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Do you ever feel discouraged about your cosplay? I go to cons in cosplay, getting no photos taken of me, no one know who i am, and no one tries to talk with me about cosplay... so i havent made any friends who cosplay... im just feeling like my cosplay is going nowhere and is just a waste of money and time.... i just dont know what to do.

Oh sure! Especialy when you work hard on a cosplay but its just obscure enough that no one recognizes you *cough* my nilin cosplay *cough* 

However form what you are talking about I wonder if you are utlizing the con and its events! Like gatherings and meetups and the AA! 

I talk about this in my advice for going to a con alone. Here and here!

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If you do cosplay as a Skull grunt that'd be awesome! Me and my gf are going as Guzma and Plumeria with a couple of our friendos as grunts carrying an Alolan bus sign, it'd be neat to run into you. There's also apparently a Team Skull meetup/gathering on Day 1, so extra incentive to finish up that cosplay in time!

Ooh thy sounds like fun! Anyways I don’t know if I’ll be cospkayin get day 1, but if I’m able to get a skull grunt cosplay made, I’ll be sure to make a post about it. ^^

no matter what happens I will always feel neglected/left out of the puppy play community because I am not an older male. -ears press back- all the photos I see of gatherings and meetups are of men.. and I’m just a 22 year old female. -exhales softly and sits-


I had such a wonderful time at Dodie and Andie’s meetup yesterday! I spoke to Dean for a quite a while and we had a really interesting conversation. Andie gave me really good advice on how she does such funky covers (like, she was explaining the music theory I couldn’t have asked for a better answer bless her <3). I wasn’t able to speak to Dodie long (though I did have time to tell her she was amazing in Let It Be, which is true, you guys are in for a treat) but she was as lovely and friendly as ever. Got to speak to lots of new friends too I’m just very :) :) after this


We will be hosting a meetup for anyone in Assassin’s Creed cosplay from any of our games, and for Assassin’s Creed fans at San Diego Comic Con

The meetup will take place on Saturday 23rd of July, 3:15pm at the Children’s Park (between 1st Avenue and Front Street) right next to the Convention Center Light Rail station (Green Line).

*As this meetup is being held outside the Convention Center, you DO NOT need an SDCC badge to attend*

More details and RSVP via our Facebook page.

I've had a few qu's so to answer everyone all at once- This year the meetups/conventions/gatherings I have confirmed for are - PlayList Live, ItaTube, Vidcon and SITC. Hopefully see lots of you there! xxx

I filmed Dodie & Andie covering Love Yourself and you should go watch because they are wonderful!

This Saturday: NorCal Corgi Con!

Hey there Corgi Addicts!  Lookin’ for a fun corgi meetup this weekend?  Stop by the NorCal Corgi Con on Saturday and have a stumpin’ good time!!!

Where: Event will take place at Ocean Beach across the street from Beach Chalet Restaurant. Between Stairwell 21 and Fulton Street.
When: Saturday, June 27th, 2015 • 10 am

Corgi Con Schedule of Events

  • 10am Start of Corgi Con!!
    Sign-in at tent so we can get an official count!
    Sign-up to participate in the Costume Contest and Corgi Races.
    Raffle tickets will also be available for sale!
  • 11:30am Group Photo
    We will all gather and take one giant CORGtastic picture!
Throwback Thursday: On Magical Beginnings

By LeakyCon Co-Founder Melissa Anelli

Writer’s note – this is probably best read while listening to the LeakyCon 2009 live album; it was written listening to the Mudbloods on repeat. Just saying.

My first-ever LeakyCon started with a car accident. I drove up to the Boston Park Plaza in 2009 after a traffic-filled six-hour journey from New York, and, getting too excited over the squadron of Leaky Cauldron staffers waving at me from the entrance, dinged right into a cement divider. I should have known when I saw my newly corrugated bumper that I was in for a rocky weekend.

This weekend is five years since that fateful time in Boston, and when we talk about it, we mostly talk about the highlights. Organizers, however, have a slightly  different story to tell, and it’s one I’ve never gone into it much publicly. I’ll preface with this: that weekend was one of the most difficult of our lives.

Those superlative moments were huge, relieving victories for us, because we had spent the weekend secretly engaged in a string of only-hilarious-because-they-didn’t-actually-ruin-us calamities that made it clear that when we say “we didn’t know what we were doing back then” we meant it.

In the best way, of course: every organization starts somewhere and the work put in by the all-volunteer staff was the best we had any right to expect from a group of people who had a collective zero experience running fan conferences. You might be wondering how such inexperience presented itself? Here are a couple of choice stories:

The day the conference was slated to begin, I was almost on a train back to the nearest state which held our bank, in order to get a certified check.

On the day before that, former staffer Kim and I sat in my car in an abandoned parking lot in Methuen, MA, (a city name I needed zero prompting to remember because of this incident) waiting for the shipment of programming guides. We had to track them down across the country owing to an inefficient delivery company, and the only chance we had of getting them in time was to sit in my car as precious time ticked away, waiting to intercept a delivery shipment on the side of a highway.

When those books came, some of them were inexplicably blue. Others had upside down pages. And don’t even let us get started on the typos. We were too excited that they existed to care. (Much.)

On Saturday morning a fire alarm evacuated the entire hotel. In the staff suite we scrambled for computers and documents before daring to leave the space.

Hotel security appeared at my bedside at 3am, scaring the bejeezus out of me, and waited politely for me to put on pants while informing me of the medical emergencies that were taking place and which needed my attention.

The vendor who supplied our registration bags called me and screamed so loudly that he hadn’t gotten a check yet that my only response was to have a massive panic attack in the staff room.

We had to go to extensive lengths to avert a union strike in front of the castle. If I tell you the rest of this story publicly I’ll be beaten to a pulp, so let’s leave it there, yes? Hey, it was Boston. Boston is badass and always has been.

These are just a few of our favorites, and a lot of the rest of the details are probably going to only be suited for chats over drinks at the Leaky Cauldrons of our world. If you were watching closely that weekend, you probably witnessed many whipser-huddles between Stephanie Dornhelm, MaryJane Harper, and myself. We three were experiencing for the first time the never-ending, incredibly demanding, constant firefighting, head-exploding stress that comes with running a conference. There were moments we thought we weren’t going to make it to the end without incurring bankruptcy. There were times we told ourselves this was too crazy and too much work and we would never do it again.

But then that huddle or that 4 a.m. meeting would break, and we’d run into one of you. Beaming. Wearing robes. Talking to new friends. And that knot in our stomachs would loosen and evaporate, almost instantly.

And everywhere we looked, little wonderful things were happening that foretold the future. Just a few of our favorites include:

Maureen Johnson tweeting that she wanted to crash the event. We told her to come crash it officially, that we’d find a place for her to sleep; it was the best impromptu decision we ever made, though I think she regretted crashing in my room when the aforementioned security guys showed up.

Right after I welcomed everyone to the opening event, a mop-topped dude wearing jeans and sneakers and carrying a video camera jumped in front of me (I actually shrank back a bit) and said “SAY HELLO TO HANK!” It took a second before I knew what the hell was going on. Then I shouted, “Good morning, Hank, it’s LeakyCon!” John grinned as he put down the camera and said, “You did it! Oh my god you did it!!!” I was nonplussed. “Did what?” He gestured around to the castle. “YOU MADE HOGWARTS. We are in. Whatever you guys want to do ever, we are in.” Later that night John would meet Esther.

During “Dumbledore” in the Harry and the Potters’ set, the crowd formed a huge, slowly swaying circle, then dubbed the Circle of Awesome, which collapsed in on itself in a heaving pile of joy when the song demanded a more enthusiastic response. It defies description. Watch it here. 

Mostly, what happened during that weekend is that we learned something important that has been guiding our actions ever since: the worst behind the scenes problem is always worth the result. Conference, convening, gathering, meetup, whatever you want to call it, we only know one thing: LeakyCon is magic.

We’re about two months from Orlando, and two months is exactly the time the edges of our eyebrows start to singe and catch fire. As we dive headlong into that final push, we wanted to make sure to take this opportunity to restate how lucky we feel to still be here, still working on something we consider more than any of the names we use to describe it.

We hope you’ll share your favorite memories with us here and on social outlets today so we can remember how this all started, together. Tag them #leakycon2009 so everyone can enjoy them!


So I’m like massively in debt to a friend who helped me buy my precursor, and my net’s so laggy that I can barely do anything to make cash so I’m opening up sketch commissions for gold for now! 

Starting Prices

  • Chibi: 5g
  • Profile/Bust: 5g
  • Full body: 10g
  • One free additional character if requested! Additional characters are +3g apiece. Pets/minis are free as well. 


  • NSFW commissions are possible, please consult me on my terms when it comes to cross racial pairings! (PLEASE CONSIDER PHYSICAL LIMITATIONS THANK) 
  • I am really lazy about coloring, but you can negotiate for colored pieces. 
  • Contact me through messages on tumblr or ingame! GW2 handle: sneakytank.3851. I am usually on my main, Lazy Lira. 
  • I will request a meetup ingame to gather reference pictures unless you want to send/link them to me. o/ 
  • Feel free to repost your images, but please give credit! Linkbacks to here are appreciated, but not necessary. I can send the full resolution image if requested.

These are starting prices, please note, prices may increase over time if demand picks up. o/

Thank you for your consideration! Please help spread the word! 

MeetUp & Gathering KITA Jateng - Tumblesem

“Tiada kesan tanpa kehadiranmu” Dulu banget jaman ngerayain ulang tahun temen pas masih kecil, pake undangan meskipun jarak rumah cuman kebates pager doang pasti akan ada kalimat ini di akhir undangannya. Kalimat ini mungkin yang bakalan selalu keinget  terus sama kita kalau dapet undangan buat acara ngumpul dan efeknya bakalan kerasa ketika acara udah selesai, pas semuanya pada balik ke rumah masing-masing.

Nah, weekend kemarin KITA Jateng & DIY dan Tumblesem ngadain MeetUp bareng di Camp Mawar Umbul Sidomukti, Semarang, dalam rangka gathering rutin sekalian silatuhrahmi. Acara Camp yang diikuti oleh temen-temen KITA Jateng & DIY sama anak-anak Tumblesem ini berlangsung seru banget meskipun hujan sempat mengguyur beberapa saat, namun teme-temen semua tidak kendur semangatnya untuk mengikuti setiap acara yang dibikin sama tim panitia. Buat yang ngerasa kangen atau yang sekedar pengen tahu kita semua ngapain aja waktu MeetUp kemarin, nih liputan singkatnya buat kalian.

Setelah semua personil berkumpul di pintu masuk Camp pada hari Sabtu, 16 Januari 2016 sekitar pukul 2 siang, semuanya bergegas buat langsung menuju tempat untuk berdiriin tenda yang ternyata suprisingly lokasinya paling ujung dari kawasan Camp dan jalannya nanjak *super sekali*. Sudah sampai di ujung terlihat beberapa temen-temen yang nafasnya cuman sejengkal mulai mencari oksigen dengan duduk terus rebahan terus mangap-mangap biar oksigen yang ketangkep lebih banyak *nggak ding bercanda*. But, buat kalian yang emang jarang olah raga dan boros oksigen kayak saya musti sedikit tabah dan ikhtiar karena perjuangan untuk mencapai sesuatu tidaklah mudah, hasilnya nggak ngecewain sama sekali karena pada saat malam hari kita semua bisa melihat pemandangan kota Semarang dan Bandungan dari atas seperti bintang-bintang bertaburan.

Setelah selesai beristirahat dan mencari oksigen *sambil mangap-mangap* waktunya pembagian tugas, bagi *yang merasa* anak laki-laki ditugasi mendirikan tenda dan sisanya ditugaskan untuk memasak, ya masak. Meskipun kegiatan memasak di sini hanya mengasapi ayam yang sudah di bumbui sempurna oleh Mamahnya Mbak April (@elmoelmooo​) yang rasanya super endeus ditambah dengan sambelnya yang juga  rasanya  ngangenin *kayak orangnya*, sekali lagi terimakasih untuk Mbak April sekeluarga yang sudah mau direpotin meski kita sempet dikira kelompok rekrutmen Gafatar sama mamahnya.

Pengalaman memasak di alam terbuka ternyata memberikan banyak sekali pelajaran buat kita, salah satunya adalah bahwa tutup panci itu ternyata lebih efektif untuk dijadikan pengganti kipas sate dibandingkan kertas HVS yang masih baru atau kipas cantique princess a la a la anak SD dengan warna feminin yang cuman bikin kesel.

Sebelum mulai membakar, tim masak mengalami kesulitan untuk menyalakan bara api yangmana kesulitan yang dialami setara dengan menyalakan bara api cinta di antara dua hati yang tak saling bersatu ini menyisakan banyak sekali kepedihan. Salah satunya adalah terlalu banyaknya asap yang di produksi membuat mata pedih dan bau badan seperti ndas manyung, serta satu lagi bagi tim pengipas kalian hebat sekali karena sudah mau berkorban lengannya berubah jadi berotot seperti Agung Hercules.

Tepat setelah ayam trakhir dibakar, hujan turun dengan binalnya. Semua masuk ke tenda dan untungnya hujan cuman mampir lewat.  Acara dimulai kembali setelah semua personil melaksanakan sholat maghrib dan isya kemudian setelah itu kami semua berkumpul melingkar di sekeliling api unggun untuk mulai menyantap makan malam bersama yang romantis.

Setelah perut kenyang dan hati senang, mulailah acara sharing soal penulisan bersama Mas JS dan musikalisasi puisi oleh Mas Narasibulanmerah yang dipandu meriah oleh Dimsky dan @fatamorgananyata. Semua memperhatikan setiap materi yang disampaikan, pertanyaan-pertanyaan dari teman-teman juga menghiasi sesi sharing ini dengan indahnya sampai-sampai momen sharing ini tidak sempat terabadikan dalam sebuah foto. Setelah materi yang di sampaikan sudah disampaikan dan pertanyaan sudah tidak bermunculan dari teman-teman MC Baso memberikan tantangan kepada pemateri malam itu juga. Tantangannya adalah Mas Narasibulanmerah menulis puisi dalam waktu tiga menit dengan tema tower dan Mas JS yang akan membacakannya, penasaran? bisa di cek kok di sini.

Malam semakin larut, langit penuh bintang, api unggun yang masih hangat dan *saya yang jomblonya kelamaan* kabut yang menutupi tower membuat suasana menjadi semakin syahdu. Saat sore sebelum hujan datang tadi Dimsky sempat membagi teman-teman menjadi kelompok kecil berisikan 5 orang dan saat inilah waktunya kelompok-kelompok tadi menampilkan sebuah persembahan sebagai penutup acara pada hari itu. Penampilan pertama dibuka dengan kembang api yang secara mistis tiba-tiba muncul dari belakang latar kami disusul dengan pembacaan puisi tentang hujan, kemudian dilanjutkan dengan dialog dua orang yang mengisahkan sebuah kegundahan diteruskan dengan musikalisasi puisi dan diakhiri dengan drama improvisasi yang spektakuler.

Acara malam itu pun selesai dan semuanya tidur karena besok paginya acara tracking menuju kebun teh pada pukul empat pagi sudah menunggu.

Tracking dimulai pada pukul 5 pagi karena satu dan lain hal yang bersifat ke-Indonesiaan, beberapa yang sudah siap mulai menyiapkan diri untuk menempuh perjalanan panjang penuh rintangan, bebatuan serta bayang-bayang mantan untuk menuju titik akhir tracking yaitu, kebun teh!

Ketua umum KITA regional Jateng dan DIY (@menjalin​)

*sesi sepik*

sesi karaoke bersama

*karena untuk alasan keamanan jadi saya pribadi dan beberapa teman yang merasa butuh ada penjaga tenda menawarkan diri untuk tetap berada di camp*

Sekian liputan acara MeetUp dan Gathering teman-teman KITA Jateng & DIY bersama Tumblesem yang awesome!

penulis: @rgagastya