meg in the dark


Castle Hushabye is riddled by a deep network of dark canals. And beneath the surface lurks a large dark shadow.

Meg is one of the oldest inhabitants of the castle but no one knows anything about her as she doesn’t like talking about herself. She’s real nice though! A real buddy! As long as you don’t get into the water, or too close to the edge. She’ll snap. But it’s ok, she’ll warn you about it if she gets the chance!

It’s different for Marble though. Being a bloodless Golem has its benefits.


that green gentleman (things have changed for me) // panic! at the disco

@of-sevenseas: that‘s dark meg: YOU, OF ALL PEOPLE


Yuri has a bunch of healing type pokemon, like Comfrey and Audino and Chansey and people think he must be planning to be a doctor. Well, no, he’s so anxious and wound up that healing type Pokemon take one look at him and are like YIKES HUMAN ARE YOU OKAY HERE HAVE AN EGG??????