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A collection of stories that I am anticipating enough free time to sit down and finally read. This list is to not only keep my to-read stories in a sole collective place, but also to provide a continuously added to post of both new and old incredible stories for all of you to add to your own reading lists!

✓ | Finished reading.


The Way You Look | Kim Seokjin | @jiminniemouse

 Blue Blooded | Kim Seokjin | @hobibliophile

Here Lies You | Min Yoongi | @meetevil

Entropy | Min Yoongi | @donewithjeon

 Paranoia | Min Yoongi | @taexquila

Heart On Your Sleeve | Min Yoongi | @minsvga

Written Amongst The Stars | Min Yoongi | @bluekyun

 Sonata For A Frozen Heart | Min Yoongi | @pantaemonium

Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea | Park Jimin | @jungkxook

Keep Your Chin Up | Kim Taehyung | @jiminniemouse

Breath Of Spring | Kim Taehyung | @workofteaguk

Ternary | Kim Taehyung | Jeon Jeongguk | @deathbyyoongi

 Below Thunder Showers | Jeon Jeongguk | by @inktae

Onsra | Jeon Jeongguk | @zephyoongist

Proposals | Jeon Jeongguk | @pjxmin

Three Reasons | Jeon Jeongguk | @lthyl  

Cinnamon Crisp | Jeon Jeongguk & Kim Taehyung | teatimetaemint

Sore Loser | Jeon Jeongguk | @minsvga

A Rocket To The Moon | Jeon Jeongguk | @roseok

Anemia | Jeon Jeongguk | @kittae


Flux | Min Yoongi | Jeon Jeongguk | @dailydoseofdia

Carousel | Min Yoongi | @dailydoseofdia

Begin Again | Min Yoongi | @tayegi

Mortifer | Jung Hoseok | @kittae

Forbidden | Jung Hoseok | @btssmutgalore

Dépaysement | Jung Hoseok | @1honeypot

Sin City | Park Jimin | @btssmutgalore

Princess And The Pauper | Park Jimin | @summertae

Zaddy | Kim Taehyung | @btssmutgalore

Meet Me At The Carnival | Kim Taehyung | @hyacinth-ink

Invading Spaces Once More | Kim Taehyung | @taeniasis

Curiosity Killed The Cat | Jeon Jeongguk | @taeniasis

The Sun Half | Jeon Jeongguk & Kim Taehyung | sacramento

Me Rewatching ML: Gamer

Tikki helps Marinette remember her schedule, or at least aims too as much as possible. 

Marinette’s home is right next to the school. 

25, Tikki hangs outside the purse again.

Tikki doesn’t recognize the video game’s music, suggesting that Marinette hasn’t played UMS around her. 

There is a move in USM called the Kitty Paw. 

Marinette’s unaware of this competition, so it probably wasn’t too broadcasted around the school. That or it just went over her head and she’s been more focused on other things. 

Adrien bleps when playing. 

Kim brags about his baefriend, is surprised to see Max lose. 

Max needs a few seconds to calm down at the face of his loss before he can be a good sport about it. 

It looks like Kim is giving Adrien shade XD

Alya, who is usually a huge push for Marinette to spend time with Adrien by any means, even skipping out on responsibilities Marinette wanted to do herself (Climatika with Mari wanting to babysit Manon); doesn’t approve of Marinette making a choice to try and spend time with Adrien. Evidently it’s due to her thinking Marinette won’t be serious about representing the school. 

Bustier appears to be a common host for a lot of the school projects. She really likes to be involved with her students. It’s really nice to see. 

Marinette is determined to beat the score in five minutes. She is confident that she can. 

Adrien is up to see what Marinette can do and is the only one to move and let her have the chance. 

Kim is unaware of Marinette’s gaming skills.

It appears Alya is too, being unsure about Marinette going for this. 

Max assumes Marinette doesn’t know how to play. Marinette is quick to correct him. 

Love seeing her play with her dad, he so huge and she so smol. They both furrow their brows when getting into the game and haunch forward. They both also move their arms around when getting into the battle, Marinette has a victory dance and Tom dramatically flops on the couch when he looses. During this time Tikki must just hide away in Marinette’s room. 

Max doesn’t seem too sure about Marinette’s skill but is up to face her. 

Kim is the first to cheer Max on.

Marinette is well practiced, suggesting that she and Tom play often, and under a time limit of five minutes, she is beating Max in possibly one. Adrien awed, as are Alya, Kim, and Rose. This backs that Alya is unaware of how good a gamer Marinette is. 

Even in gaming Marinette plans out her moves. 

Victory dance.

I say she beat Max in about a minute or two. 

Kim is the only one not cheering for Marinette. 

Max really doesn’t take loosing well. That suggests to me that he hasn’t lost often before, and by Kim’s bragging, perhaps Adrien was his first loss ever, and then Marinette is his 2nd and she beat him even faster than Adrien did. 

Marinette does feel guilty about making Max sad. But is over it as Adrien proposes practicing at her place. 

Alya is very set that Marinette represents their school well, this matters a lot to her, more than being the ultimate wingman. It’s kinda curious, I can see her caring about representation and having a good reputation, but with most of the season having her a huge Adrienette supporter, this is kinda odd. 

Max is very upset with his loss to Marinette, declaring that it’s a travesty (false and absurd). This probably is his 2nd loss, and it’s a sore blow to loose quickly again and in a shorter amount of time. And possibly due to Marinette being a girl, which socially is uncommon and Max himself assumes Marinette didn’t know what she was doing. I’d blame Max’s akumization on him being a sore loser about this than on Marinette, and not knowing how to really cope about losing aside from bad mouthing the outcome, even more so seeing that he thinks he should be in it and deserves to be in it. Those are proud thoughts right there. 

26, Tikki hangs outside the purse again, this time scolding Marinette for joining the competition just to spend time with Adrien. And personally I’m not really seeing the issue? I know Marinette’s not going in represent the school, but I don’t get the impression that Max was doing the same. By how he talks, he was doing it to show he’s the best and thus far isn’t taking it too well to not being the best. 

I can agree it’s a selfish choice on Marinette’s part, but this is also a huge step for her too. Up at this point, if the list I’m watching really is the most likely the canon of the s1 episodes; this is Marinette’s first real effort on her own to try and spend time with Adrien, with no one suggesting or pushing her to act on this. It is unfortunate that she made Max upset, but that comes with competing, you win and you lose. But over all, this is a big step for Marinette confidence wise, she’s making the move on her own for once, and I don’t see this being a bad way to spend time with Adrien, playing games together. 

But to see Tikki against it, for Marinette upsetting someone unintentionally just to spend time with her crush… it really seems Tikki is against Marinette being selfish, to always put others before herself, to be a constant giver and supporter. It’s what a true LB should be, but there is a drawback to being a constant giver and there can be a point that you just give too much and you can only support and make so many happy all the time and not have something for you. It is ok to be selfish, especially for your own personal happiness and comfort. You’re no good helping others if you yourself are spread so thin or you’re unhappy, when you don’t allow yourself to give into your own wants, it can be damaging. Something Plagg seems to get as he does encourage Adrien to give into selfishness (Lady Wifi, thinking he should’ve looked despite that breaking LB’s trust). There is a middle to being selfish and selfless, and with Tikki and Plagg divided as two opposing sides, it makes sense that they would have opposite views on selfishness. 

I don’t think Marinette is entirely at fault for giving into her selfishness, she has been struggling this whole year so far to spend time with Adrien but largely just fumbles with him. It’s not a solid choice on her part, but this is a big step in her development. She is confident and comfortable enough to try and move to spend time with her crush. It’s not ideal, I can agree, but this is a step forward. This also provides Max a chance to learn that losing is a part of life, and by his reaction, it is something he needs to learn. 

Adrien stands poised before Tom and Sabine. Tom taught Marinette everything about gaming. 

Adrien is surprised that Marinette talks about him. Most likely to him thinking they’re not the best of friends due to her behavior. 

Shipping parents ;3 also it’s so nice to see Tom accepting of Adrien and not the jealously protective dad. It is an amusing trope but it’s nice to see it not done for once. 

Accidental hand touch, mutual shyness. So awkward. Looking at each other when the other isn’t. 

By Marinette’s reaction and frustration with her parents, suggests to me that this happens a lot. That maybe every time Marinette brings over a new friend and it’s their first time meeting that friend, her parents are super excited and invade Marinette’s space a lot to feed said new friend, involve them and learn about them, to a point that Marinette has a hard time hanging out with said friend alone. And Tom offers to be included here so there is a chance that in her household, Marinette may not often get a lot of solo time with new friends that she brings over and it’s frustrating for her. I’m guessing anyway.

And with how Max is as an akuma, pushed by his emotion and what drives him, yeah he is someone that is very proud. 

Marinette is such a chill player. And it’s a shame Alya isn’t able to see that yes, Marinette is able to focus on the game. 

Omg, Marinette looked ready to murder Tom. 

Adrien longs for cookies, but they’re out of his reach. 

And it looks like between the two, Tom is the worse invader. Quite the social butterfly. 

I wonder how long ago Marinette made that charm. I speculate before she got the earrings since she has gotten luckier after Tikki, and with her dealing with bad luck before, that would push for her to have the charm then. 

Tom is shipping them so hard. 

I want a quiche now. 

While Marinette’s reaction to the akuma is “oh shit that’s not good”, Adrien seems to give it a “seriously?!” glare. He is also defensive seeing an akuma with his “civilian” friend. 

Adrien’s the first to react to danger. Is a little flustered to wind up close to Marinette. 

Adrienette hand reach. 

That has to be one of the more serious faces I’ve seen Adrien make before he transforms. He isn’t too pleased this time. 

Thus far, this is the biggest effort Adrien makes in getting a civilian to safety. It looks like he took Marinette a street or two away from Gamer. 

Marinette isn’t impressed with Max. 

Chat is touched by Marinette’s concern for Adrien, and of course just has to show off this whole Marichat sequence. 

Chat is surprised that LB knows UMS. LB is defensive, most likely because Max also assumed she didn’t game because of being a girl. Chat though is happy to find something they both like. 

Animation error, HM shouldn’t know what the ring looks like untransformed. 

Chat mimics Tom. 

CATBUG ROBOT. Love it’s design. 

Pacific Rim vibes. 

ZUKO SPIN. :OO if this is a reference to AtLA, could Marinette possibly be a fan of atla? Pleeeeeeeaaase? 

I think she just shouted Lady Bombs. 

All the references, bless this episode. Now I feel like I’m watching Super Smash Bros. 



Now Alya is up for supporting Marinette playing with Adrien. Girl I’m getting mixed signals here. Also Max is still being a bit of a sore loser, still being proud. I can’t quite say if Max really learned anything this episode, I suppose so over all but still…

Actually I wound up seeing the storyboard for this ep and I wish this one scene had stayed in, where Adrien moves to give Marinette’s charm back but Nino pulled her away before he could and he pockets it, deciding that he’d give it back later. Why couldn’t that stay in?

dreamcatchersdaughter  asked:

Bucky being hungry & starved for touch. But the whole tower treats him with kid gloves. Steve's even gentle with his touch around Bucky& it drives him mad, cause he needs contact. Until he meets flirty, handsy, cuddle-bug Tony who loves to touch. When Bucky figures this out he spends as much time around Tony as possible cause the man doesn't hold back. Steve notices& is half way to telling Tony to back off when Bucky elbows him the gut& distracts Tony with a friendly hug of his own. Ain't nothin

…ruining his Tony touches, not even a well meaning Steve. Steve puts his hands in the air surrendering& suddenly understands that Bucky LIKES Tony. Although he’s sure Bucky hasn’t figure out that particular bit yet. Tony who has been rebuffed time& time again by the team, cause he gets a little handsy& is touched starved himself, finds himself gravitating towards Bucky& he can’t really figure out why for the life of him. I was summoned by the call for winteriron headcanons.

Ta-da! Sorry for the horrible delay, I hope you like it!

It took 6 weeks for Bucky to meet Tony Stark, and it wasn’t until the man invaded his personal space, much to Steve’s consternation, that Bucky realized just how physically separated he was from everyone; they treated him as if he would break when pushed.

Not Tony though, the man had shook his hand, enveloping his calloused fingers around Bucky’s hand as if it wasn’t tainted by his past, the handshake was strong and warm, it sent a thrill down Bucky’s spine and made him stare at the man in something akin to wonder.

“Tony Stark, pleasure to finally meet you.” His voice sounded like he was purring at Bucky, and why would he? “Be advised, I will drool over your arm from a short distance and invade your personal space. Are you ready for that kind of commitment, Bucky-bear?”

“Put your money where mouth is, sweetheart.” Is like an out-of-body experience, for he knows his lips are moving and Tony’s eyes light up, and his smile denotes genuine amusement at the challenge.

“I like you, Bucky-bear, this is gonna be fun!” Tony turns to Steve and says, “Come by the lab sometime, yeah?”

And then, the genius is gone, for days on end. The others and Steve won’t touch him and he still feels like an outsider, because he won’t break, damnit! So, imagine his surprise when someone plops down on the sofa in the common room at 3 in the morning and leans against him like is an everyday occurrence.

“Why the long face, Bucky-bear?” Bucky looks at Tony, the man has dark circles under his eyes and a smudge of grease on his temple, but actually seems at ease with their shoulders and thighs touching.

Bucky sighs and throws his head back, noting how Tony makes sure to keep the physical contact. “I’m not breakable you know?”

He really expects Tony to defend the others’ actions or to placate him somehow, instead the genius twists his body and wraps his legs around Bucky’s waist, throwing his weight around, in the end Tony is holding him against his chest and carding his hands through Bucky’s hair.

“After Afghanistan I wasn’t very fond of people touching me…” That’s how it all really starts with Tony’s tale while he gave Bucky exactly what he needed to feel human again.

It develops into a routine, if Tony is nearby he gets his fix of touch and vice versa; a hand on the back of his neck (a brush against Tony’s arm), a squeeze on his arm or an arm around his waist (his arm around Tony’s shoulders), a bare foot under his thigh (a squeeze around Tony’s ankle or poking at his toes) and if he is real’ lucky a sleepy Tony snuggling close on the couch enjoying some down time, and lots of flirting (musn’t forget the flirting: those Bambi eyes that could make him do anything with very little convincing).

Of course, Steve and his well meaning mother henning and careful touches and soft hugs, stands to defend Bucky’s honor.

“Stark, I think that’s…” is as far as Steve gets to speak, because Tony looked startled, then sad and resigned -closing the hand he was reaching out to Bucky’s bruised cheek, while going on about repairs and gear upgrades- so Bucky elbowed his best friend in the ribs, with his metal arm and shot him a side glare that would make grown men weep for their mother’s. “Ufff.”

There was a bit of a terse silence while Tony watched wide eyed at their interaction and Steve seem to get the silent message, throwing his hands up and shaking his head. “Uh…”

This time Bucky invaded Tony’s space and pulled the hand until it rested against his swollen cheek, leaning into the touch with a small smile, his eyes closed; when he blinked them open again, awestruck big brown eyes were looking back. “You were sayin’, doll?”

He barely payed attention to Steve’s exasperated but fond. “Of course, you would!”

After all he was soaking up his Tony Touch Time, punk could wait.

regarding the whole “straight women going to gay bars to avoid mistreatment by straight men at bars” thing.

look. i understand and completely sympathize. as an afab and feminine-presenting person, i really do. yes, women get harassed by men in bars. yes, it sucks. yes, i understand that you want to have fun and be safe while doing it. but you can’t just come into queer spaces if you aren’t queer. “queer space” does not directly equal “women’s space”. they aren’t the same thing, point blank. gay bars are for queer people, and are especially meaningful places to meet other queer people, and invading our spaces as a straight person makes the environment we built for ourselves inherently unsafe for us. you can’t just decide you’re uncomfortable in a space made for you (and one that tends to exclude us in the first place) and then come into our spaces (of which we have very, very few) and make it uncomfortable for us. that’s unfair. that’s gross and destructive and oppressive and i really, REALLY need straight people to stay out of gay bars. i don’t care what your reasoning is for being there. it is important that you respect our spaces and please stay out of them if you aren’t queer. it’s not your space. it’s not your space. IT’S NOT YOUR SPACE.

anonymous asked:

Since you've mentioned loving Jefferson (I do too he needs to come back) would you consider writing a Mad Swan becoming buddies post curse fic?

I kind of forgot this in my drafts, but I really wanted to write something tonight and then I found it and finished it off in one fell swoop. I’m kinda fond of it, hope you will be too.

A little AU, in that I’m pretending the visit to the cemetery in 3.19 was the next day after the docks scene. Otherwise this could theoretically all be canon compliant.


when logic and proportion

(have fallen sloppy dead)


It starts with an accidental meeting in the grocery store, of all places. That seems about as surreal as the rest of it.

Emma is just there to pick up a gallon of milk on her way home, when she literally bumps into Jefferson going for a bottle of cream. They both freeze up for a second.

“Oh,” she says. “Um. Hey.”

“Sheriff,” he nods, then seems to change his mind and goes for the more familiar, “Emma.”

Emma hasn’t seen him since Mary Margaret kicked him out of a second-story window. He’s looking… well enough. Less insane.

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MOAR baby (and some grown up) goats!  These little boogers are already creeping up towards 2 weeks old.  The vet is coming tomorrow to disbud them (remove their horn nubs) so I thought I’d get some last photos of their unblemished heads before that happens.  It was SO GORGEOUS out today.  I just wanted to roll around in the grass like Rapunzel right after she gets out of her tower.  So I totally did.  Now I need a shower.  But nothing makes me feel more alive than SUMMER.  You and me both, Olaf!!

anonymous asked:

My cishet friend keeps going clubbing in lgbt+ specific clubs because she's not old enough to get into "regular" night clubs (lgbt+ clubs are a bit more relaxed on age restrictions in our area as they know there's no where else for teenage/young adult lgbt+ people to meet up) and idk it just bothers me that she keeps invading spaces when she's definitely not part of the lgbt+ community. Am I right to be annoyed? How should I talk to her about it?

Fox says:

Lots of cishet women (and men) go to LGBTQ+ bars/clubs to be in a recreational and social atmosphere without as much fear of being hit on in seriousness, taken advantage of, becoming a victim to date rape drugs, etc.

It’s a safer environment for a lot of people– especially women– and even if that’s not your friend’s intent, I just want you to understand why it’s okay for non-LGBTQ+ folks to be in LGBTQ+ bars/clubs in general.

I get where you’re coming from, but I wouldn’t say anything.

#rape mention #drugs mention #clubbing