meg crofton

Week 9

August 4-9

On Monday, I went to Downtown Disney with Hayley before work. We checked out the new store, Marketplace Co-Op. It’s a big store with 5 or so smaller stores inside of it. The plan is that if one store doesn’t do so well, it can be easily replaced without shutting down the whole store! There’s a sports store, a makeup store, a kitchen/home accessories store, an upscale boutique that sells Disney Vera Bradley and Dooney and Bourke, and a couple of clothing stores! It was really neat to see, but I wanted all of the kitchen accessories! They had plates, cups, coasters, and even salt shakers that were all Magic Kingdom themed. 

Buzz and I at Once Upon a Toy in Downtown Disney!I worked that afternoon, but we were closed off and on due to thunderstorms. I also worked my last shift with many of the ICPs (International College Program). It was very sad to see them go! One of the coolest parts of the program is getting to work with people from all across the world! We had lifeguards from the UK and New Zealand that were leaving soon. 

On Tuesday, my resort had a party to celebrate the 5th year of Bay Lake Tower being open! Bay Lake Tower is the DVC (Disney Vacation Club) resort at the Contemporary Resort. The Contemporary has a connected convention center. We had a cast party with cast members all over the Contemporary in the Fantasia ball room. There was a bunch of great food, cookies that had Bay Lake Tower printed on them, meet and greets with Sorcerer Mickey and the hippo from Fantasia, and dancing, music, and prizes. It was honestly a bunch of fun. There was a Photo Booth too. I got to say goodbye to many of the summer cast members, while also getting to know some of the new lifeguards. It was my day off, so I got to stay for a while, whereas those who were working were coming in and out on their breaks. Basically, I got to see a LOT of people. It was a really fun event and I’m so so glad I went.

After the party, I went over to Magic Kingdom. I got to go on the People Mover, which had been closed the entire summer! It’s one of my favorite attractions at Magic Kingdom because you can just sit for ten minutes and observe what’s going on at MK. 

Afterwards, I watched the parade and actually ran into Frankie again! There was a Citizen of the Magic Kingdom walking around and interacting with guests. She started talking to us and told us what our choice of ice cream flavors say about our personality. I had the cake batter ice cream, and she told me that it means I want it all… Cake AND ice cream. Oh how correct she is… 

I went home for a little bit and ended up going back to Magic Kingdom with Lydia. Days when I go to Magic Kingdom more than once are the best! 

The monorail car was completely empty! We went on Splash Mountain and watched Wishes from Dumbo. It actually had a great view! 

On Tuesday, Lydia and I went to Animal Kingdom in the morning! Tarzan and Jane were out but their line was closed before we got there… 

We still got to sneak a pic of them. Lydia introduced me to Finding Nemo The Musical (something I had surprisingly never seen before…). I found a giant Nemo plush too!

On Thursday, one of the coolest things ever happened…. I got to hear Meg Crofton, the PRESIDENT OF DISNEY PARKS AND RESORTS, US AND FRANCE, speak. I was one of the first 100 people to sign up so I got to go! She came to our apartment complex and only people in the College Program got to attend. I sat in the first row, which gave me a special chance to talk to her! She spoke about how she graduated college and just called up Disney to apply, and was hired. She worked in telecom for a while. She switched jobs a couple of times, and then one of her managers approached her and said they thought she’d be a great manager for one of the resorts. This was something completely outside what she had done before, but someone saw her potential. She kept moving up until she got the incredible honor of becoming the president of the Disney Parks. Her whole speech was so influential. She even gave out mini picture frames with her favorite quotes, so we could choose which one we wanted to display. We split the group pictures into about 8 pictures, so she was waiting for the set up and ended up standing right in front of me… She didn’t really have anyone to talk to so I asked her a question I had and we got to chat for a bit. It was such an incredible opportunity that I’m so incredibly thankful for! 

That night, I had dinner at Downtown Disney with a girl from my school, Courtney! I got to meet her family. We ate at Splitsville, and I told them a bit more about the College Program. It was a lot of fun!

The Spring Advantage CP’s (the ones who were here from January to August) were all leaving, so there weren’t many of us working at the pool. Hours started to get really crazy. On Saturday, I worked a double at the Contemporary. 8:30 am - 11:30 pm. I did a double at the Grand Floridian during deployment, so it wasn’t so bad… Thankfully as a lifeguard, I get to sit down occasionally. I can’t imagine doing a 15 hour shift as an attractions host or food and beverage.