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what do You think sets j hope's dancing apart from the others? i can't seem to see a big difference..

YOOO what a great question!! i answered something similar here, but i’ve always wanted to break down other parts of his style that aren’t necessarily technique based (as i’m Not based in street or hip hop lol)

  1. his use of hands. this is a really small thing that non dancers don’t often notice (and depending on what u study, some dancers don’t pay attention to it either lmao), but they’re very fluid and it makes choreo look better.

    and y’all know that i h a t e comparing members, but a prime example is if u look at jin, his hands are generally pretty stiff and it shows, even if people don’t realize why

  2. footwork. he’s able to add steps that aren’t in the choreo to up the difficulty, and i admire that a lot. HOWEVER, being said, i will point out that in spring day, the move @ the chorus that everyone’s on about (the arm moving down in front of the torso with the legs goin in and out) he’s consistently been losing his standing side bc he doesn’t pull it around to keep square fpasfd

  3. his diversity/adaptability. to be able to pull of a slower dance w someone who’s classically trained like jimin AND manage to stand out technique-wise, is very impressive. i know he’s originally a street dancer, but there are some parts where he’s strongest in the choreo during spring day and i ……………….. rip me

  4. FLEXIBILITY ?????????????? his back is really fucking bendy. like really, really bendy. i’m a ballet dancer from the world of rhythmic gymnastics and i’m telling u his back is so fucnk flexible it makes no sense ?? he doesn’t train for it (as much as i know) so im always like “????????”

    for example, when he rolls up from the floor in the spring day choreo, it showcases not only 1) back strength but 2) core strength bc he’s the only one who maintains his upper body long enough that his head is the last thing to leave the floor

    also yes his legs seem to defy the laws of physics i must get around to figuring out how he managed to get his one behind his head during BME

  5. lots n lots of turnout . it doesn’t seem that way bc his hamstrings aren’t loose like jimin’s (boy can do the splits ok fam), but bc of his hips he can sit all the way down in pigeon etc -__________-  if only…….he’d……………………..polish it up…….w some ballet………………….

  6. growth.

    sure, u can be born talented, with the right body, the right feet, the right flexibility, the charisma and stage presence, but you’re never going to get ahead if you don’t push urself. hoseok is talented as fuck, don’t get me wrong, but he’s always learning from others & trying new things & never bullshitting himself with “oh i’m good enough, i’ll just stop learning” just bc he can do things others can’t.

    pushing onself past limits and comfort zones for continual improvement is what sets a good dancer & a great dancer apart,,, stagnant dancers are not always lazy dancers, but lazy dancers are always stagnant dancers 😬😬