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Musketeers AU – The Inseparables

Athos, Porthos, and Aramis were Queen regnant Louise’s most trusted musketeers, and known in the regiment as The Inseparables because you rarely saw one without the others.

Athos, who came from the nobility, but with a past which haunted her and that she unsuccessfully tired to drink away. Porthos, who grew up in the Court of Miracles, and had fought for everything she’d ever got. Aramis, a nobleman’s bastard, constantly torn between her skills, her lust and her faith. 

Their true names were known by no one but themselves, but in each other they all found something they had never really had before: family, loyalty, and love.

All for One, and One for All.

somewhat gentle reminder that one of my verse cop-outs is literally just pidge getting shot into a random timeline via courrupt wormhole so her meeting random people in their youth is 100% possible  o( ❛ᴗ❛ )o

Is this thing on? Hello, Stars and Studs, the name is Camila Mendes–you can call me Mila, Milly, whatever your hearts desires. You probably know me from CW’s new hit TV show Riverdale. I think fans call me Queen Veronica, but I promise I won’t like go around calling myself that.  Anyway, I’m very excited to be here with all of you and I look forward to traveling to each city while getting to know you all.  

Born For Leavin’ - Bucky x Reader

Plot: Bucky meeting you was no accident, you meeting Bucky was.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Words: 1908
Warnings: Lots of angst, character death
Author’s Note: Not quite sure why I wanted my first fic in who knows how long to be a super angsty one, but we’ll just roll with it. Gif is not mine!

Fate has a funny way of sorting people.

Some people are born to be in your life forever. They’re the kind of people that everyone wants in their life. They’re the easy kinds to be around, because no matter what, you know they’ll always be there. The effort put forth into them is minimal, sometimes even nonexistent, because they’ll always be there.

Some people are born to only be in your life for a season. They’re the people that you find yourself gravitating towards, because they seem like the people who are supposed to be there forever. They require minimal effort like the forever people, only one day you wake up and realize that they’re no longer there. Those people are the ones who are hard to be around. They’re the difficult ones, because you grow attached just to have them ripped away. But these people are also the easiest to lose, because you realize that they served their purpose, and it was time to move on.

Some people are born to not even be apart of your life at all, yet here they are. They’re the dangerous ones; the disasters. They’re the people who have no business being there, but like a drug, they won’t go away. They serve no purpose, have no reason to stay, but they still do. They require the most effort, because fate has this shitty way of making those people become the most important things in your life. It’s dangerous, because they’re the people who you cling to, who you want more of, and even need at times. They’re the people who will break your heart and not even mean to, it’s just that they were never meant to be there to begin with.

Bucky, unfortunately, just so happened to be one of these people. It was just too late before you found out for yourself which one he was meant to be.

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Song Soulmate AU

Soulmate AU where everyone is born with a song that is innately engrained into them and their soulmate has the same song. No one else can recreate the tune except for the pair and people express their songs through their voice or different instruments. Some people may just have a little hymn in their head that they hum to all the time, and others might have full songs that they play or sing. 

Typically, both pieces of the pair will be on the same level of musical inclination (i.e a piano prodigy won’t be paired with someone who can barely drum their song with their fingers) However, occasionally, people will be born with difficulties understanding music, like a piece of their brain is locked and they can’t access it until they meet their soulmate and it’s awakened. (so cheesy I know) A lot of times this will happen when one part of the pair is like a prodigy and they won’t meet their soulmate until later than most. 

Plot twist, you can’t finish composing the song until you meet your soulmate. There may be spots missing that you can’t figure out, or maybe you can’t figure out how it ends. It’s because you can’t finish the song without knowing pieces of the other half’s life. You finish each other’s stories.

Some people’s songs are short and sweet, some are like entire scores or compositions. Maybe it’s indicative of the kind of journey you will have with your soulmate. 

Dark Plot Twist, if something happens to your soulmate (i.e they die or somehow can’t ever find you because they’re too sick), before you’ve met them, you’ll forget the song or it starts to sound off gradually over time until it’s not really the song anymore. If you’ve already met and they die, the song changes back to your original. 

You know that is very fucking low even for you. I expected this from your mother but from you” Alex shouted to his brother on the phone, “Fuck you, son of a bitch” he yelled again before hanging up. Alex was angry and filled with rage that he threw his phone, it breaking to pieces. He sighed unaware that someone was around. 

  “fuck” he said under his breath, “I am very sorry about that and was not aware that someone was around”

aaah !!! FCK IM SO EXCITED FOR THIS !!! hey guys, i’m andi and it’s really nice to meet all of you! hmu if you wanna plot or scream abt anything, i’m super down ! under the cut is a blurb about my smol problematic bean who has her bio, stats, and connections pages up if you wanna check those out ( fun fact: i… never get those pages done this early but SHE IS MY CHILD AND I LOVE HER ) anyway, onto the blurb **tw: eating disorder**

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please like this for a starter! i’m trying to get back active on the dash ;n; they’ll be a mix of in person interactions and phone/social media interactions, and that’s because my muse is in the middle of the comeback, and it wouldn’t be plausible for her to be able to meet up with everyone. 

ALSO if you’re interested in plotting, please hmu on IM here, or twitter (slemgemi). I really am looking for some really cool & interesting plots. 

hoo oh my god.. hey ! my name’s eli ( he/him pronouns ) and i am so excited for this..  i’m in the est timezone & ik i’m late, but whatever ! here’s some information about my little babe under the cut & i also have some wanted connections and shit.. its a wild ride, so buckle up ! ( ps… give this a like if you want to plot ! )

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! meet stella !

so hello there! my name is heather. i noticed that there’s another person named heather, but.. this is the only thing i’ve ever gone by, so i didn’t want to make an alias. anyway, back on track, this is the first tumblr rp i’ve joined. it’d be nice if people would talk to me and befriend me, i feel a little lost. alright, on to stella.

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Young Gods (Part 1/2) - Teen!Sam Drake/Teen!Reader

Title: Young Gods (PART 1 of  2)

Pairing: Teen!Sam Drake/Teen!Reader

Warning(s): None

Word Count: 3036 (There was a point where I wanted this to be short…and then plot suddenly happened.)

PROMPT:  In the orphanage, you meet nate and become close friends. You then meet sam and you dont like him as he seems mean. Sam tries to gain your trust but you fall for him instead. -bit confusing but i dont mind if you change it- ty xx - TUMBLR ANON

(Ages: Sam (18), Nathan (13), Reader (17)

Originally posted by podadoe

You knew you weren’t getting out of here the second the large front doors of the orphanage closed behind your grandparents.

A hand squeezed your shoulder as the doors shut. “Come on dear,” a young-looking nun said gently, “let’s get you settled in.”

You didn’t have many possessions. Whether or not your grandparents meant for that to happen, you didn’t know. What you did have was a backpack, one of your old teddy bears and the clothes you had on you.

The nun led you through the hallways of the orphanage. With every corner you turned, the place seemed to get bigger and bigger. Other children ranging in ages passed you with curious glances. When you turned around to look at them, the nun put her hand back on your shoulder and walked you forward.

The orphanage had a curfew.

You were still sitting on the edge of your bed when a nun appeared at the door to the massive bedroom. She was different to the one you met earlier – older with greying hair and s stiff posture. Some of the kids nearer to your bed ran to theirs, jumping in quickly and without making a sound. You shrugged off your jacket and lay back on your own bed.

The nun shot you a stern glance, but eventually left the room when you didn’t move. The room was dark, with only moonlight coming in through the windows at the other side of the room. You could make out he faint outlines of the other kids in their beds, tossing and turning until they slipped off to sleep.

You couldn’t though. Your mind still lingered on your grandparents.

The only glimpse of emotion you saw was on your grandmother’s face. She had paused at the door for a fleeting second, until her husband took her hand and led her out.

The sound of the doors closing still echoed in your mind.

A squeak from the floorboards made you come back to the present.

You lifted your head from your pillow and looked over your shoulder. Across the room you saw a figure stand up from their bed.

The figure paused for a minute, looking around. As they started to take a few steps towards your bed, you could make out the figure. He was a young boy, maybe a year or two younger than you with a mop of dark hair.

“Hey,” he whispered, standing in the floor-space between your beds.

You sat up in your bed, letting the blanket pool around your waist. “Hey.”

“You’re new, aren’t you?” he asked quietly.

You nodded stiffly.

“I knew the girl who was in that bed,” he continued, “she was nice.”

You frowned. “What happened to her?”

He must have seen some fear flash on your face. He started to smile. “Nothing bad,” he assured you, “she just got too old for this place.”

You nodded again. The room was too quite: the only faint noises that you could make out with the ticking of a clock at one end of the room, and the muffled sound of people walking around in the hallways outside.

You pulled up your legs to your chest and wrapped your arms around them. “Do you want to sit down?”

The boy looked at the space available on your bed and then back at you. “I better not,” he ran his fingers through his messy hair, “the nuns are strict about us keeping to our sides.”

So he still stood in the middle of the room, almost along an invisible line that divide it to boys on one side and girls on the other. As you looked around, the rest of the kids seemed to be sleeping peacefully.

You bit the inside of your cheek. If you were going to be stuck here, a friend would be helpful. You threw off your blanket and stood up from your bed. Walking to the middle of the room, you sat down on the ground on the other side of the invisible line. The boy tilted his head.

You introduced yourself and held out your hand. A small smile tugged at the corner of the boy’s lips before he shook your hand. “Nathan,” he said, sitting down cross-legged opposite you.

No nuns came to visit the room so you both spent the night talking.

That was how it was for a week – once the lights had been turned off and the doors closed, you would both bolt out of bed and sit down on the floor together. With every passing night you learned more about each other. Nathan now knew a bit about your past and why you came to be here, and you knew a bit about Nathan’s.

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Excited (Youtuber!Yoongi)

Plot: #077: “Your dad is really excited to meet you soon, it’s driving me crazy.” with youtuber!Yoongi

Word Count: 508

A/N: so I’m hoping street racer!hobi will be up within the next few days (I’m aiming for tomorrow but I have no idea) but I figured I’d write a lil drabble about my favorite AU, the father AU so the links for this are father!Yoongi (all of the father related links are here) and youtuber!Yoongi (here)

Yoongi didn’t get too personal on his channel very often. He had made a few videos answering common questions but most of his videos were about music, whether it was a cover or his own original song or even reviewing an album. He had been making videos for years and yet you’d only ever met two appearances and you were about to make your third. You two were going to make a video announcing that you were expecting a baby, a little girl.

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Today was going pretty slow at the gym, leaving Nakoma to find things to do to randomly fill her time. A few of her clients had bailed out on their appointments, leaving her to be occupied in other manners. Growing up, there was no such thing as being bored so Nakoma’s mind was quickly going over her options. As an avid parkour and free running lover, Nakoma stretches out her muscles and decided to do some flips and jumps on the open floor space. She walked out onto the mats and sprang quickly into action, flipping high in the air and landing. She had another client coming in soon enough so this seemed as good as any for use of her time.

Excited (Bad Boy!Jin)

Plot: #077: "Your dad is really excited to meet you soon, it’s driving me crazy.” with bad boy!Jin as a father

Word Count: 833

A/N: so this is the start of the second set of drabbles, I may finish the others but they’ll be more spread out, as always, all of the father related posts are here and of course bad boy!Jin is right here

Your husband was known for a lot of things. He was known for his tattoos, his piercings, he’s known for his tough look, tall and broad. Not many people wanted to pick a fight with someone as broad and muscled as Jin but he had gotten into a few fights here and there. He could the amount of times he had been in a physical fight on one hand, something that couldn’t be said for a lot of his friends. He was known for being protective of the people around him, willing to immediately put anyone back in their place if they even thought about hurting you or the boys. No one ever thought of him as a loving father who melted at the mere thought of his daughter.

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