meg is adorable

I know a girl so adorable,
To do any less than adore her
Should surely be a crime.
How adorable is she, you may ask?

Cuter than a sleeping-on-its-back-
Slightly-open kitten.
More stunning than a jellyfish.
More miraculous than a ladybug.
Otter-ly awesome.
Radder than a reptile.
More musical than a meadowlark.

She even makes marvelous moodboards;
Draws her friends with a loving hand;
AND pens pretty haiku!
Is there anything she can’t do?
I’m sure not!
She’s Mega, and my words
Can’t begin to do her justice.

—  Happy birthday, mega Meg @betarrinisisters 🎂📦💐🎉💜

Because there isn’t enough Fem Megamind in this fandom D:

This is just a little genderbend I made just for the sake of getting it off my head. I think a fem Megamind would be amazing. Just look at her! adorable! i Also added a bit to her, like the makeup, her eyeliner mushing in the rain when she says ‘no’ ;__; Also yes, that is thunder bolt earrings on the last pic but miserably failed at it x( and added a belt to the black mamba to make it seem more lika dress.

Those details…I hope ya like it, and srry for spam 3:

Elements I really liked in the restaged tour 3/???:

 Instead of Christine just gazing off into the audience and Meg looking at her like “Girl you crazy…” Christine and Meg do an adorable spin. I actually really like the blocking for this entire scene! I love how Christine comes into a full room of ballerinas who all start chattering and going along on their business. It shows the busyness of the opera! They are dressing, warming up, drinking. It really adds to the texture of the show I feel! 

me: makes a poll for people to vote for ONE character 
also me: ends up making all of the characters i listed.