meeting mark ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo fans, sit yo asses down. I got a story to tell.

So Mark spoke at my school today, and I was expecting him to be distant and not involved with too many people. But upon arrival I saw that he took pictures with everyone who asked and was very friendly before his presentation.

He even went around shaking people’s hands, including mine. (His hands are hella soft if you’re wondering.) I thought that would be the closest I would get to him, but thankfully I was wrong.

Then, Mark and his coworkers talked about Water Defense and ways to keep our waterways clean. It was a really interesting presentation and engaged all of the students watching. We could all tell Mark was nervous and a little shy, but he spoke passionately and held everyone’s attention incredibly well.

After the presentation I decided to go for it and see if I could meet him. There were tons of kids swarming him, but I waited patiently. As I waited I made the decision to go for a hug instead of a quick picture with him. So many people were taking pictures that I decided that a really good, personal experience would mean more to me than a picture. I was insanely nervous waiting for him to notice me, and my mouth was so dry. When he finally made eye contact with me I asked, “Can I just give you a hug? I think you’re awesome!” He smiled and said, “Of course! Come here, kid! That’s great!” He gives fucking incredible hugs, by the way. His sweater was wicked soft. It was awesome despite the fact that I was wearing my backpack and he had to wrap his arms around my shoulders. I told him over and over again how awesome he is and he thanked me and I walked away. I was buzzing for the next 2 hours. I couldn’t believe it.

So the moral of the story is that Mark Ruffalo is a total sweetheart and my encounter with him exceeded all my expectations for how it would go. He is shorter than expected and handsome and absolutely lovely in real life. Totally down to earth and chill. What a guy.


“…she meets a beautiful stranger (Mark Ruffalo) in a coin laundry. After she falls asleep in a chair, he stares longingly at her, and we hear ‘Sometime Later,’ a dreamy, down-tempo song by the British trip-hop band Alpha.

Perfectly matching image to music, the moment captures the sweet, blinding high of infatuation.

The casting in “My Life Without Me” is unusually good  ….Ruffalo brings that aching, restless vulnerability that was so vivid in 'You Can Count On Me.' “ 

- San Francisco Gate

I can’t be infected by Ebola, there’s so much I want to do.
Such as:
meet Liam Hemsworth
meet Chris Evans
meet Tom Hiddleston
meet Chris Hemsworth
meet Liam Hemsworth
meet Mark Ruffalo
meet Sebastian Stan
meet Jeremy Renner
meet Scarlett Johansson
meet Jlaw
meet Liam Hemsworth

OH did I mention meet Liam Hemsworth?