time for a meetup wooooo!

hi guys! on twitter every monday, everyone posts selfies, photography, and makes friends under #FrantasticMonday. I thought why not bring this to tumblr!

WHEN: Monday, Feb 15 12:00 am - 12:00pm (24 hrs!!)  (depending how this goes we could do them every week/month) time zone converter

WHERE: Here on tumblr!

WHO: Anyone that considers themselves part of the Connor fandom. You dont have to have a Connor/Tronnor blog, but if you like con, feel free to participate!

WHAT DO I DO?: post selfies, drawings, text posts, covers, videos, audio, photography, fics, anything you want! but please be respectful and not post any triggering things. make some new friends!

WHATS THE TAG?: #frantasticmonday or #frantastic monday meetup

if you have any other questions, please contact me (stardustsivan) and i’ll do my best! this is my first time organizing a meetup so im so sorry if this sucks or if it totally flops.

please reblog to spread the word!!

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Hi friends! I know this is short notice, but I thought to start 2016 we’d have a meetup! This is a Tyler Oakley meetup, but of course, anyone is welcome to join. The more the merrier!

When: Sunday, January 10th
Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm EST / 11:00am - 1:00pm PST / 7:00pm - 9:00pm UK
Tag: Tyler Oakley Tumblr Meetup

I really hope you want to join and reblog to spread the word! Message me (ayetroyler) if you have any questions! 

Hello! Yes I am here again with another meetup! Last time I had a Christmas Troyler/Phandom Meetup, which kinda worked out (but not very much). But I am here again with a Valentine’s Day “Dance” Meetup!

When? 14th of February, which is a Sunday!

Time? 11 a.m. Central Time (my time), so 9 a.m. Pacific Time, 10 a.m. Mountain Time, 12 p.m. Eastern Time.
(Don’t see your time zone? Don’t fear! A time converter will be at the end of this post!)
This meetup is a 24-hour long meetup!

What do we have to do? Before the meetup, find yourself a “date”! This is, of course, kind of like Phandom Prom, but it’s a Valentine’s Day Dance theme meetup! Ask a friend! Have a significant other here on Tumblr? Ask them! 

What goes down during the meetup? Same old usual. Post selfies of yourself, art/edits, wanna dress up nice for the occasion? Go ahead! No one’s stopping you! 

Please do not post anything hateful or disrespectful. Go out, make friends, etc.

When does the meetup up end? This meetup is a 24-hour long meetup!

Who can participate? Anyone! Even if you post a little Dan and Phil, you’re still welcome to join in the fun. No matter race/gender/sexuality/etc., everyone is welcome! (Psst, you don’t need a blog all the time dedicated to Dan and Phil!)

So, everyone, get a date, get dressed up (if you want), and join in on the fun on the 14th of February! 

Time converter

Even if you’re not participating, please reblog to spread the word!

(If this flops, pretend it never happened)

Salut, cześć, hola, ciao, ní hao, annyeong-haseyo, bog, konnichiwa, merhaba, hello!

Do you speak multiple languages? Are you currently learning a new language? Do you want to meet people who you can speak or practice another language with? Do you like Dan and Phil? If you answered yes to any of these questions keep on reading!

@okaydan and myself (six-foot-two-phanchild) present to you the Phandom Language Exchange, a tumblr phandom meetup promoting the phandom’s diverse language and culture!

How To Get Involved:

1. Post a selfie in the hashtag #PhandomLanguageExchange the weekend of February 20-21st!

2. Write a little bit about yourself, including your name and where you’re from if you’d like to share!

3. Describe the languages you know (including visual languages, like any kind of sign language) and include your proficiency (beginner, intermediate, fluent, etc etc!)

4. You could also tell us a bit about your culture, if you like!

5. Reblog other selfies, start some conversations with people in a language you share, and make some friends!!

The meetup will be taking place the February weekend 20-21st, all day both days in the hashtag #PhandomLanguageExchange.

if you have any questions, ask either Hazel (okaydan) or me, Masey (six-foot-two-phanchild)! Hope to see you there!!

Hi everyone! So @dokidan​ and I are hosting a 24 hour Masc Phandom Meetup, which will be held from 1pm EST on December 27th until 1pm EST on December 28th. (that’s 6pm-6pm GMT and 10am-10am PT and you can find other timezone conversions here)

What is this?

As we are a minority within the phandom itself and I’ve noticed a lack of masculine identifying individuals in the main meetups, jupiter and i decided to create this! This is for anyone who identifies on the male side of the gender spectrum and/or uses he/him pronouns. This includes cis men, ftm, demiboy, agender using he/him pronouns, questioning on the male side of the spectrum, etc. It doesn’t matter if you have long hair, wear makeup, wear “feminine” clothes, or basically appear/act in any way that is stereotyped as feminine, as long as you are masculine identifying.

Post selfies/edits/art/descriptions under the tag #MascPhandomMeetup on the date of the meetup, and make friends and interact with others posting under it! If you are not masculine identifying, please refrain from posting selfies and other content, although feel free to reblog any content/selfies you see!

Message me or @dokidan if you have any questions!

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@ayetroyler and @happylittlehowell TROYLER PHANDOM MEETUP! 

So we (ayetroyler and happylittlehowell) have decided to join together to create the meetup of ALL MEETUPS! troye, tyler, dan and phil, have a huge fanbase on tumblr and their fans are pretty similar. So to meet more people, make more friends and have more fun we should do a huge joint meet up!! 


Please don’t hesitate to send either of us any asks about stuff if you’re stuck. Here are all the details of the meetup if you haven’t taken part in one yet/ are still confused about it: 

Where is the meetup? 
The meetup is here on tumblr online, on Saturday, December 5th 8pm London (BST) Time/ 3pm New York (EST) Time. To find out what time that is for you check this link! I hopefully this link should help you figure out 

Timezone Converter

What do you do in the meetup? 
What you do in the meet up is simple, post in the tag a selfie(or not if you don’t want to) or fan art or something, even just a text post, introduce yourself, like and compliment each other’s photos, follow each other message each other and make some friends!! 

Who can join in? Anyone can join, no matter how many followers, how big a fan you are, no matter how old you are or anything. As long as you like dan, phil, tyler or troye you can join! Even if your blog isn’t totally dedicated to them, even if you don’t ship any of them. 

What is the tag? #Troyler Phandom Tumblr Meetup

So I hope this answers all of your questions, if it hasn’t message me us @happylittlehowell or @ayetroyler Thankyou and I hope you enjoy it 
Lots of love, 
happylittlehowell and ayetroyler xx


LOOK AT THOSE AWESOME MEETUP PEEPS! reposted because I got a request to hide a face :) I hope I hid the right face. Instead have a snas

Okay so the meetup was AMAZING. You are ALL great people and it was a BLAST to meet local UT fans! And this one I’m actually posting a PIC OF MYSELF? (I’m that dork in the middle with the awesome leggings + shorts. Best fashion ur welcome)

Seriously, I’m DEFINITELY doing another meeup soon! If I tagged anyone wrong, PLEASE tell me!

(Also a bonus potato sans bcz they literally have a place named Potato Corner)

The list of cool peeps (in no good order): @shadow-snow @anunusualvisitor@yuuyamiartist @destiel-and-captainswan-trash @mewquad @chara-rarararararararararararara @verdigrisvayabond @nardacci-does-art@winderbeast @sir-oblivious @msbonnibelbubblegum @shirokaze2012@insanityisnotfun @mentalparasite @depressingchild13 @sassypikachugirl @ ekphrysis

hey guys, cam here! so i haven’t seen a meetup post in a little while and i’ve never hosted one of these, but its the season og giving, and my present to all of you is this meetup!! this will be a 24 hour meetup starting at 1pm EST, on christmas eve. here’s a time zone converter for all your time converting needs.  so in the holiday spirit, show off your amazing face, art, humor or anything you want to show off to the phandom!! this will all be under the “#phandom tumblr meetup” tag!! send me an ask if you have any questions and i’ll see you all then!! if this flops we can all pretend this never happened ;)

happy holidays, 

-camden (dan-meme)

(the header is courtesy of @hello-tyleroakley-is-my-queen!)

Ahh hi guys, so I wanted to create a meetup showcasing the natural beauty of everyone here!

Who can participate: Anyone! The point of this meetup is to showcase everyone’s natural beauty so please no makeup or filters! (Even though you all look gorgeous with or without them!

Where?:Right here on tumblr

When?:Saturday, February 13-Sunday

1 PM EST-1PM EST (Sunday) (http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html) - so that you can see when this is where you live!

I look forward to seeing everyone participate!

Also, please tag your posts with #untouchedmeetup and #phandom tumblr meetup!


hi lovelies! since its the new year & emily really felt like hosting a meetup we thought it would be fun to have a meetup! 

this is an all around youtube meetup! that means anyone that watches youtube can be a part of it. it doesn’t matter who/what you watch, as long as you love youtube, come and join in!! anyone and everyone is welcome!

when : saturday, january 16th

time : 1:00pm - 3:00pm PST // 3:00pm - 6:00pm EST // 8:00pm - 11:00pm  GMT (time zone converter)

tag : #Youtube2016Meetup

we would really love it if you decided to join in and possibly make some new friends. pls pls pls reblog to spread the word!! message us ( @preemie-fetus & @dilisinlove) if you have any questions or concerns!


- emily (@preemie-fetus) & erin (@dilisinlove) x


Hello everyone! So @tronnoric and I are going to be hosting a 24hr meet-up in celebration of Troye’s Blue Neighbourhood Tour. The meet-up is primarily aimed towards the Tronnor fandom but anyone can take part!

When: Saturday 13th February 2016 @ 5pm GMT

What time is it for your timezone? - (Time Converter)

How to participate:

All you need to do is post Art/Edits/Selfies under the tag;


A few things to note:

  • You don’t have to be going to the tour to take part, but it could be a useful way to meet new friends who are also going to the same show as you!
  • Please make sure to be kind to everyone and to not post anything harmful/hurtful in the tag.

  • Please don’t tag your posts in the #Tronnor Tag :)

If you have any questions feel free to message me or @tronnoric!