My Loft ‘89 Experience 5-31-15

I got the amazing opportunity to go backstage and meet Taylor Swift, and decided to bring my friend Maggie along, last Saturday at her Detroit show. After much thought we came up with a cute version of Welcome to New York where we changed the lyrics to say Welcome to Detroit.

Before the show we spent a lot of time practicing it. We arrived, completely out of breath, to where the meet and greet was and we ended up doing a lot of waiting. We got to see graffiti artwork done by a Detroit artist in honour of Taylor.

(Photo from @marhunt on instagram)

We began to practice our song for Taylor next to the artwork. When we got to the meet and greet our ukulele was confiscated and we were told we could not do our performance for Taylor. We were very sad to hear this but we kept our spirits up and were still excited to meet her.

As the line winded down we began to get glimpses of her through the curtain and hear her voice a little. We also saw many girls crying uncontrollably. At first, I thought someone died or something and then I realised they were just very excited to meet her. Honestly though, these girls appeared to be crying sad tears. Finally, we were next in line. We opened the curtain and there she was. She was so pretty and tall and amazing! When we walked in she immediately said I was tall which shocked me because at the height of 5’7” (wearing 3 inch heels) I was still no where near as close as tall as she was. I then told her that I happened to be wearing a shirt that she had been seen wearing just this Thursday.

 She told me that she bought the shirt herself at Topshop. I was excited to hear this because I know tons of people buy clothes for her but she picked this one herself. I’ve had the shirt for a year. Then I told her I saw her sparkly dress that she instagrammed and was excited to see it at the concert.

She told me she was wearing it for Style. Then she told us that she had lots of surprises in store for us. We took a picture after that with her. We hugged her again and then went back out into the loft, which was decorated super cool just like her home in New York with an awesome brick wall.

After we left the meet and greet with Taylor her Mom was standing outside the room. We went over to her and began to strike up a conversation. I told her how I am going to Notre Dame, where her son Austin went, and we found out that I am majoring in the same exact department he majored in! I had no idea he majored in FTT (film,television, theatre) and it’s crazy sad that he graduated right when I was about to come to Notre Dame. 

We began to talk about costumes that Taylor wore. In the loft in cases there were three Taylor Swift outfits in cases. One was black and silver one but I can’t remember what it was from. The other was the outfit she wore on “ew” with Jimmy Fallon. 

The third she wore at the 2013 Billboard music awards by Zuhair Murad which is one of my all time favourites (see picture). After hugging Mama Swift we left the Loft.

We watched Vance Joy and he was amazing! I’ll have a separate post about that up soon. 

Finally, after a ton of waiting in the pit, Taylor Swift finally appeared on stage wearing the cutest outfit ever singing Welcome to New York. The crowd went CRAZY. Her vocals were on point the ENTIRE show which is very hard to do especially with how she was dancing. Her dancers had flawless choreography and her backup singers were amazing too.  My favourite song that she sang was Bad Blood because the choreography was great. Remember earlier when I mentioned that Taylor had some surprises up her sleeve. Well she sure did. Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons popped up from under the stage, even though he is currently on tour, and sang Radioactive with Taylor. The crowd went crazy and nobody had any idea that he was at the concert in the first place. He was amazing and it was awesome of him to come and see us even though he was so busy at the moment  Then later, during the song Style, Taylor’s two friends Martha Hunt and Gigi Hadid came out and walked the runway for all 51,000 of us. The crowd went crazy.

Sadly the concert came to a close and we had to leave and go home. Whilst we waited to leave we watched the tear down of the stage, which was happening insanely fast. I honestly need to hire those people to clean my room right now.

Anyways the show was amazing, taylorswift is amazing, and it was the best concert I’ve ever been to. I can’t wait for her next album and next tour! I plan on being there. I love you Taylor!


The other day, someone told me that it’s very risky to meet your hero/idol because they will most likely be everything you never thought they would be. I stopped for a moment and simply replied, “Not Taylor.” Taylor Swift is more than I could have ever imagined. She lights up the whole room and takes the time to tell you how much she loves you. She has that cute laugh we all see in interviews and that dorky vibe to make you feel like she’s your best friend. From the beginning I’ve never doubted her and she made my dreams come true. So no, don’t fear meeting your idol because my experience was the most magical moment of Thank you taylorswift for not only meeting me but for being more than my dreams could have ever imagined.

When you meet Taylor...

1. You literally don’t remember what happened in between you entering the room and her hugging you

2. You stand there with a goofy grin on your face just nodding and laughing when she talks to you because your mind can’t comprehend what is happening

3. You forget everything you have wanted to say to her over the past decade because your mind is boggled by the fact that she is right in front of you

4. You forget to say thank you to her for everything and feel horrible about it afterwards and hope she doesn’t not like you because you were so awkward

5. You even forget to say happy birthday to her for two days away because again your mind turned to mush in the moment

6. The only thing you did manage to do was give her a typed version of the letter you usually hand write and decorate because you gave the real version to Taylor Nation and Taylor probably thought you put zero effort into it but you couldn’t even apologise to her or explain why because words…

 @taylorswift I hope you know that 11.12.15 was the best day of my life that i never thought would happen to me ever. Meeting you has given me something back that i needed for so long! I’m so sorry that i didn’t get to say thank you in person. You were just so funny and perfect and doing F.R.I.E.N.D.S impressions and hugging me that my mind really couldn’t bring out words! I hope you liked my letter! I tried to be creative in saying thank you for changing my life for the better! I’m sorry it wasn’t hand written - Taylor Nation has that copy! but i’m just so glad you have it! I will never forget you as long as i live! 

Em <3



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I had the honor & privilege of meeting the incomparable taylorswift last night. She was so genuinely excited to be there meeting everyone. Her energy is infectious. I felt like I was meeting royalty but at the same time I felt like I was reuniting with an old friend. Taylor is truthfully one of a kind & every fan deserves the chance to meet her. I promise she is just as awesome as you think she is. I will forever look back at this night and smile. Taylor, I was enchanted to meet you! somewhere-lostinwonderland