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If anyone could recommend a new book for me to read that would be amazing.

I really just want to read a book about a gay couple, or two men falling in love, but without that cliche “the only story to tell about LGBT characters is their coming out”.

I want to read a story that’s interested, fun and uplifting where the main love interests are written like a straight couple would be. They have come out, and now they are living their lives.

Just a quirky boy meets boy story, with interesting characters and plot developments. That depresses you at times but you still feel happy at the end. Kind of like One Day, the book version not the film, just with gay characters.

You bored, or feeling artsy but don’t have any inspiration...!?

Do you need to distract yourself? Or are you simply bored? 

Well, let’s fix that shit right now~

Here are some great websites to make the time pass.

First off, here are some 100% free art programs!; 

  • Photoshop CS2 - (Windows, not sure about Mac.)
  • FireAlpaca - (Windows and Mac)
  • Medibang Paint Pro- (windows and Mac)
  • Sketchbook Copic Edition - (Windows and Mac)
  • GIMP - (Windows) (Mac)
  • Paint tool SAI [cracked]  - (Windows) (Mac)
  • Paint tool SAI 2 beta - (tumblr post on said program)
  • iPaint - (Mac)
  • Paintbrush - (Mac)
  • Pencil - (Windows, Mac)
  • Paint.NET - (Windows)
  • Seashore [still in development, ver 0.5] - (Mac)
  • ChocoFlop - (Mac)
  • Inkscape - (Mac and Windows)
  • ArtRage [Demo] - (Mac and Windows)
  • OpenCanvas 1.1[must pay for 2.0] - (Windows, not sure about Mac.)
  • MyPaint - (Windows)
  • Krita - (Windows)
  • Vectorian [Supports Animation] - (Windows)
  • Pixia[Japanese, some English versions] - (Windows)
  • Asperite - (Windows)
  • Chasys Draw IES - (Windows)
  • SmoothDraw - (Windows)
  • TwistedBrush Open Studio - (Windows)
  • BOUNS - CTRL+Paint [Great for teaching all kinds of stuff, like how to use digital programs.]

Alrighty, but maybe you don’t want to download software to draw, free or not. That’s just too much time, and let’s face it, you’re already bored. Well, I’ve got you covered peoples, here are some free browser paint/drawing programs!;

  • browser photoeditor, and can be used for drawing!
  • Psykopaint
  • QueekyPaint
  • PaintOnline- ((also has some random free browser games on site too!))

Sooo, maybe You just don’t feel like drawing…understandable, you beasts-here’s a BUNCH of other websites to calm and/or stretch those brain muscles!;

  • create pixel art
  • Awesome photo editor and art program, all free…!
  • Totally free transparent textures
  • make a cute chibi
  • draw some cool generative art
  • be a graffiti creator
  • create a picassohead (you don’t need to be a picasso to do so)
  • paint online
  • another awsome site to create pixel art on
  • and another one
  • create your own mandala
  • or color one
  • create an avatar
  • or you can try creating your own superhero
  • here you can interact with organisms in different environments to see how to music changes
  • here’s a website that translates the time into hexidecimal colours,
  • Here is a website where you can travel along a 3D line into the infinite unkown
  • here is a website where you can listen to rain with or without music
  • Need a model in a certain pose for drawing? here
  • Want to build your own planet
  • here is a website where you can create your own galaxies
  • make your own pattern (very useful if you need a new background)
  • create next hit comic
  • make a city which looks like something from 90′s games
  • draw a mandala like design
  • jig saw puzzles
  • more jig saw puzzles to solve
  • create a stunning HTML5 animation - no coding!
  • make a movie
  • create and dress up dolls
  • play a piano
  • you can also play a guitar
  • create sounds
  • another sound creator
  • create a logo
  • design your dream home
  • sketch rooms
  • explore fashion trends and create your own sets
  • build a website
  • try this app for building a website
  • Or maybe start learning how to code!
  • design your own t-shirt or a beanie or sweatpants and order them
  • design your own phone case
  • pretend to be a graphic designer with this cool online tool
  • Make your own Glitch art
  • Here’s another glitch art maker
  • And another!
  • Holy hell, here’s a third!
  • make an image look like it was created by a commodore 64
  • freaking cool text generator!
  • Easy to use word processor
  • Make up really cool patterns or run your photos through it :)
  • Write an essay on anything with no hassle
  • Wanna see how something you write would look like if it was on JacksFilms YGS((Your Grammar Sucks videos on YouTube))?
  • Make pictures out of text
  • ASCII word generator
  • Need an idea for some fanart-here :D
  • mario
  • cubefield
  • sleep calculator
    essay typer
  • rice questions
  • maths 
  • artsy-fartsy pretty thing
  • quotes
  • survive nature
  • rain
  • tumblr music
  • calming rain
  • themes
  • backgrounds [x] 
  • loads of references

Still haven’t found something that would float your  proverbial boat? 

Then try these out!:

  • watch a documentary
  • learn to code
  • do something yourself
  • workout with the help of this great youtube channels
  • learn things
  • play pokemon or zelda or other awesome old school games
  • waste your time on miniclip
  • play games at additing games
  • or try games at agame
  • calm your thoughts
  • the quiet place
  • it will be okay
  • vent or listen to someone
  • pour out your soul
  • explore the sky
  • look at art from around the world
  • virtually visit museum of iraq
  • explore world with arounder
  • create a music playlist
  • list through rare books
  • scroll useful science website
  • create sand art
  • brain games
  • try out tastekid and discover new favorite band or movie or book
  • interactive 3D anatomy
  • random street view
  • post a secret
  • create a family tree
  • find our what’s the difference between x and y
  • help scientists and become volunteer researcher
  • create your own font
  • read a classic short story
  • In the mood to read, but not sure exactly what book to go for?
  • scribble on maps
  • listen to letters
  • play with acrobots
  • listen to podcasts
  • make a bucket list
  • Ever want to see the most truly useless websites in creation?
  • Prank a friend with this blue screen of death!
  • Zone out watching the colors drip down
  • Sprite generator!
  • Face Generator/Creator!

Even More stuffs;

  • Wanna make a custom minecraft skin?
  • Well then these’ll work!
  • This one too~
  • Wanna make a custom error pop up?
  • Or a custom blue screen? 
  • WELP, what about making some ASCII art?
  • Here ya go!
  • And another one~
  • WAIT-last one…
  • OH, and here’s a HTML to image converter!..You’re gonna need that!
  • How about a pixel text bubble generator
  • Here’s a photoediting website that’s free and pretty awesome to mess with!

Ok, maybe none of these peeked your interest. 

Maybe you’ve been wanting to create an o.c, but never really knew how to start, or you just enjoy making O.C’s.

This  part of this list is specifically for OCs and Oc building. It can also apply to developing RP characters~

Gemsona stuffs;

  • Just a straight up character gemsona creator
  • Here’s another
  • Not sure what gem to go with, or where? 
  • OR maybe your unsure about more than just that?

Credit to For the majority of links here!

 ((I added a couple of links! In the appearance, details, and the whole of item names section, and the Gemsona area-((above))! 

As well as the couple of Transformers/Southpark character builder links, and Undertale/TMNT below..

Basically every link I made bold I added, because I am complete fandom trash…

..Seriously, Go check her wonderful blog out~!!!

How to Write Better OCs:

  • basic tips on how to make your oc even better
  • tragic backstory? learn how to write one/make yours great
  • writing specific characters
  • a wordier, great guide on how to develop your character
  • kick out those vague descriptions and make them AWESOME

Character Development:

  • how to actually make an OC
  • Q&A (to develop characters)
  • more Q&As
  • giving your character a backstory
  • how to write an attractive character

Need an Appearance idea?

  • Humanoid generator? check
  • Here’s another one
  • and maybe if you didn’t like those this’ll work
  • Need Monsterpeople?
  • Well, then here ya’ go
  • Maybe you need Cats?


  • adding more racial diversity
  • avoiding tokenism, AKA, how to add diversity to your cast not just because you “need” it
  • writing sexuality and gender expression(doesnt include non binary, if you have a good ref to that, please add on!)
  • masterpost on writing more diversity into your story
  • cultures of the world
  • guides to drawing different ethnicities(not just a great art reference, but also really helpful in appearance descriptions!)

Mary Sue/Gary Stu;

  • Test to see if your character is a Sue
  • Explains subdivisions of Sues/Stus
  • Powerful Characters Don’t Have to Be Sues


  • villain generator
  • need an evil sounding name for your evil character? bam
  • villain archetypes
  • what’s your villain’s motive for being a villain?


  • character perceptions(What your character thinks of themselves and what others think of them)
  • how to write strong relationships between two characters
  • 8 ways to write better characters and develop their relationships with others
  • OCxLove Interest Handbook
  • develop your couple with good ol’ Q&A!
  • how to write realistic relationships
  • how to write relatives for your characters(this is more OC related to a canon character, but will help in writing family members in general)


  • 12 common archetypes
  • 8 archetypes for male/female characters
  • female archetypes (goes pretty indepth from two main categories)
  • a list of archetypes


  • how to name your character
  • random name generator
  • most common surnames
  • surnames by ethnicity


  • tips for better design
  • basic appearance generator
  • pinterest board for character design (includes NSFW and images of skeletons/exposed muscle (?) so tread carefully!)
  • clothing ref masterpost
  • Clothing generator
  • Another clothing generator
  • More clothing generator
  • Aaaand even more
  • Steam punk clothing
  • Char Style preference
  • Dress Generator


  • give your character better powers
  • a list of professions
  • proactive vs reactive characters
  • positive and negative traits
  • interest generator
  • skills generator
  • motivation generator
  • 123 ideas for character flaws
  • list of phobias
  • Oh shit someone died
  • Backgrounds and stuff? yep
  • Quirks
  • Personality. you need that shit
  • Need something fandom related?
  • City generator hell yeah
  • location? got ya
  • World-building?
  • make your own god damn laws
  • Landscape.

Need Item names?;

  • Fantasy/sci-fi/etc. medicine names
  • Stuff to make things more interesting.Weapons, clothes, treasures… whatever your characters need.
  • Item & Artifact Generators

Other story stuffs!

  • Genre, Plot, & Story Prompt Generators
  • How did your characters meet?
  • Fanfic plots. you bet your ass!

WAIT!…if none of that worked, then maybe you want to make a SouthPark style character?

  • Here!
  • Well, this one’s nice too~
  • And another..
  • Aaaand another!

What about Transformers Characters?;

  • Here’s a Transformers name generator~
  • And a Character builder!


  • Undertale character speech box creator!
  • Want inspiration for an Undertale Oc?
  • OR a super Edgy Undertale Theory generator?
  • Maybe you just want to read some funny Sans Puns!


  • How about a TMNT creator?
  • Or a TMNT meme generator..

If any of the links have any issues for whatever reason, HERE’S THE LINK TO THE SAME LIST I COPIED TO MY DA ACCOUNT JUST IN CASE;

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If you're still doing the fic au thing, then 24 (literally bumping into each other), and Andreil please

(isn’t that basically canon anyway)

from this list

When the light bulb in his bathroom went out minutes after he moved into his new apartment, it was just another inconvenience in the long list of problems that had been accumulating since Andrew was born. He had never been given a break before and he didn’t expect to be given one now. If it were anything other than the bathroom, he wouldn’t bother with it, but there was no window or other light source and he’d had enough experience using bathrooms in the dark as a teenager to ever want to do it again.

So he left the boxes, which had been rooted through for essentials like cigarettes and the coffee machine and then left haphazardly across the floor, and stuffed his keys and wallet into his pocket for a trip to the dollar store down the street.

He forwent taking the stairs in favour of the elevator. His apartment was on the fifth floor of a seven-storey complex, chosen for a small balcony with a thick cement railing overlooking a dog park. It was by design, although perhaps not one Bee would approve of; she had expressed concern over the amount of time he had spent on the roof during his last years at Palmetto and suggested that he might be fixating. It didn’t matter that that was his intention, she said, that he was waiting for the harrowing drop to the ground to hold the same trickle of fear it once did; he should be working on healthy behaviours now so that when he did start feeling things again, he would have a routine set up. Bee had always been more optimistic than Andrew.

When the elevator doors slid open into the light of the atrium, he barely had time for his eyes to adjust before a flash of red and the smell of sweat assaulted him. He reacted with the instincts he’d picked up from seven years of Exy and shoved his shoulder into whoever it was, pushing back hard enough to send them crashing to the floor below.

“Fuck you,” a voice spat.

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Momma Hale x Derek

“Momma my kits not clean!” Isaac yelled as you tried to sift through the huge pile of paper work that you needed to send to Mr Whittemore that afternoon.

“Momma I have to have a packed lunch for my trip not money!” Erica yelled as she ran past while Liam growled and snapped at the twins.

“Derek!” You sighed franticly but your Alpha was too busy with Boyd.

“Make him stop!” one of the twins hissed while the other shoved Liam who stumbled back into the tv.

“Oh great, idiot!” Erica yelled at him while Isaac started fighting with the twins.

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talking to strangers online is so wild like one time i posted fanfics on deviantart and the next thing i know i’m talking to two of my readers who are from my country who are sisters who are also my neighbors who also turn out to be my cousins like lmao so wild i didn’t know i had other cousins haha

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Eric with "I need to be inside you," and "I've been thinking about you all night," ??? 💖💖💖

warning: there be smut ahead

word count: 882

You were sitting at a table in the mess hall, enjoying a burger and laughing at a friend’s joke when, unexpectedly, you were wrenched from your seat. His fingers dug into the muscle of your bicep as he grasped your upper arm, almost dragging you along next to him. Moving swiftly, he weaved his way through the rows of tables surrounded by soldiers eating dinner as you stumbled, trying to keep up. You didn’t bother to look back, knowing your friends and knowing who he was, they probably realized what was happening and would clean up after you.

Grinning inwardly, you scurried next to him as he lead you down progressively more abandoned hallways before coming to a door. You weren’t surprised he managed to find a vacant room, almost everyone was back in the mess hall, leaving the rest of the compound nearly empty. He’d brought you to the southern locker room, certain there would be no one there for a while. Slamming the door behind him, he spun you around so you and he were face to face.

“Well, hello to you too, Eric,” you giggled, moving in and resting your hands on his chest. “How was your day?” you asked as you studied his tense jaw and stern brow, already guessing his answer.

“I’ve been thinking about you all day,” he replied, pushing you back against the counter next to the sink. Shifting slightly, you climbed onto the surface, wrapping your arms around Eric’s neck, bringing him to stand between your knees as his palms drifted to rest on your bottom.

“Really? Me?” With a small smirk, you feigned innocence while looking up at him. “What on earth made you think about me?” you continued, acting as if you didn’t already know.

The truth was, you had done everything in your power to ensure that was exactly what happened. Starting at the beginning of the day when you first saw him in the morning briefing. Passing behind his chair to your own seat, you took the opportunity to whisper in his ear that you were wearing his favorite red panties. You played coy knowing his eyes were on you for the rest of the meeting.

When it was over, Eric and a few others were ordered to stay behind to discuss more specific details with Max. Feeling his gaze burning into your back as you left the room, you reached behind yourself, lifting up the hem of your shirt just enough to reveal the hint of red lace peeking over the waistband of your jeans.

When you failed to spot Eric, Max or any of the others at lunch, you assumed the meeting was more important than you realized. Plotting your ideas on the fly, you took the chance to hurry off to the bathroom. After locking the door you dropped your jeans to about mid thigh before twisting around and using the mirror to take a picture of your ass covered in the lacy red fabric. Giggling to yourself, you excitedly sent the photo to Eric’s phone, wishing you could see the look on his face when he opened the message.

With a growl, Eric dove forward, kissing you hard while his hands drifted to your fly. He pulled at your lips as he popped open the button before pulling back. “I’m done with your fucking games,” he hissed as you bit your lip, excited by his annoyance and what would follow. “I need to be inside you.”

Yanking on your belt loops, Eric pulled you off the counter, lowering your pants halfway down your legs before twisting you around, pushing on your shoulder blades, forcing you to bend forward and stick your ass in the air.

“Don’t tease me,” he snarled as he brought the flat of his hand down hard against your cheek. You gasped at the shock of pain before hearing the metal sounds of his belt buckle being undone. You remained leaning forward, your chest pressed against the cold surface. An excited tingle shivered through you when he slowly slid his hand up your spine before grabbing at your hair. With a tug, he pulled your head back, arching your back while rubbing his erection against your wet underwear.

“Eric, please,” you moaned as he leaned in, nipping at your pulse point.

“But I thought you liked being teased,” he taunted in your ear while rubbing against your clit.

“Please, I won’t do it again, I promise,” you pleaded, looking back at him and his triumphant smirk.

After moving the crotch of your panties to the side, Eric sank into you. Snapping his hips back and forth, he kept a hurried pace. Letting go of your hair to grasp your hips, he held you in place as you dropped forward, overwhelmed by him.

You were unable to form coherent words as he barreled into you. Realizing you weren’t going to last much longer, Eric slid a hand lower to between your legs and rubbed against your clit. His ego swelled as he watched you crumple with a yell. He continued his movements as your walls spasmed around him, urging him closer to his own finish. He stalled with a grunt, bracing himself against the counter as his dick twitched and he came inside of you.

Yesterday on Plotdale...

I rewrote yesterday’s scenes in terms of Plot (cause I can’t stop the snark)


[Robert in the pub on the phone] 
ROBERT: Don’t mess me around Bex, we have to meet to discuss our plot. It’s very important. […] Yes, we have to meet at the scene of the incident. It’s very important that we continue to cause the audience a maximum amount of pain. Be there…half past…or else. 

[The pub with Robert, Aaron and Charity with a baby…just as a reminder of where this is all going]
ROBERT: Aaron, I can’t go with you to counseling right now. I have a plot…I mean work crisis I have to attend to.
AARON: (Clearly should know work crisis is code for plot) Are you sure? I really need you there Robert, because the writers have taken away my entire support system so that you’re all I have left.
ROBERT: Sounds about right. Now I’ll just go take care of this plot thing and meet you there. *cheek kiss* - for the fans 

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Modern Magic AUs
  • “Our familiars seem really into each other huh you wanna go grab a coffee?”
  • “We’re in the same practice space and you are terrible at magic and you keep hurling stuff at my face STOP IT.”
  • “We are neighbors and you are terrible at magic and keep making noise and hurling stuff at my house/apartment walls STOP IT.”
  • “I do magic tattoos and you want something illegal. Like really illegal.”
  • “You’re a street artist who uses magic in their art and I see your work everyday on my commute.”
  • “You drag me to an underground meeting of mages plotting to overthrow non-mages. Little do you know I’m a non-mage.”
  • “You drag me to an underground meeting of non-mages plotting to overthrow mages. Little do you know I’m a mage.”
  • “I’m in the science camp of mages who believe that everything can be boiled down to equations and formulas. You’re in the natural camp of mages who believe that magic comes from feeling, spirituality, passion, and other non-quantifiables. Something happens that prove us both wrong in some way.”
  • “My regular dealer of spell ingredients got raided the other day. Now I need a new source.”
  • “I have some disorder that makes magic emerge from me differently than others. Or at least, the doctors call it a disorder.”
  • “Wow, who cursed me in Klingon, can’t be that nerdy kid next door who bragged to me about his working phaser last year.“ *side-eye*
  • “My magical cosplay is better than your magical cosplay.”
  • “I’m the first non-mage in my family in generations and nobody understand how or why and it’s really awkward.”
  • “So this spell went wrong and my body disappeared into the aether and I’m now a disembodied voice please help.”
  • “So I summoned a demon, but it never appeared. Clearly didn’t work. So why are my dishes washed and my clothes put away and my doors opening when I’m about to walk through them?”
  • “I made a golem to mind my kid while I’m at work, but I think it’s doing more than I’m expecting. Do golems throw raves?”
  • “I’m a burglar who uses magic to do what I do, but then I try to break into your house and find out you’re a way more powerful mage than I am and I am screwed. Or am I?”
  • “Note to self: do not try to con a former mage-master.”

theballadofbilbobaggins: sorry if there are too many

admin °m°: No worries! This is a wonderful list that I’m sure the followers will love. Please feel free to send more things like this in at any time!

The Nail: June 2017

The Nail isn’t about perfection. It isn’t about award-level contenders. It’s about seeing focus and effort and hard work radiate off of the screen. 

The Nail’s purpose isn’t to highlight genres of fics or specific ships written during a certain time frame - the sole focus is quality.

Character dimension. Writing with clever readers in mind. Solid world-building. Tension through boundaries. Crazy crisp dialogue. Incredibly tight plotting. Big emotion.

And though yours truly - nice to meet you, new folks, I’m Nash! - is editor of the list, the goal is for YOU to curate the content. 

Read more about how all this came to be, find past editions, see what factors are considered when constructing the list, and learn how to get your recommendations in HERE.

Now - on to the stories!

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If you can pls post some pics of Ryan as I'm feeling down and his face will cheer me up x

say no more. hello and welcome to my favourite ryan hawley pics.

soft and squishy and slightly bruised goodness

adorable lil man with four dogs and who birthed my love for the word ‘taboo’ 

soft big brother + body warmer god

ryan or fuckboi at year eleven prom no one knows but they’re not complaining

bruised ✔️ hard man ✔️ eighty year old’s jacket ✔️ perfect ✔️

soft single dad you meet at an antenatal class and he gives you the last bagel 

would fuck you while plotting your demise

the cute guy you meet at comic con who is also the best sex of your life


cute male model who gives good foot rubs and likes pedicures

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Oracle of Dream Daddy, tell us about what Dream Daddy 2 is going to be like

Dream Daddy 2 is actually going to be Marvelous Mommy, where you’re a single mom moving in to a cul-de-sac with your son, where you meet all these hot single moms.

Plot twist: The neighboring cul-de-sac is basically your neighborhoods rivals, and it’s the one with all the daddies from Dream Daddy. Hijinks ensue.

Thief (Part 5)

Pairing: Bellamy / Reader

Warnings: Swearing…. i think that might be it this chapter. 

Hope you enjoy this little chapter. If you want to read the previous chapters for thief they can be found here;;;;;
Part One 
Part Two 
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Part Four 

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Lincoln would heal that much was obvious with very little medical training, which was good because you had very little medical training, your skills obviously in other areas. As it was the most you could do for him was clean the blood from his wounds, bandage them and let him sleep. Regain his strength through rest.

With nothing else to do you for him you slipped from the cave only to come face to face with Octavia the young woman from before.

“You made it?”

“Clearly” you crossed your arms over your chest staring at her. “You have some sort of feelings towards Lincoln?”

She blushed turning an adorable shade of pink as she started to fidget on the spot. “He got hurt because of me”

“How exactly is this because of you?”

“He was looking after me, Finn and Bellamy they thought he was hurting me and somehow he ended up stabbed and then everything was just crazy”

Lincoln was looking after you?” Lincoln was strange in many of grounder customs but you never would have thought he would deliberately disobey them and help one of the sky people. Then again wasn’t that exactly what you were doing, you had been meeting with Finn, had been plotting against your own people. That was going to end. “Why was Lincoln looking after you in the first place?”

“I fell” she pointed towards the steep cliff near to the entrance of the cave. “I fell there and hurt my ankle, knocked myself out. Woke up in the cave. Lincoln had taken me inside and bandaged up my ankle”

“You like him?”

She was blushing again but this time not out of embarrassment. “I like him”

Sighing you rubbed a hand over your face. This could only go badly. A relationship between a grounder and a sky person. It would never end well. Ignoring the pang of your conscious that told you only hours before you’d been having very similar thoughts about this girl’s brother.

“Lincoln’s still asleep. He needs to rest but he’ll be fine. Watch him”

“You mean… you aren’t staying?”

You shook your head. “I have to go back to my own people, I won’t say anything about you Octavia Blake of the Sky people but I advise you to be very careful with this relationship whatever it is with you and Lincoln”

“Careful?” she questioned. “Why?”

“You know the answer to that already, it’s why you haven’t told your brother where you are or who you’ve come to see”

She avoided your eyes at that proving that she knew exactly what you were talking about. Moving around her she caught your wrist in her hand holding you still.

“Thank you”

“For what? Lincoln? He’s my friend there is no thanks needed”

“No not for Lincoln. For Finn, he would have died without you”

You swallowed tightly at that. He still might die, the antidote was not always 100% effective, a fact you hadn’t told to them. You hoped you’d managed to give it to Finn before the poison got too advanced into his system.

“For Finn also there is no need to thank me” you said softly, pulling your wrist out of Octavia’s grasp you melted back into the shadows of the forest.


“You’re looking better”

“I hear that’s thanks to you” Finn smiled at you from his position on the ground sat leaning against a tree. “Thank you Y/N, for saving my life”

“Did they tell you what happened?” you dropped down onto the floor beside Finn. Curious as to what the other sky people had actually told him about what happened while he was passed out.

“You mean the other grounder and you escaping again? Yeah they told me. Gave me a laugh if nothing else. Bellamy’s face when you vanished once more”

You were going to guess that Bellamy had failed to mention to his people that he had in fact caught you before leaving and that this time it was him who had voluntarily let you go, he had chosen to let you escape.

“Finn we need to talk about something… something is going to happen because of this. Anya is furious and I don’t know how long she’s going to hold herself back anymore”

“Can you stop her?”

“Me?” you questioned in shock “No, of course not”


“Finn I don’t have that kind of influence over Anya. I’m not her second or even an advisor to her war council. Sure I can try and talk to her but that may just make the situation even worse”

Finn was looking more and more dejected of which you couldn’t blame him. The tension between your two groups of people had started to reach boiling point and it didn’t seem that there was any way of solving it.

“If only we could… maybe try and get Anya and Clarke in the same place. They could talk rather than just hurling attacks at each other” you regretted the words almost instantly because Finn’s face lit up in delight.

“That’s it! It’s perfect. You get Anya and I’ll get Clarke. They can talk, we can have some sort of peace talks”

“Finn that is insane” you shook your head again “I was just thinking out loud I wasn’t serious. Did you not understand what I just said about Anya being angry beyond all belief. The only thing that putting her near Clarke would achieve is blood shed”

“But they could talk”

“Finn” you cut him off once more “she doesn’t want to talk. She wants to kill, to destroy she want’s to hurt you all as badly as you hurt us”

“So what do we do?” he asked sadly “just sit around and watch our people kill each other?”

“I don’t know if there’s anything we can do”

You carefully picked the leaf off a nearby plant, shredding the leaves into neat strips and letting them flutter down from your fingers. Your brain felt fried, you really couldn’t think of any way to try and resolve the issue, or not one that didn’t involve mass amounts of bloodshed and possible death. That wasn’t what you wanted, or not truly anyhow. The idea of all your friends dying in a battle that could achieve nothing was devastating.

Out of nowhere the face of Bellamy Blake appeared as well, you didn’t want him to die either. The idea hurt on a level you’d never felt before. You didn’t understand your feelings towards Bellamy and didn’t want to examine them all to closely at the moment but that also didn’t mean you wanted him dead.

“I can… try and talk to Anya”

“You will?” Puppy dog eyes flicked back to your own as they lit with excitement.

“I can plant the idea, I’m not saying it will work but I honestly can’t think of any other option and your right. I don’t want a war”

“I can get Clarke to agree”

“I’m sure you can” you smirked at his sudden blush and inability to look you in the eye. “It has to be just you and Clarke though Finn. If Anya agrees to this and then there’s some sort of ambush that will literally be it, no more talking and no more waiting. There will be war”

You didn’t mention that if this did turn into an ambush against your people then you’d been killed for suggesting it assumed to be in league with the sky people. It was better that Finn didn’t know anyhow.

“I can get just Clarke” he insisted mouth set in a determined line. “This can work Y/N”

“I hope so Finn, I truly hope so”

It would unfortunately take more than Finn’s word to convince Anya that this would work and whatever she would demand from you was going to be bad. Was it worth the risk? You didn’t know but what you did know was that if you didn’t try you would never forgive yourself.


Musketeers AU – The Inseparables

Athos, Porthos, and Aramis were Queen regnant Louise’s most trusted musketeers, and known in the regiment as The Inseparables because you rarely saw one without the others.

Athos, who came from the nobility, but with a past which haunted her and that she unsuccessfully tired to drink away. Porthos, who grew up in the Court of Miracles, and had fought for everything she’d ever got. Aramis, a nobleman’s bastard, constantly torn between her skills, her lust and her faith. 

Their true names were known by no one but themselves, but in each other they all found something they had never really had before: family, loyalty, and love.

All for One, and One for All.

cabesweater-weather  asked:

I recently read your post about writing characters, and one of your main pointers was to observe and meet real people. I am homeschooled, so obviously don't meet many people, but that coupled with the fact that meeting/being around new people makes me twitchy and silent doubles the difficulty. Any advice?

Dear gone-is-my-soul,

Sometimes I think about how I used to only be able to write about musicians.

It feels crazy to say that now, as the solution seems straightforward: write about someone who isn’t a musician. Problem? What problem?

I couldn’t do it. I would begin to craft a protagonist and ask myself what their goal was, so that I could arc them toward it. And the goal was always to become a better musician, or to do something special with their music, or to become well known for their music. Nothing else seemed important enough to drive a character.

It still feels crazy to say it.

Like you, gone-is-my-soul, I was home-schooled from sixth grade on. My social circle was mostly made up of siblings and animals. I was a musician. I still am.

External image

I used to practice for four or more hours a day. Was that normal? No. But I mean, I didn’t know. I lived on a strange and protected island of childhood.

All beginning writers write about themselves by accident. In many ways, the hardest part of writing well is learning to get as far outside your own head and experience as possible: even if writing about your own life, objectivity is what makes the story skillful and purposeful. For many people, this means learning to write characters who react to stimuli in a very different way from you, or learning to write a family that is nothing like your own, or generally learning to write relationships that you didn’t live yourself.

For me, I had to stop writing musicians.

This is a metaphor, of course, because it went deeper than that, but my inability to internalize other possible motivations as a teenager obviously stopped my character-development in its tracks. I was so far in my own head and experience that I could not emotionally process a story outside my own. And for me, yes, the only way I learned about other people was to meet them. Reading books about other people will always be secondary sources: useful, but always a copy-of-a-copy instead of the real thing. Truth, but through a filter. I’m already imposing one layer of interpretation when I write about someone’s life; I don’t want to add another layer of interpretation during my research. Your results may vary, but for me, there was no substitute for meeting real people to understand how non-musicians lived. Moreover, I had to meet people without judgment — I had to learn to love and appreciate humans at all different places in life. For a black-clad and judgy teenager, this was perhaps the most difficult task of all, and maybe less about writing and more about humaning. 

I understand this is frustrating advice for a home-schooled student, but the good news and bad news is that skillful writing uses an enormous selection of skillsets. While you might not be able to go out and meet people now, you can still be working on crafting logical plots, developing specific prose, and learning to describe the emotional truth of the life you’re living now. That’s not wasted time, and there is a lot to be said for writing accomplished stories that draw only upon you. 

So get back to work. And maybe take up an instrument?




Author: Zoe

(A/N: It’s 3 in the morning, god damn it, I have school, but I have to get this out of my system.)

Plot Summary: You first meet Kylo Ren after he destroys a nearby village and captures you, recognizing your sensitivity to the Force, expecting resistance before finding out you were feeling the pull to the Dark Side, just as he felt to the Light.

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That’s all that surrounded you.

The sticky redness of blood from families and friends.

The smokey red fire of houses long gone.

The powerful, burning red of a lightsaber, each particle quivering with angry, power-hungry madness, held by the great Kylo Ren, feeling his dark eyes pierce through you from behind his mask.

That is, until, the dark void of black replaces the powerful, glistening beauty of red. 

The sweet, passionate color red, so vibrant with emotion and energy, hooked on desire and impulsiveness.

When you awoke, you were tied to a cold, metallic silver chair across from the very man himself. You could practically taste the iron in your mouth, your body injured from small scrapes, cuts, and burns.

“It’s about time.” The deep, almost mechanical voice spoke to you from behind the mask. “I was getting very tired of waiting.”

You spoke no words. Made no noises. You sensed nothing but pure power and ambition practically flowing from the dark figure.

“You understand why I keep you here, correct?” In response, you shook your head. You were a child born of a forbidden love, a relationship against everything the Jedi Code stood for. 

Left in an orphanage, you exercised your powers, not sure how or what to follow, sensing a back and forward push and pull, like two magnets pushing away from each other.

You wanted sentiment.

You wanted closeness.

You wanted companionship.

He held his hand out towards you, outstretched, feeling the power you held almost mimic his own. 

You were confused and lonely, like he was. You felt the pulls and pushes just as he did.

He craved your power.

He craved your attention.

He craved your passion.

And thus, he released you from your shackles, curious of this new pull he felt towards you.

As you stood up, legs trembling slightly as you rubbed your wrists, you looked up upon him.

“Why did you release me?”

He tilted his head down, removing his mask. The one item hiding all of his emotions. He set the mask on a table, before standing up tall and proud, looking upon you through tousled, unkempt hair.

“Because I see power in you. Potential. You’re like me. You feel the pulls between the Light and the Dark. It’s tearing you apart.”

You looked up at his towering figure, sensing his own struggle.

He removed his gloves, placing them next to his mask, before holding out his hand to you, showing less hunger for power, and more yearning for touch. 

“You feel it too?” You asked softly, gingerly reached out, touching his calloused fingers, as if something pulled your feathery touch to his rough skin.

All at once, you could feel eachother’s emotions. You sense his incertitude, he senses your uncertainty.

You both could feel the Force binding the two of you. Binding revenge and forgiveness. Binding war and peace.

Binding hatred and adoration into one amalgamation of emotion, the both of you unsure whether or not it was meant to hurt or heal.

As you felt the Force conclude its’ onslaught, the two of you fell to the floor, hands held tightly, as though the magnets that pushed away, suddenly snapped together.


The color of emotion and power.

The color of desire and want.

The color of two faces, one man, one woman, desperately clutching onto the cold, solid ground, gasping for air.


Falling In Love With You
Plot: How you meet Tom Holland and fall in love
Word Count: 1.6k
Author’s note: Hope you enjoy this imagine if you request please send them in!

When I first met Tom Holland, I was 16 and it was a movie premiere for in the heart of the sea. My family had known the Hemsworth family before I was born. Chris, Liam and Luke were like my annoying older brothers. Liam was the prankster with me, Luke kind of just was around and Chris was very protective of his “little sister” a.k.a me. When he invited my mom, my best friend and I to the premiere I couldn’t say no. So we all go dressed up in semi fancy dresses and got all dolled up. We get to the premiere and Chris’ manager finds us, they lead us to our seats. When the film starts Chris with a few other people give a little speech about the movie and tell us to sit back and enjoy. Chris sits next to me on one side and someone I didn’t know sat on the other side of me.

*After the film*
Whoever was sitting next to me was no longer and I was bummed I wanted to meet the person. We all walk to the after party I laugh at something Chris was talking about and as I am turning around I run into a taller figure. I wait for impact with the floor but never feel it. I looked up and saw a boy around my age. He smiled down at me, I looked up in his eyes and my heart stopped for a minute. He snapped me out of my daze by standing me up.
“Hey are you ok?”
“Yea I’m good thank you for saving me.” I laugh
“Yea no problem couldn’t let a pretty girl like you fall.” I blushed so hard
Chris comes over and says
“Oh I see you have met Tom, he was one of the people I worked with on set.”
“Oh nice to meet you Tom I’m Y/N.” I put my hand to shake his.
He puts out his and grabs my hand for a shake,
“Nice to finally meet you too I have heard so much about you from Chris he would never shut up about his little sister from another mother.” I chuckle
“That’s me he’s a handful for sure but I love this big goofball.”
Chris smiles down at me and laughs he wraps his arm around my shoulder.
“Have fun you two, Tom watch over this one she’s a crazy one.”
Tom laughs he tells Chris he will and Chris walks away. I spent the whole rest of the night getting to know Tom. We talked about everything our childhoods, our hobbies and anything we could think of. Tom was the sweetest person I have ever met, towards the end of the night he drove me home seeing my mom and best friend left two hours ago. He walks me up to my door,
“I had a great time tonight Y/N”
“Me too Tom”
“We should hang out again, i’ll be in town for the next week.”
“Yeah I’d like that you have my number so just give me a call.” he nodded and gave me a hug. He kissed my cheek and told me good night

*Two Years Later*
I’m sitting at home on my couch when I get a text from someone.
TommyBoy❤️- Hey baby I am on my way to the train station I should be at the apartment in an hour.
Me- I didn’t know you were coming?!
TommyBoy❤️- that’s the point baby it was a surprise pick me up?
Me- Of course bub see you in a bit
I was so excited Tom has been doing promo for Spider-man Homecoming and I couldn’t of been more proud of my boy. He has become one of the greatest superheroes and he’s living out his dream. It gets lonely out here in LA but it’s alright Tom is doing what he loves I won’t be the one to stop that. I go to college as Tom is doing stuff for his movies, it helps the time fly. I go to my room and change out of my pajamas to some sweats and a tank top. I get in my car and start the drive to Union Station knowing it will take about thirty minutes to get there. Once I get ten minutes from the station I decide I need some coffee so I go to a drive thru Starbucks. I get Tom his normal order and then I got a frappuccino as I’m leaving Tom is calling me.
“Hi baby.”
“Hey tommy what’s up.”
“I am almost pulling into Union.”
“Ok I just got us some Starbucks I’m like five minutes away.”
“Ok baby i’ll see you in a few.”
“Okay bye bub.”
We hang up and I go to my car,I get to Union in a minute and I walk inside and stand by the entrance. Tom texts me that the train just arrived and he should be to the front in a minute. I turn around looking outside of Union Station watching people walk around looking for an Uber. I obviously started to daydream the next thing I know I feel someone’s arms wrap around my waist. I jump a little before turning around already knowing who it is.
“Tommy!” I yell getting excited
He smiles down at me and pulls me closer to him, I tightened my grip around his waist as I snuggled my head in his neck.
“I have missed you so much.”
“Me too baby how have you been.”
“Alright I’m constantly busy with school and work but it’s alright.”
“How’s school going still irritating?”
“Is that even a question?” I laugh at him
“I guess not.” He smiles at me
We start walking towards my car and I pop the trunk open, Tom puts his duffle bag in the trunk. He comes to sit in the passenger seat,
“So what’s the plans for today baby.”
“I was thinking we can just chill at the apartment then get some take out?”
“Or my beautiful girlfriend we can go to a drive thru movie they are playing your favorite movie.”
“And what movie would that be bub.”
“Breakfast Club baby.”
I smiled big knowing he remembers that.
“Ok bub we can do that.”
He smiled and said okay we have to leave by 5 to get to the theater by 7. He puts his stuff in our room when we get to the apartment. We sit in our room for an hour before he goes to take a shower. I get changed into a off shoulder top and some jeans. I lightly curled my hair real fast, I did a soft eyeshadow I swiped some lip gloss on. I slid my sandals on, I sat on our bed and went on my phone waiting for Tom to be done. Ten minutes later he comes out in just a towel, I see him out of the corner of my eye. I can see the water still going down his chest and I started to blush. I had to look away because if I didn’t the things I could’ve done to him was not innocent. He gets his clothes then heads back to the bathroom with a smirk on his face. That fucker knew what he was doing to me. I shake my head and he comes out a few minutes later with grey long sleeve shirt and some blue jeans looking so cute. He smiles at me,
“Let’s go baby I’ll drive.”
I smile at him, I grab my bag and my phone. I grab his hand and we head out of our apartment. Tom opens my door before running to the driver side and started up the truck.

*1 hour and ½ later*
Finally we get to the drive in movie theater. We have twenty minutes before it’s going to start. We open up the bed of the truck and lay out the pillows and blankets that we are going to lay on when the movie starts.
The movie finally starts I wrap myself in the blanket as Tom pulls me in between his legs, I lean my back against his chest feeling his warmth surround me. He kisses my temple and snuggles his head in my neck.
“I love you baby.”
“I love you so much Tommy.” I feel him smile in the crook of my neck before lifting his head out of my neck and watching the movie. I must’ve fallen asleep because the next thing I remember is Tom waking me up and the credits were rolling.
“I missed it Tom I’m so sorry.”
“It’s ok baby you must’ve been really tired to fall asleep during your favorite movie.”
He gets out of the bed and starts cleaning up the blankets and pillows. I get off the bed and help him clean up. We start to head home and I check my phone to see what time it was and it was only 8. I sighed knowing that I didn’t mess up the whole night. We get home in 45 minutes due to there being no traffic.
“What do you want to do baby?”
“Let’s get into our pajamas and we can watch some netflix?” He smiles and we head up to our room.
We get changed into our pajamas, Tom just puts on some sleeping pants and no shirt. I put on my cotton sleeping shorts and one of Tom’s shirts. We crawl into bed and Tom flips on netflix. He turns to me and says
“I love you so much.”
“I love you so much more.”
He kisses me, he tells me to sleep and that we will be having another adventure tomorrow. I nod my head and he pulls me towards him so I can rest my head on his chest. I smile in content knowing he was home.

Woke up this morning with one hell of a pounding headache and the worst pain in my back, so I went downstairs for some pain relief medication and proceeded to lay on the floor of my living room where I fell asleep again. I think it’s safe to say this whole moving thing has definitely taken it out of me and I’m not like I used to be when I was in my twenties. But moving on, hello! It’s lovely to be here, I’m Cobie.

Fanmeeting pt1

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Pairings: Park Jimin x Reader

Genre: fluff

Words: 1762

Requested by @theelvensketches

Plot: You meet Jimin at a Fanmeet and he starts to take interest in you.

A/n: This was actually supposed to be a OneShot, which was requested, but I decided to make 2  (maybe 3) parts! I hope you enjoy it!

Today is the day. I am finally going to meet my favourite group BTS at one of their fan meeting. I have been waiting for this day since ages and today I am able to see my all time Bias Park Jimin in person. I feel a bit giddy with excitement, not able to wait for it, as the hours, this morning feel like they were going to last for days and weeks.

It’s 11 p.m and I have still 6 hours left. A lot of time to get ready for the Fanmeeting. I need to be extra beautiful for today, to make a good impression for my idol and that’s why I have been planning my outfit and makeup for weeks. I decided for a grey skater skirt, a white top, a bleck leather jacket and white Adidas shoes. For my makeup, i decided to keep it simple with some foundation, mascara and some eyeliner and I style my hair in some loose curls.

As I make my way to the fanmeet, I receive a phone call, which I answer immediately.

„Hello?! Girl, where are you? I am already here and I hope that you are almost here as well?!“ My best friend (Y/B/F/N) yells into the phone due to the loud noise at the place where we are supposed to meet. This girl is always earlier than supposed time, to make sure that she won’t run late. Or she just couldn’t stand to wait any longer. „I am on my way! Don’t worry, I will be there in 20!“ I yell back into the phone, to make sure that she will hear what I am saying.

„You better hurry and are in less than 20 Minutes here! I am all alone between crazy fangirls. I feel lonely! HURRY!“ And with that, she hung up. Being there in less than 20 minutes? Sure, I will just ask the Busdriver to skip some bus stops, if I explain to him that I want to meet some idol teens, he will surely understand.

There is 1 hour and 15 Minutes to go, only this one hour and a few minutes of waiting, separates me from meeting BTS. The excitement in my stomach grows from time to time. I really want this hour to go by quick, but the time doesn’t want to pass by as quick as I wish to. The 20 minute bus ride proceeds smoothly. I listen to some BTS’ music as I stare out of the window. The weather is perfect for a fan meeting. It is a warm early summer day, the sun is shining brightly through the leaves of the trees which are standing next to the street. The bus is filled with a lot of people, most of them are Armys, BTS’ fans. All of them are also heading to the fan meeting with BTS. They are talking abut their biases and favourite songs. The girls and boys here are bonding and creating new friendships. That’s what I love the most about being in a fandom. People who have been strangers to each other are becoming friends because they share the same passion.

Just as I arrived at my aim bus stop, which is right next to the hall, I can already see all the fans gathering together. Peoples are standing outside waiting to go into the hall. A big queue has been created. I walk around the place to find (Y/B/F/N) in the big group of fangirls and fanboys. I knew that a lot of people would come today, but I didn’t expect that this amount of fans would come here, this makes it really hard to find my friend. There are so many people, roughly who are running around, trying to squeeze themselves into the queue, probably trying to find their group or so, here and there are fans who start randomly screaming, catching the attention of some others.

I am still trying to find my friend „God…where is this girl?“ I told myself. I should have asked where she is waiting for me, it would be a lot easier to find her. After 10 minutes I have found her. She is standing in the queue being squeezed by many girls. (Y/B/F/N) is wearing some black hot pants with a rose crop top and her (Y/B/H/C) hair tied up in a high ponytail. I walk up to her screaming her name to get her attention! „You took way to long, young girl!“ she scolds me instead of greeting me. „It’s hard to find your ugly ass in the mass of hundreds of people. You should have told me where you are waiting for me, stupid butt.“

Together we stand in the crowded queue, being shoved by the people waiting as well. It’s a mess. I feel relieved when we are allowed to enter the main hall. (Y/B/F/N) and I got good places near the stage since we run for our lives to get them. Now only a few minutes are left and then I am going to see Jimin. My stomach is almost exploding through the excitement and then the lights turn slowly off and the boys come out on the stage. The fans start screaming and cheering for the boys. Without thinking I also start screaming for them  „Park Jimin! Saranghae!“. (Y/B/F/N) starts laughing at me and also cheers for Jin. For a moment I forgot myself and start jumping, continuing to scream for Jimin. Suddenly the crowd goes silent as the boys want to introduce themselves one by one, but I had to scream again, catching their attention. „Christian ChimChim!“ Everyone in the hall starts laughing and Jim stares into my direction and sends a finger heart. But I don’t think that he actually knows that I have screamed, so he must have shot his heart blindly into my direction.

After introducing themselves, we fans are allowed to up on the stage and talk with the boys. I watch them as they integrate with their fans, doing cute poses for them and also waving for and who are filming them and doing aegyo from time to time. The boys also goof around with each other and the presents they get from their fans. But i keep my attention at Jimin who is doing a cute v-pose for a girls fan cam. I try to make a picture of him with my phone as he turns to my side and winks cutely. I start to squeal and my face turns red. I turn around to (Y/B/F/N) who grins at me with a bright face. Both of us start to fangirl over this little moment. I can’t actually believe what has happened. This is surely on of the best day of my life. I catch Jimin a few times peeking over my direction and quickly turning his attention back to the fan in front of him. He might do this out of reflex, since idols always scan the crowd, sending hearts and waving the fans.

15 Minutes have passed until it is our turn to go to the boys’ table. I take out my You Never Walk Alone album out, asking the boys to sign it for me. The first one of them is J-Hope. He greets me with his signature sunshine smile and asks me how I am. After meeting him the order continues with RapMonster, V, Jungkook, Jin, Suga and lastly Jimin. Every one of them greets me kindly and I got the chance to speak with them for a short time. We exchanged handshakes and a few high fives, before I meet Jimin. As I said my goodbye to Suga I move towards Jimin, who recognises me from earlier and mocks me with a high pitched voice „Christian ChimChim!“. Both of us start laughing. I try to hide my now red face with my hands as I try to say something. „I am sorry,“ I say giggly. „Ah, no! It’s okay, it was really cute!“ He takes my hands so he can see my face. „Don’t hide your beautiful face.“ he coos at me. I am trying to hold myself back or else I will end up screaming into his face. To distract myself, I show him the album and ask him if he could sign it for me, which he kindly does. He signs the album with his name and adds a little heart next to it. As a goodbye, he takes my hands once again and squeezes them and looks me into my eyes. „See you soon, yeobo!“ He says and I move away from him waving goodbye. That’s it. I just met him and now it’s over. I am happy, but also somehow sad. I waited for this moment for days and it has only lasted for a few seconds. I turn around to see him with another fan, but he turns his face to me and waves me.

After the end of the Fanmeet, I walk out of the hall with (Y/B/F/N), listening about the things Jin has told her. I study her face, right now she looks like the happiest girl on the earth. I can understand. Meeting your bias is the best feeling. In this little moment, you feel so many emotions. Joy, love, and euphoria. You want to jump around of excitement and you would like to hug your favourite person and never let them go. It’s a moment you keep treasured deep in your heart.

The two of us walk out on the evening of this warm day. I take out my signed Album and view it, as i notice a small paper tucked between the pages of the photos in the album. Someone has put a small note into my album unnoticed. It says to meet the person at 9 p.m at the back of the hall building. I stop abruptly, not paying attention to my friend anymore who turns around and asks me if something has happened? „Everything okay with you? Have you forgotten something? Do you hear me?!“ I do hear her, but as I check the time, I realise that the anonymous person wants to meet me all ready in 10 minutes. I turn around, ignoring my friend and start running back to the building where the fan meet was held.

Who wants to meet me?