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RFA + V having a halloween party

(I’m going to do it as them holding a Halloween party, hope you don’t mind! There’s already a post about their costumes right here: x , so I think they’d be wearing that)


  • his party is like a cosplay meetup but in his small, cramped ap
  • he invites all his guild members and it’s wild
  • of course cosplay is expensive so Sheet Ghost Yoosung is there, talking with his guild members and everyone is laughing
  • there’s no alcohol?? zen tells him to step up his game like no zen that’s RUDE
  • everyone has a very good time plus Yoosung bought those value halloween candy packs
  • Jaehee, Zen and Jumin think the party is crashing because
    •  1) it’s loud and everyone is talking about video games
    •  2) there’s no wine or any sort of alcohol to distract\
  • 707 is actually enjoying himself and stuffing the candy into his pockets while joining in the talk about LOLOL
  • V is in a corner, trying to understand wtf is going on by the noise. nobody notices he’s there because Yoosung set the music too loud and V is too confused to guide himself around


  • she did it for MC go baehee
  • it’s very organized and well lit?
  • almost doesn’t feel like a halloween party?
  • it’s in her cafe so she learns to make pumpkin spice lates and serves them
  • it’s more like a very nice halloween-themed lunch but everyone enjoys it
  • there’s a very nice halloween-y song playing in the back
  • she only invites the RFA to avoid making a big mess
  • everyone is genuinely happy they were invited and even Jaehee enjoys it and starts to stop minding she had to close the cafe for the day


  • he calls himself “the life of the party” and boy he was not joking
  • he decided to throw it in his house even though MC and Jaehee told him not to do it about three thousand times
  • there’s so much. alcohol. how did he get away with buying so much alcohol. did the people in the convenience store even try to stop him
  • there’s one (1) bottle of ice tea for the people who don’t drink but it’s hidden behind an obscene amount of other drinks
  • he invites all his actor friends jaehee is freaking out in a corner because the party is full of beautiful people
  • jumin didn’t show up due to work and zen took it as a personal offense (so he invited jumin out for drinks another day to make up for it what a friend)
  • MC has to end the party themselves because they’re pretty sure that if it goes on somebody will end up fainting due to exhaustion or alcohol poisoning because everyone is dancing while drinking and in costume so they know someone will end up overheating there and  d i e
  • Jaehee has to help V out the party because the floor is so littered there’s a high chance he’ll trip on a can
  • Zen and MC have Quality Bonding time cleaning up all the glitter that fell off the costumes and the stains everywhere


  • MC mentions how fun a halloween party would be and Zen replies with “jumin would never do that”
  • so guess what Jumin does
  • walking into the party venue the RFA feel so overwhelmed??
  • he invited his work contacts??
  • and you’ve never quite experienced fear until you walk into a room full of businessmen and women all in suits wearing fake vampire teeth or some other sort of halloween accessory that isn’t too noticeable
  • It feels like a business party
  • once the guests leave it gets a bit more fun because it’s only the RFA left in the venue
  • V manages to convince Jumin to dance and Jumin ends up dancing balls with V to show everyone how it’s done and it’s adorable and hilarious
  • also there was expensive belgian chocolate so Yoosung and 707 stuffed as much as they could into their costume pockets to eat it at home


  • he plans everything super early
  • kinda wants to invite his friend Tom but decides against it
  • everyone in the RFA (plus Elizabeth) is invited
  • Elly doesn’t come damn jumin
  • The party is surprisingly nice!
  • 707 is a good DJ and there’s bowls with Honey Buddha Chips on the table for the guests to eat
  • his costume is also very nice
  • Vanderwood shows up and 707 drags them to the party and now they can’t leave so yeah you could say they join the party
  • there’s five things to eat: honey buddha chips, dr pepper, pizza, candy, and more honey buddha chips
  • all bless MC who brought actual food for the party
  • Yoosung stays for the night with 707 and MC to stay up all night playing videogames because that’s how much those three care for their health
  • everyone has fun but they can’t help but feel 707 might pull a prank at any moment


  • this man….. he’s too sweet….
  • when he got the idea to have a Halloween Party he thought it’d be a good idea? to cheer everyone up?
  • it’s actually more like a group reunion with a few snacks 
  • still he’s not that bad at it? he knows some good creepy music to play in the back and he knows how to set the lights so they look creepy (even if he needs MC’s help for that)
  • once everyone actually starts chatting and laughing he’s so relieved bc the whole point was to make everyone feel happy
  • MC has to remind him that he too should be happy and so the whole party shifts from “make the RFA happy” to “make V happy” even if Yoosung is slightly salty about that change
  • he’s so flattered and saying that everyone should enjoy themselves and just leave him as he is but nope the people of the party want to see him smile
  • a nice and pure time with V™

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cool concept: aolani and malachi bein gay as heck. but there's a rlly cool opportunity for like... angst? bc of the bible study group girl dating a literal demonic being. idk i was just thinking the other day that malachi would look very handsome with a smile on their face!!! i imagined like a candlelit sort of meetup where they read in the dark and watch stars. would romance between those two ever be possible? :0

although they would look really cute together and i love the whole demon n’ sweet christian girl concept.. malachi is romance-repulsed and is incapable of feeling love for humans! They see lani as another meddling kid.. while lani thinks mala is cute but…kinda creepy. 


okay i’m stupid and tired and almost forgot about the barisi fandom meetup!!

anyway, here i am.

so hello followers, let me introduce myself, my name is logan, i’m canadian, i obviously love barisi and kpop. i’m not entirely sure what to talk about here so i’ll just rant for a bit; about barisi, svu, my blog, etc etc.

so, my parents have always liked svu, i remember hating it because it would take up space on the pvr and it would air at the same time as castle so my family wound fight over which show to watch. eventually, i walked in on s16 ep17, parole violations, and that’s when EVERYTHING started. i started to watch a few episodes more frequently. then i talked about them at school, specifically to my now girlfriend-then best friend. i distinctly remember me trying to describe amanda to her while we were walking home from school. anyway, i started watching svu to impress her… that lasted for a while… until the season ended and i had no way to watch it.

then, months later, i was on ao3. now, when i search for fics, i press the search button, then click ‘edit search’. but, after you press ‘search’ it brings up every single fic on the site. every. single. one. and what was the first one to pop up? a barisi fic. out of the two-some odd-million fics on ao3, the one that popped up was a barisi one. now me, knowing who they were, shrugged, and said 'hmm i’ll read it’.

and boiiiii i was ruined. that happened in the morning before school, so for the entire day in class, i was SCREAMING about barisi. i wasn’t even pronouncing carisi’s name right, i was a mess. anyway, i got home that night and binge read almost every barisi fic on ao3 at the time. i was obsessed.

then, march break this last year, i found out svu was on netflix, and oh boy this is when it got bad. i binge watched the four seasons that were on netflix at the time and i was DEAD. i remember the thumbnail between episodes was one where the squad was all hunched around the table. barba and carisi next to each other, and i thought, yeah, i ship them.

now, i continued to read barisi on and off, i continued to watch svu, but when it really got bad was when i got tumblr. i actually got tumblr many, many months before i started posting. but on one fateful night when i was bored out of my mind with an essay, i decided to reblog some barisi gifs. and that’s when everything accelerated.

i literally just followed all my recommend blogs, reblogged a crap ton of barisi stuff and made a sonny gif. that sonny gif is what i really think blew up my acc. not totally, but it’s what earned me my first followers. from there on, i had a few url switches, but eventually, i ended up here. 440 followers and over 1000 posts later, here i am, trash and all.

sometimes it still blows me away, that there actually is a barisi fandom. every couple days i do his thing where i think 'wait is this actually real? like we’re talking about the same people, right?’

i’m lame idk.

so yeah, i’m a BIG supporter of the barba-is-demiromantic headcanon. i also just generally love barisi fluff.

and if i could leave you with one thought, it would be, read the sweet barisi series (on ao3). it’s what REALLY got me hooked on barisi and it still rips my heart out to this day :’)

/i feel like i’m the only boy in this fandom oops/



I finally got around to making this video and shrunk 3 to 4 hours of film into under 7 minutes.  If I didn’t tag you let me know and I will

@hobbithorsewhat @allycatally @laraeasthillstarstable @annegreenbellsso @ameliadarkhaven @sso-duskhill @mistwarrioratheartsso @icewraiths


I went to FBM this weekend, it was my 5th fbm in a row and I’m always happy to go there! I love meeting friends whom I only can meet there and I love meeting new friends there as well! This year was a bit… cold and rainy, but it was still awesome! 

On Saturday I was in Grillby and even though it started to rain later that day, my flame wasn’t put out xD Hade so much fun at the Undertale meetup and got to see my fellow fandom trash friends! 

On Sunday I wore Dipper and Toby, Dipper got incredibly cold after a while and I only brought him because there was a Gravity Falls meetup! As soon as that was over I changed into Toby, which was really warm and cozy. I got lots of compliments about my Toby cosplay thank you everyone!! :) 

I went to an @autisticwomen meetup (thanks, @chavisory!) yesterday and somehow managed to lose my sketchbook on the train, probably because I was on maybe 3 hours of sleep. By some miracle, someone found my sketchbook and pencil case and turned them in, so I was able to get them at the Penn Station lost and found this morning. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but thanks, New Jersey Transit!

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a drunk tumblr meetup will produce epic stories. or fights

I can’t stand half the people I used to be cool with on here nowadays and they don’t have love for me either so p sure that ain’t gonna happen


There were so many amazing people at the Fire Emblem meetup at AUSA! I loved talking about the Fates and Awakening, as as taking pictures with everyone!! Also @cheekybugger and I met the amazing @ethercrystal :o

Lemme know if you were here so I can tag and follow you! 💚💚

Why do we still have a sexdrive? Cant we all agree, that reproduction makes sense up to a certain level, so like once a year there is a big breeding meetup 
and the rest of the year there is nonsexual peace?

((Happy Hetalia Day! I attended my local meetup yesterday [first time since 2010 eyyy] and had a total blast! For those that remember the Halloween tinyworld conference from last year, I did a more formal version of Twisted Fairy Tales Switzerland this time around. I even won the little costume contest at the meetup and got an awesome prize bag. :D Here’s to many more years in this wonderful fandom!))