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this essay sounds extremely interesting. you should consider posting it here, i would love to read it!

ooh, i’m glad you think it’s interesting! i’m tempted, but i don’t want my essay floating around on the internet - not because i really think people will take it and copy it, but because i may submit it as part of my portfolio when i graduate, and i don’t want to be accused of plagiarism just because i posted it online.  (or something.  stuff gets dicey with the internet!!)

that said, if you want to know more about it, i’m very (very) happy to talk about it! seriously, it’s a topic i’m really interested in and i’m totally willing to talk about it because it was my life for about three weeks~ (:

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completely understandable. im just curious because ive been studying a lot of post-colonial literature lately. im assuming you wouldnt want to share your thesis on here, but im so intrigued by this topic!

yes, post-colonial literature! you’ve probably read this already, but one of the analyses i used was chinua achebe’s critique of heart of darkness - like the coding of england as light and africa as the heart of darkness, and how conrad never gives the african natives any voices, etc. it was actually really important to the paper! post-colonial analyses are always good <33

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