exactly.

Oh my gosh, run, do not walk, RUN and pick up this classic rom com.

So I am particularly attached to a few select rom coms because i have fond memories of sitting down with my mom on the weekends and watching every Meg Ryan or Sandra Bullock rom com in existence.  

“You’ve Got Mail” is kind of a remake of “The Shop Around the Corner”, a classic film with Jimmy Stewart that is also adorable and I highly recommend if you like black and white movies.  “You’ve Got Mail” takes place in the ancient past–1998–in a world where the internet is just sort of starting out.  Chatrooms are a thing, email is a thing, and the idea of meeting/dating someone online is SCANDALOUS.  

So Meg Ryan meets Tom Hanks on the internet.  They start chatting about books and life but agree not to tell each other any identifying details so they can just sort of enjoy each other’s company.  Meg Ryan runs her mother’s bookstore, “The Shop Around the Corner”.  Tom Hanks is the son of the CEO of “Fox Books” which is basically Barnes & Noble.  Offline, Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks meet and immediately hate each other, because they are business competitors and Tom Hanks is trying to put her out of business.  Online, they don’t know each other’s real identities, so they continue to fall in love through meaningful conversations.  (A really funny sequence that happens online is when Meg Ryan admits to him that her business is in trouble and Tom Hanks gives her business advice, unaware that he is advising her on how to beat him)

Eventually, Tom Hanks wants to meet her in real life, they agree to meet, but before he enters the cafe he sees her and realizes who she is, and is then forced to grapple with this conflict.  It is amazing and perfect and in my top 5 favorite rom coms which is a VERY HARD LIST TO BREAK.  

So my ficlets are a modern take on that story, which is super fun to do because we are now in the internet age–the REAL internet age.  It is no longer weird to meet and date people online.  We have an entire app to do that, as a matter of fact.  So it’s fun to have Emma and Neal correspond by “email” and for Belle to remark on how that’s “old-fashioned”.  And of course update this story for Belle and Rumple through Instagram, since Instagram is all about filters on your life.    

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Sweet little 14 yr old child , Megs has 4 PR companies that publish BS to all the Tabs and trash mags . She may of only had one interview in a year , but she has media friends talking in a daily basis to spread her lies to the press . Insulting members of the BRF with her paid trolls on DM , the worst kind of person , someone not to look up to .

Correct anon. I can’t believe that people are that ignorant and DUMB. She has clearly spoken to the press. GAME OVER!!!! THE BRF DON’T GIVE PERMISSION TO A GF TO TALK ABOUT THE RELATIONSHIP and that’s why the Palace have not said a word also to top it off for these young teens they haven’t mentioned her name to attend with Harry at IG. IF the BRF had given MM permission to do this interview they would of announced it. 

Even E! who promotes MM stated that NBCU set the whole thing up not the BRF. Plus as we all know with multiple and multiple receipts collected from many anons and put together by @anonymoushouseplantfan you can see that she has used her friends and PR teams to promote merchandise throughout the months by staging pap walks.

Have a great day anon. 


So the news just broke that Meg has left RT. Here’s a couple things you probably needed to be reminded of:

Don’t go throwing around theories and trying to insist that something happened when no one but Meg and the company knows what happened. Weather she was fired, she quit, or something in between, it’s not your place to know. It’s no one’s place to know except her and them. 

Just because she’s no longer an employee doesn’t mean that the company is going to fall apart? They lose and gain people all the time. So stop right there with the ‘the company is shit now!!!’/‘I hope rt fails at everything to learn a lesson!!!’/'I just watched for meg i hates everyone else/ no one else was talented!!!’ Don’t be an ass and bring down others just because your fave left.

You wanna leave the fandom because of Meg leaving? You want to stop watching RT content because of Meg leaving? You’re more than welcome to. Just do so respectively.

Meg is probably going to still be around occasionally! From the sound of her video, they all left off on fairly respectful terms, and she still seems to be dating Gavin, so her face might pop up on On the Spot or a fellow employee’s live stream.

And finally: RTX is this weekend. Meg is still going. Be nice. Don’t ask her questions about this. Treat her with respect. She’s a person too and losing a job always sucks. Don’t bring it up, it only adds salt to the wound. If anything, ask if she’s doing okay. It’s a lot more personal and will probably make her feel at least a little bit better.