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Jess is excited: she’s just finished reading The Year it all Ended by @kirstydmurray and has HEAPS of questions to ask at our event for teachers on November 11. @kirstydmurray You better be prepared 😉 The date is very fitting - the novel opens on Armistice Day. But it’s set in Adelaide, so the location is sub par. We’ll make up for it by giving you bubbles though!!! Details on our website, as usual 😉 #meettheauthors #bookshop #events @allenandunwin (at The Little Bookroom)

Meet the Fall Authors: Eugenia Leigh, Author of "Blood, Sparrows and Sparrows"

Eugenia Leigh is the recipient of awards and fellowships from The Asian American Literary Review, Kundiman, Poets & Writers Magazine, and  Rattle. She earned her MFA from Sarah Lawrence College, and her poems and essays have appeared in numerous publications including The Collagist, North American Review, and the Best New Poets 2010 anthology. Eugenia serves as poetry editor of Kartika Review and lives in Chicago.

Blood, Sparrows and Sparrows is available from Four Way Books

“Everyone warns us off the rocks. / But what will keep us from the river?” Leigh asks in her debut collection, which pieces together a kind of mythology in which the surreal and celestial coexist with the realities of childhood abuse as an adult speaker grapples with its lasting emotional trauma. Rooted in a place of deep faith and bottomless compassion, Leigh’s speaker struggles to remember, and to remind us all, “that to worship is to survive is to be / wholly human.”

Praise for Blood, Sparrows and Sparrows

“This book went through me like a blue lightning strike. Part lyric, part narrative, and always alive, unflinchingly alive. A wonderful book and an even more astonishing debut!” —Thomas Lux

“Whether in furious psalm or impassioned testimony, the woman we meet in these poems is sharply aware that any kind of answer fragments into further questions. And she is committed to such undertakings. In Eugenia Leigh’s moving debut collection, Blood, Sparrows and Sparrows, the reader is drawn into a childhood that is ‘My father’s voice full of boils’ … ‘I offer God 1997’ … ‘angel hunting’ … ‘my mother’s voice / flapping in my blood: If you need to run, run’ …and daring to ‘hate the dead’. Join her in this resolve.” —Kimiko Hahn

“Built out of blood and awe, rooted in sorrow and radiant lyricism, these poems remind us that ‘to survive is to be / wholly human.’ Divine and earthly voices haunt these poems. God and parents singe the speaker’s heart; angels and sisters redeem it. These poems are brutal and brilliant. But also instructive. They teach us to 'weld our wounds / to form tools.’ This is a book of moving and startling epiphanies. I can’t wait to teach it.” —Eduardo Corral

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“GENESIS” and “DECIDING NOT TO DROWN TODAY” by Eugenia Leigh in Hyphen Magazine.

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Meet the Spring Authors: Benjamin Miller, Author of "Without Compass"

Benjamin Miller has studied at Harvard, Columbia, and the CUNY Graduate Center, and has taught writing at Columbia and Hunter College. His poems have appeared in RHINO, Pleiades, The Greensboro Review, and elsewhere; Without Compass is his first book. For more about Ben, visit

Without Compass is available from Four Way Books.

In this debut collection of lyric poems, self-doubt becomes sacrificial offering. Through recurring dreams of grandeur, self-sabotage, and defeat, Benjamin Miller’s collection Without Compass explores the desert margins between faith and emptiness, between “desire and its counterfeits.” Carved down, elliptical, the poems seek “the perfect flaw” with which to “cruel you to thought.” From behind the “veil and doubt” of the lyric voice, they lead us in pursuit of the possibility of belief.

Praise for Without Compass

“In these imagistic, shimmering, often enigmatic poems, Benjamin Miller meditates on the ways love and mourning both empty and purify us. Here, figures from the Bible express their fears whisperingly into our ears, and images–a folded bit of paper, blinking lights reflected on an airport window–are described with electric clarity. Seen through a car window, a fence becomes a zoetrope that ‘speed has all but made transparent, / the empty space revealed beyond: a flipbook life’ and the landscape outside a tent is 'the desert, / and outside the desert, sand.’ Benjamin Miller’s work is nuanced, discomforting, and filled with a fascinating spiritual awe. This is a very fine and thoughtful book.”

- Kevin Prufer

“Both as it saunters with the prophet’s stride and traipses with the acolyte’s hurry-up, Ben Miller’s precise debut is a work of forceful imagination and elegant verve–a masterstroke of approach and echolocation. These deft, Escher-like poems appear like magical tricks, yet there’s no gimmick to their studied resonance. As he reveals the significance of transitional spaces–borders, twilight, doubt–Miller shows us how we might think, if not more clearly about our lives, then more fully.”

- Lytton Smith

“Much like Louise Glück, Miller creates a calculus of ordinary life 'riden by static,’ absorbed by the 'echolalia’ of glances, interviews, communion with nature, with presence, with the self. And from this rigorous attention to dailyness, he charts–without compass, without North Star–intensities of surprise, unexpected visits, encounters, attempts at speech. These gorgeous, painful poems map the unpredictable weather of the psyche: torrential, scorching, cold or calm. We would be lost without them.”

- Tom Healy

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Meet the Spring Authors: Patrick Lawler, Author of "The Meaning of If: Stories"

Patrick Lawler lives in Syracuse, NY. He is also the author of five collections of poetry. His novel Rescuers of Skydivers Search Among the Clouds is the winner of the Ronald Sukenick American Book Review Innovative Fiction Prize—Fiction Collective 2 (University of Alabama Press, 2012). He is the recipient of numerous awards and fellowships including a National Endowment for the Arts, two New York State Foundation for the Arts grants, and a Saltonstall Artist’s grant. At SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, he teaches Literature of Nature and Environmental Writing courses, and at LeMoyne College he is Writer in Residence where, besides poetry and fiction, he teaches scriptwriting and playwriting.

The Meaning of If: Stories is available from Four Way Books

“You just have to admire all the possibilities,” says one character in Patrick Lawler’s short story collection, The Meaning of If—a sentence that encapsulates the myriad of “if’s” explored in these pages. At times surreal and yet so realistic, we hear each “muffled whisper,” we see each “muddy photograph,” we know each “secret life,” as if it were our own. These are familial stories of transition and transformation—both mental and physical—that consider the question “What if?”

Praise for The Meaning of If: Stories

“Patrick Lawler is a word magician–he waves a wand and the ordinary glows and vibrates. Up his sleeve you’ll find Borges and Kafka. From his top hat he pulls out Nabokov and Marquez. But the Lawler show is completely his own: prepare to be dazzled as this master storyteller conjures up pain, joy, awe, and yearning so intensely, they feel like new experiences. With their unique poetic inventiveness, the stories of Patrick Lawler's The Meaning of If announce a new force in American short fiction.”

- David Lloyd

“Patrick Lawler’s great gift as a storyteller is his utterly convincing vision of the absurd. With magician’s glee, these stories expose the vanities of small town America and the pathos of family life. The Meaning of If is a wild carnival ride; look, listen, and prepare to be exhilarated.”

- Megan Staffel

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Meet the Spring Authors: David J. Daniels, Author of "Clean", Winner of the Four Way Books Intro Prize in Poetry

David J. Daniels is the author of two chapbooks, Breakfast in the Suburbs and Indecency. Raised in Texas, he is a former Stadler Poetry Fellow and Work Study Scholar at Bread Loaf. His work has appeared in Pleiades, Kenyon Review, Boston Review, Indiana Review, and elsewhere.

Clean is available from Four Way Books.

From the “basement / of that suburban church with its sad paint / job in Texas” to an old drag queen’s “parlor,” “that bazaar of flounce, chintz, feathers,” Clean, the award-winning collection by David J. Daniels, tears back the curtain of life to expose gorgeousness and grit. These poems pay homage to the addict, the grandmother, the closeted, and the lover, to the dead, the dying, and the living who refuse to die.

Praise for Clean

“To reclaim brokenness as a state of necessity and grace, David J. Daniels goes in search of the missing, the disgraced, the criminal…lives that seem least likely to be celebrated in poetry. Daniels lifts the world onto his shoulders in his poems. Clean is his book of life, there is no one who is not redeemed.”

- D. A. Powell, judge

Clean is on the list of “Gay Books to Look Out for in 2014” from

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Meet the Spring Authors: Karen Brennan, Author of "little dark"

Karen Brennan is the author of five other books of varying genres including poetry collections Here on Earth (1989) and The Real Enough World (2006), both from Wesleyan University Press; AWP Award-winning short fiction Wild Desire (1990), U Mass Press; The Garden in Which I Walk (2005), Fiction Collective 2; and a memoir, Being with Rachel (2001) Norton. Her fiction, poetry and nonfiction have appeared in anthologies from Norton, Penguin, Graywolf, Spuytin Duyvil, Michigan and Georgia, among others. A National Endowment for the Arts recipient, she is Professor Emerita at the University of Utah and teaches at the Warren Wilson MFA Program for Writers. She holds a PhD from University of Arizona.

little dark is available from Four Way Books.

little dark is a hybrid collection of poems and prose threaded together by an act of memoir. Here Brennan ruminates about “being” in the world, about her particular “self” through the tiny, distorted and often occluded aperture of memory. These poems have as their obsession “seeing” and “looking” and the failure of these acts to reveal anything definitive about our lives; instead little dark affirms mystery, the dissolution of boundaries between the seen and unseen (or forgotten) world.

Praise for little dark

“There is a dream, a Traum, of tenderness in little dark, and in the dream, fast birds race against death. Loosed from memory, the truth of love hastens towards heaven on earth. In the imaged measure of these poems, Karen Brennan indites a new remonstrance. Her protest is every petal of a rose.”

- Donald Revell

“Brennan’s is a poetics that creates form as it rises and enters air. But the voice of the book also sinks and enters earth. Here the elements of a life are animated, under hypnosis and talking. The poems, Zen-like. Like Gaudi’s open cathedral in Barcelona, they do not have ceilings or limits. They have an articulated self (a little dark) navigating a wildly populated and open sky.”

- Barbara Cully

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