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vargatosen  asked:

Ok ok ok now when I've gon trought your entire Meg and Button tag (yes I'm a freak) I have a question: when did they admit to eachother that they loved one another? Was the first "I love you" an akward experience, a magical one or maybe both or neither? How did either/both of them react?

Now that’s what I call dedication! :O
I have yet to come up with that special moment, however here’s the first time they kinda-sorta confessed about their “more-than-friends” attraction:


Character sheet line-up for our OC’s, specifically in Fallout 4′s timeline! Each character is drawn by the listed owner. More to follow when friends have more time to spare.

@cameronaugust - Hauser, Mac, Polly, Roach, Sydney
@galoogamelady - Buttons, Meg, Lex
@bryborg - Randy, Kurt, Elli
@soularch - Bobby
@marshmallowfury - Booker


Do you have original characters? An original story? Or any original content you want to share, but never have anyone to tell? Do you want people to see your work? Well, this blog is for you! Hello, I’m Meghan, and I run the blog @meglovesocs . It’s all about your original content! I love to hear/talk/discuss/read/see any content of yours (truly!). I made this blog specifically so your story would be heard. I want to create a community of creators that can see each other’s stories, as well as share them with people who are trying to find original content on tumblr, but can’t find it. 

Only problem is, I don’t have the much content to share and love! So I need your help. Let me gush about your OCs and to make a community for you! Here are some ways you can get involved:

1. Tag me in your posts either @meglovesocs or with the hashtag #meglovesocs. I promise I don’t bite! 

2. Submit a post about your ocs! Link here. 

3. Send me an ask and start talking! I love hearing about OCs and I promise I will be 100% receptive to your OC.

Also, to get integrated into the tagging system, look here and here and I also make moodboards for ocs! (info). I look forward to hearing all about your stories and ocs! Thank you!!!!

OTP Prompts #10 (Supernatural Addition)
  • Person A and B arguing about who is better with Castiel:
  • Person A: Oh come on! Dean and Castiel are the totally better ship!
  • Person B: Nah dude! Castiel and Meg are way better!
  • Person A: Those two don't have the BOND!
  • Person B: Fuck the bond!
  • Person C: *From the back* I think Sam and Castiel are cu-
  • Person A & B: *at the same time* C shut the fuck up!