meg's face in the last one :')

anyone shocked that Terry Pratchett would have his will explicitly state that his unfinished works and computer were to be run over by a steamroller, have not been paying attention.

this is a man, who when he found a meteorite on his property, forged a sword from that meteorite so he could have a star sword.  because let’s face it, that’s the coolest shit ever.

also, see quote:

“I save about twenty drafts — that’s ten meg of disc space — and the last one contains all the final alterations. Once it has been printed out and received by the publishers, there’s a cry here of ‘Tough shit, literary researchers of the future, try getting a proper job!’ and the rest are wiped.“

[Destiel Fic] “Backstreet Cafe”


Meg hires a guitarist for Castiel’s new cafe without telling him, and it turns out to be one Dean Winchester. The very same Dean who had been Castiel’s desperate high school crush.

In which Dean is a flirt, Castiel is oblivious, and Meg uses the power of cheesy love songs in the attempt to force them together. 

Categories: Light angst to fluff, AU
Characters: Dean Winchester, Castiel, Meg
Words: 7,634
Tags: Bottom!Dean, top!Cas, proudly bisexual Dean, gay Cas, pining, misunderstandings, smutty ending, coffee shops, singing!Dean, guitarist!Dean

My Notes: I included Spotify links if you want to listen to the songs as you go. The song may not sync up with the scene (and Dean’s versions are different), so listening and reading at the same time might not work for each scene. One of them links to the album because it wouldn’t link the specific song for me.

I removed a couple of the song links where Dean’s arrangement is meant to be so different that I didn’t want to put the original too strongly in your mind.

When Castiel stepped out of the back office, he was relieved to see a good crowd of customers in the cafe. Getting through winter and spring had been difficult, but the previous owner had promised that summer would bring a boom of tourists, and enough business that he could put money away for his second winter. By the looks of it that certainly seemed to be true. The weather was beautiful today, and the tourists were here for it, happy to enjoy the early June sun on the beach.

When Castiel looked around for Meg he found her setting something up in the far corner of the room. He had a feeling he would regret asking, but he walked over to find out what she was doing.

When Castiel had moved back to Ocean Shores and decided to buy the little cafe, Meg had been looking for a job at the time. Cas had been nervous about hiring an old high school friend, but she’d turned out to be a reliable manager. And even though they were friends and had a relaxed working relationship, she still respected that the business was his baby.

“Do I want to know what you’re doing?” Castiel asked. He noticed she’d put one of the more comfortable upholstered chairs in the corner facing out, with a small table next to it.

“Don’t be mad,” Meg said, looking up at Castiel with mischievous eyes. “The summer guitarist starts today.”

Castiel gaped at Meg for a moment. “The what? You hired a musician without asking me? Did you at least audition them?”

Meg shrugged. “He said he played here last summer for the previous owner. So I figured he must be good.”

Cas shook his head. “Well if he sucks you have to be the one to tell him he’s fired.”

Meg grinned. “Deal.”

It was about a half hour later when the front door chimed, and Castiel looked up from behind the counter, only to see Dean Winchester walk through the door, guitar in hand.

Castiel was frozen in shock, and he couldn’t help but stare as Dean walked toward him, a grin splitting the handsome man’s face. He was still just as beautiful as he had been in high school, with bright green eyes and perfect freckles. If anything he looked even better now, and Castiel couldn’t help but notice how his t-shirt clung to his shoulders and his trim waist.

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chibineko55  asked:

Merformers have sensitive feet in human form? I will say only one thing: Imagine tickling them from their feet! Just imagine it!

Oh my gosh!  That’s so cute!  ^__^

  • Smol, cuddly merformer humans that are very ticklish and giggle the whole time
  • Merformers who discover how much the like having their feet touched and proceed to stick their feet in their human’s face at random times like “pets please”
  • Big, gruff, battle scarred merformers who get very pouty and refuse to admit that it affects them because ancient sea gods don’t get ticklish.  >:| 

very very quick & unbeta’d fic for the mavinseg event happening at @mavinsegtrash! day 1 is fahc au, so here’s some of that:

Meg goes into the warehouse alone.

It had been an argument, because a lot of things between the four of them devolve into arguments sooner or later, but Michael had been outvoted. There was no way to throw a block of C4 undetected, and no way to guarantee that everyone inside would die no matter how determined Michael was to keep them all outside.

“Then I’ll go with you,” Michael had said, frustrated.

It had been Gavin that stepped in that time. “I’ll be on the roof,” he’d replied. “She doesn’t need you bumbling about inside, come on.”

Michael huffed, but he knew when to call a loss a loss, and Meg had pecked him on the cheek as consolation.

So that leaves Meg, now, in a neat pencil skirt and a shirt that shows off her cleavage, entering the building alone. Her glasses are on, hair up in a neat bun. She’s holding a briefcase. She knows how to play any part she wants, and today it’s the secretary they need, not the assassin.

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i like to think that when Gavin “spent 6 grand on one pair of sunglasses’ Free walked into the penthouse living room to meet the new kid, the new sniper, this Mr. Dooley, he got two steps in before his eyes actually took in lil J, and more importantly what he was wearing and gavin just

stops dead in his tracks just, startles and lets out a yelp and quickly shoves his surprise horror down, neon purple and orange and a cowboy hat and unironically also, like gavin tries to a smile but it curdles immediately

and jeremy’s smiling fully, geoff told him the glitzy little asshole would have a stroke upon contact at his ‘unorthodox’ choice of clothes, and that it had nothing to do with him personally and that he’d get over it (eventually)

but Gavin manages to stand there for five whole seconds before whirling around on his heel for the door “MEG! TURNEY, DONT LOOK- I ER, I MEAN, UM, COME HERE I NEED TO SPEAK WITH YOU!” and hissed murmurs in the hallway and Meg with her razor-sharp wings and jimmy choo pumps comes barrelling in to see for herself and she, her reaction, just wide eyes and a fist pressed against her mouth like she’d been shot, leaning back so hard gavin has to catch her when he comes back into the penthouse hissing “i told you not to make a scene turney!” and meg’s like like, “jeremy, baby, who did this to you?” she runs up to him, catches his face in her hands “where did the rest of your clothes go jeremy, i can buy you new ones sweetheart just say the word.” 

and jeremy explains that yes, he picked this out himself, and yes, he has clothes other than this, and yes, he chose to wear this of his own accord with no one forcing his hand

and gavin and meg are baffled. 

but accepting.

but every christmas, birthday (ALL  the crew’s birthdays, every last one), hanukkah, chinese new year, diwali , every equinox, for the next year and a half on any chance they have to give gifts lil j gets clothes from designers he can’t pronounce and price tags he can’t bear to look at for fear of wallet cramps. it’s the thought that counts.

The Angel kissed (1)

pairing: reader x (not gonna reveal for the sake of the plot)

genre/warnings: angst, fluff, future smut??, mild swearing, mentions of blood and murder

words: 8,591k

summary : legends are supposed to be just that, legends. so are dreams and nightmares. your whole world is flipped upside-down when you find out that for you, that’s not necessarily the case.


Originally posted by fluorize

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anonymous asked:

Hey there! I have a request with Lucifer if you don't mind.. You seem to write him so wonderfully and I'd really appreciate if you'd write about 7 minutes in heaven with him and the reader!

I decided to make this into a drabble because it matches with one of the prompts


88) “Seriously, let’s play a game of (spin the bottle, truth . or dare, twister, or whatever game you want.. you pick)”

 *High School!AU

“Seriously, let’s play a game of seven minutes in heaven,” Dean said.

“Do we have to?” Sam asked. The party had been drawing to a close, people getting bored and heading for the door.

“Come on, Sammy, it’ll be fun. Besides, we already got everyone riled up with spin the bottle, am I right?”

The group of teens still sitting on the floor gave a small acknowledgment of Dean’s sentiment.

“Hell yeah!” Crowley muttered, raising his beer in the air. “Let’s gooooo!”

The Winchesters looked over at their drunken friend. “Someone cut him off,” Sam said, worrying about the possibility of vomit on his mother’s carpet (and couch and curtains).

“So,” Gabriel said. “Who gets to go in first?”

Everyone looked around, trying not to show their excitement and anticipation of having seven whole minutes locked in a closet where teen hormones could run rampant. No one wanted to volunteer first, seeming too eager.

After a few moments, you reappeared from the bathroom as Lucifer reappeared from the kitchen.

“Looks like we have our volunteers!” Gabriel said, jumping up.

“Volunteers?” Lucifer said.

Gabriel crossed to his brother, pushing him towards the coat closet while Dean gently pushed you towards it.

“All right, you two,” Dean said, shoving you unceremoniously into the closet. “We’re gonna shut the door and leave you two alone for seven minutes. You can do whatever you want—no judgments. We’ll give you a courtesy knock when you’ve got thirty seconds left, make sure you can get your pants back on.”

With a wink, Dean shut the door, enveloping you and Lucifer in darkness.

“Um…” you said quietly after a few moments. “What just happened?”

“I’m… not completely sure.” Lucifer fumbled around until he found the chain; pulling on it, the closet was bathed in light.

“Ooo,” Gabriel said. “Lights on! I like your style!”

You reached up and clicked the light off again, earning a peal of grouped laughter from outside. “Maybe… maybe we should leave this off.”


The two of you stood in silence for a few moments, letting your eyes adjust.

“Um, do you want part of this cookie?” Lucifer asked. “I’d gone to the kitchen to grab a snack before being shoved in here.”

You smiled. “Thanks.”

The two of you fumbled slightly, finally finding each other’s hands in the dark. Lucifer passed you half of the cookie.

“I hope Mrs. Winchester doesn’t mind crumbs in here,” Lucifer said.

“I’m sure she’s found much worse in here before.”

Time stretched on in silence. “I wonder how long it’s been,” you said after a while. “Surely we’re nearing the end.”

“Oh!” Lucifer pressed a button on his watch, causing the face to light up. “Oh, geez. We’ve only been in here for three minutes.”

You sighed. “This… this sucks. I’m sorry, Lucifer.”

“For what?”

“For being the one they chose for you. I’m sure you would’ve much rather have been in here with Charlie or Meg. This is basically a waste of a turn.”

“No, I wouldn’t,” Lucifer said quietly.

“You don’t have to lie. It’s okay.”

Lucifer reached up, clicking on the light again. He stared down at you. “I’m not lying. Honestly, Y/N. I’m… I’m glad they picked you for me.” He shifted slightly. “I’m pretty sure Gabriel’s been on to me for months now.”

“On to you?”

“About… me liking you.”

A small smile grew on your face. It was the last thing Lucifer saw before you turned the light off again.


Drabble Games! Send me a number and a character :)


PETER JÖBACK: So… I expected to maybe like him better than I did? Cause I like what he brings to the role, how he talks about it, I like so much *around* the actual interpretation and performance. But was kinda underwhelmed. Or, I liked his Phantom. Quite a bit, in fact. But I didn’t *love* his Phantom.

So, OK, his Swedish Phantom was definitely the most solid of the lot. He sounded more comfortable singing in his mother tongue, not forcing an accent, which made him less twangy. A very good thing. Also, he seemed to maybe have more leeway with the acting specifics, which made him add some discrete ad-lib-ing moments. And yet…

Though his Phantom was solid in so many ways, I still had the feeling of seeing more of a caricature? Like, more Phantom Manor than Phantom of the Opera. More how he thought the role should look than what the character is. Everything seemed just a *bit* exaggerated. And frankly, though he probably sung his heart out, I didn’t quite feel he had the voice to nail it. Like, he has the range, but not the booming quality. You can do elements of kitsch if you have the voice to justify it (Ian Jon Bourg, Scott Davies). But with a good voice with pop phrasing, you better keep the acting on the classy or classical side, so there is a balance. But he went for exaggerated hand gestures, lots of bent knees, and not fully justified moments, paired with a good voice with a pop approach.

All that said, I saw two slightly different performances from him. One Friday evening, where he clearly struggled voice wise, shifted way too much between chest voice and falsetto, and rather devastatingly missed the high note in «Down Once More». Also finished MOTN long before the orchestra. I was like «???». I remembered him as vocally much better. Turns out he is. That performance was either an off-night or just low energy. On the Saturday matinée he seemed more secure, with steadier voice, longer notes and also not missing any key notes. Was very happy to see him a second time and see that he handled the score fine.

I quite liked him in the Mirror Scene, the Phantom’s curse, as Red Death and in the Final Lair. Those were stand-out scenes for me. Those are also scenes where you expect the larger-than-life acting. His MOTN in the Saturday matinée was also quite nice, and he did a gorgeous «soooaaaar».

His Final Lair was definitely the most interesting one. He stumbled around stage with bent knees, was quite unpredictable, and displayed some fine acting. I also loved his added «NEEEEJ!!!», pronounced like a small, spoiled child experiencing someone taking his toys away. He did it three times; one after Christine throws the wedding veil at him, once right before letting Raoul loose of the magical lasso, and I can’t remember the third one. It was a good detail.

Yet, I stand by what I wrote above, about his Phantom feeling like a caricature at places, and that he has too much of a pop sound in his voice. Things I thought could be done differently. But all in all a solid Phantom, a good voice, and the sole reason this production came to be, probably. I was very happy to see him twice, to see how he might do stuff differently the second time, and to get a feeling of what his Phantom was all about. And it should be added that he had good chemistry with Emmi Christensson.

EMMI CHRISTENSSON: WHAT. A. GEM!!!!!!! Gorgeous, soaring, clear, bell-like, strong voice. A nuanced and detailed portrayal. So beautiful on stage.

I saw her as Cosette in the Norwegian tour in 2014, and adored her voice. I’ve heard clips from her London run as Christine, and loved it. So obviously I was hyped to see her live in Stockholm. But she was WAY better than I imagined. She had moments of very nervous, distressed emotions - not quite on the level of Anna O’Byrne, but still distressed. Kinda hammering the palm of her hands over her ears in the WYWSHA intro is one example, desperately trying to kill the voices. She also looked so perfectly innocent on stage.

Standout scene for me was WYWSHA - the whole thing seemed so genuine and so in despair. Instead of going for «listen to the grandeur that is my voice», she took it down a notch, displaying Christine’s grief and solitude. It was really nice. A bit similar to Mia Karlsson in Copenhagen. TOM was also a thing of beauty. Such a gorgeous voice, so feather light and pleasant and yet with a strength, especially the upper notes. TOM was a scene I never wanted to end, in large because of her voice, but also because of Anton Zetterholm’s acting, and because of the GORGEOUS World Tour Elissa skirt. Baaah.

Also, the Swedish translation of «The tears I might have shed for your dark fate…» is one of my favourites out there, and was extremely well delivered by Emmi C: «Du kunde fått förståelse och stöd. Men nej - jag kunde se dig DÖD!» (you could have gotten understanding and support (from me). But no (now) I could (happily) see you DEAD). That’s strong words.

All in all, Emmi Christensson really is one of those ultimate Christines. I loved her portrayal, I adored her voice, I loved many of the details, and she totally looked the part. And she’s Swedish too. Can’t beat that combo.

ANTON ZETTERHOLM: Due to a very Copenhagen-esque directing in the Swedish revival, Anton Zetterholm did have moments where he reminded a bit of Tomas Ambt Kofod. And y’all know that will never be a bad thing, as Kofod is probably my all-time fave Raoul.

That’s however not to say that Anton Zetterholm was a blueprint. He had moments where I got the feeling he tried to imagine why Raoul reacted as he did. For example, a more unique detail was exactly HOW bored Anton’s Raoul seemed to be during TOM, tapping his fingers, looking around, mostly looking like he wanted to leave. When Mme Firmin looked through her binaculars, he seemed to get curious and borrow them from her, only to discover it’s CHRISTINE, and then he is on fire, leading up to his sung lines. The change from utterly bored to super exited was more pronunced than I’ve ever seen it before. Really, REALLY good acting. And also kinda justifying the Phantom’s raging «slave of fashion» - this Raoul isn’t really into music, he’s only into Christine. Though not because the rest of Paris is. Rather due to their childhood friendship.

He also had fine moments in «Little Lotte», where he perceived what Christine told him so innocently and so different from what she intended. He wasn’t brushing her off, but appearing to think she was talking allegorically, but then getting down to business - food, catching up over dinner, the joy of meeting his childhood friend again, the joy over her triumph and her success.

Last, but not least, he really REALLY fought that magical lasso in the Final Lair. I was about to write “like his life depended on it”, which I guess is quite suitable for the role of Raoul in that moment…

And on the shallow side: so cool to see a blonde Raoul. Costume design (and slightly Barton) coming alive!

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Part Of The Family [Part Two]

Orphan Brigade [High School Years]: Geoffs boys are growing up fast. They’re attending High School, meeting girls and participating in epic heists.

“Well….” Jeremy started nervously. “This is where I live.”

“Used to live.” Gavin corrected with a cheerful smile.

Jeremy laughed. It was the day after Geoff had offered him a room at the Fake AH penthouse, so Jeremy and the three Lads had gone to his place to pack up his belongings. 

The apartment was nothing special; cramped rooms which always smelled like Chinese food thanks to it’s position on top of a local take out. 

“So, this is…” Gavin started, trying to compliment the place. He jumped as a mouse trap snapped into action.

“Terrible.” Michael finished for him. “It’s fucking terrible.”

“Yeah.” Jeremy laughed. “But it’s the best I could afford.”

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Under The Mistletoe

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Jo Harvelle, Castiel Novak, Meg Masters, Reader

Sam has had a crush on the reader for ages but won’t act on it.  Dean tricks Sam into going to a Christmas party knowing you’ll be there and gets him drunk.  Will Sam finally make a move?

“Your going and that’s final.” Dean Winchester said to his brother Sam, crossing his arms stubbornly.

Sam gave Dean his classic bitch face. “I hate Christmas parties, Dean, and you know it.   Besides, they are all your friends.  I won’t know anyone.”

“Jo will be there, so will Cas and Meg.  You know them.  And there will be tons of booze.  You can get shit-faced.”

‘Fine.  I’ll go.  Now will you quit bugging me?”

“Whatever, Dude. Stop being such a baby.” Dean said, walking from the room.  He pulled out his cell and dialed a number he knew as well as his own.  Looking behind him to make sure Sam wasn’t nearby, he whispered, “Hey Jo. Okay, Sam’s in.  So your sure you can get Y/N to come? Great.  See you Friday.”

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tsuguhas  asked:

"why does it matter who i was with" + natan (ily sweets thx)

Lucifer held his hands up in surrender to Natalie who was accusatorily jabbing him in the chest with a finger, “Why does it matter who I was with?”

“Because,” Natalie drawled, poking him another time for good measure, “If you were hanging out with the other team earlier it could get us disqualified.” She whispered the last word as if put off by the potential scandal of it all, and stepped back away from him to sit at the small circle table they stood up from.

Trivia night in Ipos’ small bar was not something to be taken lightly. The bar practically closed down during it, only those who signed up in advance were allowed in, lest anyone get an advantage. The whole affair was aggressively cutthroat, its intensity amplified by the participants, namely Natalie who had no right to be so extreme when she rarely gave a right answer.

She was really only useful if the questions revolved around cheesy romcoms, leaving Lucifer to pull answers out of his ass for all sorts of categories ranging from history to sports to the cultural significance of pottery. Naturally, they often rode the tail end of the point spectrum, but Natalie loved it all the same, cheering and screaming like the big winners they weren’t.

Lucifer didn’t mind it really, the nights spent at Ipos’ bar never failed to be entertaining in their own right. Between Natalie’s tight grip on his arm and her open mouth exasperation over the ridiculous questions Ipos asked, she poured all of herself into the simple event, her eyes lighting up with the possibilities of it.

However, the time had come for the night to wind down, leaving them resolutely in last place, 8 points behind the other lowest scoring team. Only one question remained, the final one of the night that would be worth 10 hulking points, provided they got it right.

Ipos cleared his throat, then read the final question, “In the 1993 romantic comedy, Sleepless in Seattle, where do Meg Ryan’s and Tom Hanks’ characters finally come together to meet?”

Lucifer watched excitement spread over Natalie’s face like syrup, sticky and sweet as her head snapped up and a smile stretched across her features. She practically scrambled up, throwing herself in his lap to write the answer on the scuffed dry erase board in front of Lucifer. His shoulders bobbed with silent laughter, and he merely wrapped an arm around her waist to stabilize her so she could print the answer in her tall, curving script.

She didn’t wait until Ipos called for the time to hold her board up, practically shouting, “The Empire State Building!” over the silent crowd. She was out of breath with excitement when Ipos nodded at her with a barely concealed smile, and she slunk back down into Lucifer’s lap, resting her shoulder back against his chest.

He changed the tally of points on the board after the rest of the teams came up with no answers, and Natalie’s fingers dug into Lucifer’s arm when she laughed, “Not last place!”

Her joy was warm in his ears, curling down his spine when he felt her breath on his neck, and he pressed a kiss to her cheek as Ipos announced the winner of the evening. Natalie knew damn well who the real winners were.

Spring officially starts in 19 days and we know you’re SO ready to leave the cold behind. Luckily, we know just what you need. Read on for 9 books about the strength of the human spirit that will propel your winter-ravaged soul through these last few weeks!

1. Exit, Pursued by a Bear by E.K. Johnston

Hermione refuses to be anyone’s cautionary tale after she gets assaulted at cheer camp – and she’ll face a wrenching decision to regain the control she’s always had.

2. I Was Here by Gayle Forman

Cody’s journey to find out why her best friend Meg decided to take her own life is one of loss, bravery, and redemption.

3. Mosquitoland by David Arnold

When Mim Malone hops on a 1,000 mile bus ride to find her mother, she’ll end up facing all of her demons along the way.

4. Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys

At the end of WWII, 3 young people fight to survive a tragedy that history has forgotten.

5. The Alex Crow by Andrew Smith

Ariel is a refugee and the sole survivor of an attack on his small village who now lives in West Virginia, and his story will have you questioning what it is to be human.

6. The Impossible Knife of Memory by Laurie Halse Anderson

After moving around for 5 years to escape the demons of her father’s PTSD, Hayley and her dad are finally settling down. But is this truly her chance at a normal life?

7. The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly Stephanie Oakes

A hard-hitting yet ultimately hopeful story about the dangers of blind faith…and having faith in yourself.

8. Blind by Rachel Dewoskin

Emma lost her sight in a nightmare accident, and after her classmate is found dead, she’ll have to untangle what happened in order to see for herself what makes life worth living.

9. Pointe by Brandy Colbert

When Theo’s oldest friend returns home after four long years with his kidnapper, Theo must choose between telling the truth and keeping quiet – both options with unfathomable consequences.


2017 vs 2016
Spirited Away Fanart!!

I drew this for my friend who loves Spirited Away, and I’m going to give it to her on the first day of school to brighten her day!!! 🌞💖

I also couldn’t help but compare this Chihiro to the one I drew last year and I’m BEYOND THRILLED to see how my style has changed!!! 😄🎨

Lilo: So. Who broke it? I’m not mad, I just wanna know.

Mo: …I did. I broke it.

Link: No. No you didn’t. Webby?

Webby: Don’t look at me. Look at Spongebob.

Spongebob: What?! I didn’t break it.

Webby: Oh, that’s weird. How’d you even know it was broken?

Spongebob: Because it’s sitting right in front of us, and it’s broken.

Webby: Suspicious.

Spongebob: No, it’s not!

Pluto: If it matters, probably not, but Meg was the last one to use it.

Meg: Liar! I don’t even drink that crap!

Pluto: Oh really? Then what were you doing by the coffee cart earlier?

Meg: I use the wooden stirrers to push back my cuticles. Everyone knows that, Pluto!

Mo: Okay, let’s not fight. I broke it. Let me pay for it, Lilo.

Lilo: No! Who broke it!?

Froppy: Lilo…NotSoBot’s been awfully quiet.

NotSoBot: What?!

{everyone begins to argue}

Lilo: I broke it. I burned my hand so I punched it. I predict 10 minutes from now they’ll be at each other’s throats with warpaint on their faces and a pig head on a stick. Good. It was getting a little chummy around here.


A fantasy that I want to process into a story: [mind control, disability, mention of disordered eating]

Her fingernails are red on both sides, as if Sylvia applied nail polish to the underside. She taps them on the table and Meg stares at her hands. Hands are easier than eyes.

“Your friend said you were looking for a job?” Sylvia asks.

Said friend told Meg to get as far away from Sylvia as humanly possible before Sylvia sat down and the friend suddenly had to do something else. (It was strange. Was there something strange about the friend’s eyes when she said that?)

“Yes. It’s been… difficult.”

“People are always looking for programmers,” Sylvia says. She taps her fingernails slowly against the table.

“Not programmers with chronic illnesses.” From Meg’s experience, honesty is the most effective way of pushing people away. “I can only work a few hours a day. My last boss told me I was just spoiled.” She glances at Sylvia’s face.

Sylvia looks like the essence of calm. “I trust my programmers,” Sylvia says. “If they say they can’t, it’s because they can’t.” There is no doubt in her words.

Meg shudders. With an uncontrollable burst of sincerity she says, “I’m not sure I’m not just spoiled. Maybe I could try harder.”

Sylvia tilts her head. She puts a hand on Meg’s shoulder, and before Meg can flinch, one long nail rubs against the back of her neck. Not strong enough to actually scratch, just to feel that the edge is quite sharp.

She does not want to move. She is comfortable sitting right here.

Sylvia’s hand is hot. Sylvia’s sunglasses are on the table, and Meg sees herself reflected in them. Reflection-Meg’s eyes glow with electric blue.

“You think you can try harder?” Sylvia asks, gentle and calm.

“If I give up on making myself eat,” Meg says, “I can work more, and if I buy new clothes instead of doing laundry, I can sleep in the office to get to meetings in the morning–”

Sylvia raises her hand. Meg goes silent. “You can not do more than you do without that hurting your normal functioning.” Sylvia looks grave,

Meg shakes. She wants to make Sylvia happy.

Sylvia’s face softens. “You did that over and over, hurt yourself to do better.” For a moment she grimaces and mumbles, “For people who did not deserve it,” and then her countenance relaxes again. “Come with me. I will feed you, and make sure you sleep, and work.”

Meg wants that. She wants it so much. And again she blurts out to Sylvia: “Sometimes, instead of working, I masturbate.”

Sylvia looks at her for a long while. In the end she says, “If you did it instead of eating and sleeping, it’s probably important. That will be taken care of, too.”

Sylvia gets up and Meg follows her, holding an invisible rope.

Last call

Characters: Sam Winchester. Dean WInchester, Charlie Bradbury, bisexual!Reader.

Word count: 832

Warnings: None, I think.

Originally posted by inacatastrophicmind

“Pst… Y/N!” Sophie called on you again, quietly. She was working behind the bar and you on the east watch, since it was Friday, always a busy night, so you were required at the floor.

The place has been crowded from the opening hour, but now close to last call the people were fading, and you were exhausted; walking nonstop taking orders and delivering drinks and food.

“What is it sweetie?” You leaned against the bar after placing the tray on the wooden countertop; you had to stretch in order to hear her.

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Greek Week-Part Three

A/N: Thank you all so much for all the kind feedback! This part is just a filler I’m afraid but it gives you an insight to Omega Chi!

Prologue, Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight, Part Nine, Part Ten, Part Eleven, Epilogue

word count: 1016

Drive Day came and went, allowing Alpha Sigma Phi to catch you up.

Whilst your sorority had donated the most items for the Food Drive, Calum lead his fraternity to victory by getting every single member to donate to the Blood Drive, and somehow getting them all to find some things for the Toy Drive that was run for the various children’s charities. He didn’t miss the opportunity to gloat, calling you that night inviting you over to the celebratory party he and his frat were having. You’d declined, telling him you had plans with Omega Chi. He’d asked if the fact Alpha Sig had won the day meant he’d lost his trial, to which you’d rolled your eyes and told him to have a good time, his laugh being the last thing you’d heard before you hung up.

And you hadn’t lied, you really did have plans with your sisters.

“So, what’s the battle plan?” Roxana asked, starting the official planning session for the next day; Academic Achievements. You waited for the talk to die down in the lounge, and the TV to turn off before you spoke.

“Right, everyone knows which competition they’ve been entered for right?” You ask, looking up from the notebook on your knees. You sat on the floor whilst your sisters took various places on the sofa and in the surrounding area. You were thankful your house was open plan, it meant you could all fit in one room. When a chorus of yes’ reached your ears, you sighed in relief. “Okay, good. So, I’m just going to check everything is ready, because we need to win tomorrow. Tomorrow’s the last day we know who’s in the lead, after that all results are kept secret, we need to get ahead whilst we can. Alpha Sig mean business, and we can’t afford to let ourselves slip because we feel too comfortable.”

“Your new found friendship with Hood not giving us an advantage.” Meg calls, a chorus of giggles erupting around you. Before you can respond however, Rox had already launched a cushion across the room, and it smacked the blonde in the face. “What the hell Rox?”

“No one gets to make fun of Y/N about Calum.” She glares, effectively silencing the muttering. “Except me of course.”

“Anyway.” Meg’s mouth shuts as you interrupt, sighing at the glare she sent at your best friend. “Meg, have you, Isla and Tiffany got your art pieces ready for the gallery?”

“Yep, and we’ll take them at 8 am sharp to the Oak Building.”

“Good.” You nod, putting a small tick beside the bullet point. “Right, Rox, Leah, Gemma and Simone, you guys are prepared for the Poetry Slam right?”

“Affirmative Boss.” Rox smirks at you. “I had never experienced such a feeling of confidence, but it brought me no closer to my goal of eternal happiness.”

“Alright Wordsworth.” You rolled your eyes. “Save it for tomorrow.”

You made your way through your list, checking everyone was prepared for their respective events. You were relieved each question was met with a confident yes, and you knew you weren’t the only one who felt the weight of living up to your title on your shoulders.

“So that’s everything.” You smile, cocking an eyebrow when Rox coughed pointedly. “What?”

“Are you prepared?” She asked, causing everyone to snicker. “Been practising your sums Miss President?”

“Yeah, one plus one is four right?” You joke, everyone laughing as you stand, them taking it as their cue they were free to leave. “You know I’ve got the Maths Race in the bag.”

“Got any idea who any of us are up against?”

“You know as well as I do Cal will have put Luke up against me for Maths.” You tell her, the two of you heading back to your room. “I assume he’ll be at the Poetry Slam with you. Ashton’s probably going to have done something for the Art Show, and I bet Michael’s leading a group into the History Competition. Apart from that, the other houses are wildcards, as are the rest of Alpha Sig.”

“What’s the point in you being with the enemy if you know none of his tactics?” Rox’s sigh is playful, and you can’t help but gin as she nudges you lightly. “So, how is lover boy? Still dreamy?”

Any response is cut off by your phone ringing, your eyes darting down to see Calum’s name. Roxana chuckles, taking the notebook from your arm and falling onto your bed as you answer.


“Y/N! Have I told you how beautiful you are today?” Calum’s speech is slurred, and you can’t stop the laughter falling from your lips. He whines in protest, going to say something else before he cuts himself off with a shout “I just want to tell her that I-”

“Good evening Y/N, how are you?” A new voice asks, clearly more sober than Cal.

“Good Luke, you?” You grin, ignoring the way Rox looks at you with surprise.

“Not bad.” He chuckles, Calum’s protests still in the background. “Wondering what kind of love potion Cal slipped you, considering you’re giving him a chance.”

“Must have been in the vodka the other day.”

“Apparently so.” You can hear the smirk in his voice as he speaks. “Just thought I’d tell you not to worry about your boyfriend, I’ll get him to bed safely.”

“He’s not my boyfriend.”

“Not yet.” Luke practically sings down the phone. “See you tomorrow, can’t wait to beat your ass.”

“Dream on Hemmings.” You laugh, before Calum gains his phone again. “You going to be alright tomorrow?”

“I make better poetry hungover.” He tells you, before sighing. “I’m sleepy Angel. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Alright Hood.” You grin, bidding him goodnight before hanging up. You fall onto your bed beside Roxana, the smile still plastered on your face. “Don’t say a word.”

“Fat chance.” She scoffs, knee knocking against yours. “You’ve fallen for him you know.”

“Yeah.” You nod, twisting your head to grin at her, Roxana’s own lips pulled up into a smile. “I know.”