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unpopular opinion: if Cas were in a female vessel i think him and Dean's relationship wouldve started seasons ago reguardless of if its true hes bi or not.

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Every heterosexual, age appropriate, “good” female character, with a recurring slot in the show, has become romantically involved with either Dean or Sam. If not completely involved, there has been a flirtation or unreciprocated affection on either side. Therefore, I don’t think it’s merely an assumption to say that Dean and Castiel would be involved if Castiel’s vessel were female. However, if Castiel’s vessel were female, I believe the writer’s characterisation of Castiel would be completely different to him as he is in canon currently. 

I truly believe that if Castiel were female, and in a romantic relationship with Dean, the character’s part would have been finished on the show at least a season or two ago. At the end of the day, any romantic relationship for either Sam or Dean, could compete with their brotherly relationship. It is quite clear to me that the show is about that bond - self-sacrificing, codependent, and emotional crippling as it is - and that is what the writers/producers are trying to preserve. 

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Titok: kezdek beleszeretnia a legjobb barátomba de nemtudom mit csináljak. mióta ide adta a pulcsijat amikor fáztam azóta nálam van es azzal alszok. De nem akarok vele járni mert o az egyik legfontosabb személy az életemben es felek, hogy elveszíteném:( Minden nap szinte non-stop beszélünk es ha elveszíteném ugy érzem nem maradna itt nekem senki😩

Te döntésed hogy megéri e a barátságotokat feladni a szerelemért! Tudd meg hogy ő mit érez! Észre fogod venni abból ahogy beszél és viselkedik veled minden kis apróságra figyelj oda és kiderül:) Nem fogod elveszíteni drága ne butáskodj! Akármi történik mindig beszéljétek meg! Ha nem akarjátok elveszíteni egymást nem fogjátok ne aggódj kedves:) Ölelés!

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How I feel about this character: I liked her up until about S6. She was a fun villain and I really liked her. (Not in the sense that I thought she was an awesome person, but she was a lot of fun to watch and that’s what makes a villain awesome: they are fun to watch and root against.)

All the people I ship romantically with this character: None.

My non-romantic OTP for this character: I don’t really have one…? >_<

My unpopular opinion about this character: I really wish she had stayed a villain. Or, if that was not an option, I wish she had a proper redemption arc. (imo, for a character to get a redemption arc, they must first express remorse for the wrongs they committed.)

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.: I have a few things I wish hadn’t happened? >_<

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mhhhh I don’t really ship it but I’m going to give it a go ;)

• when or if I started shipping it: not my thing really, I’m generally interested in their relationship from a gen pov but that’s kind of it
• my thoughts: it’s *interesting* and I liked how they played it when they were just snarking at each other, but I thought that the whole romantic angle (when they went with it in S6 I mean) was totally out of the blue and kind of ooc - the conclusion was good for what it was but I still think that going for it romantically/having them kiss was a bad idea tbh.
• What makes me happy about them: as stated.. I liked the snarking? Also when S7 Meg was around Cas I liked her a lot better than usual.
• What makes me sad about them: uuhmm I don’t really have one answer for this XD
• things done in art/fic that annoys me: er, when people assume that it’s TOTALLY OTP material? LIke I mean she would have killed him in 5x10 and she’s the reason Ellen and Jo died which is why I thought that romantically it made little sense, but then again I don’t read fic for it so XD but if I did I wouldn’t go for romantic.
• things I look for in art/fic: not my ship so I don’t exactly go looking for it.
• Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: Cas: DEAN XDDDD Meg: …. er uhm no clue whatsoever XD
• My happily ever after for them: errrr uhm if Meg hadn’t died they should have at least watched It’s A Wonderful Life together xDDD
• what is their favorite non-sexual activity? … er, I guess that in S7 it was discussing how to brew honey? XDDDD

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10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60) wHy aRE YOu so fUckING COOL I h9 U JfC (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

10. are you good at hiding your feelings? 

I’m a fucking master, yo

20. what is your favourite song at the moment? 

A Lesson From Mr. Gray - The Paper Kites

30. favourite tv show(s)

sorry  but have you seen my blog 

40. favourite memory

uhmmm.. shit. idk man. my mom had some babies and that was cool i guess

50. favourite picture of your idol 

prepare yourself (this took forever to choose omg) :


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I never liked meg and Cas. Even though it was just maybe a little thing that happened.

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I assume you mean together, in which case I agree. I never understood why he kissed her back in the S6 episode. I understand why he had an attraction to her after S7 b/c she was the one caring for him in that hospital. But that kiss was just so.. Weird?

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  1. flutiebear said: I have loved Meg from the moment she hitchhiked onto my screen. Vicious, vile and totally unrepentent, she’s like everything I’ve ever hoped my Evil Twin would be. Like, don’t get me wrong, she’s awful, but GOD she’s just so good at it, isn’t she?


tl:dr, Meg is awesome, completely agree with you, everyone should watch Abandon All Hope (specifically the scene with her and Cas in the holy fire) if you forgot why she is spectacular