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dylan ‘frosted tips’ strome  →  for @megeggsalad ♡

Giveaway finale!

The reactions to this giveaway surpassed my expectations and it took me a while to collect all the entries. Thank you for your patience! I’ll have to find an easier way to do this next time because typing up 2500+ url-s by hand is really time-consuming OvO. Anyway, I finally fed the random number generator who gave me the name of four winners:

@reinedescoeurs got a full body shaded drawing
@wirls got a custom chill gif
@girlalmiti got merch from my storenvy shop
@asexual-astronomer got a t-shirt from my teepublic store

Winners, you’re free to trade your prizes between each other if you want. I just ask that you don’t pressure/harass each other, plz! If for some reason you don’t want your prize, feel free to tell me - no hard feelings, I promise! and I’ll roll for a new winner. If I don’t hear from you in 5 days (in the form of an ask or IM), I shall roll a new winner in your place.

I really appreciate the new follows and reblogs and all the sweet comments in the tags! I read them all. ALL! 👀 They gave me the feels.
This month will be overloaded AF, therefore I don’t expect to draw many ask replies. But that usually means you get to see more finished and colored pieces so there’s that. ^^
Thanks again and I hope you forgive me for drawing Meg a 70s hairdo when they’re supposed to be in a fictional 50s setting I don’t know what I’m doing

A topic one of my friends and me talked about. She asked: “Why are the killers able to catch a survivor who’s running like mad and they’re just walking normally?!”

Here’s your answer Sherry.

I randomly chose Michael as killer for this comic (and because I never drew him…). Not that you think this topic is specifically about him, oh no. This goes for all of the killers.

Art by @anxiouspineapples

Character: Phoebe Locksley

“You’re The Hood,” he said to me. He sounded starstruck.

I sighed. Everyone was so original with names these days. Can you tell I’m being sarcastic? But beggars can’t be choosers. Or rather, thieves can’t be choosers. “At your service.”

A look crossed his face. “You’re not going to hurt me, are you?”

“Not if you don’t make this easy for us. Besides, that’s not really our business model.”

“Next cosplay”! Yes, please.