meeting your fav actor

when people started spotting ddl at restaurants and bars but there’s no photo so you didn’t know how he looks like now the filming has finished and pta won’t released not even one still so you’re stuck using the same icon for months even though you’re desperate to change it but ddl’s pictures are so limited you’ll have to use his old photos instead but you don’t know which and you don’t want to and now you’re salty af because people are meeting your fav actor and they didn’t even take a picture and pta won’t released anything and you feel like dying inside because you miss ddl so much but still no news and then you realized he’s so selfish he didn’t even care about his fans and let them wait for 5 years and you have to see mediocrities everyday while he keeps his talent to himself and people are forgetting he even exists so you’re accusing other people as atheist because ddl is a god and they forgot about him but in the usual suspects kevin spacey said “the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist” so that means ddl is the devil which make so much sense so fuck everything