meg has pictures


Finally making a MegaCon 2015 post. There will be more posts because I have so many pictures from the weekend, but it was such an amazing time. Friday I was Snow White, Saturday I was Amy from Doctor Who, and Sunday I was Lady Hercules with my friend as Lady Hades and her friend as Male Meg.

If anyone has any pictures of me I would so appreciate it if you’d send them my way :) thank you!!


I was tagged by sunsetorangepeeta to do the 6 pictures that made me feel beautiful thing only I used 7 shh don’t tell.

I’m tagging: whatisartagain anacrucifer crushed-dreams-and-cats grapes-of-craft tubagirldave drifting-down

AND YES YOU HAVE TO DO IT THERE IS NO GETTING OUT OF IT. Please tag me in it when you post it :)