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what it feels like telling people about any of your “unpopular” ships

In the Season 11 finale when Amara was giving Dean his gift, God was FINALLY talking to Castiel and apologizing to him about what he’d put him through. He’d heard Cas’ prayers loud and clear for more than seven years, but he had chosen to ignore them for the most part, and he had thought it was for Castiel’s own good. He explained to Cas that while Lucifer was once his favorite, it was obvious now that Cas was. And since Dean was getting what he needed most, God would give Cas what he needed as well.

The next day, Meg showed up on the doorstep of the bunker.

shoutout to meera reed bc i would’ve fuckin ran for my life and left bran with the white walkers but homegirl carried bran through the snow while being chased by the got zombies even if that meant like a .000000000000000001% chance of survival and when the white walkers caught up to them, u know what she did she fucking shielded his body with hers so yep she is underappreciated queen and just wow i need friends like the reeds in my life

peggy right here tho

daniel risking his life without hesitation to close the rift is something steve rogers would have done and i know peggy saw that

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and that realization + the realization that she would not have let go of that rope ever because she just cannot lose daniel meant that this was the moment of even greater realization that despite trying to close herself off from love and from caring about people who die on her anyway, it happened. she has fallen in love with daniel.

and i swear in that moment the fandom knew who would be future mr carter.