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All of the angry anti-radfem stuff that I see about periods has lately been bothering me. I’ve been in my bed today, with heating pads and ibuprofen, trying to distract myself from my uterus twisting around, and I’ve been giving it some thought.

A few days ago I saw someone say that older radfems “teach younger women to drink period blood”. I see complains about uterus artwork, about women who use period blood in their wiccan/witchcraft rituals, women being asked not to speak about their periods as women, and of course women describing vulvas as a “nightmare of flesh”. We’re accusing of reducing ourselves to genitalia, of being obsessed with our periods, told that nobody is oppressed because of their menstrual cycle (sometimes, of course, they add “in America”, as if female oppression is something else we’ve outsourced).

My mom told me that, when she was a kid, she didn’t wrap up a tampon enough when she threw it in the trash. Her dad called her in and hit her because “her brothers could have seen”. She tells me that one of the first times she fell in love with my dad was when she found out he kept tampons in his bathroom “just in case”. 

I remember being told that I couldn’t use the bathroom once in middle school, as I had already gone that class. My friend gave me a sweatshirt to tie around my waist after I bled through my pants. 

I remember in gym class, when we went out to run, trying to explain to my male teacher that I couldn’t run because I was on my period. He told me that I didn’t have a sick note and that telling him was inappropriate. I threw up on the track.

When I talk to doctors about my irregular periods, they tell me I must use hormonal birth control. We don’t have any medications that weren’t made to make women sexually available. The “period” you get on birth control is withdrawal from hormones. Nobody tells me for years that hormonal birth control doesn’t mix with mood disorders. Five doctors put me on this routine. Each time I go crazy. When I refuse with the last doctor, tell her I can’t do it again, she tells me to “grow up”.

My period hurts, hurts more than it should, with PCOS. My grandmother had it, had surgery after surgery like many women in her family, to remove ovaries bit by bit. They wouldn’t take them all out at first because, the doctors said, they might want to give birth. My grandmother calls it “her cancer”, because that’s how the doctor described it to her.

I know a woman who passed out in class. The teacher called an ambulance, and when they got there and she woke up she was mortified. She had endometriosis and she was angry that others had seen her in pain. I read later that cramps can be more painful than a heart attack. 

I ask if I can postpone a meeting at a job until the next day. My co-worker asks if I am PMSing because I’ve been so grumpy all day. I go to the restroom and vomit, because the nausea from my period is so awful. I miss days sometimes because I can’t make it out of bed.

So when I see positivity about periods, when I see people trying to make art about this thing we have in common, when I see women talking about ways to make their period more comfortable, when I see the stitched pads they make, when I see people who can view the period as somehow divine, I truly do appreciate it. It isn’t gross, or awful. What’s gross and awful is telling us to be silent, not letting us learn, not making accommodations, the idea that this is a thing that we have to actively hide.

I don’t think those things are “glorifying” periods, but so what if they are? I think that taking something that hurts and making it into something positive and beautiful is incredible. I think that accepting ourselves as we are and finding ways to love that are some of the best things we can do in life.

So, as I lay here, in a lot of pain, I just want to say thanks for all the talk about menstruation. I love your uterus art. I love the things that I’ve learned from women about menstruation–why we have periods and how that relates to our bodies avoiding pregnancy, what normal periods should look like, signs and symptoms of gynecological disorders, and how to use menstrual products that are less toxic to our bodies.

Our periods shouldn’t have a stigma, and we should remember that we aren’t alone. Cheers, and I hope all of you have a great day today :)

imagine CEO namjoon.

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  • what’s there to say? we already know he’s a great leader.
  • heir to the country’s largest publishing/printing firm.
  • also the greenest publishing/printing company in the country, like top five in the world, all thanks to namjoon’s initiatives.
  • he takes the whole inheriting business thing very seriously, determined to deserve the company and to be the best boss ever.
  • graduates early from a prestiged business school abroad and shares the responsibilities at the company to give his ageing father a break.
  • he’s so !!!! invested !!! in the health and happiness of his employees !!!!
  • wins All The Awards, for his green initiatives, planting trees, and making jobs, and protecting the environment ect, but also for having the happiest employees in the country.
  • he’s always arranging conferences and seminars for his employees to educate and encourage health/happiness/safety/equal opportunity/respect/ect in the workplace.
  • he works so hard to make sure everyone even down to the lowest branches are insured and that there are daycares and mom’s get the paid leave they need and deserve and that everyone gets and equal and fair wage.
  • bless him.
  • unfortunately all this work on top of his official workload means he doesn’t have much time to look after himself.
  • but in his mind he’s suffering is worth the safety and health of so many others he doesn’t even mind tho he’s kinda sad.
  • so, you work in the HR department.
  • and the head of the department fucks off on maternity leave and by some miracle ???? you get a hasty promotion.
  • no, you’re not really the head of HR but your function is pretty much the same and you don’t mind because the pay is goOD.
  • part of your responsibilities as head is to keep namjoon briefed on the general mood and concern of the people in his branch, i.e the large building full of people he feels directly responsible for.
  • he even has a whole suggestion box system, so once a week you just have to go through the notes people leave you and present a list to namjoon with a few possible solutions etc.
  • piece of cake.
  • except he’s hot as all hell.
  • i mean, it’s not a problem, far from it, he’s just very distracting.
  • but your meetings with him are the highlight of your work week so you do a really good job or at least you try, and also wear something nice.
  • and you think he’s just kinda clumsy and awkward.
  • but actually he finds you really distracting as well.
  • and your meetings are A Mess for the first month or so, until you get into the swing of things and get your shit together.
  • and the complaints he gets are never a big deal because everyone is happy and has nothing to complain about like ???
  • his secretary complaining that him playing smooth jazz all day in his office is getting kinda annoying and please would he play some classical or maybe bossa nova for a change.
  • or that his wacky ties and other questionable fashion choices are giving them a headache.
  • or jeon jungkook complaining about someone’s coffee breath again.
  • an anonymous submission says jimin is apparently??? too??? cute???
  • jung hoseok won’t stop moonwalking to the photocopier while humming thriller and it’s not even october and michael jackson doesn’t even moonwalk to thriller ugh ???????
  • yoongi keeps falling asleep at his desk and forgetting to go home at the end of the day.
  • harmless stuff like that. 
  • (namjoon stays late so he starts driving yoongi home because that’s just the kind of Great boss he is.)
  • and most of the time you two spend these meeting gossiping about drama between the departments and rolling on the floor laughing.
  • and you’re so in awe that someone can be so wonderful and selfless, making use of his privilege to protect people less fortune than him.
  • and your meeting are usually after lunch, so you come back from lunch to find him buried in paperwork and you begin to wonder, who takes care of him?
  • you ask if he had lunch and he’s like lol of course not have you met me
  • and you suggest postponing the meeting because there’s nothing urgent going on and you can take care of “kim taehyung keeps sneaking his dog into the office” on your own.
  • but he’s like “nO!!! please, our meetings are the only break i get, they keep me sane, they’re kinda the highlight of my week.”
  • and you sputter like ????? “im,,,what??? me ?? too?”
  • from that day on he starts taking you out for lunch every week and that way your meetings get twice as long.
  • and eventually you have to ask him, since nothing is going on in the office, “what about you, namjoon? how are you doing?”
  • and he thinks for a moment and he’s like “you know what, i feel kinda shitty actually.”
  • so you let him vent all his sadness and weird existential thoughts and angst for a few weeks and eventually suggest maybe he takes responsibility for his own health and happiness and maybe a good step would be to see a therapist?
  • and he does because he values your opinion and honestly it’s the only selfish thing he’s done in years and it makes him feel 1000001x better to have his concerns and ideas affirmed and listened to by a professional. therapy is cool, kids.
  • and one day shy joonie hands you a little poem he wrote you on a post-it, describing all the little detail he’s observed about him that makes his heart race and his head go all slow and foggy.
  • because he really,,,,,,,,,,,,, really likes you, and hopes this isn’t weird or anything if you don’t feel the same way that’s cool but he’s felt this way for a while and you’re the best thing that’s happened to him since this company and he just thought you deserved to know and he’s sorry.
  • and you have to like glue yourself to that dining chair so you don’t climb that dang table and throw yourself at him because namjoon is the most wonderful man on earth you treasure him and you want to keep him safe and happy because he deserves as much kindness as he’s prepared to give and he has nothing to be sorry for and you love him.
  • and he loves you too.
  • anyway, nsfw under the cut.

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Black and White - Chapter 5

Characters: Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: Bad Boy AU // University AU // Fluff

Word Count: 4014 words

Plot: Baekhyun is the typical heartthrob that always gets what he wants.. until you came along.

Black and White: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6

After that particular night in which Baekhyun had kissed you on the cheek, things seemed to have changed. During the following days in which he’d meet up with you so you both could continue the progress of the project, there was an unidentified tension lingering the air. It wasn’t thick to the point where it would suffocate him, but faint enough just for him to feel it in the lightest of ways.

Not to mention, neither of you addressed the kiss either.

He liked you. That much was undeniable. If he thought that the first few weeks when you were glued stuck to the back of his mind was too much, now it got worse.

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Nightmares [Isaac Lahey x Reader]

Requested: no

Summary: (Y/N) and Isaac are best friend so when they are placed in the same room overnight for the cross-country meet it gets a little weird because (Y/N) likes Isaac. During the night, Isaac has a nightmare and (Y/N) tries to comfort him but it doesn’t work until she kisses him. The next day, (Y/N) thinks that their friendship is going to be awkward but Isaac sees an opportunity.

Warnings: none

Originally posted by dunbarfeels

“Listen up you bunch hormonal teenagers!” yelled Coach Finstock in the bus to the cross-county meet, “the meet is postponed to tomorrow so we’re staying at the only place with enough rooms and accepts to host degenerates like you. Now, come on you little deviants, out of the bus!” The Beacon Hills High school students exited the bus and formed a mass in front of the yellow bus.

Coach Finstock blew in his whistle to catch their attention, “Okay everyone! Pair up in same-gender, that person will be your roommate for the night.” Everybody started talking, making the groups, “Wait a second you rascals!” he shouted, “Since there is one extra boy and one extra girl, there will be a non-same-gender group.” Suddenly, the hands of every couple shot up including your friend Allison and Scott. “No! I will be choosing the pair you pigs.” He exclaimed, “Lahey take this key.” a lot of girls squealed, wanting to be paired with him, “And…” he scanned the crowd, looking for a girl who didn’t look desperate to be with Isaac or had a long line of exes, his eyes fell on you, “(L/N)! Get over here!” the members of Isaac’s fan club all sent you dark looks, “I expect no sexual perversions from any of you, especially you two” he said pointing at you and Isaac, “even if you have twin beds!” Once he finished his announcement, everybody took a key and headed to their rooms.

You walked side by side with Isaac, you were happy to be with him because he was your best friend and crush. You were chatting about his fan club.

“Did you see all the dark stares they sent me?” you asked with a smile on your face.

“I know right! It was like they were going to tear you apart.” He laughed

“Being Isaac Lahey’s best friend is hard!” you half-joked, “Being his girlfriend is better” you thought.

You both laughed entering your room. Just like Coach had said, two separate beds were against the wall of the small room. There was another door, probably leading to the bathroom.

“You can get ready first.” The werewolf told you.

“Thanks.” you said looking for something that could act as your pyjama, you found a decent pair of shorts but couldn’t find a top. You were still searching for something when you felt something soft land on you, his spare lacrosse jersey.

“You can use it, I brought a spare.” He indicated, showing you his other one. You smiled heading towards the bathroom.

When you were done, you unlocked the door of the small bathroom and exited. Isaac was on his phone with headphones on.

“Your turn” you said, he didn’t notice you so you tossed your pillow on him. He jumped, surprised by the sudden movement. He took off his earplugs and discreetly checked you out.  

“What did you say?” he asked.

“It’s your turn.” You smiled at his stupidity

“Finally!” he exclaimed, “If I had known you would take so long, I would’ve dropped all acts of chivalry.” He joked and you rolled your eyes.

You were nicely settled in your bed, scrolling down on your Tumblr dashboard when Isaac opened the door to the bathroom, shirtless. You stared at his well-built chest until Isaac’s voice brought you out of you trance.

“Eyes up here (Y/N).” he laughed.

“Sorry!” you said, color rushing to your cheeks.

“I don’t mind you checking me out ‘cause you look hot in my jersey.” He told you, making you blush even more.

You were about to say something when you heard Coach’s voice from outside, “Lights out you weirdos!”

Isaac entered his bed and you both went to sleep.

You were woken up in the middle of the night by whimpers and the sound of bedsheets moving. Wondering what was happening, you turned around facing Isaac’s bed. You saw him writhing in his bed, tears streaming down his face and sweat marks on his t-shirt. Worried you got up from you own bed and ran over to him.

“Hey Isaac, Isaac? It’s me, listen to my voice it’s (Y/N).” you said softly, “Hey, I’m right here. Isaac wake up. Wake up, for me.” He stopped moving but his eyes were screwed shut, “Listen to this voice. You recognize it? It’s (Y/N)’s, it’s mine. I’m here for you.”

He was still whimpering. So, on a whim, you closed your eyes and placed your lips against his, his whimpering stopped and his eyes opened. You pulled away, “Are you okay?” you asked, afraid that you had messed up your friendship.

“Yeah, thank you (Y/N).” he said. You smiled softly and got up to go back to your bed, “Wait, Stay with me? Please?” he asked in a hopeful voice, moving to the side of the bed to make you some space.

“Sure” you smiled. Lying down in his bed, he pulled the blanket over the two of you and wrapped his arms around you, spooning you.

Within a few minutes, Isaac had fallen into a deep sleep, his breath was fanning against your neck. You were staring at the wall in front of you, unmoving for fear of waking up the sleeping werewolf. You were thinking about how you had just ruined your friendship by kissing your best friend. You relished being here, in the same bed as him, inhaling his smell and wished that this moment would last forever. Nothing lasts forever no matter what you do. You fell asleep, certain that this moment would be your last happy and non-awkward memory with Isaac.

The next morning, Isaac woke up before you. He savored this moment, your scent overwhelming his senses, your light snore making him smile and your (H/C) hair tickling his nostril. He enjoyed this moment, wishing that when you woke up you would kiss him once again. All of a sudden, you moved, waking up. You turned around, stretching and beamed at Isaac and he grinned back. You then jumped out of the bed and started getting ready.

You came out of the bathroom and Isaac was already dressed. He went into the bathroom to brush his teeth. When he was done, he saw you packing your bag and all the restraints he had exerted just disappeared. He walked towards you, spun you around and smashed his lips against yours. Immediately, you responded cupping his face while he placed his hands on your ass.

He pulled away from you and said, “Jump.” And you did exactly that, wrapping your legs around hips and continuing the make out session.

Abruptly, there was a knock at the door and Coach Finstock’s voice saying, “Get out of here and into the bus!”

Both you and Isaac huffed and got ready to leave.

“Until next time babe.” He said, winking at you.

❝Would you give me a chance?❞

Plot: After two years, Jaebum sees his ex girlfriend and he hasn’t stop loving her. What will happen? 

Pairing: Jaebum x OC

Words count: 4,8k+

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Warning: None / Italics parts are lyrics of a song expect for the last sentence.

I made this one shot two weeks ago ispired by “My I” by Seventeen (CHINA LINE IS RISING YEAH!), I hope you like it! - M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥ 

“ Are you saying to come or to go, that waving hand.

Not sure if you want me to come or go. What could it mean? Tell me about it.”

Jaebum sighed while for the umpteenth day he reopened his eyes, waiting for the screams of his bandmates who were trying to decide who should use the bathroom first.  

He turned on his side, clutching a pillow against his chest and for the first time after months he was happy that Youngjae had abandoned their room for the living room.  

To be alone allowed him to reflect, without interruptions that brought him back to reality. Returning to those moments, returning to those feelings, was like eating something sweet and sour. It wounded him but at the same time healed him, like a chain without the possibility of being broken.  

“Aish..” He dimmed his cursing by thinning his lips, returning to lie down on his back with his gaze facing sideways.  

On a photo that he hadn’t dared to throw, to leave behind as everything that concerned her.  It was his mistake, he knew it forever. As much as she had continued to take part in those too big faults to endure, he was solely responsible for that end.  

Her smile crossed his mind like a lightning, that smile she wore on the day they had taken different paths. She knew it, she had read it in his eyes many months before soon came to their “end”.  

But when the end arrived, she had been totally unprepared. Just as he had been, too busy with his own work and pressures to be a “leader” to distract him from what, perhaps, had helped him more than anything else in the worst moments.  

Nervously he passed a hand through his hair, throwing the pillow against the door at the moment when it opened. He struck an unsuspecting Jinyoung, who had made an appareance to understand why he hadn’t already come out of his room.  

“Sorry J.”  

“What’s going on, Hyung?” He asked, lowering to be able to recover the pillow and entering the room he closed the door behind. He knew Jaebum for years, now more than eight, and recognized when something obscured that mind already overburdened with thoughts.  

He approached the bed, sitting next to him and crossing his legs propped his elbow on his thigh, supporting his chin with his open hand. He observed his own hyung, who in those moments had hidden his face under the pillow, sensing immediately what the problem was.  

And he couldn’t help him more because in those years he had always been a great help for him.  

“It’s been two years and you still think about it, Hyung?”  

Jaebum sighed, feeling his heart heavier and being almost on the verge of breaking but it didn’t happen. Lifting the pillow he looked jinyoung, his fleshy lips folded in a half-smile and the understanding that flashed blatantly in his deep eyes. “Jinyoung-ah, I never stopped thinking about it.”  

“It’s unusual for yo–I joked, it’s usual for you. But I thought you’d live better with it. ”  

While Jaebum was seated, Jinyoung paraded his slippers and turned towards him; crossing the legs and preparing for one of those moments between them. Jaebum had never been the kind of person to open easily, but you knew he was about to do it when on his face you could only see the sense of helplessness. And he was powerless in front of that amount of emotion and resentment ever disposed of.  

“It was my fault, Jinyoung. She was always there to stretch her hand when I was on the verge of collapsing and I let her go. ”  

“You made a choice. The music or her.. ” He pointed out Jinyoung, biting the corner of his lower lip making it just blush; “You didn’t have many options.. You had worked so hard to get what you got, even she knew it.. If I remember she didn’t ask you to choose, she did it. ”  

“And why, huh? Because she knew I wouldn’t choose her. Even though everything she saved me from remorse of an obvious choice. ”  

The two boys looked in their eyes for a handful of seconds. The Jinyoung’s big and expressive ones sought to scrutinize in Jaebum’s sharp and thin ones which were even more reluctant than usual to get “read”. He regretted that day more than anything; he regretted not stopping her, not telling her the truth. And the youngest of the two read all in a simple glance, too wounded in order to be healed.  

“You know where she lives.. If you really have all this remorse, apologize. You have taken two different paths; ” He began with a gentle tone, rising from the bed and giving him a slight pat on his shoulder; “You’re two adults, your apologies perhaps are the only thing that after two years you can really give her.”  

Smiling he stepped out of the room, leaving him alone again and Jaebum could hear that he screamed to the other five to stand good and not disturb him; otherwise, he would make everyone bald in zero seconds.  

“Your apologies are the only thing that after two years you can really give her.”

But Jaebum didn’t have the courage because he knew that if he had seen her he would find those reasons why he had fallen in love with her. And neither one could afford another wound on a heart already too destroyed.  

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Who’s the Boss now? (ft. Jimin)
  • Word count: 2593


I changed the idea a bit, hope you’ll be satisfied anyway :)

“Mr. Park. We have to go.” You said out loud after peeking into your boss’ office.

He raised his head from the papers right away and nodded, gathering some important documents to put into his briefcase. In the meantime, you fixed your tight, black skirt to make sure that it covers a bigger part of your legs. With the corner of your eye you noticed your boss glancing at you, while you were busy trying to look decent enough for a business meeting.

An important conference was being held in the company you were a secretary in. Back a few days ago your boss, Mr. Park, asked you to reserve some time for today to keep him company and make a protocol at the meeting. Especially for this occasion, you picked your outfit very carefully. From what you’ve gotten to know, a few important personas were invited to attend the meeting, so you had no other choice, but to represent your company well along with your boss.

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Grenfell Tower's fireproof cladding was ‘downgraded to save £293,000’, show leaked documents

Pressure to keep costs down during the refurbishment of Grenfell Tower appears to have driven the decision to use cheaper cladding on the block, an investigation has revealed.

Leaked documents including an “urgent nudge email” from housing bosses suggest aluminium panels with a flammable core were selected for the west London tower in the place of a fireproof zinc material to save nearly £300,000 – with reportedly little discussion of possible implications for residents’ safety.

An estimated 80 people died in the devastating fire on 14 June that detectives believe was started by a fridge-freezer unit before spreading to the 24-storey building’s “combustible” cladding, which subsequently failed safety tests.

The email from Kensington and Chelsea tenant management organisation (TMO) urged construction consultants Artelia UK, who were managing the £8.6m project, to assure the Tory councillor in charge of the refurbishment that prices would be kept low, reported The Times.

“We need good costs for Cllr Feilding-Mellen and the planner tomorrow at 8.45am!“ the email, sent on 16 July 2014, is alleged to have said.

A cost summary analysis from the same month also obtained by the newspaper appears to identify a saving of £293,368 by using “aluminium cladding in lieu of zinc cladding”.

Rock Feilding-Mellen, who is deputy leader of Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council, has been forced to relocate his family after reportedly receiving threats from angry residents outside his luxury £1.2million home.

The 38-year-old was said to be concerned for his safety after abusive posters and vandalism were seen outside his three-storey townhouse in north Kensington last weekend.

The Conservative council had a budget surplus of £274m, according to a draft account statement for this year describing the funds as “usable reserves”, and is said to have offered £100 rebates to the borough’s residents paying the top rate of council tax in 2014.

When the refurbishment project began in 2012 with the aim of improving the 1970s building’s insulation and making it more attractive, the use of fireproof zinc panels was proposed in a planning application submitted by architects Studio E, according to The Times.

But following a series of cost-cutting decisions, a revised planning application submitted two years later is said to require the aluminium cladding, which has a flammable plyethylene core, instead.

Minutes from an emergency residents’ meeting held on 17 March 2015 show that more than 100 people living in the block produced a long list of issues about the refurbishment.

The minutes detail anxieties about the way the firm Rydon was doing the work and mention the “concern that TMO/Rydon are using cheap materials” and “cutting corners” on workmanship. Other problems included “grave concerns at standard of works inside a number of residents’ properties”.

A spokesperson for Kensington council said Mr Fielding-Mellen had in fact increased the budget of the refurbishment project from £6.9m to £10.3m.

”Cllr Feilding-Mellen and the cabinet were willing to approve significant and repeated increases in the overall budget based on the advice received from KCTMO, which was responsible not only for specifying and delivering the project but also for ensuring the building met the necessary and current building regulations,” they said.

“Any requests by Cllr Feilding-Mellen and the housing department to justify the TMO’s requests for increases to the budget would have been made in the spirit of ensuring that public funds were being well managed and could be justified. Safety would not have been compromised.“

Last night council officials adjourned a cabinet meeting after press were allowed to attend, claiming it would ”prejudice“ the forthcoming public inquiry.

The High Court earlier ruled that the council must let journalists attend the meeting – the first to be held by the local authority since the disaster – after reporters were initially told they were barred.

The decision by council leader Nicholas Paget-Brown, to postpone the meeting triggered an angry response including from opposition councillor Robert Atkinson, who demanded the cabinet’s resignation.

The Meet Cute

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Warnings: Swear words, angst, Soulmate!AU

Word count: 2.3k

A/N: Prompt by @yourtropegirl and @bkwrm523:  Imagine Tony goes on an Epic Bender, maybe loses a whole weekend.  Huge chunk of time.  He wakes up, finally sober.  It takes him a little while, because hangover, but he eventually notices HOLY SHIT HE MET HIS SOULMATE LAST WEEKEND.  New tattoo.  And he remembers NOTHING.  Naturally, he’s/she’s staying away because he’s/she’s shy, or whatever.  Imagine the lengths Tony’s going to to find out who tf he/she is. 

Originally posted by fuckyeahtonystark

Tony groaned as his alarm went off - the shrill sound echoing through the quiet room. His head felt like it was about to explode, as he slowly reached his arm out to shut the damn thing off. However, he didn’t manage and instead just ripped the whole thing out of the wall. As he pushed his face further into the pillows, his own A.I. interrupted the silence.

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A Day Without Phil // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: parent!phan

Words: 2.9k

Relationship status: married

Warnings: minor injuries

Summary: Dan is home alone with his and Phil’s three kids. Chaos ensues.

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anonymous asked:

Headcanons or imagine idc, of where Damian has a significant other who has abilities similar to poison ivy or like Pamela's protégée. Maybe reader hasn't met the family yet due to that reason

Sorry for the long wait! Hope you enjoy this and thank you for requesting!

You never thought Damian and you could ever be in a serious relationship because you are always plagued with thoughts of how one touch from you, everything you love can be destroyed. “TT. I can hear the gears in your head turning, stop, I’m not going to leave you.” Damian would often say this to you in the beginning of your relationship.

Damian actually likes you because you are somewhat similar to him but is able to carry yourself differently and that is why he continuously pursued you (and obviously, one can only reject the Wayne charm one too many times). You only relented to dating him when you were touched by how hard he had worked to get you to feel comfortable enough with him and you also saw that he was willing to let you touch him knowing how you much of a control you have over your powers.

When Damian asked if you wanted to meet his family, you had immediately told him no because you were afraid. You never minded what others thought of you but seeing as this was Damian’s family, you knew you would be devastated if they did not approve of your relationship with Damian. 

“TT. Father will approve of you and Pennyworth will probably think you are a beacon of light.” Damian would often grumble this to you as a way to reassure you but you are still afraid. It is a huge deal for you too because none of your relationship has ever lasted to the point of where your boyfriend would ask you to meet his family. 

Though as much as you try to postpone meeting Damian’s family, you actually met a few of them by accident – or to put it bluntly, you were sought out and some meetings were coincidences.

“So you’re the one who is dating the demon spawn then?” Red Hood had appeared behind you, knocking out the henchman who had a knife to you. “You’ve got some moves.” You did not even want to know how Red Hood knew about your super costume and your powers. “Though I think the demon spawn should correct your stance - your left side is always open for attacks.”

Meeting Grayson had been the normal one out of all of Damian’s family. You had been waiting for Damian in his apartment when the door to the apartment opened and Damian rushes in with his costume on. 

“Dick’s been poisoned.” You never wanted to hear those words coming out of Damian’s mouth because you knew what he was going to ask you to do and before you could even say no, Damian held your hand and looked at you. “I trust you.” And hearing Damian say that to you, knowing how unsteady your powers can be, boosted your confidence a lot. 

Meeting Bruce Wayne had left you weak in the knees because even though you already know how he looked like, the photos of him definitely did not do him any justice. “TT. Can’t believe you’re swooning over father.” Damian crosses his arms before nudging your shoulders with his. “That’s half of the family already.”

This causes Bruce to insist you to come for the next family dinner and that he would not take no for an answer. “Of course, I will bring her by the manor for dinner, father.”

Dating Damian Wayne (Kid Friendly)

Dating Headcanons with OLDER Damian Wayne.

-totally awkward when you first started going out
-but not in a traditional way (???)
-like he was stiff and robotic
-spoke formally
-“i wish for you to accompany me to a restaurant to engage in conversation and form a special bond with the other that may lead to becoming ones significant other.”
-“is that asking me to go on a date?”
-he wouldn’t know what to do
-tried to keep it sophisticated
-(went to an art gallery for a date and he just vomited facts)
-got intel secretly to see what you liked after an unimpressed you left a date at an exhibition for a reputable photohrapher.
-once he saw how much you enjoyed fun dates. Movies (without him talking all the time how something was inaccurate), roller blading, etc.
-(not that other dates weren’t fun)
-he enjoyed watching you laugh and smile
-not big on PDA
-But will hold your hand at most times
-and if any other guys try to look at you in any way he would be sure to either kiss your cheek or place his hand on your hip.
-lots of gifts
-you had to tell him
-“you don’t have to give me something everytime you see me!”
-he’s often confused by you
-(asks Dick for dating advice but won’t admit it)
-“what does it mean Dick?”
-you met his pets before his family
-you also met Alfred before his family
-he kept postponing you meeting his family
-“they can’t be that bad Dami”
-you found out he was Robin fairly quickly
-he was very cocky about
-you accidentally found out
-and he didn’t deny anything despite the risk
-now the fact he’s Robin is something he loves to casually drop.
-“I’m Robin!”
-“Just eat your dinner Dami.”
-You are also the only person he’ll really listen to
-“Why are you sitting on couch Damian? You’ve been there since 10”
-“Beloved told me wait. So I’m waiting”
-“Do me a favor Damian and never leave her.”
-“Beloved.” (I seriously can’t with all the imagines when Dami calls someone beloved I DIE)

Secret Relations - Stiles Stilinski/ Pack imagine

Y/n and Stiles had started off as best friends but their relationship quickly became more than just just friends. They both thought the world of each other and wished they could express their love for one another in public. But they couldn’t. Not unless they wanted to be constantly teased about their relationship also because if they were to ever break up they wouldn’t want the pack to have to choose between them and cause a rift. —— It was another summers night within the Stilinski household and Stiles was waiting for Y/n to arrive for the pack meeting. They decided the night before that Y/n should arrive about an hour earlier so they could spend some alone time before the rest of the pack came. Hearing a knock at the door, Stiles rushed to open it; “Hey bab-boys and girls, bffs woo” he said as he caught himself mid sentence, whilst throwing a fist in the air. Shooting him confused glances, the pack quickly made their way inside mumbling their greetings and finding a seat for the up coming meeting. “Sorry we’re early Stiles, we thought that if we came now then we could all have some extra time to hang out! I tried to call Y/n but she didn’t pick up so we’ll just wait for her before we start” Scott apologetically said to Stiles. “T-that’s okay Scott” spoke a nervous Stiles Lydia raised an eye-brow, “Are you okay Stiles? You’re shaking” “Pfft what? No I’m not” “Yes, yo-” “Let’s just put a movie on while we wait! Yeah good, great idea!” Stiles cut Lydia off. —- Whilst that was happening inside, Y/n, who was now making her way up the drive way, had no idea that the pack was inside seen as though she was too engrossed with her phone to notice the packs cars. Entering Stiles’ house, Y/n shouted, “Stiles? Babe? The store had no ice-cream like I know it’s like 7pm but what store has no ice-cream? It’s like one of the most popular foods!” She found him in the door way to his living room wide eyed and rapidly shaking his head at her. Walking up to him and giving him a quick peck on the lips she asked, “Baby? What’s wrong?” She looked over his shoulder and finally noticed the rest of their friends staring at them, some opened mouthed, some with massive grins. “Oh” “Yep” Stiles sighed Suddenly the rest of the pack burst, shouting over each other, “YOU TWO?” “NO WAY” “I KNEW IT” “IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS” “I CANT BELIEVE IT” “How did Stilinski get someone like Y/n” “OH SHUT UP, THEY ARE SO CUTE ” “Guys” Stiles tried to get the attention of his friends but to no avail. “Guys!” He tried again but still the pack kept blasting their thoughts out loud. “HEY!” Finally he managed to catch their attention as the pack grew silent. He continued, “Right so let’s get this over with” “Why didn’t you tell us?” Scott questioned Y/n sighed, “We’re so sorry Scott, but we didn’t want to tell anyone yet incase our relationship didn’t work out. The last thing we would want to do would be to cause a spilt in the pack” “We forgive you guys but we want the details!” Lydia excitedly said. “Yes! I’m postponing this meeting until tomorrow, now this night is just a normal pack bonding night!” Scott decided “Now please start at the beginning and don’t miss anything out” Lydia eagerly said, beckoning them over to the couch . Stiles and Y/n looked at each other and sighed. This was going to be a long night.

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monsteryuyu  asked:

No but tho' I really wanted to see a grim reaper seventeen au ;-; I just love the thoughts about a grim reaper having a forbidden love with a human??

S.Coups: Seungcheol acts as both a Grim Reaper and Guardian Angel. He’d save those he thinks deserves one last chance, and collect the souls of those who have finally reached their time. He’s a generous Reaper, giving extra time for those who are dying to say goodbye to their loved ones. Then there’s you; he always tells himself that he’s given you enough time, but he just keeps saving you every time you get yourself in trouble.

Jeonghan: Jeonghan doesn’t abide by the rules. He collects souls when he wants, gives more time to who he wants, and takes away time from who he wants. He likes having the power to be able to control people’s lives. There’s one person he dares not mess with though; you. He didn’t know why at first, until he poured sand into your hourglass. He hasn’t given anyone more time in over a hundred years.

Joshua: Jisoo never collects souls in time. He always gives those who are on the verge of death one more chance to live. He only collects the souls of the good and pure, and he refuses to let any of them die unhappily. There’s clumsy you who’s always getting yourself in trouble, so Jisoo’s constantly watching over you. He’s given you too many chances to live, but it’s only because he’s postponing his meeting with you. He doesn’t know how he’d act in front of a mortal who has stolen a Reaper’s heart.

Jun: Junhui disguises himself as a mortal being, and goes around watching over those he’s meant to collect soon. After meeting you, he doesn’t know how he’d collect your soul because he never wants your time to be up. He’d disguise himself as anyone just to be close to you to save you from whatever’s meant to end your life. Words can’t even describe the relief he felt when your name disappeared from the list of those he’s meant to collect soon.

Hoshi: Soonyoung loves games. He’d visit someone when they’re on the verge of life and death, and suggest they both play a game. If they win, they get their life back, but if they lose, their soul is his. You were the first mortal to trick him, and Soonyoung couldn’t contain the smile on his face. He gave you your life back, and a few extra years to live. The next time you see him would be years from now, and he only hopes that you still remember him.

Wonwoo: While other Reapers think he’s fine with collecting souls, Wonwoo mourns the deaths of those he collects. He hates being Death itself, but nothing can change that. Rule-breaking’s an option, but messing with the human world is something he fears. He’s fallen for you, a mortal, so when your time’s up he doesn’t know how he’d feel or what he’d do. For now, all he can do is watch over you.

Woozi: Jihoon is the type of Grim Reaper who respects the rules. He collects those whose time is up, and has never in his entire existence refilled an hourglass to give someone more time. He’s the Grim Reaper; Death, not Life. However, he’s fallen for you, and when he sees you standing at the very edge of life and death… For the first time ever, he was willing to break the rules for you.

DK: Seokmin may be a Grim Reaper, but he’s always so bright and positive that he’s mistaken for an Angel instead. He doesn’t smile because he likes collecting souls, but he smiles to hide his pain. He hates collecting souls more than words can say, but there’s nothing he can do about it. He’s fallen for you, who smiles no matter what, because he knows how it feels to hide behind smiles too.

Mingyu: Mingyu is always late when it comes to collecting souls. No one understands how he could mess up so bad, but they just ignore it because he still gets his work done on time. You, who’s long overdue, is the subject of so many questions. Eventually, the other Reapers stopped asking because they think it’s just Mingyu being late in collecting your soul. But the truth it, no—he just wants to keep you alive.

The8: Minghao is more of a Guardian Angel than a Grim Reaper. He refuses to collect souls until he himself believes their time is up. He saves those he believes deserves more time. He does more saving than collecting, which gets him in trouble by the other Reapers, but he doesn’t care. The ones he saves the most are you and those close to you because all he wants is to always see you happy. A mortal can’t be with a Reaper, so this is all he can do for you.

Seungkwan: Seungkwan respects the rules, and does as he’s told. He’s your rival; while he’s a Grim Reaper, you’re a Guardian Angel. You’re always saving those whose times are already out, forcing him to refill hourglasses over and over. He collects souls when he believes it’s time for the person to be laid to rest, but you’re all about second chances. He can’t stand your rule-breaking, and you can’t stand his strong respect to them.

Vernon: Hansol gets attached too easily. He’s broken so many rules in the past, so because of this, he’s sent to collect only when the person has five minutes left to live. However, five minutes is enough for him to be able to see what kind of person they were within those five minutes. And when he got to you… five minutes just wasn’t enough.

Dino: Chan only collects the souls of young children. He thinks he has the saddest job of all because he collects the most innocent souls, but it’s also because he’s with them all their life, and not only when they’re close to death. He’s watched over you since you were born, so if ever the day comes that he has to collect yours, it would feel like a part of him is leaving too.

thank you for your request!!

Dating Damian Wayne (NSFW Version)

NSFW Dating Headcanons with OLDER Damian Wayne. Same as previous but with NSFW.

Requested by: Anonymous

-totally awkward when you first started going out
-but not in a traditional way (???)
-like he was stiff and robotic
-spoke formally
-“i wish for you to accompany me to a restaurant to engage in conversation and form a special bond with the other that may lead to becoming ones significant other.”
-“is that asking me to go on a date?”
-he wouldn’t know what to do
-tried to keep it sophisticated
-(went to an art gallery for a date and he just vomited facts)
-got intel secretly to see what you liked after an unimpressed you left a date at an exhibition for a reputable photohrapher.
-once he saw how much you enjoyed fun dates. Movies (without him talking all the time how something was inaccurate), roller blading, etc.
-(not that other dates weren’t fun)
-he enjoyed watching you laugh and smile
-not big on PDA
-But will hold your hand at most times
-and if any other guys try to look at you in any way he would be sure to either kiss your cheek or place his hand on your hip.
-lots of gifts
-you had to tell him
-“you don’t have to give me something everytime you see me!”
-he’s often confused by you
-(asks Dick for dating advice but won’t admit it)
-“what does it mean Dick?”
-you met his pets before his family
-you also met Alfred before his family
-he kept postponing you meeting his family
-“they can’t be that bad Dami”
-you found out he was Robin fairly quickly
-he was very cocky about
-you accidentally found out
-and he didn’t deny anything despite the risk
-now the fact he’s Robin is something he loves to casually drop.
-“I’m Robin!”
-“Just eat your dinner Dami.”
-You are also the only person he’ll really listen to
-“Why are you sitting on couch Damian? You’ve been there since 10”
-“Beloved told me wait. So I’m waiting”
-“Do me a favor Damian and never leave her.”
-“Beloved.” (I seriously can’t with all the imagines when Dami calls someone beloved I DIE)
-he didn’t see much purpose in sex other than procreation
-but decided to see what the fuss was about
-First time was awkward.
-(when is it not??)
-(also would say it is his FIRST time)
-but now he loves sex
-whenever he can do it, he will
-prefers to do it on a bed though
-(no objection to any other sturdy surfaces as well)
-he likes to watch your face
-every response you have to what he does
-he L O V E S seeing how he makes you react
-and oh boy STAMINA
-long sessions
-(totally have done it in the batmobile once too but were caught)(Something I’m basing off Damian in Battle For The Cowl)
-Bruce brushed it off and just said “be safe.” Before walking away.
-willing to try what you want
-prefers just sensual, intimate sex though
-is sure to satisfy your every need
-even if he’s not up to it
-he (voluntarily, no pressuring him) may finger you
-Also can be a big romantic for anniversaries
-rose petals
-getaway to a hotel
-sex for as long as you can go on those nights

anonymous asked:

Can you do a Spock X Male!Reader where the reader is kinda like Sherlock? Like, he is really smart and can easily figure things out about people, but he gets easily flustered when someone figures out something about him. So, of course, Spock figures out something about our dear reader. :)

Spock X Reader – Sherlock

A/N – I hope you don’t mind that I made this gender-neutral, if you do, I’ll go back and change it, making two copies; one for each gender.

Warnings – None.

Rating – T

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Spock stood primly next to Kirk as the report on Khan and his crew was delivered to Starfleet HQ; the meeting had already been postponed too long due to Kirk’s recovery in the hospital. Admiral Hackett headed the meeting alongside a few other Admirals, all waiting to hear the conclusion of the battle and the whereabouts of the cryo-pods.

After all the required information had been gathered, Hackett leaned forward, addressing Kirk, “Captain, is there anything else you wish to present before we conclude this meeting?”

“Yes sir,” Kirk motioned for Spock to step forward.

“First officer Spock, you have something to present?”

“Yes sir,” Spock answered respectfully, holding up a black square disk.

“What is that?”

“It was recovered from Khan’s body. An expert on Earth’s 20th Century informed me it’s an archaic piece of technology used primarily for data storage; it’s known to be a floppy disk.”

“Can you tell us what data stored on it?”

“That’s the problem Admiral,” Kirk commented. “The technology’s encrypted and too ancient for any of our experts to decipher; we were hoping you’d know of someone that could help.”

Two of the female Admirals on Hackett’s left murmured to one-another before the one closest conferred quietly with him. He looked mildly stunned before reluctantly nodding his head and facing Kirk once more. “Admiral Roberts has suggested (F/N) (L/N) as a solution to this dilemma.”

“(F/N) (L/N)?”

“Yes, (s)he was a student here quite some time ago, specialising in ancient technologies, though (s)he later dropped off the course due to some… social problems.”

“Social problems sir?”

Hackett sighed, dropping formalities slightly, “Kirk, I’ll be honest, (Y/N) is the best person for the job but (s)he isn’t the easiest person to work with; that’s why (s)he left the course, you may want to look for someone more trust-worthy.”

“I think we can handle it sir.”

“Very well. There is one more condition however. You must remain in the hospital wing until the doctors deem you fit for active duty, understood?”

Kirk tensed, he thought about arguing his case but quickly rejected the idea; Admiral Hackett wasn’t the type to change his mind, nor was he forgiving to those who challenged his authority. “Very well sir, though I’d like to request First officer Spock and Chief Medical Officer McCoy be the ones to approach (L/N).”

“Request granted, meeting adjourned.”

The admirals rose, leaving Spock and Kirk alone in the meeting room. “Spock, I want constant updates on that disk.”

“Understood, Captain.” Spock replied.

You picked up your phaser upon hearing your doorbell go off; nobody made a habit of visiting you without calling ahead first so whoever it was had to be either rude, stupid, or a dissatisfied third party. Regardless, you didn’t suffer fools gladly, and they were about to discover that, one way or another.

You glanced through the peep-hole of your apartment, irked to find to members of Starfleet. Despite your initial instinct to leave them there until they left, you needed the pay that their work could bring.

“What’s the job?” You demanded upon opening the door, hiding your phaser on the table behind you.

One man, the Vulcan, raised an eyebrow, while the other spluttered momentarily.

“How did you-” One asked in his Southern accent.

“Friends call ahead; so do jobs typically. Starfleet regulation uniforms. He’s a chief science officer, where else would Starfleet put a Vulcan willing to work with them? And you- you have a stain on the side of your shirt, green liquid with a slight aroma… medical officer, presumably the chief.”

“Incredible.” McCoy murmured.

“What’s the job?”

“All right, to begin with I’m Doctor McCoy and this is Mr Spock-”

“I didn’t ask your names, I asked what the job is. If you’re going to be a bumbling fool and continue to waste my time then I suggest you find somebody else.”

“Unbelievable, Spock you take this one, (s)he’s insufferable.” McCoy growled.

Spock considered apologising on behalf of McCoy but quickly moved on to pull out the floppy disk. “Recently, this item was removed from a criminal who had particular ties with the 20th century. It’s been encrypted and we were informed that you are able to decrypt it.”

You nodded. “And?”

“And what?” McCoy spat. “We want you to decrypt it.”

“I’ll bet that sour attitude is why you’re divorced.”

“How dare-”

“No. How dare you? You come to my house without calling ahead, waste my time, and then don’t even offer payment. In my book that’s rude. Look, I know I’m an asshole but what’s your excuse, hmm? If you have a problem with the observations I make then you’ve clearly spent too much time around people who spend their entire lives with closed eyes. It’s clear you were married, you have the indentation of a wedding ring, clearly long gone. Not to mention, you came here partially drunk, I could smell you through the door.”

Spock raised both eyebrows, questioning McCoy with a glance. You grinned as another, albeit surprising, realisation hit. “And you,” You addressed Spock, “You’re half human. Now that’s a mix I never thought I’d see.”

“We are wasting time,” Spock noted, stopping your spree. “You need this job and we need your help; surely that is enough to foster an agreement.”

You glowered. “What makes you think I need this?”

“There is an eviction notice below your feet; it’s a final notice.”

You blushed furiously. Other people weren’t supposed to notice things, that was you job, it’s what made you special; you wanted to be angry even if you didn’t have the right.

When you didn’t speak, Spock continued, “It’s like you said, I do not go through life ‘with closed eyes.’”

‘Was that sarcasm?’ You wondered. If it was, what other traits did the hybrid contain? He was unlike any puzzle you’d faced before, you wanted to unlock him more than anything.

Hiding your new-found enthusiasm, you snatched the floppy-disk away. “Pay this month’s rent and I’ll do it. Alone.

As you’d predicted, McCoy stepped forward angrily. “If you think we’re leaving you with classified information, you’re as crazy as a soup sandwich.”

“Then what do you suggest? That I work with one of you?” You added extra sarcasm for emphasis.

“Would you be willing to?” Spock asked.

You hid a smile. “Who’d it be?”


“Hmm…. Make it two months’ rent and I suppose I can work with a baby sitter.”

Spock nodded in agreement. “Then we have an agreement.”

You opened your door wider. “Make yourself at home.” Facing McCoy, you added, “Pick him up tomorrow at 6:00 pm.”

Although you knew the disk could’ve been done in under an hour, you’d be sure to take it extra slowly; deciphering the Vulcan was sure to take quite some time.

The Journey - Part Ten

Previous Chapters are HERE.

Thank you @jia911 for the fast proofreading! 

Timeline for Part 10:

This one includes the moment after Omelia’s first kiss and the arc with Nicole Herman’s tumor, basically. Unfortunately, I couldn’t cover ALL parts of 11x14 yet, otherwise the chapter would be way too big. So I made it to the beginning of the surgery around the first third of 11x14 and the next chapter will cover the aftermath of Owen dealing with Amelia’s insubordination by taking off the gloves and exposing herself to radiation. The only upside to this is that I have a relatively free week so expect a faster update next time! 

Ok, enough rambling, let’s get to it!

The Journey – Part Ten

Amelia dragged her feet out of bed, trying to hold onto the promise she’d made the previous evening.

Despite her resolve not to think about Owen anymore, he had haunted her dreams during the entire night, setting Amelia on a restless, agitated sleep that made her feel even more tired when she woke up.

As she got dressed to go to work, the neurosurgeon wondered how it would be when they met there. Surely they couldn’t act as if nothing had happened? Amelia knew she very much wanted to, but she was almost certain she wouldn’t be able to talk to her boss and pretend she hadn’t felt her knees weak as Owen had held her face between his hands and stolen her breath with a dazzling kiss just the night before.

Did people really do that? Did they go from sharing sensual, inebriating kisses to talking about mundane topics such as the OR board or budget meetings? This was all very new to her and Amelia had no idea, but she hoped the answer was affirmative, considering how determined she was to completely ignore how her boss made her feel.

Much to her dismay, not too long after she stepped foot in the hospital, Amelia was informed the chief of surgery wanted to see her in his office.

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I finally got around to finishing this! I can only blame a broken laptop monitor and my desire to play around with Frisk’s outfit. This is for @thebananafrappe‘s ask about Criminal Attraction SansxFrisk cuddles. The first picture is closer to canon with jeans and a shirt, but I wanted to draw Frisk in a little red dress, so I added a second version too. Of course, it’s probably a good thing that Frisk wasn’t wearing a dress like this to the meeting. Sans would take one look at her, and the business meeting would have been postponed.

For Sans, I also decided to make him look slightly less skull-like and a little more like his softer sprite appearance. I can’t decide which version I like more. Also, I was half way through designing him a new suit, but then I realized that he’s the type of lazy monster who would find one suit he liked and buy 47 different copies of it so that he would never have to think about what to wear. :)

And finally, if anyone is curious, the writing on the window is ‘The Alibi Bar’, which felt appropriate for the type of patrons a bar like this attracts.

glassesgirl0401  asked:

I saw you answer an anon ask a while ago that your members have a no hate rule... however, there are at least three of them who I've seen posting/reblogging character or ship hate on tumblr, and several others who may remain neutral on tumblr, but spew venom on twitter. You may excuse that I have some trust issues here.

Hey there! 

We’ve been pretty busy over here at headquarters. A new shipment of spray paint came in, and we had to put every can in order by exact shade and then alphabetize them. 

Today, I was alerted to this ask. I read it, and I called a lunch meeting for the committee which runs this blog. 

So we sit down to a lunch of hot dogs (mistake), and we have to make dick jokes. It’s obligatory. There was no way to avoid it. We had thirty minutes of nothing but dick jokes. It was great. 

Then, I said: “Okay, let’s get into it.” 

And someone said: “The way that Erwin gets into Levi?” 

And the room erupted with cheering, and I flipped the table, left the room, and had to walk off a raging boner. I couldn’t sit down for an hour.

The meeting was postponed, but I made everyone on the committee stay at work late tonight, and now we’re all drunk. We’re able to focus on topics easier once we’ve been drinking a while because alcohol makes us think of sad!Eruri, so we try to avoid getting weepy. If we’re not thinking of happy Eruris, we’re talking business. 

Anyway, here’s a summary of the results of the meeting: 

A few agents agreed with you. Some said that we should be paying closer attention to the hate side, even if we don’t enjoy reading it. The Erurinati doesn’t appreciate hate, and we honestly avoid it. It’s unpleasant. 

Another agent brought up the ask that you’re referencing. The previous ask that we believe you’re referencing said that this blog would remain hate free, and it has. 

Another agent clarified and suggested that you were talking about our posted rules which state that we won’t participate in or perpetuate hate. 

The bottom line is: Are we going to start policing hate from people who claim association with the Erurinati?

My return question was: “If we’re going to attempt to police others, where are we going to draw the line of jurisdiction? Tumblr is only one platform. Are we going to start going to other platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. to make sure that Erurinati is not associated with hate speech?” 

So we calculated the time and effort. 

The short answer is: We’re not going to police other people. 

We aren’t going to take the time and effort to track down people who are in the Eruri fandom or people who claim to have Erurinati membership and tell them to stop what they’re doing. We have control over our own actions, and we have control over this blog. We aren’t going to reach beyond those boundaries, especially online. 

Communication online degrades quickly because it’s very easy to dissect a monologue in comparison to dissecting a live-action dialogue. There are also studies that suggest that a person is more willing to use more malicious language if they are communicating with someone that they cannot physically see, even if that person is passive or timid away from a keyboard. We can’t control what other people are going to say or present in their online space, and attempting to control it would be time wasted. 

This blog will continue to be free of hate. We’re too busy making dick jokes and spray painting buildings to perpetuate or police hate.

We’re converting this ask into a friendly reminder to those who want to be associated with the Erurinati: 

Spread some love today. You won’t regret it. 

How to Close a Closer.

Drabble Challenge - Prompt 149 - “I just need ten minutes.”  Filled for @novemberhush  Thank you for helping me unblock my fairy floss filled brain, I hope you like it. :)

Harvey and Mike had been a team now for a year, which was exactly how long both parties had wanted to merge into each other’s hearts and beds.  Mike was waiting on Harvey to make the first move because he was the boss; Harvey was waiting on Mike because, as his boss, he couldn’t be seen to be harassing his associate.  

There was a sticky note taped to Donna’s desk scribbled with 72 vertical lines.  The exact amount of times that Harvey and Mike had been in the office, flirting with each other and Donna had thought this was it; this was the time they finally jump each other.  72 times Donna had thumped her head on the desk in frustration when they chickened out once again.  So unfortunately at this juncture, the only merger going on was between Feltham Pharmaceuticals and Portal Distributors.

Harvey was hunched over Donna’s desk, discussing how best to broach the rejection of Louis’s latest insane idea, when Mike strode toward them.

“How’s my merger looking? Better than that skinny tie I hope?”  Harvey teased, grasping Mike’s shoulder gently.

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