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Hey @writegowrite… I did it again! Please accept my interpretation of the boys’ meet-cute from Chapter 1 of Coda. I totally envisioned Ben with full-on anime blush face~

Also, I say this every time, but if you haven’t read Coda yet, what the jeff are you doing with your life?! Go!!

“In 1979, James Turrell stood on the roof of a dilapidated former public school in Queens wielding a heavy-duty pneumatic jackhammer.”

MoMA PS1 curatorial assistant Oliver Shultz discusses James Turrell’s newly reopened Meeting, the first Skyspace Turrell created in the United States. Read more

[1980–86/2016. Installation view, MoMA PS1. The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Gift of Mark and Lauren Booth in honor of the 40th anniversary of MoMA PS1. Photograph: Pablo Enrique]


A stylish apartment in Marylebone, London

Renovated by DRDH Architects who have preserved aspects of the original building, this apartment within a Georgian house lives now a new modernity.  A more open plan makes it brighter and gives it more interconnection among the spaces.


RebelCaptain AU || Before Sunset  i. ii. iii

Years after their chance encounter, Cass and Jyn meet again in Paris. There, she is working for an environmental firm and he is on tour for a book that is based on their one night in Vienna. Initially meant to be a quick hello for Jyn after she heard Cass would be at her favorite bookstore for his tour, it quickly turns into another series of conversations and a walk around the city. But once again, Cass will need to catch a plane by nightfall to get back to Mexico and his committed life. So in the couple of hours they have left, both will relive the connection they experienced together…but will they also relive the same mistake?

MDM: !!
  • mare: i want you-
  • maven: !! *freezes*
  • maven: *breathes heavily*
  • maven: *almost faints*
  • mare: -to shut tHE FUCK UP THANK YOU VERY MUCH
A Lightened Soul

Prompt from @limax25: First of all, LS is one of my favorite stories EVER. And that’s saying something. So well done you! I was wondering how and why Jamie found himself up on that rooftop the night he met Claire and if she ever asked him about it.

Hi guys! Hope you all like Jamie’s pov of their first meeting. Let me know what you think and feel free to send me anything you’d like to see. I’m not writing the story in a linear fashion anymore, so literally anything :) Enjoy. Side note, I didn’t edit this a lot, so there may be errors

Catch up on the series here.


“Hmm,” he hummed against her damp neck, kissing a drop of water away.

They were snug in the small tub at Murtagh’s flat. The air was heavy with steam and the vanilla candles Claire had bought were scattered around the room, giving it a nice romantic feel. His legs were bent and toes smashed at the end of the porcelain. Claire fit snugly in between his thighs, her own toes just reaching the end of the tub. He buried his nose in the nest of curls atop her head while their fingers played together, twined tightly.

Murtagh had been so kind as to let the (semi) newlyweds have the flat to themselves for the weekend while he made the excuse of visiting friends in Glasgow. 

Jamie had gotten the news yesterday that their now mold-free flat would be ready at the end of next week. Tonight was a celebration of sorts.

“You never told me why you were up on the rooftop the night we met.”


“No, I think I would remember,” she teased, her eyes glowing in the candlelight and vanilla air. 

He cleared his throat in preparation for the story and she snuggled back under his chin.

 “Ach, well, it was after a long night at the bar and I needed to clear my head, ye ken?”

Jamie took a big gulp of air as he finally opened the door to the roof. It finally felt like he could breath again. Too much time in the city wasn’t good for his mental health. He missed green things. He missed open landscapes with no buildings but land as far as they eye could see. He missed home.

Jamie knew it was ridiculous, but he felt some sort of comfort when he looked past the lights of London and to the north. It was the way home.

 It had become somewhat of a habit for him to go up on the rooftop. The bar he worked at to fill up his time was right across the street. And it was one night that he just walked in, took the elevator and found his way. Perhaps not the most legal thing, but he wasn’t bothering anyone. The roof was always empty. He found that no one noticed him slipping in after dark and he cherished his private retreat. A home away from home in a way.

Jamie felt a stab of pain in his chest thinking about how that home was so changed since the last time he had been there and the humiliation of not being able to muster up the courage to go back.

The thought of seeing his father’s grave filled him with so many emotions, he had to clutch the knob of the rooftop door to keep himself steady.

He was about to turn around and go back when he heard a noise. A sniffle? 

Jamie squinted in front of him in the dark to see a figure standing by the edge of the building, clutching the cement for dear life and the force of their sobs shaking their whole body.

Christ, were they going to jump?

A gust of wind came around him and the stranger and he noticed that thick brown hair twirled around the person. A lass, then.

 He struggled for a moment, thinking the best way to approach her if she was thinking about jumping. Should he just run up and grab her while she isn’t expecting it? Or just talk to her?

Well, if she isn’t suicidal, she’ll think ye one draftie if ye run up and grab her, he thought to himself.

 He tentatively took one step towards her and spoke softly, “excuse me, lass?”

 She jumped about a foot in the air when she heard his voice, causing him to panic even more. The lass turned to face him and even in the dark, he could see her red face, wet with tears. Another pain struck his chest like a lightening bolt, but this time, it wasn’t from pain.

She wiped her blazer’s sleeve across her face, trying to hide her discomfort.

“I’m sorry. I thought…I didn’t realize anyone else was up here.”

Calculating his next move, he carefully edged a few feet closer to her. He didn’t think she was going to jump, but he still couldn’t be sure.

“I come up here sometimes to clear my head. It’s peaceful, ye ken?” He spoke in the most soothing voice he could muster, but what did he know about comforting distraught lassies?

A few feet more now, she was almost in reaching distance. He read her face carefully, but saw nothing but simply curiosity towards him, not alarm. Good.

“My name is Jamie,” he said with a smile, reaching his hand out to her, slowly.

She stared blankly at him and his hand for a moment until a flash of comprehension and then horror washed across her face.

“Oh, I wasn’t going to…” she waved her hand out towards the city and the ledge, “I wasn’t thinking about jumping, I just needed air.”

Her voice broke on her last sentence and he could see the silver tears beginning to flow down her face again. She turned slightly away from him to hide them. 

Jamie felt something inside him, deep and powerful, as he saw her crying. It was an emotion that he didn’t recognize at first because he had never felt it in this way before. Something he couldn’t understanding feeling for a stranger he had just met not but a few minutes ago.

 But all the sudden she was in his arms. He wrapped his arms tight around her, as if to protect her from the pain she felt. To protect her from feeling that isolating feeling he intuitively knew she was crying about because it was all too familiar.

She melted into his arms and she fit like she was made for him. Her brown curls tickled his nose as he whispered Gaelic into her ears while she cried into his chest.

She wrapped her hands tight around his body and suddenly home didn’t seem so far anymore.

“That’s when I first kent I loved ye,” he whispered into her ear, coming back to the present as the story ended, brushing away a few stray bubbles from her chin. 

“Oh, Jamie,” she whispered, turning around to look at his face. “Oh, I do love you.”

He leaned forward to met her lips, running his tongue across her bottom lip, cherishing her taste.

She pulled back and wrapped her legs around his hips, making the water ripple around them and the candles on the edge flicker in the dimness.

“Turns out that when I needed home the most, home is what showed up,” he tapped her one the nose, making her giggle.

Her eyes filled with tears, but tears so different than the night they met, and he knew exactly what she felt inside. A feeling that words fail to ever describe.

“I ken, Sassenach,” he said softly as she wrapped herself around him in a promise that he echoed. To never let her go. “I ken.”

MTR Fandom Showcase

“The Modern Four/The Futuristic Four” also known as “Meet the Incredibles Big Hero Bolt”. A sort of miniature fandom within the MTR fandom where four different characters from four different movies comes together in the same universe.

  • Wilbur Robinson from “Meet the Robinsons”
  • Violet Parr from “The Incredibles”
  • Hiro Hamada from “Big Hero 6″
  • Penny from “Bolt”

“Dr Levin is a researcher from Tufts University in Massachusetts, whose work focuses on organ placement in the body.

He believes that his work could soon extend beyond animals and into humans. For example, it could allow soldiers to regrow arms on the battlefield if lost to a bomb…

In 2013, Dr Levin surgically removed the eyes of donor tadpoles and grafted them onto the backs of recipient tadpoles, which induced the growth of ectopic - or abnormally placed - eyes. Recipient tadpoles had their natural eyes removed, so only the ectopic, spinal cord-connected eyes remained.

Dr Levin said: ‘The [tadpole’s] ability to see when ectopic eyes are connected to spinal cord and not directly to the brain was stunning.

‘A primary goal in medicine is to one day be able to restore the function of damaged or missing sensory structures through the use of biological or artificial replacement components…’

Another of Dr Levin’s experiments in 2015 saw free-living flatworms growing specific head shapes and brains characteristic of other species of flatworm, and the changes were beyond skin deep.

By interrupting protein channels called gap junctions, which pass electrical signals between cells, Dr Levin changed the distribution of the worm’s adult stem cells, along with the shape of the head and brain.

‘It is commonly thought that the sequence and structure of chromatin - material that makes up chromosomes - determine the shape of an organism, but these results show that the function of physiological networks can override the species-specific default anatomy,’ said Dr Levin.

‘By modulating the connectivity of cells via electrical synapses, we were able to derive head morphology and brain patterning belonging to a completely different species from an animal with a normal genome…’

Most recently in May 2016, Dr Levin used lasers to reprogram tumour cells to become harmless again.

Cancer cells emit 'faulty’ electrical signals, that leads them to divide uncontrollably.

Dr Levin used gene therapy to make these cells 'light-sensitive’ meaning lasers could then alter their cancer-causing signals.

But Dr Levin has bigger hopes for regenerative medicine.

He told Popular Science: 'The endgame of this field is complete specification of shape.

'You’d be able to sit down on a computer, like in Photoshop, and draw what you want, and out it comes.

'If you said, “I want a triangular frog with seven legs, and the eyes should be over here,” I don’t see any reason you couldn’t do that…’


IU (Haesoo) uploaded this pic on her IG on July 1 the caption is
“Last scene, last cut by Jomyung PD”
And the pic is Baekah with modern hairstyle
Hope that the 2 special episodes will be them all being happy and meeting in modern times

Mr. First Kiss

‘Mr. First Kiss’
Rating: teen
Modern AU, college
Pairing: Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia
Word Count: 3474
Summary: A modern college AU mashed up with a 'meet cute’ idea.

My Secret Santa gift for @a-world-under-siege

Plue didn’t need an excuse to walk on his hind legs, he spent more time upright than anything it seemed. The whole breed had been prized as circus dogs. Right now he was straining at his leash, trying to get closer to the guy walking his cat in front of them.

“Plue! Hey! Plue! What do you think you’re doing?” Concentrating attention on her dog was Lucy’s downfall and salvation. This dog didn’t fetch, didn’t like other dogs and refused to walk at heel. Lucy needed to keep a sharp eye and firm hand on the leash to keep her American Eskimo miniature in line.

A Cat? Lucy loosened her grip and gawped at the sight of a Russian Blue decked out in a black leather harness, with a tiny knapsack on his back, embossed with smiling green fish.

The man halted and turned. “Just going for a walk lady!”

Mistakes one and two; stopping and turning. Lucy came face to face with a confused and very attractive man a couple inches taller than herself with dark eyes and a shock of pink hair peeking out from under a knit cap.

“I wasn’t talking to you!” Lucy regretted her lack of make-up this morning. Sheesh! If she’d known her new neighbourhood had such a good looking man, she’d have taken the time to dress nicer.

Plue lunged for the cat.  Inattention to the dog; mistake number three.

Jerked forward and surprised from the amount of pull in a not even twenty-pound dog, Lucy went crashing chest first into the stranger. She gasped as he wrapped his arms around her, trying to keep her upright.

Plue yipped at the cat who stood his ground for ten seconds and then decided to climb his master, swarming up the man. Lucy watched him scrunch his eyes shut from the pain. Now distracted with his pet perched on his shoulder, digging claws into his flesh, the stranger stumbled about, trying to steady his footing. “Happy! Stop it!”

Plue, not to be denied his attempt at making a new friend or asserting his dominance over a new enemy leaped into the air and knocked into the man. In a flailing mass of tangled limbs, man, woman, cat and dog fell to the sidewalk.

Lucy wondered why the pavement radiated warmth and smelled of wood smoke and spice. Her eyes snapped open in shock. She was laying on the stranger, cocooned in his arms and her lips smooshed onto his.

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