meg's pixels

anonymous asked:

how did you make/edit your pixels in the family?


i used feasting’s pixels as bases and then went on a different layer and traced over it using the pencil tool, making the necessary edits and whatever!!

then i coloured it on the layers behind like i do for my normal art hahaa

to animate, i saved two versions, both as png’s without backgrounds so that the layers were together, then i put them on the same canvas and photoshop has an option where you can click save for web, and then you check the “animate” box, and set the time interval for the frame switch, and i usually set it to .4, i think??

i could make a tutorial or something, i guess, if u want??

they’re really not hard to make hahaa, i just tried to keep them in the same style and whatever


i actually used tavros as a base for mine hahahsd;flkaj whoops