meg comes back

Go! #90
  • Gavin:-To Ryan- Wait you were just in Florida?
  • Ryan:Yeah
  • Gavin:You were in Florida the same time as Meg??
  • Ryan:Meg was in Florida? -laughs-
  • -Gavin bangs his fist against his desk-
  • Geoff:Shhiiiiiiitt
  • Michael:Daaaaaaamn
  • Jack:Gavin set that one up by the way
  • Michael:Gavin sets all of them up!
  • Geoff:This is very uncomfortable all of a sudden. What I'd like you guys to do, let's move on, let's move past-
  • Gavin:I'll be having words
  • Geoff:Errr -nervous giggling- Are you gonna not talk to him for three weeks?
  • Gavin:That's how I do it, yeah
  • -Ryan mumbling whilst sorting out some wires-
  • Geoff:You're gonna get the Dan punishment, Ryan
  • Ryan:Gavin, don't ice me out, man
  • Jack:"Don't ice me out" is that what you just said?
  • Michael:Ryan, you should start cosplaying, I think you could pull it off.
  • Geoff:You should cosplay as a philanderer (meaning womanizer), the other man, Ryan cosplays as a hotel room key-card.
  • Ryan:Not gonna lie, it's a hard costume to move in, but it's worth it for the comedic effect
  • Jack:Ryan should start wearing Chive T-Shirts, -laughter- "Who are you?" "I'm a Chive photographer."
  • -Everyone feeling bad but still laughing-
  • Geoff:-to Gavin- I'm sorry buddy, hey I've been divorced too, it's okay
  • Gavin:I'm not married
  • Geoff:Well don't get married 'cos it's not gonna...
  • Jack:How long is common law marriage? Is 2, 3 years in Texas?
  • Ryan:7.
  • Geoff:Ryan's been looking it up!

Am I the only one still hoping that Meg would come back in season 11?
I know she would be in a different vessel (bless our queen, Rachel.) But I don’t care as long as she is Meg.
Obviously Meg would survive in Purgatory because she is a bamf. My friend and I theorized that if Meg were to come back it might be from the Darkness that could crack into Purgatory releasing some souls.
I just wish they bring Meg back. Or atlest Castiel knows she’s dead.

Well This is Awkward | Martin and Meg

Coming back from the pitch didn’t usually involve a detour to the lake, but his recent exercise regimen made Martin overheat like nobody’s business. He’d taken to running laps around the pitch, doing the push ups, sit ups, and other exercises Dean had suggested, and then taking a quick visit to the lake to cool down again. He dreaded when warmer weather came to Hogwarts and he would be reduced to an ugly sweating mess.

Martin was halfway to pulling off his exercise shirt when he noticed another person sitting on the shore. His arms immediately pulled the shirt down, and a bright flush stole across his cheeks. “Um, h-hi.”

blackmarketsarcasm  asked:

prompt if you need one gavin and meg coming back from a heist and being somehow super hot while beat up and sweaty, like meg is stretching her arms up to relax and gav wiping away blood from his nose while holding a gun, just them being hot,mavinseg

That’s fucking brilliant. I wanted to wait and put the draw in this ask but fuck it I can’t wait. I mean tho, fahc turnfree is just fhy as hell like, they’re team #pretty and now they’re team #beatupbutstillpretty and its like

Lindsay ‘poly is life’ Jones is like 👌 🙌 👏 “nice.” She’s like “FUCK yes.” She is about all of that

And Michael is like beet red like “*wheeze* fuck you guys you guys fucking suck I hate you both, fuck you-”
And Lindsay is like ’-or me ngl.“
And Michaels like "shut UP Lindsay.”

Merry Christmas to my OTP: Megstiel 2/12

Like some drunken Elvis singing
I go singing out of tune,
Saying how I always loved you darling
And I always will.

Oh when you’re still waiting for the snow to fall,
Doesn’t really feel like Christmas at all.

After her “death”, Meg comes back to Castiel on Christmas.


Night Vale in London!!

Managed to catch their book signing along with the live show, so right now I’m a hyper and very happy puppy

i won’t spoil anything about Ghost Stories, but I’ll say this:

Sheriff Sam is my new favourite person

Also this show made me cry twice in an hour, just a warning

In other news, Cecil and Meg are coming back to London in November!! (can I die of excitement)

They’ll be performing Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind

I saw it once in Edinburgh and it’s hilarious (and wonderfully weird), go see it if you can, you won’t regret it