meeting muppets

question: do you think thomas and martha wayne ever offered to make a huge donation to pbs or the children’s television workshop in exchange for bruce being able to meet some muppets. has bruce wayne been to sesame street. somewhere in wayne manor are there pictures of bruce wayne hugging big bird and snuffie. does bruce wayne still secretly consider kermit a close personal friend.

Very Weird Crossover Ideas

1. Star Wars, but it’s a “What We Do in the Shadows” style documentary
(Mostly so you can have things like members of Rogue Squadron being like “Wow, this base is pretty empty. Oh. There’s bodies. Hm. Lots of bodies. Hey Luke, you didn’t tell us your dad was visiting this week!”
“Sorry, the custody arrangement changed again.”)

2. The Muppet Movie, but it’s the cast of Voltron Legendary Defender
Hunk: “Oh I’m so nervous! If this calculation is off, I’ll never be able to live with myself!”
Coran: “Well then, you’ll have to get another apartment, won’t you?”

3. Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein, but the cast is 100% Transformers
Prowl: “You’re making enough noise to wake up the dead!”
Cliffjumper: “Oh I don’t have to wake him up. He’s up.”
Prowl: “Listen: I know there’s no such person as CYLAS. You know there’s no such person as CYLAS.”
Cliffjumper: “But does CYLAS know it?”

anonymous asked:

Jake getting to meet the muppet Julia and he's just so !!!!!!

lmfao Alex and Jake both chubsters, squealing in front of the TV when Lexa’s on so Clarke is SO touched by this and makes arrangements for them to go meet Julia. Turns out Alex was just excited to see Lexa on TV lmao but Jake, Jake is the happiest bean on the planet. So he spends the day playing with his icon and Alex plays with hers lol 

Maybe it was a side effect of the Flexeril I had before bed? Ive taken it many times when my neck is cramping, butnever had such crazy vivid dreams from it.

And I kept focusing on the smell of the shea butter. Sort of like when you are sick and having fever dreams and focus on something, be it a smell, or something from tv, or stubble on your face, kind of a similar thing. Id “wake” skitch the dog, then plop I’m back into it. Maybe that coupled with the fact I slept a lot yesterday and have this surgery coming up I’m freaked out about. I dunno.

Sometimes what I watch impacts my dreams but this was way out there.

Muppets meets foreign family business meets medieval times meets acid trip meets dinner meets reality mixed with being not awake but thinking I am.

Hoping it’s the Flexeril, I can just not take it and use the heating pad. If its onset withdrawal due to my taper, Im in for a long ride to crazy town.

And I think I got some Shea butter in my eyes last night and they are still kind of irritated.

I do the shea butter face, beard thing maybe once a month to moisture my skin and beard but this time for some reason it was followed by these dreams so its more in my head and memories from the dreams.

Maybe it was just a mix of yesterdays cold and rainy sleeping a lot watching a dry dark comedy show with the shea butter as a scent to focus on and the Flexeril to kick it into gear.

I need to go shower or something maybe to wake me up. And maybe later I can nap once my morning meds kick in.

It’s Time to Meet the Muppets: Bobo the Bear is the nicest, most hard working guy you could hope to meet. Although he’s large and has worked as a sidekick for a few villains over the years, Bobo only wants you to “Have a good day, sir!” Bobo worked in security during “Muppets Tonight” and has been part of the Muppets ever since. It would be unbearable without him!

It’s Time to Meet the Muppets: Bean Bunny, the cutest Muppet ever. In fact, we hired Bean to be cute just so the rest of us could take a break. Bean is a sweet guy, but he always seems to end up getting smashed or squashed or generally harmed, but through it all, he remains undeniably adorable!