result of my first time in a recording studio!!

A hand drawn mood-board for the 2017 rebranding and Daniel Howell’s aesthetics

(yes that is, in fact, a shibe because I ran out of ideas sry not sry)

Look at that A+ banner work

lgbt+ phandom meetup hosted by firstgay


May 26-27 for 24 hours! It begins at 11 am CST next Friday and ends 11 am CST Saturday.

Who can join?

anyone who identifies under the lgbt+ umbrella

What do I do?

You can post selfies, art, gifs, fic, or anything else you’d like under the meetup tags!!

What are the tags?

#lgbt phandom meetup #phandom meetup

What do I get out of this?

Not only do you get to meet cool people, get to see everyone’s freakin beautiful faces and amazing art work, but you can get free validation and who wouldn’t want that??