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Hey @writegowrite… I did it again! Please accept my interpretation of the boys’ meet-cute from Chapter 1 of Coda. I totally envisioned Ben with full-on anime blush face~

Also, I say this every time, but if you haven’t read Coda yet, what the jeff are you doing with your life?! Go!!

fanfics before & after the riverdale finale

*before episode 13*


- bughead: highschool lovers

- bughead: secret admiration

- bughead: love triangle

- bughead: meeting the family

- bughead: modern romeo & juliet

- bughead: the cheerleader & the nerd

- bughead: the happily ever after

- bughead: marriage & family

*after episode 13*



- bughead: SEX ON THE FLOOR

- bughead: SEX ON THE ROOF








- bughead: SEX IN-

12 Reasons Why Old Souls Have Such A Hard Time Finding Love

1. They have a strong sense of identity.

They know who they are, which means they also know – specifically – what they do and do not want in a partner, what works and what doesn’t. While this is fantastic in terms of being able to choose wisely, it ultimately diminishes their pool of prospects pretty significantly.

2. Left unchecked, their hyper-intuitiveness can wreck relationships.

Often prone to overthinking because of how deeply sensitive they are, their capacity to worry and make assumptions can break relationships that don’t have a perfectly strong foundation.

3. Many are in the throes of twin flame relationships.

They’re attached or are with people who are not their “forever” people, rather, intense connections they’re meant to learn, and rapidly expand, from.

4. They often have a greater purpose that must be attended to first – one that love would distract them from.

They usually have to accomplish quite a bit on their own before they find love – this is because old souls love deeply, and completely. To be given love too soon would keep them from the other important things they are here to do.

5. They will not settle for anything less than soulmate love.

They require a lot more than just a surface-level, “average” relationship. They absolutely will not settle, and sometimes, that means biting the bullet and being alone for longer than what’s “average” as well.

6. While many people can bring them passion, few can bring compatibility.

Because they feel so deeply and others find them so fascinating, it’s easy for them to find infatuation, but to be with someone who is truly their best friend, deepest confidant *and* lover is a challenge.

7. They’re less inclined to go out and meet people in modern ways.

Even if they have nothing against online dating, it doesn’t always come naturally for them, nor does finding a random hookup at a bar or being set up blindly seem appealing.

8. They’re natural healers, and often attract people who need help, not love.

And that attraction is reciprocated. There’s almost nothing that feels better to an old soul than being able to help someone who truly needs it. However, at some point in time, it’s crucial for them to realize that they have to choose a partner, not a student, or a charity case.

9. They dislike the “game.”

Dating is inherently exhausting to an older-spirited person. Feigning disinterest for the sake of looking “cool” or knowing which faux pas other people find off-putting (how long after the first date do you text again?) isn’t instinctive to them, and can stress them out more than they ever find it “fun.”

10. Their standards are sky-high.

They expect a lot from themselves, so likewise, they expect a lot from their partners. While this is a great thing, it’s another quality that has to be kept in check: it’s more important to be able to accept the qualities that aren’t deal-breakers than it is to just write a person off because they’re imperfect.

11. They have baggage.

People who developed their inner selves quickly did so for a reason: they had to cope, they had to grow, or they had to learn from some challenging experiences that life set up for them. While this is a great thing on its own, unresolved issues can often re-manifest in close relationships.

12. They feel fear as intensely as they feel love.

The degree to which they love something is proportionate to how much they fear losing it, or not being “good enough” for it. They don’t just love intensely, they feel everything else intensely, too, and sometimes, that gets in the way of the really good things in front of them.


Barn House in Fahndorf

The expansion designed by Propeller Z complements the available floor area of ​​just under 60 m2 by providing a living space and kitchen, that meets the needs of modern times. The new volume, following the edge of the site, is pushed into a section of the roof geometry of the yard without touching it. The shell of the new building constructed from ready-made panels in just one day opens with a generous glazing to the south and east, while the west and north sides remain almost completely closed.

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Bad Blood AU

Character A is a vampire that hasn’t been able to get a proper meal in days. Hanging out in an alleyway/parking garage/park/etc., Character A waits for the next human to walk by so that they can strike.

Character B is an immortal that has absolutely no fear, which is why they’re wandering around after dark. When Character A tries to sink their fangs into Character B’s neck, it’s an unpleasant surprise since Character B’s blood is (non-lethally) toxic to Character A.


William Shakespeare- the Bard of Avon, Legendary Wordsmith, was, in all probability, super queer. We’re going to look at the evidence, read some lovely poems, read some raunchy poems, and generally just talk Shakespeare.

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MTR Fandom Showcase

“The Modern Four/The Futuristic Four” also known as “Meet the Incredibles Big Hero Bolt”. A sort of miniature fandom within the MTR fandom where four different characters from four different movies comes together in the same universe.

  • Wilbur Robinson from “Meet the Robinsons”
  • Violet Parr from “The Incredibles”
  • Hiro Hamada from “Big Hero 6″
  • Penny from “Bolt”
MDM: !!
  • mare: i want you-
  • maven: !! *freezes*
  • maven: *breathes heavily*
  • maven: *almost faints*
  • mare: -to shut tHE FUCK UP THANK YOU VERY MUCH
Taste the Feeling

Taste the Feeling ; Edmund Pevensie x Reader

Setting : Modern AU

****Requested: Yes

There are no Edmund coke bottles in real life, I am dismayed. (There’s an Ed one, tho.)

Y/N walks inside the nearest convenient store, taking a peak around.
The door opened behind her, and all of a sudden something bumped into her.
Y/N gasped as she stumbled forward.
The person who bumped into her and let out a string of curses before reaching a hand out to stabilize her.
“Shit. You okay?” He apologized. “Wasn’t looking.”
“Yeah,” Y/N nodded, smiling before walking off to the candy isle.
The boy who bumped into her just shrugged and walked towards the chips isle.
Y/N ran to the register a few minutes later, catching a glimpse at the boy who bumped her as he exited the convenient store with a few plastic bags.
She dumped a stack of random food to the register before shooting her head up. “Oh, yeah, one sec.”
The cashier rolled her eyes. “You forgot something?”
Y/N smiled sheepishly.
The cashier sighed “Go ahead, not like you have a line behind you.”
Y/N glanced around the store, realizing that she was the only costumer left.
Y/N grinned at the cashier. “I’ll be quick.”
She rushed over to the drinks isle and stood infront of the refrigerators.
“What do we drink today?” She hummed to herself.
Her eyes darted over to the red wrappers at the last refrigerator.
Y/N grinned and ran forward, snatching a couple bottles and running back.
“And this,” She said, gently setting the bottles down. “Ten bottles of coke.”

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A stylish apartment in Marylebone, London

Renovated by DRDH Architects who have preserved aspects of the original building, this apartment within a Georgian house lives now a new modernity.  A more open plan makes it brighter and gives it more interconnection among the spaces.