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Name: Tara

Nickname: Turra

Birthday: July 21

Starsign: Cancer

Gender: Female

Height: 5′7

Sexual orientation: Bisexual

Fave Color: Red

Time right now: 10:22 PM

Average hours I sleep: Ten

Lucky number(s): 6

Last thing I googled: The People vs. George Lucas

Word that comes to mind: Rain

Happy place: Home!

Number of blankets I sleep under: One/two if boyfriend doesn’t kick em off

Fave fictional character: Samus Aran motherfuckers

Fave famous person: None I can think of right now. :(

Celebrity crush: Tom Hardy lord help me

Fave band(s):  City and Colour, Alexisonfire, The Faunts, Florence and the Machine, Solar Fields, Danger, Death Cab for Cutie

Last movie I saw: Mad Max: Fury Road (for the second time, take all my money plz george miller)

Dream trip: Exploring Greek ruins and chillin’ on the pretty beaches

Dream job: Concept artist! 

What I’m wearing right now: Boyfriend’s Alice in Chains shirt.

this is my follow forever to celebrate the fact that i got 1k followers lmao how did that even happen

im only including mutuals here cuz i dont want anyone to feel uncomfortable but if u dont want to be mentioned here for any other reason pls just tell me! 

i wanted to make special shotout but im too lazy rip me

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