meg masters necklace



I’m going to be closing my Etsy store next Monday (5th of May NZ Time) for a while, as I’ve got Con stuff happening really soon and moving out after that.
If you want to buy a Meg Masters Necklace through Etsy please do so within the next week!


To the New Zealanders out there:
If you’re going to Armageddon Wellington you can purchase one from me at the Pickled Pies Prints stall I’ll be hosting with cheriiart! If you pre-order a necklace before the 16th of May I will knock $5 off the otherwise I will have a limited stock $20 each.

Message me about Pre-orders.

Meg Masters Necklace Second run?

Hey guys!

Some of you might know that last year I made a bunch of Meg Master’s Necklace’s [See the Old Post here]

I have been thinking about doing a second run of these necklaces but if I do then I will need to buy more coins to make the necklaces with. Therefore I need to know if there is going to be a decent amount of people that would still be interested in buying these! (I’m thinking at least 20-30 buyers at this stage)

Please reply to this post with if you are definitely interested!


I decided I was bothered to upload some nicer photo’s.
One of my coins and some of my half assed Buddha pendants for Meg 2.0’s necklace. I have to buy some black cord still.
I was having an issue with I didn’t get blue tinted coins, rather they were quite orange. But in photographs they appear blue. So I think I’ll leave them and not do anything to them to change their colour now.