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#14 - your son is gay

I was listening to same love and I just needed to write this. I know there are a lot of other requests but I was just having inspiration for this


Calum : The frontdoor opened with a slam. Your son ran inside with tears rushing down his cheeks. He fastly ran upstairs followed by a slam from his bedroom door. You looked at Cal who was already looking at you. “I’ll go” you say and walk upstairs. Even if you said I’ll go Calum still follows you upstairs. “Colin? Baby can I come in?” I ask. The only thing hearable was his loud cries. I opened the door slowly and see him lying on bed crying into his pillow. I walk to him and kneel next to him on the bed. “What’s wrong sweetie?” I ask and gently wipe some tears away. “Today… I… I…” he tries to say. He sits right up. Calum walks in and sits on one side of him and I sit on the other. I hug him and let him cry into my shoulder. He lets me go and takes a deep breath. “I kissed my boyfriend today and now everyone makes fun of us” he says. “Boyfriend?” Calum asks surprised. “I’m so sorry dad, I never meant to dissapoint you” he whispers. “I’m not dissapointed at all” Calum says. “You’re not?” Colin asks. “No ofcourse not, I want to meet him. Yeah I always thought you would bring a girl home but I’m also okay with a guy. I don’t have anything against gay people” Calum says. “What about you mom? You haven’t said anything” Colin asks. “I’m just shocked baby. It’s a bit of a surprise that you have a boyfriend but I would love to meet him” I say. “Thank you mom” he says and hugs me. “Thanks dad” he says and hugs Calum. “Now call your boyfriend, I want to meet him” Calum says.

Luke : You got a call that your son Tommy got into a fight at school. You raced to his school and called Luke on your way to his school. Luke was also on his way and told you to meet you there. Luke walked into the school the same moment as you. You kissed each other and then walked to the principle’s office. “Hello Mr and Miss Hemmings” he greets. “Hello” we both say. “Follow me, Tommy is in my office” he says. We follow and see Tommy. “Mom it really wasn’t my fault” he says. “It’s okay, I’m just coming to pick you up and I want to hear what the principle has to say” I say. “You can’t just treat like he hasn’t done anything y/n” Luke says. “Tommy hasn’t done anything. Yes he was in a fight but it wasn’t Tommy’s fault. He fought with Andre and Andre has detention for a month now but the reason I called you here is because Tommy asked me after the fight to bring you here so he could tell you something” the principle says. “So tell us, I’m really busy” Luke says. “But that’s the point dad, you are always busy and I wanted to tell the both of you not only mom. The last year I’ve been gay and I get bullied for it and I don’t get any support at home because you are always busy and when I got into a fight you care? Geez I never thought my dad would just forget me. I’m alive too dad. I’ll see when you care” Tommy says and walks out. “Since he came out I tried to tell him that he needs to tell you but he always says you don’t have enough time for him. I think a vacation doesn’t sounds wrong for the three of you or just some time together during dinner. I know I don’t have to say anything because it’s your life but I’m just trying to help” he says. You nod, give him a hand, say goodbye and leave. “Please let’s go home Luke, he needs us” you say and Luke nods. You drive home in silence. You park the car and see that the frontdoor is wide open. You both step out and rush inside. We run upstairs and see Tommy lying on his bed with tears. “Tommy” I say. He doesn’t move or say anything. “Can you at least sit up?” Luke asks. He sits up and then looks at Luke. “When were you going to tell us?” Luke asks. I sit next to Tommy and hold his hand. “Maybe if you would be home sometimes I would have told you then” Tommy says. “I’m home now buddy and I wanna help you” Luke says. “Thank you, I’m sorry that I’ve never told you before” Tommy says. “No I’m sorry I wasn’t here before but I’m really supporting you and you being gay” Luke says. “And I still love my little man” you say and hug him. “We should go do something tomorrow, just an son and dad day. What about swimming in that new pool with the cool glides?” Luke says. “I would love to dad” Tommy says. “I’ll call your principle and leave you two. You have a lot to talk about together” you say and smile. Then you leave the room and leave Tommy with his dad.

Michael : You were doing some grocery shoppings while Michael was home. He had a few weeks off. Even if the band is a bit older then the younger days they still do shows. Your son Nathan was also home because it’s spring break. You go home and opened the door when you heard screaming. You put your bags in the kitchen and walk upstairs. You see Michael yelling at Nathan and another boy in Nathan’s room. “I do not accept that my son is being gay, I don’t want that and you can go, pack your things and live with your boyfriend if you want to be gay but I don’t accept it in my house. You are not gay and if you really are which is completly stupid you can go live with your stupid gay friend” Michael screams and slams the door. He doesn’t even notice you and walks straigh downstairs. You hear some sobs in your sons room and walk inside. “I’m so sorry” Nathan keeps whispering. “Baby” you say and walk inside. “Your mum is here” the unknown boy says. Nathan nods and then sits on my lap and cries on my shoulder as he used to. “Do… Do I really need to leave?” Nathan asks. “Of course not, you are also my son and if I say you’re staying you’re staying” you says. “I’m so sorry mom. I’ve never meant to fall in love with a boy and I’m sorry if I dissapoint you” he says. “Hey baby, I’m totally fine with you being gay and you don’t dissapoint me at all. I just wish I would have met your first boyfriend another way than this” you say. “It’s okay, mom this is my boyfriend Austin” Nathan says. “Nice to meet you Austin” you say. “Nice to meet you too Mrs Clifford” he says. “Just call me y/n” you say. “Come with me downstairs so we can talk to dad okay? And you should come too” you say and look at Nathan and Austin. They nod and follow me downstairs. “Micheal” you say and snap him out of his daydreams. “Since when are you home?” he asks. “Since the fight but you didn’t saw me” you say. “I’m sorry Nathan… I… I freaked out when I saw you making out with him” Micheal says. “It’s okay dad, I never wanted for you to find it out this way and I’m sorry if I dissapoint you” Nathan says and tears spring in his eyes again. Austin hugs him. “Nathan, I’m not dissapointed and what I said wasn’t true. It’s okay if you’re gay and even the fact that you have a boyfriend is okay. I just really overreacted and you scared me a bit” Michael says. Nathan nods and hugs his dad. “I love you dad” Nathan mumbles. “I love you too buddy” Michael says. “This is not how I wanted you to meet my boyfriend but dad, this is Austin” Nathan says. “Nice to meet you Mr clifford” Austin says. “Just call me Michael if you want and you can stay for dinner if you want. I’m sorry for my outburst earlier but I want to get to know you” Michael says. “I’ll call my mom” Austin says. “Okay, now let’s go back to my room” Nathan says.

Ashton : You walk to your son Tyler’s room to ask what he wants to eat tonight. You open the door andlet out a scream when you see your son almost naked making out with an another almost naked boy. “I’ll come back later” you say embarresed and walk downstairs. After a few minutes you hear footsteps coming downstairs. “I’m so sorry mom” Tyler says. “It’s okay, I’m going to do the grocery shoppings” you say. “No wait mom… I’m gay” he says. “I kind of saw that” you say. “He’s my boyfriend Dan but I didn’t want to tell you because you would tell dad and dad would be mad” Tyler says. “Of course not, he loves you and we both respect your decission. You are still my son Tyler and maybe you should get your boyfriend downstairs so I can meet him” I say. “Thank mom, I love you” he says. “Can I tell Ashton?” you ask. “What do you need to tell me?” Ashton asks and walks inside. “I’m gay and have a boyfriend” Tyler says. “Hmm and what’s wrong with that? I don’t mind if you are gay, I kind of already expected it… You were talking with a Dan on your phone with heartsss” Ashton says with his famous giggle. “So you want to meet him?” Tyler asks. “Of course, I respect it” Ashton says. I smile and hug Ashton while Tyler gets his boyfriend Dan. “Our son is growing up” Ashton says.

anonymous asked:

Hey so I love your video and I was wondering if you could share the whole list of tronnor videos that you used to make it please?

Uhhh, if you really want it, here it is. It’s super long though.

13/12/13 Who Would We Fck (ft. Tyler Oakley) - Connor
13/28/13 KISS, MARRY, KILL - Tyde
14/01/12 13 YOUTUBERS ONE COUCH - Ricky
14/02/03 Moving In - Troye
14/02/08 Getting Sloppy in San Francisco (ft. Troye & Connor) - Tyler
14/02/08 San Francisco Adventure (w- Tyler & Troye) - Connor
14/03/21 Universal Day with the British Crew - Playlist 2014 Day 2 - Tyler
14/03/22 Surprise Signing & Frickle Frackling - Playlist 2014 Day 3 - Tyler
14/03/24 Getting Nasty on the Dance Floor - Playlist Live Day 5 - Tyler
14/03/26 Swimming With A Duck - Playlist Live #3 - Alfie
14/03/27 Bouncy Castle Backflips - Playlist Live #4 - Alfie
14/03/28 Beards & Bouncy Castles - Florida Days 4 & 5 - Zoe
14/03/28 The YouTube BoyBand On MainStage - Playlist Live #5 - Alfie
14/03/28 Zoe, Troye & Connor React To The YouTube Boyband Video - Playlist Day 4 - Marcus
14/03/31 Chilling By The Pool + YouTuber Party - Marcus
14/04/30 ITALIAN PARADISE - Louis
14/05/01 CHEERS TO ITALY! - Louis
14/05/02 ICECREAM ENVY - Louis
14/05/09 Leaning Tower of Pisa With The Boys - Marcus
14/05/09 TROYE’S MY PILLOW - Louis
14/05/10 YOUTUBERS IN DRAG - Louis
14/05/12 Blown Away In Brighton - Connor
14/05/14 Getting Drunk In Italy - Marcus
14/05/15 Risking Death In Florence & Pranking Tyler - Marcus
14/05/24 Troye, Tyler & Connor Take Over Brighton - Zoe
14/05/31 YOUTUBE LADS ON TOUR - Alfie
14/06/09 The Internet Slang Challenge - Marcus
14/06/26 LA SKATEBOARDING - Vidcon Day 1 - Alfie
14/06/26 YouTuber Dance Party [VidCon 2014 Day 1] - Tyler
14/06/27 VidCon Surprises & #TRXYE [VidCon 2014 Day 2] - Tyler
14/06/28 Meeting 1,000 Subscribers! - Vidcon Day 3 - Alfie
14/06/28 Meeting You & Tyler Giggles - Zoe
14/06/28 My SK8R Boifriend & Cracking Finn’s Bones [VidCon 2014 Day 3] - Tyler
14/06/28 YouTuber Room Party - Vidcon Day 3 - Marcus
14/06/29 My Epic, Surprise Pizza Party Meetup [VidCon 2014 Day 4] - Tyler
14/06/29 Partying at Vidcon - Marcus
14/07/05 Hotel Room Games & Celebrating July 4th - Marcus
14/07/06 Youtuber Whispers 3 - Joe
14/07/06 Youtuber Whispers 3 Bloopers - Joe
14/07/19 Eating My Feelings - LA5 - Sprinkle of Chatter - Louise
14/07/20 SO MUCH IS HAPPENING - Troye
14/07/28 My Biggest Insecurity - Connor
14/08/18 Whispering Awkward Pickup Lines (ft. Connor Franta) - Tyler
14/08/28 MESSY BOYS TRY POT (ft. Troye Sivan) - Tyler
14/10/27 Troye Sivan Answers Fan Questions On Shazam Top 20
14/10/27 Troye Sivan Reveals His Favourite Video Ever - Shazam
14/10/27 Troye Sivan Reveals His Ultimate Fan Girl Moment - Shazam
14/11/20 South Africa - Tyde
14/11/23 No Arms Challenge- Fall Routine Feat. Troye Sivan! - Bethany
14/11/30 Dean’s Big Trick - Sprinkle of Chatter - Playlist - Louise
14/12/09 SPUD 3 PREMIERE ft Troye Sivan, Caspar Lee & Connor Franta
14/12/31 Tronnor - Sydeny NYE 2014 Story Time
15/01/11 Dear Future Me - Troye
15/01/14 COOKING WITH RACHEL - Louis
15/02/02 A Simple Question - Connor
15/02/10 I Love Being In America! - Alfie
15/03/02 THE EMOJI CHALLENGE - Troye
15/03/05 MEETING A JAGUAR - Oli
15/03/07 a minute with troye - Troye
15/03/16 The Emoji Tag - Connor

It’s organized by date (yy/mm/dd), then by title, and finally, the YouTuber who posted it. I’m sorry the newer ones aren’t on there, but I haven’t gotten around to downloading those and I don’t have a full list sorted yet. But enjoy?