fic by museaway with art by Ludicrouslyidiotic

fic by kevystel with art by strangehats

A Bedtime Story
fic by SociallyAwkwardFox with art by babyblues-art 

The Carnage of the Art
fic by ExorcisingEmily with art by Chloe

Carve your own shape
fic by halfeatenmoon with art by hernameisboxcar

Crystal in Winter Sunlight 
fic by Utlaginn with art by Johanna

essentially a chess game
fic by hellodeer with art by kaerb

From Afar, I Came to Love You
fic by Set-My-Heart-on-Fire (Speary) with art by Jack

Golden Days
fic by mairieux

Gotta Work For It! Spring in Saint Petersburg
fic by Black_Tailed_Gull (ExpatGirl) with art by berry

a hand like yours to take mine
fic by kixboxer with art by skom714

Happily Every After 
fic by Wolferfly with art by Fatcat91

i will possess your heart 
fic by lazulisong with art by gabeseductivetrickster

I’ll take in stride, the consequences of falling
fic by staccatic

Indeed There Will Be Time
fic by Zaphodsgirl with art by Scheissedraws

La Rambla Beneath the Moon
fic by thislovelymaelstrom with art by artfullymarcelle

Leave What’s Heavy
fic by Violetcarson with art by Victornikiforofu

the merry-go-round of life
fic by fireblazie with art by tourloos

Of Loving Katsuki Yuuri
fic by Kireiflora 

Once Upon a Brat
fic by Cait with art by Nas

fic by Lilit Nikiforov with art by Kora

Rhapsody in Blue
fic by jacksqueen16 with art by Whimsy

sing, sweet nightingale
fic by emma with art by rock

Song As Old As Rhyme
fic by nomical with art by penguinplushie

The Song Inside of Me 
fic by cutthroatpixie with art by cymeteria-pencils

Starry Eyes and Galaxy Minds
fic by fangirling-feels  with art by krazieblazie 

Stay Close to Me
fic by RipUpTheEnding with art by FeatherGrave/subtextiel 

Supernatural On Ice
fic by Tennyo with art by Heartmurmur

To Divide Is Not To Take Away 
fic by Angel with art by Jace

fic by thebloggerbloggerfun with art by bagyoborn

Vicchan by my side
fic by whichstiel with art by giraffe-in-the-box

A Vote For Me Is a Vote For Love
fic by vicnikiforovs

The World Opened With You 
fic by DiAnna44 with art by nikniak

You Don’t Have to Be Cool (To Rule My World)
fic by Suaine with art by Berry

You Set My Heart on Fire
fic by whelvenwings with art by sporel

nerdyholler  asked:

For the writing prompts, pairing of choice or keep it gen, #47: “I waxed the floors, grab your fluffy socks.”

Thank you for the prompt! I ended up going with Shaynor because they’re adorkable and I’ve been meaning to branch out and how could I not. 


“Commander?” Samantha asked, fingers poised over her console. Surely she must have misheard what Shepard had said. Head tilted to the side, brow furrowed, she waited for the other woman to clarify. 

“I said I waxed the floor, so grab your fluffy socks.” She waved a hand downwards, and Sam followed its movements, which brought her to the realisation that the Commander wasn’t wearing shoes. She worked hard to stifle the laughter that bubbled up inside her at the implications. This certainly wasn’t regulation, but if she’d learnt anything during her time aboard the Normandy, it was that Commander Shepard had a relaxed attitude towards rules. They had a war to fight, Shepard had said. They had to steal their moments of happiness where they could. 

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Sick Like Me Masterpost

Sick Like Me

Fic Summary: With unfinished business hanging over your head, being locked up in Arkham is holding you back. However, you have your eye on a certain red-haired maniac, who may be just the person to help you escape and realize your true potential. 

Fic Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Jerome Valeska/Female Reader

Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence, Explicit Sexual Content

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19, Part 20, Epilogue

unclench your fists, my lover (the war is over now)

fandom: mass effect

characters: miranda lawson/lance shepard

words: 584

summary: they make it, in the end, with blood-soaked hands and tired hearts.

there was a long second where shepard thought death had finally returned to collect his debts, the shadows dragging at his ankles as he hung from the normandy’s airlock like a fucking bullseye. his arms almost vibrated from the strain as he felt bullet after bullet slam into him, his armour barely holding together under the heavy fire. with a grunt, lance felt his grip slip even as he tried to pull himself to safety.

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Unfaithful : Part Nineteen

Summary :
In the Pre-apocalypse , you went to your aunt Lucille’s house in Virginia to spend the summer there, but you fell in love with her husband Negan .

**drama - romance - angst- smut - betrayal**

Pairing : Negan x Female Reader OC.

Dedicated to @negansmainwife











@ali-pennell @myheart4ever47



Please let me know if you wether want to be tagged or untagged.

Warnings : language - angst - mention of abortion -


This fic is about betrayal or adultery, call it what you want, please if you feel triggered about such thing don’t read. If not , you can be wether team y/n or team Lucille. LOL

Previous chapters :

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

You felt the air was sucked out of the room, you thought you’re gonna have a heart attack as your chest heaved in a quick rythme , you stared closely at the pregnancy test stick, it was the fourth one on a row , Lucille brought you other sticks when you chose to be in denial, you couldn’t believe the stick or your eyes.
Lucille peeked from behind your shoulder and cocked her brows as she glimpsed down at the positive sign.

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I Don't Know Where To Go From Here - Chapter 3 - bri617 - Arrow (TV 2012) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works


Thanks for your support and patience on this little adventure that was only supposed to be a fun little oneshot!

Happy reading and a wonderful weekend to y’all!! :-*

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They say everything it happens for a reason
 You can be flawed enough but perfect for a person
 Someone who will be there for you when you fall apart
 Guiding your direction when you’re riding through the dark,
 Oh that’s you and me

- “You and Me” by You+Me

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Me - A Rucas Fic

So this is set after GMSL2 and is mainly based on my opinion of how Riley is sometimes treated, and goes with the theories of a mental illness arc for her. 
What if Riley finally crumbles except now she has someone who notices? Someone like Lucas. (Loosely based on Me by The 1975)


I gave you something you can never give back, don’t you mind
You see my face like a heart attack, don’t you mind don’t you mind

Oh I was thinking about killing myself, don’t you mind
I love you, don’t you mind don’t you mind

2 weeks, 14 days, 336 hours. That was how long it had been since the trip to the ski lodge, since Lucas told Riley it had always been her, since Maya told her she never really liked him, since everything she’d been wishing for since Texas happened; she should be happier than she’d ever been.

But she still felt numb.

And sad.

And worthless.

So why hadn’t it stopped?

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Come and Get Me

Come and Get Me

Fic Summary: You and Ryan have a chance meeting where you bond over comics. Unfortunately, you forget to give him your number and are worried you missed your chance. Until you see a poster for Let’s Play: Live, and you vow not to make the same mistake twice. Masterpost Fic Song. 

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Fluffy & Smut

A/N: Alright, so I am not “returning” to Ryan/Reader inserts per se. This wonderful story was actually commissioned, and the beautiful person suggested I share it with you all to promote my commissions. So, I’m taking her advice! Enjoy!

Originally posted by creganstarks

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It took us a moment to get ourselves started, but we had an idea, we had most of it worked out already, all we needed was just a little push to get started, and here we are!

The idea is simple:
On our blog, we will reblog all the fics we love and enjoy, for you to read as well. We would like to draw your attention to all sorts of fics, whether they are well-known, lesser-known, smut or fluff, we will reblog it all.

We’ve got a handy list of AU’s on our blog, as well as ratings, pairings other than CS. If you are looking for something new to read, please do not hesitate to look at it. (Or ask us for recs / give us recs.)

The thing in our fandom is that we have so many great fic-writers, but we do not show them enough love and were on a mission to change that.

If you love a fic, go to the author’s ask and tell them! It honestly means so much to them! We really encourage you to read, and like ourselves, review and reblog.

I could go on about the importance of reviewing and reblogging for a while, but I will just give you our first (of hopefully, many) monthly CS fic recs instead.

Happy reading!

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Cover Art Contest!

Because when in doubt, copy Bully. I kid, though the idea definitely comes from them. I was asked about doing this and of course i’m super down so using everyones favorite sin mother as a base board to jump off of, here are the rules.

I’ve been meaning to make a Wattpad account forever, and I don’t blame myself for stalling considering my username is being squatted. However I just did what i always do when it’s taken, and that is use sarcasm as a defense mechanism. So, as I update my page and add my stories you will find all my fics under the username Probablythelastpilot. Get it? Anyways. On Wattpad you can have covers (or maybe you need them? I made it two seconds ago i really don’t know. So, take from that what you will). And because so many lovely talented people follow me and people have expressed interest, let’s do this! 


  1. ‘Create a cover that is 256x400. It can be fanart or a photomanip but be sure to use content you own/have permission to edit.’ Only thing I’m changing is that I would like all entries, if possible, to have the name of the fic in the picture. You can also put who wrote it (either using ‘thelastpilot’ ’ or ‘Christina Donahue’ as the name) but that is optional
  2. Post your work under the tag #Pilotscovers and also #thelastpilot. Please also tag me directly. 
  3. Have your work submitted by August 31, 2016. Entries close at midnight 
  4. ‘At the deadline, I’ll select my top three picks for each fic and then open  up a poll for my followers. Final winners will be decided by popular vote.’ I’m not changing this rule, it sounds good to me

Fics I need covers for:

  • Rainy Days
  • Clear Skies
  • Secret Santa
  • New Year’s Dance
  • Thanks DJ
  • Won’t Tell a Soul
  • The Weight of Jade
  • Where Miracles Happen
  • Paw Problems

All of these can be viewed and read on AO3 and Fanfic as well as tumblr. 

I will allow multiple entries, however you can only submit one picture per story, and you can only win one. If it is extremely stellar and wins by popular vote regardless of another victory i will consider changing that, but will not budge on a single artist winning more than two. 

I know my big title stories are likely to get the most entries, that is why im allowing multiple entries in the hopes of having some stuff for my lesser known works. However, please consider entering for the bolded stories! But hell, i’ll be pleased if you enter no matter what. 

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silksieve  asked:

Hello! I'm late to your fic, but have been sampling and savoring through and enjoying myself greatly. In one of the ME fics, Garrus mentions an "official first date" with banter over the comms and shooting things. Is this from a fic you wrote or is it a piece of headcanon? I've read most of the Grace Shepard stories and didn't come across this particular scene, I think. I'll have to search out the fic if it's been written down. :) Thanks for the stories!


Second: I did a search in my Massive MEFic Scrivener document to find that reference (*cough* 300,000 words later I sometimes, um, lose track of things *cough*), and when I did, it made me smile. I don’t think I ever did write the particular scene that exchange referenced. At the time it was just a throwaway line to establish that they didn’t have a history of going on very datelike dates.

One of the things I ended up changing pretty quickly in the Grace Shepard/Garrus continuity was the pace of the relationship as set out in ME3’s canon. Things like the Palaven handshake and the various canon conversations and the Presidium date all happened more or less like the game sets up, but I imagine them being much more firmly in a monogamous relationship much earlier than the game mechanics allowed for.

Third: So… I don’t know, have something like what that scene might have been? FICLETY FIC UNDER THE CUT.

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