meeting mark ruffalo

When marvel introduce a new actor/actress...

My WWYD if I met Mark Ruffalo

If I ever had the pleasure to meet Mark Ruffalo I want to shake his hand and say:

“Mr. Ruffalo, Your work on Water Defense is unparalleled and I’m a huge fan of the way you lose control and turn into a giant rage monster”.

-No autograph or picture just my admiration for what he does for our world and a (not so) subtle jab at him being my favorite Marvel character Bruce Banner.


“…she meets a beautiful stranger (Mark Ruffalo) in a coin laundry. After she falls asleep in a chair, he stares longingly at her, and we hear ‘Sometime Later,’ a dreamy, down-tempo song by the British trip-hop band Alpha.

Perfectly matching image to music, the moment captures the sweet, blinding high of infatuation.

The casting in “My Life Without Me” is unusually good  ….Ruffalo brings that aching, restless vulnerability that was so vivid in 'You Can Count On Me.' “ 

- San Francisco Gate