The Grey Wardens extend a cordial invitation to the best and brightest of Thedas for an evening gathering of might and minds at San Japan!

Aka, “We’re having a Dragon Age meetup, yo! And you’re invited!”

And by we, I mean myself and fellow Grey Warden @panicatthedeathclaw, who will be cosplaying Ferelden favorite Alistair Theirin opposite my Warden-Commander, Aeron Tabris! I’ve been really excited to debut this cosplay all summer, and we’re both really excited by the prospect of meeting with other fans and seeing your lovely faces!

Cosplay is encouraged, but not required to attend. Photographers are warmly welcome!

I’m told the room is kind of on the small side, with a capacity for something like 80 people. While I’m not sure we’ll actually hit that number, it would be helpful to RSVP on the event page linked below so we have a general idea of how many people are coming.

RSVP | Questions Go Here


Hey Lovelies!

I’ll be leaving tonight for DCC16 in Florida which I can’t even put into words how excited I am!

Below is a peak at the schedule and layout for anyone going, curious or wanting to go next year! 

I’m thinking I’m going to make a Vlog of my trip so you all can see how it was and potentially periscope but that’s not set in stone yet.

Either way it’s going to be tons of fun, if you are going and wanna meetup just shoot me a message! I’d love to meet some of you lovelies! <3

Happiness Project 


I’ve been planning this for months now. My 9 year old niece wrote out my tattoo and I decided to finally get it! I’m so happy and I can’t stop looking at it. Girl Power is something I’m extremely passionate about, it’s become my mindset, a lifestyle and a reminder for me to use my inner strength, to love and believe in myself and the girls around me. This symbolizes my nieces and the younger generation of girls I have to fight for. GIRL POWER IS EVERYTHING TO ME and this is a movement I will advocate for, for the rest of my life! GIRL POWER MEETUPS IS GOING TO CHANGE THE WORLD. 

Happy Thursday ✌🏼️ so many exciting things coming up, I’m stoked!

Flight and air bnb is all booked for Vegas! I’ll be with the @thepardomas and all the @pardomasathletes Wednesday and Thursday for our biggest workshop. Then most likely the Olympia expo on Friday - who is going?

I’ll also be at the @gymshark meetup that Saturday in Vegas 😍🙌🏼

Comment below if you’re going to Vegas I want to meet you all 💃🏼❤️ I’ve also never been… Kinda scared for the shenanigans about to go down 😂

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Dedication? This #tbt is a shout out to the IGers in Chicago for rocking boots despite the heat at the meetup earlier this month.
I’ve yet to see such a large collection of Oak Street Bootmakers and Red Wings boots outside of a store. Way to go guys, let’s do it again soon! 👍
IG: @selvedge1

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anonymous asked:

How did Melissa and Heather first meet?

So, we met back when we were like 14/15, and it was my first con and I was with my high school friend who was cosplaying Hungary and I was doing Prussia.

So in all honesty, I had clicked with Rowan first and Melissa was hanging back with two other people she was with as she was cosplaying America. She did not stand out to me, what so ever, so I kinda forgot about her.

Then Rowan hosted a Hetalia meetup and it was a pretty big turn out. I met up with a lot of other Hetalians and ngl, I was real fucking obnoxious. So Melissa was sitting on Rowan’s lap since they knew each other a bit before I met both of them and I decided it would be a fantastic idea to sit on Melissa’s lap because why the fuck not and she just kinda gave me this ‘what the fuck?’ look but let it happen.

She was really shy so we didn’t really talk all that much. I got along more with her sister (actually her childhood best friend) a lot more.

I thought Melissa had about as much personality as a brick wall, so I did not like her what so ever because I thought she was one of those people who thought they were too good for others, when really she just didn’t know how to talk to me because I was so loud and out there.

So, fast forward a bit.

Melissa’s sister, Rowan and another friend of Melissa’s invited me to go see Captain America with them. So we all met at a downtown train station and bussed together.

After we got off the bus, Rowan and the others went ahead of us and Melissa and I just felt like hanging back and being slow walkers. We started talking about a really heavy topic and we agreed on a lot of things and we also got to know each other and then after that day we were inseparable.

Then we kind of ended up being a couple without knowing we were a couple and then around the next year, we were just dating. I dunno.

We have still been inseparable. A lot of people mix is up because we’re introduced as Heather & Melissa.

So not really the most romantic but -shrugs-



So, I promised I would become more active, so here we go! This is a collaborative effort hosted by me, @kaileyriverpaw, and @roserainwater! Here are the details!

The meetup will be on SATURDAY, AUGUST 27TH from 2-4pm central time! If you are unsure of what time this is, check out this time zone converter:
We’ll meet at Fort Pinta and we’ll be doing some generic hanging out, riding around, some champs if we have time, and if you have any horses you want to train, we might be doing that as well!

Hope to see you guys there! edit: forgot to put the server yikes. It’s on Frost Valley! 🦄

Subjective Live @Bandung - Ngobrolin Galau Pasca Kampus: Karir, Pilih Pasangan, dan Masa Depan


Galau Pasca Kampus adalah topik kegalauan universal. Topik ini relate dengan hampir semua orang yang pernah berkuliah, baik yang masih di kampus maupun yang sudah lama lulus.

Lanjut kerja, bisnis, atau S2? Kerja di bidang apa? Gajinya gimana? Kapan nikahnya? Adalah pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang terus bermunculan di kepala.

Semua adalah kegalauan khas anak muda yang memiliki banyak cerita.

Kami mengundang teman-teman di Bandung untuk meetup dan berbagi cerita. Kita akan ngobrol santai bersama:

- Satria Maulana (, alumni akuntansi UNPAD yang sekarang jadi kuli industri kreatif.

- Choqi Isyraqi (, alumni Biologi ITB yang sekarang jadi tukang bikin video

- Hosted by Iqbal Hariadi (, alumni Biologi UI yang sekarang jadi tukang bikin konten

Kita akan berkenalan, berdiskusi santai, dan berbagi pengalaman melalui masa galau pasca kampus, serta membuat pilihan-pilihan yang membawa mereka ke titik sekarang.

Waktu: Jumat, 26 Agustus 2016 | 19.00-21.00 WIB
Tempat: Warung Ruang Putih, Jalan Bungur no 37 (

Untuk daftar, ketik *Subjective - Nama - Email*, kirim via SMS / WA ke 081281000180 (Cile).

Acara ini FREE. Bawa pertanyaan dan kita akan ngobrol seru-seruan.

Ga pake syarat. Ga perlu bawa apa-apa.

Sampai jumpa di Bandung! – View on Path.

Did I mention all the food at the google meetup was vegan??? Well besides some cupcakes and one cheese sauce, but literally everything else was vegan! We had amazing fruit platters, mexican food with nachos, guac, chillie con soy, tortillas and more! The world is changing and I LIKE IT! 🙌🙌🙌 (at Google Tel-Aviv)

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anonymous asked:

why are u in Vegas? meetup with jay aka plantbasedathlete??? :)

I’m here for my best friends bachelorette party and I didn’t know jay was here until like 5 minutes ago! I’m so excited I’m hoping to meet up with him!

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