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So, random question. What's your favorite gif that you can think of for each member of BTS? Whether it be funny, cute, or just beautiful. Hell, you can do one for each if you want. I wish to know!

This was probably for Rina but idc xDDDD imma answer anyways lol

Fav Jin Gif

This one and i dont need to explain it xD

Fav Hobi Gif

this one bc omg he’s brighter than the sun

Fave Suga Gif

This one and tbh I think it’s self-explanatory xDD

Fav RapMon Gif

either this one

or this one

Fav Jiminie Gif

Probbbbably this one

jimin sTOP

Fav Tae Gif


Fav Kookie Gif

Its either this one xD


- Ellie ;)

p.s. if you wanna ask rina just ask again and specify lel sorry 

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Name: Tara

Nickname: Turra

Birthday: July 21

Starsign: Cancer

Gender: Female

Height: 5′7

Sexual orientation: Bisexual

Fave Color: Red

Time right now: 10:22 PM

Average hours I sleep: Ten

Lucky number(s): 6

Last thing I googled: The People vs. George Lucas

Word that comes to mind: Rain

Happy place: Home!

Number of blankets I sleep under: One/two if boyfriend doesn’t kick em off

Fave fictional character: Samus Aran motherfuckers

Fave famous person: None I can think of right now. :(

Celebrity crush: Tom Hardy lord help me

Fave band(s):  City and Colour, Alexisonfire, The Faunts, Florence and the Machine, Solar Fields, Danger, Death Cab for Cutie

Last movie I saw: Mad Max: Fury Road (for the second time, take all my money plz george miller)

Dream trip: Exploring Greek ruins and chillin’ on the pretty beaches

Dream job: Concept artist! 

What I’m wearing right now: Boyfriend’s Alice in Chains shirt.

milestone blogrates

i just hit a milestone on my follower count and to celebrate that and the fact that you are all amazing and lovely i’m doing blogrates!!!! i couldn’t possibly ask for more wonderful followers than you guys. 💖💖💖


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