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i like seeing you laugh

please tell me i’m not the only person in the world still thinking about passe på meg. i think of it as their little private i love you scene.

Isak and Even are two teenage boys. they don’t often sit down to discuss the intricacies of their relationship, they don’t verbalise every feeling. they don’t verbalise it, but we are shown it. when they hang out in mekke øl and hjernen er alene, their conversation is sometimes inaudible because the focus is not on what they’re saying but instead on how they make each other feel. they make each other laugh. they make each other laugh a lot. they make each other shine. maybe their jokes are hilarious, or maybe their jokes are terribly unfunny, it doesn’t matter, because dating someone who makes you laugh doesn’t mean you need to date a comedian, it means dating someone with whom you vibe so well that their mere presence relaxes you, being with them makes you laugh. we see that a lot with Isak and Even. good vibes and good laughs. how being around each other is effortless because they can just be.

so when Isak touches Even’s lower lip and says i like seeing you laugh, it’s a casual remark, but it’s also this this intimate, honest confession, because that’s how they make each other feel, they make each other laugh. and he likes it. he doesn’t have a word for it yet, but he knows the feeling’s good. they’re good. you don’t always need to say i love you. sometimes making them laugh is better. when the night is dark and heavy, sometimes laughter is the only way out.

so that’s the i love you of a boy who is young and learning and figuring things out.

i was there to meet you, on the other hand. it should be this dramatic moment, a plot twist, a huge revelation, a guarded secret that Even has kept inside all this time, finally ready to let it unravel. and yet it’s anything but. it’s a nonchalant statement, it’s a how was school we’re running out of toilet paper it’s pretty windy today by the way i was there to meet you. Even’s kept it a secret for so long because it’s not a secret. he says it like he’s stating the obvious, because to him it is the most obvious thing, nothing has ever been more clear to him. the possibility of him having been there for any other reason is nonexistent, and it’s ridiculous that anyone would think otherwise, especially Isak. but i saw you on the first day of school is different. it’s more quiet, half a whisper. Even becomes gentle and pensive, like he remembers something, remembers that first day of school. because this is the part that is not obvious to him. this part where he is lying in bed with the boy he saw on the very first day of school, wearing his clothes, wearing his smell, wearing his kindness and his patience and his understanding. this the part that is maybe a dream.

and my favourite part? it’s Isak’s little ‘oh’. that’s literally all he says. he doesn’t ask Even to elaborate, doesn’t ask any questions, where exactly did you see me, what was i doing, what did you think, what, when, why why why. just oh. and then he smiles. because he believes it. he accepts it. two weeks ago he was ready to believe that everything was a lie because what would someone like Even ever see in a boy like him. now he knows better. he believes it, he accepts it, and he relishes it. and then they smile at each other, because that’s how they make each other feel. they make each other laugh and smile. and it’s good. whatever this is, it’s good. it’s good, yeah.

Fourth wall?

What fourth wall?

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Reasons I Think Meg is Coming Back

- Rachel has had a dramatically increased presence in fandom outside of the show lately - being booked for more cons, participating in several fundraising campaigns. Her status as CEO of RA might have something to do with the latter but it still means they consider her relevant enough to the fandom to be the face of these things. There have also been multiple articles written about her recently which isn’t typical for someone who’s been out of the cast for years and isn’t coming back.

- In virtually all of her recent interviews and con panels, she keeps saying how much she would love to come back. We’ve seen others say similar things right before it happened (like Jim last season). She was careful at first to make a disclaimer about how she’s not campaigning for it, but at NJCon she openly, unprompted, said “I think [Meg] should come back, don’t you?”

- At that same panel, I got to ask her a question and asked where she thinks Meg is now. She sort of deflected the question, asking me instead where I think she is. I said the Empty, and she gave me a smile that in hindsight I interpret as her knowing I’m right but being unable to say so. This is actually canon - it was just revealed that demons DO go to the Empty, so unless she’s not dead at all, Meg is there - and we now know that the place is not ENTIRELY inaccessible, despite previous claims that it was. I now suspect Rachel didn’t really answer my question because she couldn’t give spoilers.

- The infamous, glorious Megstiel photo from Rachel’s Be the Clarence campaign. Sure, that one could just be nostalgia. But clearly portraying her not as Rachel in that picture but as Meg could be a wink. I know this one is a reach, but it’s fun to think about.

- The show made a point of establishing that angels AND demons spend their afterlife (or after-after-life?) in the Empty - why mention demons if that’s not significant? Usually when they mention something like that, it’s a setup. If Castiel was going to escape the Empty and that would be the last we’d hear of it, they could have just said angels go there.

- A lot of things have been coming full circle lately, and a lot of characters who’ve been gone for some time are coming back. Why not her? She still has unfinished business, and she’s important to the story. She was one of the first demons the boys ever encountered. There might still be more to her involvement with their story. I realize this last one basically amounts to “because I want it,” which isn’t solid reasoning, except that the show has given us some of what we wanted before, and I am not the only one who wants Meg back. When the biggest Meg fan of them all wants her back (see my first point), there’s at least a chance.

The Long Way Home: On Love, Departures, and What Detroit Means to Me

(What originally started off as a little thought-seed about the Very Specific way I imagine my precanon Phichuuris turned into a grossly long-winded ramble about the nature of love???? I don’t know how to explain, omg. I’m so sorry.)

The fourth episode of Yuri!!! on Ice was a pivotal episode for me for many reasons. Prior to that my investment in the series’ early episodes was always tempered by a kind of caution—I’d been enjoying the push-and-pull between Yuuri and Victor as Yuuri struggled to come to terms with the fact that his idol had taken any degree of interest in him and Victor attempted to draw him out of his shell, and seeing the seed of what would eventually develop into a complex dynamic between him and Yuri Plisetsky, partly admiration, partly rivalry, partly a care and concern that neither of them quite knew how to express. But likewise I’d made it a point to be a little guarded—to hang back and wait until fuller character arcs for the protagonists and for the people in their world began to emerge before I gave the series my heart and soul. (I was a little scared, do you see? I didn’t want things to just turn out like another carrot-and-stick game between the shy anxious boy and the hot foreign guy he’d idolized forever who had taken a sudden and inexplicable interest in him. It didn’t help matters that at the time all the conspiracy theories floating around were that Victor was evil, or that he was dying. But anyway.)

All of that reserve flew out the window by the fourth episode, which essentially took the little hints the earlier episodes had been making at the characters’ hidden depths and cranked them up to eleven. There’s so much wonderful insight that comes out of this episode—from the by-now iconic “When I open up, he meets me where I am,” to the way Victor challenges Yuri to put together his own free skate as a way to build his confidence. The conversation they both have with Yuuri’s former coach, Celestino, is especially telling of Yuuri’s personal challenges and what he needs in order to grow: Victor asks, “Why didn’t you let Yuuri choose his own music?” to which Celestino replies that he chooses the music for his skaters unless they tell him that they’d like to pick their own. He proceeds to add that Yuuri only brought him a piece once, but that he’d gone back on it when asked if he believed he could win skating to it: “Please choose the music for me after all, Coach.”

In a sense, this conversation with his former coach reveals to Victor how past!Yuuri failed a kind of test—one that had to do with his capacity to trust his own choices—and that present!Yuuri now needs to face and surmount a similar test before he can move on. The difference is, of course, that Victor’s not going to let him give up on himself. Where Celestino withdraws and lets Yuuri fold, Victor insists on pushing. I also like how this short conversation is illustrative of the fact that, for all that it didn’t work out between them, and for all that his methods differ from Victor’s, Celestino knows Yuuri and has his best interests at heart, and understands what he needs in order to succeed, even if it’s not something he can help Yuuri with at this point.

Suffice to say that there’s a lot to like about this episode, a lot to love, but the real kicker for me came a little under ten minutes in, when Yuuri’s slumped at his desk at a loss as to what to do with his program, and he’s scrolling through his Instagram feed. He sees a friend of his is practicing in Thailand—and right then and there, he calls this friend. Yuuri, who’s anxious and overthinky and shy and has such a hard time opening up to people, just calls up this random boy from Instagram in the middle of the night, like it’s the most natural thing in the world. He greets him with “Sawasdee krab.” Cue me bringing my hand to my mouth in dismay—He has a Thai friend and he’s greeting him in Thai, oh my god. I felt the axe hovering above my head about to drop.

Suffice to say that it was love at first sight for me, as far as Phichit Chulanont was concerned. From his very first appearance as a smiley image on Yuuri’s phone screen, he exudes a natural warmth and an effervescence that it’s difficult to look away from, and that have proceeded to endear him to the fandom surprisingly thoroughly for a supporting character without too much screentime/internal monologue time/poignant backstory reveal time. But more than that, it was the ease with which I saw him and Yuuri talk to each other that intrigued me, and the idea of their shared past—“Detroit’s boring now that you’re gone!” he said, and I felt the axe smash me right down into extrapolation hell, because cute former rinkmate? Cute former rinkmate whose wiki entry later told me was also a former roommate? Look at all the fanfic waiting to happen.

(Spoiler: Happen it did, and then some.)

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Common arguments against Megstiel (And why they don’t hold water).

Hello, Tumblr! It is I, Jo, bringing you once more a meta-analysis of one of the aspects of the Hell that is Supernatural and its fandom and particularly the Circle of Hell that is shipping one of its minor ships. Especially one that has so much canon fodder (see what I did there?) as Megstiel does. I have seen so many extensive (like… you would not believe how many of them, holy shit, they’re everywhere) meta-analysis, essays, theories, hastily put together thoughts, you name it, that people write stating why their ship is/should be/will be canon.

And if someone dares say “Well… I just don’t see it”, they’re likely going to be bombarded by a mountain of evidence of why they’re wrong. Admittedly, some of this evidence is well-thought out and compelling and some is… not… that. But I’m not writing this to argue against that mountain of evidence because I understand those analysis come from a place of love for those characters (and because I would be here all day). I’m doing it because whenever someone brings up Megstiel in these things, it’s usually to belittle it, disregard it or flat out deny its existence. And I, as a Megstiel shipper, have a thing or two to say about that.

Now, let’s make something entirely clear: I’m not here to convince you to stop shipping your ship and start shipping mine. I’m not here to attack you personally. You’re not a horrible person for wanting something different to be canon than I do. I don’t mean to start a shipping war. Full disclaimer, I am a snarky person and sometimes this topic fills me with rage, which is why this essay will be peer-reviewed. Meaning, I will have other Megstiel shippers who are a tad nicer or more jaded than me read it and give me notes before I post it to tone down my salt in the interest of keeping things civil. And because if I’m excessively mean, Senpai won’t hang out with me.

If you have another argument besides the ones I bring up here or if you’re not convinced by my counterarguments, tell me. I will be happy to have a conversation. Unless that conversation starts with you stating I murdered your puppy and destroyed your crops, in which case, I’m not interested in getting to know you and your mom is probably disappointed in you. If you still feel compelled to send me insults because I like a different ship, it will result in you being a) blocked, b) referred to the present essay or c) mocked. Depends on what mood you catch me in.

Okay, so now that we’ve established that, let me tell you why your arguments against Megstiel don’t convince me.

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Hi, I'm curious, what do you think about Cas kissing Meg? I know a lot of people on the destiel fandom don't like it, but I do just because of Dean's jelousy face. Ps. I love your metas!


I like that it shows Cas’ own choices, that he found Meg intriguing and potentially attractive is something that I find adds another layer to his character. 

I also like that Meg was good to Cas, for a long time, and he remembers it, Cas knew that she was a demon but his memories of her are generally good, she cared for him, she was a little harsh, sure, but overall she cared… remind us of anyone? In the end she sacrificed herself for him in a way too, she was good to Cas, so why not the intrigue, caring back and attraction?

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Re: Dean’s jealousy. Yeah, totally. But it’s not just his jealous face when they’re kissing, its the whole thing


The pain, the guilt…

1. When Cas died in s7 (after Dean refused to stand behind him in 6x22 so he ended up dead) and was resurrected he was found and looked after by Daphne, who looked remarkably like Dean and acted like him too, helping and supporting Cas. This was a romantic relationship. OUCH.

2. When Cas is crazy (still due to the same reason, Cas broke Sam’s wall because Dean wouldn’t stand behind him) and Dean has to leave him with Meg it is so painful, Dean would clearly want to help and look after Cas, find a way to fix him, but he can’t, he has duty in the way and Cas did what he did to save Sam… Then Cas seems to fall for the person who does care for him? OUCH.

3. Then in season 9 (after Dean was an ass to Cas which led Cas to finding Metatron and trying to fix Heaven and Earth himself and ending up Human, then dead) Dean again has to leave Cas to fend for himself, putting Sam before him. Cas is super by April thanks to looking after him to enter a romantic and sexual relationship whereby he DIES IN FRONT OF DEANS EYES. Then Cas is gone and Dean hates it, he jumps at the first chance to see him and when he gets there AGAIN the person who seems to have looked after Cas, given him a job and a home, is romantically linked to Cas. OUCH.

Every time it happened, that Cas was in trouble and needed help, when Dean could easily blame himself for it, Dean missed out on being THAT person, the one to help and support Cas, the one that Cas falls for…. it’s another kick in the balls to his feelings for Cas and for Dean’s feeling of letting him down AND missing out on the romantic potential of their relationship…

So now what will happen when Cas is next Human, now that Dean has shrugged off a lot of his issues and things are generally starting to be subverted or “fixed”…

Regarding sex, I personally don’t really hold to Ace Cas, I feel that he is just generally sexually inactive because of *reasons*, mainly that duty takes precedent over pleasure, the sacred oath and, in relation to Dean, the fact that it is love not lust and that he is waiting for Dean to be ready, he isn’t pushy. I also feel this way about Sam by the way, that he is a lonely, repressed guy full of guilt (and he knows he has a death inducing dick), which is what leads him to be less sexually active than Dean who’s own sexual encounters are are a coping mechanism, not for fun. 

Sex is massively metaphorical and always represents something in this show, so it doesn’t mean for me that they are asexual, although I totally get why some people would see that and I am not saying it is wrong, it just isn’t my interpretation.

When Cas is human, he is interested in sex and physical attraction, with Meg too, because she isn’t human, she isn’t forbidden and she said “when this is over” i.e. the duty is gone, so why not?

Yeah overall, it doesn’t bother me and I see the good sides of it, showing us a part of Cas in more depth that we generally don’t see for all the reasons above, but it doesn’t mean it’s not there… I hope we see more of it when he comes to the climax of his self worth arc, he is human and hopefully part of the duty aspect is receded too.

chiller hjemme. smiley?

this exchange is even more endearing if you consider that Isak is normally not someone who uses a lot of smileys. his texts are usually quite short and dry. chiller hjemme without a smiley is a text he would totally send. to anyone other than Even.

i know we love to make fun of Isak for being about as chill as a snapback on fire, but the thing about playing hard to get is that you need to have a certain level of confidence to pull it off. you need to believe that you have something the other person will want even when they’re not getting it for free. you need to believe that you are enough. and Isak’s not quite there yet. which is why it was so easy for him to take Sonja’s word for it when she said Even doesn’t love him for real, it’s just his mania speaking. she was basically just validating a fear he had had since the beginning. not a fear of mental illness but a fear of not being enough. Even is older and more experienced, he is super tall and super smooth and has the confidence of a film star, he breaks into houses and dresses up as god and knows all the bands and films and directors. he is radiant. his presence lights up a room. why would someone like Even settle for a boy who is two years younger and ten times more awkward. 

the most beautiful thing is how Isak gets over his fear. he becomes confident. in his own skin and with other people. he cries after reading the text from his mum because his mum is telling him he is enough. and in the final scene when he looks across the room and sees Even standing there, he is not looking at a god, he is looking at Even, his equal, the person he chose and the person who chose him, and he has the confidence to make that choice work. 

so Isak lacks the confidence to play hard to get with Even. that’s one half of the story. but i think there’s also just so much kindness in him, so much kindness for Even. he always compliments Even’s drawings. he never raises his voice, not even in the hotel room when he’s tired and Even keeps running in circles. i still firmly believe in my theory of him giving Even his favourite pillow. he doesn’t make his feelings a big display, but they are there, in his small acts of kindness. he already gave Even a harshly worded ultimatum. so now he wants to give the boy a smiley.

Headcanon: The Bayverse movies are a shared dreamscape for cybertronians in other continuities. It came into being when earth became suddenly important in the great Civil War, as Cybertronians tried to cope with the new paradigm where tiny flesh creatures gained great importance in their conflict. It’s only one of many dreamscapes, but those who have fought on earth tend to gravitate toward it in their sleep. 

Think about it, in the movies, the characters are disjointed, their personalities shift from movie to movie (sometimes scene to scene). Motivations are unclear and/or simplified. Why does Optimus care about the humans? Ask him that and he spouts some vague rhetoric that is never really established in the movies. The humans treat the robots like either pets or villains and are generally unbelievable assholes to them. Megatron just does things because grrr!. It’s clear that he’s very emotional and passionate about beating the hell out of Optimus, but his motives are never well established either. But it makes perfect sense if that whole world is a collective dream, the bots would be taking their motivations, hangups and grudges with them when they go into recharge and find themselves suddenly a part of this disjointed narrative.

So many scenes in these movies seem like a collections of Nightmares that characters might tell Rung during a session:

Ravage: It was stormy, the ocean was choppy. I think I was on the top of a human ship..A submarine. I opened a hatch and regurgitated ball bearings into their bridge and it turned into another another cybertronian.

Ironhide: I was standing in the human’s private outdoor space, everyone was there. A tiny creature, a dog? I could barely see it. The thing drained it’s tank on my foot. I got angry but Optimus wouldn’t let me squish it, I had to stand there and do nothing.

Bee: I was in my alt mode in some kind of park, these two humans were making out on my hood and It made me feel warm and happy?

Megatron: -then I realized that I wasn’t really in charge, I was serving a master. I doing all the work for millennia long quest to destroy earth’s sun and he didn’t lift a finger to help. This made sense to me at the time, I was content to be a tool as long as I won in the end.

Optimus: -We were destroying the city but that did no matter. I could hear the humans dying but all I cared about was finishing him once and for all.

Bots whose consciousness goes into the dreams during recharge tend to be incidental characters in the dreamscape, but those who are in comas/unconscious/dead-but-not-really become more important because they are their for long periods of time. Sometimes pivotal characters like Optimus and Megatron are phantoms of what the dreaming bots believe they should be rather then the dreaming consciousness of those characters.

Honestly, these movies make so much more sense as a shared dream. Death has so little weight that you can picture the poor bot who died horribly waking up in the equivalent of a cold sweat on their recharge slab or after being knocked out in battle. 

I don’t know if it’s been talked about yet, but here’s a little observation I made earlier when I rewatched the clip in peace, while actually paying attention to the lyrics. And while I think the lyrics were quite interesting in regards to Sana’s feelings and emotional state (I’m in pain, to be honest), I couldn’t help but notice this:

So, during the part where Isak and Even are walking towards the school, these are the lyrics:

Jeg vet, de vet han bitchen er gal

gal gal gal ga- ga- ga- gal

Han bitchen er gal 

I know, they know that (guy)* bitch is crazy

crazy crazy crazy cra- cra- cra- crazy

That (guy)* bitch is crazy

*(Not quite sure how to translate this properly, but in Norwegian it says “han” before bitch, and han = he as far as I know)

And during the entire time the scene seems to be quite focused on Even:

So it starts out with the two of them, walking towards the school together as the lyrics go “Jeg vet, de vet han bitchen er gal”  (I know, they know that (guy) bitch is crazy):

Then, a quick close up on Even as we hear “gal” (crazy):

A second later we go back to the two of them, but we only get to see both Isak and Even for a quick moment in the beginning and at the end of the shot. During the time the shot goes into slow motion, Isak is hidden from our view and we can only see Even in focus while the lyrics continue with “gal gal ga-” (crazy crazy cra-):

The lyrics finish with “ga- ga- gal / Han bitchen er gal ” (cra- cra- crazy / That (guy) bitch is crazy), while the boy squad greet each other. And even here, it’s Even (and Magnus, although his face is turned away from us) who is in the center (kind of turning his face towards us, even), while Isak is standing behind him, positioned on the side of the shot:

(Cue Sana walking past to “Don’t talk to me, no. Think you know me, know me. No.” and me crying)

Now I’m no good when it comes to analyzing things, but could this be some sort of foreshadowing about Even having another episode? Or something else about his bipolar disorder that will be important? That is somehow relevant to Sana’s story? Anyone wanna speculate?

(also i apologize for the quality of the gifs i’m still learning ok, so fight me. or even better teach me.)

I just realized that when Cas kisses Meg in Caged Heat and tells her, “I learned that from the pizza man,” Meg has absolutely no context for this statement. She doesn’t know that Cas has been watching porn. Which means that as far as Meg is concerned, Cas has learned to kiss from an actual pizza man. Even better, Meg takes this completely in stride. Honestly there isn’t much point to this post except I think it’s fantastic that the story is never set straight and yet Meg never questions it. Cas learned it from the pizza man.

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What do you think about treasure island? And about its links with black sails?

I’ll start by saying that as a kid, I liked Treasure Island. I read it, I shivered at the appropriate bits, and was absolutely goddamn creeped out by Long J*hn Silver, for all the same reasons that the character in Black Sails gives me the shivers from time to time. There are moments in Sails where I look at Silver and I absolutely see exactly the same character that I got to know and came to fear in Treasure Island. If you want an example of one of those, let’s talk about the tavern scene, the scene where he meets with Max in s4 after getting captured by Hands, and the way he handles Dobbs in s3. In that, Black Sails and Treasure Island are very much recognizable as happening in the same universe. When it comes to Billy, though - I really, really have trouble seeing Billy Bones from Treasure Island in Billy Bones as he appears in Black Sails, but then twenty years and rampant paranoia of the sort Billy seems to have developed in s4 will do that to a man, I suppose. It’s not all that far of a stretch, just I have trouble picturing it for some reason. As to any mention of Flint, though….

*sighs* Treasure Island, friend, is a lot of the reason that I want to rage and scream and cry over what happens to Flint in Black Sails because the man we get glimpses of in Treasure Island is a ghost story. He’s a monster used to scare the gullible and the guilty into submission. He’s a tool in someone’s toolbox as they try to get the treasure so many people sacrificed so much for for themselves. Captain Flint of the novel is a man who murders six men and thinks nothing of using their bodies for markers leading to the treasure. He’s a drunk who dies screaming for rum, a boogeyman never actually seen but only imagined and I just - I can’t stand it. The bastards won, Anon. They fucking won, after all that pain and all that suffering. They did that, they painted him as the fucking villain, as the monster, as nothing more than a greedy pirate obsessed with gold and slaughter, and I hate it. And yes, I realize that Black Sails is derivative of Treasure Island and to stay faithful to the novel they had to go there but I still fucking hate it because there’s not a single thing of the man we came to know and most of us came to love in the character from Treasure Island - not one.

tl;dr: Treasure Island has very definite links with Black Sails, and I do love those links actually, even while I’m still very not ok with the difference between book Flint and Sails Flint for reasons that are less to do with bad writing and more to do with what the character from Sails deserved. Also I want to know how Sails Billy got off that island and became Treasure Island Billy.

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Okay. So. Cas has the most sacred oath thing. But, in the last episode with Meg, she tells him "we're going to order some pizza and move some furniture" and he agrees. Does the sacred oath only apply to humans?

Okay so I went back and watched that scene…

(totally agree with Meg here - Cas is All Manner of Hot.)

…and he doesn’t agree. She say’s she wants them to “order some pizza and move some furniture around, you understand?” and he says “no, I don’t… wait…actually… yes.” whilst she looks at him with obvious intent and he holds her gaze, but Dean interrupts the scene right there. All Cas was saying was that Yes, he understood her meaning. He didn’t actually AGREE to anything (which believe me, I used to ship Megstiel - anything for Cas to have some fun and someone who cares for him ya know - so I’m not desperately trying to disprove the ship here by any means). For Meg, its pretty obvious she’s into him (and its a running joke in the show that Cas is Mr Sexy), but Cas’s motives for the entirety of their relationship have been ambiguous at best. Yes they held an intense gaze after she mentioned moving furniture around, and Meg was definitely eyeing him up like a hungry lioness about to pounce… 

But Cas looked at Meg no differently to how he looks at Dean (I would argue with less intensity but that’s the destiel shipper in me). There was slight confusion, followed by understanding, but he didn’t eye her up, he didn’t look ‘hungrily’ at her. There didn’t appear to be any form of lust in his gaze (and we have seen Misha’s acting when it comes to lust because he played Lucifer in his own words “like he wanted to have sex with everything”). Cas never agreed to have sex with her. He never accepted her proposal, just confirmed he understood what she was implying before Dean interrupted.

Cas has never shown any hints of intention to break his “sacred oath” whilst still graced up. His kiss with Meg was curiosity following the porno he watched, and he certainly didn’t seem to show any desire to follow through with it back then. I am pretty much convinced that Cas NEVER would have hooked up with the prostitute the way Dean wanted in 5x03. He definitely didn’t seem anything other than uncomfortable at the prospect of Hannah coming on to him either. Have there even been any other instances of Cas being close to hooking up with someone whilst an angel? We can’t count his human endeavours as the sacred oath wouldn’t apply (and the less said about that disgusting scene the better).

To your second point, I would imagine that the sacred oath applies to demons just as much as humans. Demons are even more abominable to angels than humans are. They are just corrupted human souls anyway, so a righteous heaven with its ideas of ‘mud monkeys’ and ‘unclean creatures’  would surely include demons in the mix yes. 

Until proven otherwise, this ‘sacred oath’ concept still works. Its not a confirmed canon point, but its a theory that has real potential in the show, given everything we have learned in the last few seasons especially about how angels view sex and sexuality involving humans. I don’t think that any former hints of a relationship between Cas and Meg can change that.

  • Chris: It's still an interesting debate of why it's Meg that Castiel is sweet on.
  • Jo: My theory is that he felt a certain kind of attraction to her, which is what being a grey asexual means. He experienced some sexual attraction, only very rarely. He was at the very least intrigued by Meg since the circle of fire and even more so after watching the porno. it was like "Wait... I can do that? I can just kiss you? Okay, then!" And he went for it.
  • Chris: And I agree with that, but why her? I think you're right that it had to be intrigue plus some physical attraction. A mix of her sass, bravado, physical appearance and similar life experiences.
  • Abi: If we go by what Rachel has said, a lot of even the initial attraction was on an intellectual level. I think he didn't expect a demon to be so clever (or so genuinely devoted to another being) and that interested him. And likely reminded him a bit of himself as well.
  • Jo: That too. Meg having a code of conduct or principles to rule her life by set her apart from other demons. On the other hand, I wouldn't put it above Castiel being attracted to this particular demon precisely because of her demon-ness.
  • Abi: Though not without finding that a little upsetting in and of itself. In a sort of "Why am I like this?" way.
  • Chris: "This makes me feel uncomfortable but I don't not like it."
  • Jo: "This better not awake anything in me... aaaand there it is."
In Defense of Meg Manning

Because every time she comes up on my dash, there’s some comment (in the tags or wherever) about her treatment of Veronica in S2, so let me say this.

Meg is not obligated to pretend she’s okay with the situation of Veronica/Duncan dating again if she isn’t.  

  1. Duncan knocked her up and left her to go stalk his best friend’s girlfriend at work every day.
  2. She’s hormonal and dealing with the pregnancy alone. 
  3. Her homelife consists of abusive nutjobs and constant need for secrecy.  
  4. At some point, it’s occurred to her that for Duncan, she was always just the understudy for virginal Veronica.  
  5. Unlike Parker in S3, Veronica never came to Meg to get her blessing.  Veronica didn’t prioritize her friendship over her relationship.  

Any of those reasons would explain why Meg was less than sunshine and rainbows in 2x1, but in the end, the reasoning doesn’t even matter.  

I defend Meg’s right to be angry and bitter.  To feel betrayed.  To be authentic  rather than putting on an act.  To not have to smile and swallow her feelings - because that’s what nice girls are supposed to do.    


8x17 ”Goodbye Stranger”
The Unicorn

Posted as part of the Series “Of Blood, Bone and Darkness”:
A Carver Era Rewatch Hiatus Meta-Series

“I laughed, I cried, I threw up in my mouth a little…” - say what you want about Meg. Of course she has done incredibly horrible horrible things, but this moment here is one of my favourite Meg moments, because I feel for the first time she is completely real. Not wearing any mask, but showing her true self. And also showing that she may be a demon, but that it doesn’t need a cure to remind a demon of its humanity. I truly think this is is one of the strongest scenes of Meg. And the small but important word about “her unicorn” - something commonly associated with something pure and innocent (therefore also the unicorn in S11 in the episode “Just My Imagination”) really kind of drives that home. Because while Castiel of course is far from a saint and also did horrible messy things, I suppose in comparison to something like Meg, for her Castiel, a fallen angel of the lord would have to count as one of the purest and most innocent beings she ever met and on top also was taken care of. I suppose in a way and even though of course Meg did what she did in S7 to save her own hide, she looked after Cas and Castiel when tending to her wounds earlier in the episode repays the favour.

anonymous asked:

One of the reasons I'll never read Flint as Rage Monster are his dreams. It's a truest look into the depths of his psyche. And he's not contemplating the burning of the world in it. Miranda doesn't say, "Burn the world down, it's what you actually want" (as Silver claims in the finale). She helps him see that he's not alone in this fight.

Exactly. When we’re inside Flint’s head, Miranda’s not urging him to vengeance. He’s not contemplating destruction and death - he’s tired, and he wants to be done, and he’s wanted to be done since he killed Alfred, I think. He asks what happens if he decides he wants to stay with Miranda, meaning what happens if he doesn’t want to do this anymore. And when Miranda in his head points him in the direction of people who can help with his fight, that’s him picking himself up off the ground, going “ok, I can do this, I have a purpose,” and from then on, you’ll notice that he changes significantly. If anything, the purpose that he finds in carrying the war forth is what ends the rage monster, as you put it, and that’s why I don’t agree with Silver’s assessment that for Flint, the war is about rage. Maybe it is for him, and he’s projecting more than a bit, but for Flint, it’s about standing up and saying no more. 

DEAD or.. not so much?

I miss John. Everyone else has come back from True Death so why not him? Season 14 goals..

I miss Chuck. He was pint-sized scruff of awkward hilarity and writer issues. Endverse Chuck, perhaps?..

I miss Rufus. We never got enough of his sass and old-timer gags. And I liked the way he said Bobby

I miss Balthazar. The sassiest of angels. He had charm and swagger and cheek. And he knew Cas loved Dean.

I miss Meg. She had a sharp tongue. She called Cas her unicorn and she was badass. 

I miss Crazy Cas. He was adorable. He watched the bees and collected honey and showed up naked on the impala for Dean. 

I miss Benny. His accent and sass and that hat. And he was good to Dean. He was a good monster. 

I miss Cain. He was pretty. And he never got to fanboy over the bees with Crazy Cas.

I miss Charlie. Her bromance moments with Dean were almost as good as her pop-culture references and her budding BFF-ship with Cas. Endverse Charlie, perhaps?..

I miss Billie. I remember that eerie song in her first scene and her deadpan goddess. And I like the way she say Rules. edit: Welcome back, Ms. Death..

I miss Crowley. From King of Hell to Team Free Will. And all thos flirty, sassy moments. Endverse Fergus, perhaps?..

anonymous asked:

if we're talking shit about dan cain can we talk about how fucked up it is he found a file on his girlfriend from a guy who'd been creepily stalking her for presumably quite a while and just? never thought to mention this to her until it was too late. like what the fuck


Dan Cain may love Meg, but he doesn’t respect her much at all, particularly when it comes to making her feel (or be) safe. Hell, in addition to leaving her exposed to someone who had presumably been perving on her since she was a teenager–and God, I really don’t want to know how Hill got ahold of her hair–there’s the little matter of his roommate.

In the deleted scenes we get a lot more of the ‘marry me/no, later’ bedroom scene, and he makes it clear that he rented that place on the assumption that she’d just up and move in at his first request. That’s why he can’t afford the rent alone; he was budgeting for a two-person household without checking in to make sure that’s what he had.

She didn’t. He was upset with this; not terrible, thus far. It’s her choice, and he fucked up by trying unilateral bullshit, but feelings get hurt sometimes in relationships whether or not we’re being rational. We deal, move, on, and grow as peop–

oh and then a creepy guy knocks on the door, checks out Dan’s dick, and smiles unnervingly at Meg after letting her know that he knows that he scared her. Meg, reasonably, doesn’t like West. He freaks her out. She tries to convey this to Dan, asks to speak to him, etc.

Dan lets West move in immediately, in what is pretty clearly an act of retaliation for her refusal. “Won’t move in with me? Insist on going home tonight? Well, now you’ll have to deal with this guy every time you come over. Woe. If only you had made the right choice. Ah, well, poor me has to have a roommate, and this is literally the first person to show up.”

He sets things up to force her into presumably regular contact with somebody who makes her uncomfortable just because he’s pissed that she won’t accelerate the relationship at the speed he decided is right.

Dan Cain is shitty at paying attention to Meg’s needs and safety. And yes, that indirectly causes her death.


what if

what if gintoki didn’t have a last name while he was in the shouka sonjuku

what if that’s the reason why takasugi and zura call him “gintoki”, because he didn’t have another name?

what if gintoki and shoyou never talked about it, but secretly gintoki thought of himself as “yoshida gintoki”?

what if he named himself “sakata” when he was jailed after the war, awaiting his execution?

what if he calls himself “sakata gintoki” and not “yoshida gintoki” because he doesn’t feel like he has the right to take up shoyou’s family name after 519?

what if “sakata” is his personal reminder of 519 and of what he couldn’t protect and of what he lost?

what if “sakata” was his way of moving on?

what if

“i am the disciple of yoshida shoyou, sakata gintoki.”


8x17 ”Goodbye Stranger”
The Simple Things

Posted as part of the Series “Of Blood, Bone and Darkness”:
A Carver Era Rewatch Hiatus Meta-Series

I know the Meg and Cas scenes aren’t very well liked within the fandom, but I personally loved their interactions in this episode. I have always enjoyed Meg as a character. From her baddest evil days to this moment just hours before her death, where she identifies as leaning more towards “being good” rather than bad. And of course in the end, her horrible actions aren’t excused, but she died to save the Winchesters, so I suppose you could say Meg had her redemption arc (wrote more in depth about her here). And this small dialogue here that paves so much in terms of big overarching themes for S8 about choices and how feeling makes things more complicated, how living in a world that’s not just black and white makes things more complex and difficult also in terms of your own identity. Yes, this conversation connects directly with Dean’s and Benny’s experience of purgatory, which felt “pure” and had a simplicity to it: Kill or be killed. Easy as that.