revolutionarygays  asked:

hey thanks for reblogging my post, your commentary wasn't even bad but honestly thanks for having your gang of followers tell me to "get raped" "kill myself" and calling me a dyke repeatedly. thanks a fucking lot

Yes, I totally personally sicced people on you like junkyard dogs (that, dear children, is what we call “sarcasm”).

Don’t even come to me crying and pulling that “poor little innocent me” bullshit when you literally decided to call a person a “lesbophobe” just because they believe that being able to tell another human being that they’re beautiful should never be viewed as a negative.  Your personal hatred of men is never–NEVER–justification for accusing anyone of anything, and is sure as hell not a reason for anyone else to be miserable.  While I will gladly fight tooth and nail for your right to love whomever you choose, I will never respect your decision be unnecessarily hateful to someone who absolutely did not deserve it.

It’s hard for me to have much sympathy for you.  All too often, I see people like you go off the handle and say some truly repulsive things to others out of your own resentment, and then have the sheer audacity to cry, beg, and plead when you end up having to face the repercussions for it.  I see this kind of shit day in and day out on this godforsaken filth puddle of a social media network, and frankly, I’m bloody sick of it.  It’s a childish, ass-backwards, passive-aggressive, glorified shit-tossing contest.  People casually seek to bury others in their own psychological mefitis excreta in order to inflate their own egos and haphazardly disguise their own self-loathing.

I have no control whatsoever over what other people choose to say to you.  I have repeatedly made it clear to any and all people that follow this blog that I do not believe in sending hateful messages to others (personally, I consider it an act of cowardice), nor do I condone it.  However, there’s also zero proof that any of them did so because of me.  Honestly, I would like to believe that anyone following a woman who is openly bisexual would think twice about hurling sexuality-based slurs at others anywhere outside of 4chan (where, strangely enough, such words have lost all negative connotation and meaning).

In the end, you are the one who chose to type those words.  You are the one who posted those words where millions of people would be able to see them.  I’m not the one you should be blaming here, sweetheart.  You did that to yourself.

Being a bitter, hateful asshole towards others comes with consequences.


==> At about the point when the two of them kiss for the second time, quadranted matters apparently settled, you decide to leave. They never saw you slip in through the walls, and they certainly don’t see you go when you drift out through the ceiling, through the architecture of this little hive in the swamp and away.

==> You don’t have to navigate the course back to yourself. It’s just a matter of breathing in, and allowing your physical form to draw your essence back into it with all of the force of a powerful magnet acting on metal. You slip back into yourself like a hand into a ragged old glove that fit you once, but has since been worn out and stretched into an ill-fitting shape.

==> And, in the darkness of your hiding place, you slowly pull yourself upright.

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