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Sister Bernadette, Call the Midwife - Season 2 Episode 3


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Love all of your guy’s OCs! There’s some I didnt draw, I’ll draw some more later (like @johnathanhancock s Kiwi ;D )  Have a good one, guys!   :{D


Adventure Time 2016 Spoooktacular

Publisher: Boom! Studios
(W) Nikki Mannino, T. Zysk, Travis Betz, Meg Gandy, Justin Hook, Christine Larsen (A) Nikki Mannino, T. Zysk, Meg Gandy, Ruth Turner, Christine Larsen, Matthew Smigiel (CA) Jen Bartel

* Our annual Halloween tradition for Adventure Time continues with this brand-new collection of spooky short stories!
* There’s nothing more terrifying in Ooo than…a penguin??
* That’s right! Gunter, the most evil being in the Land of Ooo, takes center stage!

(Release date: 21st September 2016)