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okay but honestly it fucking BLOWS my mind how they brought the storyline of rogue one right up to the very beginning of a new hope. like i thought that rogue one would take place a couple of years or so before the events of episode four, but it literally took you straight through to the very MINUTES before vader gets on the ship and talks to leia. that’s some fucking amazing storywriting like i am SHOOK

Pros of playing Mercy: Nice people up vote you at the end, you’re thanked every time you heal someone, you hold the life of every member of your team in your palm, you can resurrect all your teammates, you can fly

Cons of being Mercy: Being the only one on the point/objective defending while the entire enemy team descends on you, most everyone straying out of your line of sight, Genji: I NEED HEALING at 95% health, ppl going Mercy when YOU’RE Mercy and sucking at it (they don’t get heals bc you’re the real Mercy), no POTGs unless you use your gun and kill lots of people, all of the tanks on the enemy team coming after your ass, long ass reload in the heat of battle

A Response To “RWBY Talk: The Divided Fandom. By JAC ONEMANBAND.”

So I stumbled upon a video the other night thanks to my sibling and it was entitled, “RWBY Talk: The Divided Fandom. By JAC ONEMANBAND.” Basically discussing the discourse and toxicity in the RWBY fandom.

I watched the entire video and honestly I thought that it wasn’t a well put together video. I wanted to share my thoughts on a few things that he had brought up in this discussion video.

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i don’t usually do this but

this fandom needs to calm down. gillian is dating peter morgan and frankly im happy for her and glad that she has found someone to enjoy her life with at the moment. i do admit to shipping gillovny but i also acknowledge that gillian is a real human being with a real life. 

hating her for being in a relationship with someone other than david is incredibly selfish. you are objectifying her and her life. gillian isn’t your toy, and the way some people are acting makes it seem like she has betrayed us as a fandom. let the woman have a goddamn life. it does not revolve around the fandom, david, or the x files.

You know what...

I don’t usually rant on here but I really can’t keep silent anymore. I have seen so much hate these days and only about ¼ of it is actually actually for me. Hate aimed my way, I can handle but hate aimed at others? Especially those people that are nothing but kind and supportive? The ones that give their time and energy to writing or creating wonderful art? Hate that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the content of their blogs? I can’t and won’t stand for it! There are other ways to get your opinion out there without being rude/disrespectful/hateful.

After the craptastic year that 2016 was, I believe 2017 needs to be the year we come together and lift each other up. Encourage one another. If you see that someone has gotten hate, send them a positive message. Heck, send them one anyway. You never know what kind of day your favorite bloggers are having. Anon works both ways. Your words can give life or death. Be the person that gives life to another. Be a positive force in someone else’s life, lovelies!

That’s all I wanted to say. Thanks for listening. :)

see star trek really only addressed half human mixed race people and i’m over here like…

i want a vulcan-batazoid counselor who is like conceal don’t feel but feels literally everything and wants to help people but struggles with the strength of vulcan emotions, on top of everyone else’s.

i want a vulcan-denobulan struggling through dating - who was raised in both cultures and is unsure whether they want a completely monogamous marriage bond or a polyamorous house full of complicated family ties and a lot of love

i want a klingon-betazoid warrior, using the thoughts of others to their advantage during battle

i want a klingon-bajoran freedom fighter, struggling between what needs to be done and what the honor they were raised on dictates

i want a cardassian-romulan spy, because honestly that would just be cool

i want a romulan-vulcan starfleet officer, met with distrust no matter how logical they are or how many times they renounce the romulan star empire

like damn the universe deserved more mixed race people than ziyal and ziyal deserved better than what she got tbh they could have explored her child of two worlds feelings so much more.

I'm gonna have a rant about a fraction of the RT community:

Recently, I’ve noticed that people are going mental about ‘shipping’ actual people together.
I seriously don’t mind people shipping characters from their shows, but people have started sexualising Rooster Teeth and Funhaus. This has lead to what I call sexual harassment, and I feel that it’s HIGHLY inappropriate…

For instance;
1. At RTX, Barbara whispered something to Arryn at the RWBY panel. People went nuts, because it looked like they were kissing. There was a major reaction by the community that 'ship’ them, there were things said to them online by fans about how 'sexy’ it was etc.
I myself thought they had actually kissed, because of a misleading photo, and yes, I thought it was cute, but even then, it’s none of our business. Barbara is in a relationship, and Arryn doesn’t seem too interested in a girlfriend…

2. Meg Turney, who is in a relationship with Gavin Free. She just released one of her regular Q+A videos, and in it she answered a question that freaked me out, and she also said she gets this kind of thing a lot. “Is it okay to think about you when I masturbate?”
Meg, being the overly kind a lovely person she is, did not shame anyone, did not say it was gross or anything like that, she simply said that she doesn’t want or need to know, and neither does the whole world. If I knew people were wacking off to the thought of me, I’d be pretty uncomfortable, so I really look up to Meg, for how she handled this.

3. I was on tumblr… In the place where it suggests blogs you may like, I found one with the AH logo in the background, so I clicked on it. Much to my surprise and pure shock, this person 'ships’ people from Funhaus and RT, but they also write erotic fanfiction about them, as well as create, well… 'Visually appeasing’ drawings to accompany them. I was unlucky enough to scroll past a very detailed drawing of two of the boys from AH doing the deed.

These employees, staff, PEOPLE… Deserve a lot more respect and privacy than they are getting.
We need to respect their relationships, their sexualities and their right to simple respect and privacy.

I did not write this to anger, upset, or provoke an argument, but I do believe that we need to sometimes put ourselves in their shoes, and understand, that there is a line that is being crossed.

Update: back on tumblr. There’s Camp Camp porn… THE SHOW IS ABOUT CHILDEREN! THEY’RE LIKE, 10!!!! STOP!
(I’m so sorry Miles… It involved yours and Michael’s characters…)

i like mercy as reaper76’s long suffering co-parent but also she was like 17 when the original team was together.

so mercy is more like their prodigy teenage daughter who will start bringing back the dead if you don’t keep her occupied and the intern girl at her hospital just broke up with her and she will Never Love Again, Dads, I’m Inconsolable.

After watching Andrew Lloyd Webber’s POTO, please remember this:

- It is NOT a story about star-crossed lovers; 

- Christine Daaé is not a boring, anti-feminist character just because she doesn’t kick asses, doesn’t have a gun or just chooses to marry the guy she loves and have kids with him, because ultimately, it’S HER FUCKING CHOICE; 

- It is NOT a love triangle where the girl does something stupid by choosing the goody two-shoes over a dark, tormented artist; 

- Meg Giry is not a pointless, ditzy damsel for the simple and good fucking reason that for someone that everyone claims to be scared shitless of the Phantom, SHE ACTUALLY MARCHES DOWN TO THE PHANTOM’S LAIR ALL ALONE OR, IF YOU PREFER, THE HIDING LACE OF A CRAZYBALL MURDERER WHOM SHE HAS JUST SEEN THE LAST VICTIM’S CORPSE AND ALL THIS TO SAVE HER FRIEND. 

(okay sorry for the last one) 

Trying to talk to other humans after TOA be like
  • Friend: Percy who? Oh my god please no this is going to be anot-
  • Me, ignoring that previous comment: aNd Oh mY gOdS MeG is mY SpiRiT AnImAL
  • Friend: her Percy Jackson rant... *sighs* Meg who?
  • Me, ignoring that previous comment: GET MEG COWS 2K16
  • Friend: cows? That's stupid, wh-
  • Me, ignoring that previous comment: aPoLLo iS BiSeXuAl
  • Friend: isn't he a God though?
  • Me, ignoring that previous comment: kAYla hAS tWo DaDs
  • Friend: how did that e-
  • Me, ignoring that previous comment: but best of all... sOlAngElo iS fUckING cAnNon
  • Friend: soul angel what now?
  • Me: ...
  • Friend: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Person, formerly known as 'friend': ... Wait was I-
  • Me, standing up furiously: don't ever talk to me or my gaybies ever again!
Nem szoktam text posztokat írogatni

Mert úgysem nagyon olvassa el senki, de most az elmúlt pár órában olyan iszonyat depresszív hangulat vett erőt rajtam, miközben totál tehetetlen vagyok. 

Már úgy voltam vele, hogy tulajdonképpen mindegy nekem, hogy mi folyik itt, mert úgyis keresek eleget ahhoz, hogy ne zavarjon. A Fidesz fokozatos ingerküszöb-emelő kommunikációs stratégiája természetesen rám is hatással volt, és már meg sem kottyannak olyan disznóságok, amikért évekkel ezelőtt még utcára mentem. 

De most azt érzem, hogy a hatalom megint bekopogtatott az ajtómon, mit kopogtatott, kérdés nélkül besétált a házamba és leült a kibaszott ágyra, és feltette rá a sáros bakancsát.  Ezek megcsinálták újra a mocskos kommunizmust Magyarországon úgy, hogy a kezükben volt a történelmi lehetőség arra, hogy valódi, nyugatias, polgári pályára állítsák az országot. Olyannyira, hogy pár éve még a szlogenjük is ez volt! Helyette most mi van? Ha nem tetszik valami, előveszik a bunkósbotot, a vasöklöt, és odacsapnak. Szemrebbenés nélkül kopaszokat küldenek a választási irodához, szemrebbenés nélkül, aljas módon bezárnak egy újságot úgy, hogy közben az alkalmazottaknak hazudnak. 

És pont ők! Akik tiszta szívvel harcoltak az kádári rendszer ellen, most felépítették a sajátjukat. Ahol még egy olyan külső kényszer sincs, mint a szovjetunió alatt volt. Saját maguknak, a saját örömükre. 

Iszonyat tehetetlennek érzem magam, és félek is, hogy mi jön még. Hogy nem túl optimista-e azzal számolnom, hogy három-négy év múlva majd simán elköltözhetek, ahogy tervezem. 

Vajon az a régi Orbán Viktor mindig is erre készült? Vajon ha a fiatal Orbán látná, hogy mivé lett, mit tenne? Kibaszott szomorú ez az egész. Kiöl minden reményt.

If you’ve got a problem agaisnt mexicans, please unfollow me.

I can’t stress this enough, and you all may say “hey but most of tumblr is super liberal, open minded, anti-racism and anti-Trump” yeah, but the thing is that it isn’t.

I’ve been in this site for not even a year  and I’ve met “liberal and open minded” people that literally said to me “hey I don’t have anything against mexicans wanting to come to USA, I would want to leave México too” Are you serious?? 

A different person asked me “I heard that México is super poor, is it true? Are you alright?” when I stayed quite she asked “was I rude? sorry”.

A different person though México wasn’t a country.

A different person actually thought we wore ponchos and sombreros. 

Two online “friends” said “my parents are probally going to think you’re using me to stay” when I casually said “hey I should visit you!

They all claimed “I’m not racist!! I’m just sayin lmao I didn’t know sorry” 

The thing is YOU ARE. Racism is everywhere. Just by reblogging some anti-trump posts doesn’t make you any better. 

Hi so I thought I’d post this here because a) where else would I make a post about Allstar Weekend and b) I don’t want to post this for all my non-Allstar fan followers and have them be like “wtf is she talking about”
Anyway, I’ve basically been laying in bed all day depressed because I really, really miss Allstar Weekend. Like, wow. Right after they broke up, I immersed myself in school and began to experience a “normal” teenage life for the first time in years, sans all the concerts. And it was great. It’s still great. I have a ton of friends. I’m a regional high school theatre critic. I’ve re-learned French. I’ve performed in the Hippodrome in Baltimore. But, every now and then, I remember Allstar Weekend. And I remember how it felt, and how nothing to this day matches up to it all. Not even sure what “it” was. I guess “it” was unity of a sort - united by music and a love for three boys.
I miss when life was as simple as three boys and inside jokes about God knows what (I hardly even remember was “sea bass” refers to). I think the worst thing is that we’ll never get those three boys back. Not in the same way. I know all things must come to and end, and personally, I think the timing was pretty good. I just wish I had formed better goodbyes or something, I don’t know what. I just wish I could have one more concert. You’d think I’d be in love with my life, now that I’m the one on the stage, and I guess I am, but I honestly can’t tell you how much I miss being the “fangirl” in the crowd for them. Not any band. Just them. They were my favorite band. They still are.

Okay guys, I have a theory that might just be true. Before I delve into this theory, here is some back story. For the longest time I wanted to be a Paleontologist and I decided to go after it. Will finish my AA in Graphic Design first before going after my Bachelor’s Degree in Paleontology but back to my theory thing. I have always loved both dinosaurs and dragons. Well, back when I was a junior in high school, had this random thought while sitting in my pottery class. What if the people of the past found dinosaur bones and thought they belonged to dragons?

Think about it!! Damn near every culture has some sort of dragon lore. Wither it be the great Sky Emperors of China to Quetzalcoatl of Mexico to the Smaug impersonators of England, all have the same basic structure. Sharp claws, long fanged teeth, large bodies, four to two legs, thick tails, scales or feathers. Seriously, people have wondered how cultures who were separated by time and land share similar legends. I have already begun to do research on the subject as it will be my undergrad paper (hopefully) but in all seriousness, I do believe that the ancient people found dinosaur bones but mistook them to be dragon bones.