meg for ts


i doubt im the first person to make this connection but i was talking like a month ago on twitter and then to friends about how a hercules au fits these 2 really well so! here we are i actually had a lot of fun working on the first 4 pics!!!

akiras 0 to hero transformation is he stops wearing fake glasses

also! heres like the doc if you wanna see my ideas on whos who but warning it does get into late game stuff

what it feels like telling people about any of your “unpopular” ships

ok but ship of dreams
  • best damn actors to play the characters
  • actors who legit captain the ship
  • cast who ships the thing
  • writers who ship the thing
  • TONS of people ship the thing!!
  • lots of gifs, funny posts, art, memes
  • u will never run out of awesome fanfiction
  • u will never run out of anything
  • character development for both halves of otp? check
  • au versions of them are actually canon = fanfiction come to life
  • think about that for a sec^^^ YES it’s tru
  • comic con aka everyone in the fandom is hashtag blessed
  • they’ve kissed 23141340871234 times
  • but there will be more and u will never get over
  • several seasons and u still lose your shit if they stand next to each other
  • slow burn relationship
  • the angst
  • but now that they’re together you see every step they take after all that
  • from being enemies
  • to reluctant allies
  • to real friends
  • to flirty dumbasses
  • to dumbasses in love
  • to finally admitting they’re in love
  • seriously your fave tropes and imagine-your-otp’s… CANON
  • from first dates
  • to almost banging
  • u don’t just get a happy ending

and i feel like im gonna regret this but! i need to do something to get my motivation back and also yall deserve a treat bc i love u and ur all amazing and perfect and wonderful.

so: send me a prompt and a ship and i’ll write you a drabble. unless i hardcore dont ship it, i’ll give you something. it can be an au, or a sentence prompt, whatever you want, just send it in!

and really, thank you all so much. you mean the world to me.

Ryan: They tried very hard to get you in this little white shirt-

Meg: Completely see-through!

Ryan: Completely see-through, while it was raining, and a woman came up (…) and lobbied really hard for you to buy it, because of how easy it would be for me to remove from you later.

Meg: And what did you say?

Ryan: To which I replied “well, that’s really more of a thing for her boyfriend to do than me. ”

Meg: My favorite thing about that response is how you left it kinda open-ended.

(Ryan laughing)

Meg: You were like “well it’s MORE of a thing for her boyfriend, I mean, I would do it…”

(my turnfreewood-trash heart gains power, grows stronger)