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I just love how Kyungsoo's airport and everyday fashion screams french traditional/conservative yet rich countryside boy hahahaha The odd thing is... he pulls it off effortlessly and even makes it hot. I find if fascinating because no one dress like this anymore here.

He definitely marches to the beat of his own drummer, stylistically. I don’t know how he manages to make 4 inches of sock showing look cute, but he does, and it’s definitely a talent~ c:

79 notes later I have SO MANY WORRIED QUESTIONS about the state of white guy racist education.

I mean granted I’m a living example of why you don’t learn the wimmins rhetoric but seriously. I grew up in a very white, conservative Christian household and I was expected to know (as a defense against the World and worldly thinking) bowdlerized Greek and Roman history and mythology and the Bible like the back of my hand, and and I also had a basic grounding in medieval legends, Norse mythology (although that was Pagan) and fairy tales, and I was taught to think critically about what I read, too. We were strongly encouraged to learn Latin and mom made us take a year of performing and fine arts, too. My family is weirdly liberal but very conservative. I guess we all contain multitudes.

(Hilariously my entire generation of fundie kids were taught to read and think critically to defend the Church against the World, and more of us than the Church really wants to talk about learned how to read and think critically – and deduced that the Church was full of shit.)

Women Write About Comics has produced the publisher edition of their “Inspiring Women in Comics” series and our very own Annie Koyama makes the list!

“The lesson from this legend-in-the-making is again to stand by the artists you believe in, to trust them to know the world is waiting for the book that they need to create.” — Meg Lemke, Women Write About Comics

Check out the whole profile and list here!

A gift to my survival buddy Claudia. She wanted to see a baby meg found in a chest by the nurse.

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That is actually an amazing span of knowledge. And I grew up in a liberal (Lutheran ish) household and I never had to learn latin. (Probably something about Lutheran)

i think a lot of had to do with my mom’s weird relationship with her Catholic upbringing, and also I failed at learning any practical amount of Latin whatsoever but anyway while there was an underlining theme of CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN THOUGHT the fact of the matter is mom was so suspicious of the worldly / satanic things we would learn from The Media that we just spent our time outside watching bugs or making shit or inside reading anything she didn’t hide from us instead of watching TV.

We lived so far out and we were so poor that we didn’t have a good TV set anyway, so it was kind of boring, and because she was a divorced woman in rural Oregon we were kind of thrown on our own devices for doing shit anyway, like, we didn’t have a lot of playmates besides the other two sisters, so I spent a lot of time in my own head.

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😩 why are all the overwatch writing muns so pretty when they do a face reveal?!?! You're pretty, Tick-Tock-Little-Pig is pretty when they did their face reveal, Talon-Watch-Over-You did a face reveal and they're pretty 😫😫 Why can't you guys be in the same region and be pretty all together

Aaaa thank you lol

@tick-tock-little-pig and @talon-watch-over-you apparently we need to get together and be pretty all together