Mutsa Marau, 29, was born and raised in London, England. She has always remained connected to her African heritage and in 2011 she set out to Zambia for four months to implement an HIV prevention peer-to-peer project. “I wanted to create a platform on which people could stand and learn from each other, growth could happen and it could all be transparent, creative, fun, and educational,” she says. Marau wants to effect change at the grassroots level rather than being a “top-heavy charity providing aid.” While she supports international aid after disasters, Marau believes that the concept of aid must be reevaluated. ” I really don’t understand how something, like AID, that is without an exit strategy can be viewed as being helpful in the long-term. It’s not sustainable to just keep pumping money.” Meet Musta is a manifestation of a duty Marau felt to make a difference in the fight against HIV but to do so in a way that allows people to learn from each other as equals. She describes the journey as “humbling, revealing, overwhelming, fun, blessed and a process.” A process that has been well documented through Social Media; all in the name of transparency and accountability. We interviewed her to find out more about her “Catch Me I’m a Butterfly Project” in Mukuni, Zambia.

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