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For some reason, Nina has alot of chemistry with herself, especially when Elena and Katherine meet for the first time.

ikr, she’s ridiculous (in a good way), i mean the Kelena scenes might just be my favorites and only because of Nina


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So I just saw a video where a baby was crying because he missed his mom, who was away for a few days. The dad gives the baby one of the moms shirts and he stops crying because he can smell her. It's adorable 😍 Think you could write a little something about this?

I saw this on Facebook this afternoon and it’s the most cutest video I’ve seen in a long, long, long while! It’s just so, so, so adorable and it really shows that the bond between a mother and her baby is the strongest and most unbreakable bond that they’d have in their life. I seriously recommend you watch it because it’ll really make your day ten times better.

I got instant Harry feels from it after the second time I watched it because it’s definitely something that both Harry and the missus would do when the other was away on a business trip/holiday. Especially when Harry was away for business and meetings in America and single/album production meetings during the time when Persephone was a small, fresh, newborn baby and needed both the comfort from her mother as well as the comfort that her father had to offer. The missus would swaddle her in an old t-shirt belonging to Harry and as soon as the cries had subsided, it’s when she realises that she just missed her daddy and just wanted to smell him and feel a little closer to him.

“Are you just missin’ daddy, sweetheart? Daddy smells really good, doesn’t he? Like mint and vanilla. You like his smell, don’t you? You love this t-shirt of his, too. First shirt you ever touched when you were born,” the missus would explain softly, falling on the ears that weren’t quite picking up the meaning, “there’s lots more in daddy’s wardrobe. But you can’t say anythin’ when he comes home, okay?”

And when the missus is away on a business trip for the weekend and Harry’s left at home, she explains to him that giving her a shirt of hers to wear will console her because she’s just missing the comfort of her mother. And, as his heartbreaks at the unconsolable cries leaving his little girl, it fixes again when Persephone’s tiny hands slip around the material and hold it closer to her body, a smile soon erupting on her tiny face as she recognises the familiarity of her mother.

“S’that mummy’s shirt, Poppet? Can yeh smell mummy, hm? Are yeh missin’ her just as much as I am? S’not the same without her here, is it?” He’d coo softly, tickling her belly and peppering kisses to her soft cheeks, “she’ll be home soon, yeah? Then we can cuddle her all we want.” xx

somewhat gentle reminder that one of my verse cop-outs is literally just pidge getting shot into a random timeline via courrupt wormhole so her meeting random people in their youth is 100% possible  o( ❛ᴗ❛ )o

Subunit Songs AUs

Brain stahp stop coming up with new AUs from looping the new subunit songs _:(´ཀ`」∠):_  I haven’t even finished the JobSetAU doodles/headcanons yet

If you like these, you are free to take these headcanons and write/draw lolol

  • CYR’s P.S. no Mukougawa (On the Other Side of a Postscript)
    A couple broke up some time ago on good terms - there wasn’t really any reason for breakup, both just felt that this relationship won’t last and they better end it while they still thought fondly of each other. GirlB moves away soon after. GirlA, however, begins to feel like something’s missing in her life. Her mind wanders to her ex whenever she least expects it, such as when she is just sipping tea in a cafe, or even just doing crossword puzzles. She regrets ending the relationship so early, but she remains positive and believes that they would meet some time again and when they do, she will try to work on their spark again.

    GirlB also feels the same, and she’s obtained GirlA’s contact information through a friend. She’s too shy to take a direct approach, so she decides to write GirlB a friendly-casual postcard with a postscript:
    P.S. I miss you
    A fluffy, diabetes-inducing shoujo story? XD

  • AZA’s Lonely Tuning
    A freelance composer is at a pinch at creating a melody she is satisfied with. She sits in a cafe, jotting down notes with her headphones on, trying to refine this new tune she just can’t seem to perfect. She always sees this girl waiting for her bus outside the cafe; the girl looks stressed, perhaps even a bit melancholic, most of the time. The composer is intrigued at first, merely curious about the girl and what could be causing her to wear such expression. The more the composer wonders, the more attracted she becomes to the girl. Whenever the composer is at home, she’d look out of the window or even go on the balcony and gaze at the night sky, wondering how the girl is doing and if anything is able to cheer her up. Repeatedly and tirelessly, she edits the tune hoping to give it to the girl one day, see if the music would bring a smile to her face.

    Little does the composer know, the girl has noticed her too…
    A simple, light-hearted romance story that could have drama in between

  • GK’s Guilty Eyes Fever
    After a one-night-stand, GirlA regrets it and wants to pretend that the night of passion ever happened, though a small voice in the back of her mind seeks more. The night of passion empowers her with confidence, something she lacks in everyday life. GirlB is unable to forget GirlA, wanting to get to know her more. Luck is on GirlB’s side as the two keeps running into each other, whether at cafes, on transit, in grocery stores and so on. GirlB doesn’t push it - she chats with GirlA to understand more about her and only flirts from time to time. If they somehow meet at night, GirlB lets GirlA lead the conversations, or if they get touchy, GirlB would entice GirlA but allows GirlA to take control. She wants GirlA to truly fall for her out of her own volition - to be the first to admit she needs her, even though GirlB herself is the one falling deeper in to this web of love.

    GirlA realizes her growing desire to be with GirlB but still struggles to fight against temptation in spite of losing to it every time.
    Most likely a smutty/limey drama? angsty? story

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Can you imagine just how awestruck yg must have been the first time he saw jin ,to give him his expensive cologne (for a guy who was short on money and simple trainee) Like what was going on on his mind then?nobody gives their favorite perfume to some one when they meet for the first time...

for real i thought about this a lot too. if it’s that expensive, if it’s that special why would he gave it to jin. i need logic here.

Fic Rec

The Darcyland Madness 2017 bracket is amazing! I am so excited about all the fic recs so I thought I would add my own. So here are my fic recs for the AU Match-ups Round 2!


Saving (Breaking) You by @amusewithaview


   I have to start out any soulmate anything with amusewithaview because these soulmate fics are amazing. The first fic is an awesome Bucky/Darcy one with plenty of angst and (when they finally meet for the 2nd time) super awkward cuteness. Darcy meets Bucky when he has just completed a mission as the Winter Soldier. They exchange words and the Soldier says things that break 13 year-old Darcy’s heart. Years later it is revealed that Bucky Barnes was brainwashed (whaaa?) and doesn’t remember that he met his soulmate. Darcy writes anonymous letters to Bucky to let him know she is alive and to give him hair advice. Eventually they meet up again and are adorable together. It’s not finished but what there is of it is damn fine.

Tattoos (Reference Jokes) are Forever by @amusewithaview

Darcy/Johnny Storm

    Some of the tags on this fic are #UST #Lots of UST #no guys really SO MUCH UST and yes, the UST is wonderful. Darcy and Johnny Storm are soulmates and Darcy is determined that she is going to make Johnny (that smug little shit) wait until at least their third date before he gets any action. They go on a few super cute dates to the movies and an amusement park. Johnny is a very appealing mix of full of himself but also somehow a gentlemen. Plus there is a wonderfully hilarious family dinner with the Fantastic Four and their soulmates. This fic is also unfinished (Right at third date time!! NOOO!) But it is charming and has my favorite Johnny Storm.       

Best Supporting Soulmate by Valeris


    This is a 39 chapter, 46,999 word, COMPLETED masterpiece. There is awesome Steve/Darcy friendship and Darcy/Tony friendship/awesome drinking buddies. I like that this fic shows Bucky struggling to get into a healthy mental space so he can pursue a romantic relationship with Darcy. Also, Darcy is kickass. Johnny Storm and Sam Wilson are soulmates and Sam Wilson is exasperated but affectionate. Reed Richards is a dick and people don’t even try to pretend to like him. (Except for Ben. I don’t even know what was up with Ben Grimm in this fic. Check your bestie, Ben. He is like one distracted miscommunication away from becoming a super villain ALL THE TIME.) Anyway, Darcy is a pretty pretty princess in this fic and you should read it.

Darcy is Tony Stark’s Daughter:

Ice and Fire by @steeleholtingon


     This entire series contains over 450,000 words. The first main fic is complete and it is great. There are a couple of one shots and a not yet completed sequel. There is a little bit of slow burn Darcy/Steve before the Hydra fall-out and Bucky saves the day and then there is a complicated slow burn of Steve/Bucky/Darcy and through it all Tony Stark is a man who loves his daughter he just wishes that she would stop dating his dad’s friends.

We’ll Run Like We’re Awesome by @themonkeycabal

Eventual Bucky/Darcy (Like way, way, way eventual)

    So this is my absolute fav Darcy Lewis is Tony Stark’s Daughter fic. It starts off with a child Darcy meeting Tony, who always financially supported her but didn’t think he was ready to be a dad. Darcy has a stable mom and an awesome stepdad and a little brother who is named Sam. (Darcy has good luck with Sams. ;) Anyway, this is a long, long fic that follows Darcy as she gets to know her bio Dad and grow up into the awesome Darcy that we know and love. It goes through Thor and the Iron Man movies. It is epic. After the first fic ends there are multiple other fics that keep the story going in more and more awesome directions. Just, I really love this fic. I love it. You should read it and love it too.

So those are my fav fics that fit in the AU match-up category. I am loving this Darcyland bracket business and want to thank the people who put it together. Also, I tried to tag authors with their works but I don’t know if some of them have a tumblr. If so, let me know and I will edit.

he’s gonna lose again isn’t he

I don’t think that’s the right way to snap her out of it, that game doesn’t seem to have an end.

Whoa Steven holy shit. He is definitely stronger than an avarage kid, does his gem play a role into this?

And so these glasses were indeed not a part of her body, but something she spawns using her gems, interesting.

Aww he kind of deserves this after ruining the arcade, i feel like every time he meets Smiley Steven ruins something his, poor guy.

1) On Tuesday night I started randomly rewatching Mad Men Season 7, starting around the midway point because the episode description included ‘Joan goes to the beach’ and I had no memory of that. I watched like 1.5 episodes, none featured Ken.

2) Last night I had a VERY VIVID dream about a co-worker sobbing in my arms during a company event because someone had tried to shoot him during a client meeting. Every time I saw him today I thought about it!

3) Came home and put more old Mad Mens on, picking up where I left off. Have just now gotten to the episode where Ken gets shot by the client on the hunting trip


5) What does it mean

“take me out tonight”

Just trying to survive since Saw abandoned her, 19 year old Jyn meets a Rebel Intelligence Officer in a bar (and maybe he buys her a drink or two).

Jyn and Cassian meet several times before the events of Rogue One (and develop something that looks an awful lot like a relationship - if only they had the time).



Last year I put a random message on tumblr, because I was attending a David Duchovny concert alone, and I was terrified! Cut to 10 months later, and we are taking a trip back to London to meet Gillian Anderson this time! 2nd row was amazing, even though I had to shush people in front who kept ‘stage whispering’ over Jennifer and Gillian! Such an inspiring night! And of corse, even though we met Gillian the night before, nothing stopped us from squealing when we saw this poster, or rushing to buy the newspaper she was in that day! Haha! @chewiesgirlfriend ❤️📚💪🇬🇧

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In one month I plan on flying to a different part of the country to go to an anime convention with my internet friend whom I'll be meeting for the first time. I'm a big buff dude and I'll be cosplaying as my maid waifu OC as well as virgin killer Rem. I will most likely have sex with my friend while wearing said cosplays. looking forward to that is one of the few things keeping me going these days.

Good luck on your endeavors! Oh and have fun!

Anime Cons are always such interesting and enjoyable times. Especially when you’re with your friend(s).