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--Mr."Hardly" Perfect--Another poem for Thomas Sanders! <3

Your dark brown eyes,

leave me hopelessly hypnotized.

That cute crooked smile,

melts my big heart into a pile.

Your adorkable personality,

makes me forget the harsh pains of reality.

Every fandom you’re apart of has me love you even more,

my deep love for you is like an open door.

My ears can’t help but ring,

of every beautiful song you sing.

I’m always left in a gaze,

when you act out in those community plays.

You’re just far too sweet,

for us not to meet.

Your quirky humor,

makes me wish I would’ve found you sooner.

You’re everything I want and more,

you’re the only one I truly adore.

Every little thing about yous got me Sherlocked,

because of you my worlds been rocked, harder than by The Beatles.

Without you my heart is filled with piercing needles.

I need ya more than you know,

without you I wouldn’t know how to go.

You are my one true love,

my purest Turtle Dove.

It’s hard to fathom that such a being like you exists,

at the end of the day you’re the only one I’ve missed.

You, with all your “flaws”, know how to work it,

this is why you are my Mr.”Hardly” Perfect!

something so magic about you (1/1)

Summary: CS Modern AU. Emma Swan just found the perfect gift for Mary Margaret’s birthday. The only problem? A blue-eyed stranger with a ridiculously attractive face and accent just stole it from right under her nose.

Rating: T

Warning: some swearing here and there

Word Count: ~6300

A/N: Hey guys! This is my first Captain Swan fic so be gentle with me - or not - anyway, please let me know how I did it with this one-shot! :)

also on and ao3

She dashes hastily through the busy street, pushing her legs to their maximum capacity without flat out running. She needs to find a nice shop before closing time and buy a gift for Mary Margaret that would settle somewhere in the “decent” category. She knows the rush is completely her own damn fault, as she’s been procrastinating to the point of ridiculousness. Really, she should just pull herself together to complete all the things that she needs to get done and get them done in time at that.

Except, she’s not exactly the paragon of a good friend, or soon to be sister in law at the moment. She’s forever putting things off to the point that ultimately, they have to be done in a rush because it’s at the very last minute, as is happing now. It’s not like she had a year or anything to figure out what to get to Mary Margaret for her birthday.

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And you woke me up for this? // SHAWN MENDES

Overview: Y/n has a really weird dream and she just has to tell Shawn about it

Authors note: This made me super super supER HAPPY

Requested: yeesss- hope you like it!!

“Shawn,” I whisper into the quiet room blanketed in darkness, light peeping through the curtains. I layed on my back, starring at the ceiling while Shawn’s head nudged softly into my shoulder as he slept like a baby.

“Shawn… psst,” I say again, louder. He groans softly, the arm chucked around my waist pulling me tighter into his embrace. 

“Do I look like a teddy bear to you?” I ask sarcastically, more to myself since he seemed dead to the world.

“Gosh Shawn, wake up,” I shift, turning my head to look at him. I rest my hand on his cheek, rubbing the space a little bellow his left eye, watching as it slowly peeks open, the other being squashed against my shoulder.

“Mm, baby, why did you wake me up?” the raspy tone he has from just waking up sends a jolt down my spine. 

“I had, no joke, the weirdest dream. I had to tell you about it,” I exclaim, unable to hide my excitement.

Shawn chuckles, burying his head further into the crook of my neck. 

“It couldn’t have waited till morning?” he asks, his eyes falling shut.

“What if I forget?” I ask, eyes wide in disbelief at his question.

“You won’t,” Shawn mumbles sleepily.

I groan, wanting to tell Shawn my dream. I reach out shoving Shawn onto his back, climbing on top of him so I was straddling him.

“I’m guessing you did have an interesting dream,” Shawn chuckles, hand’s settling on my waist while mine rested on his bare chest. My cheeks flame at his statement as he grins up at me.

“Listen to me Shawn, dammit.” He laughs at this, the deep sound echoing around the room. 

“Alright, sweetheart, tell me your dream,” His lidded eyes peering up into my wide awake ones.

“Right so there was this sheep,”

“And you woke me up for this?” Shawn cuts me off, rolling his eyes.

“Shush, it gets better,” I laugh, gripping his jaw lightly to pull his attention back to me.

“Go on,” Shawn says, humor laced in his voice.

“And the sheep was dancing,”

“Y/n you’re right, it does get better,” 


“Sorry, sorry,” his chest vibrates as he laughs and I rest my head on his shoulder.

“Then the sheep started to sing, but he sounded like Justin Bieber and I was like- how can this be? How can Justin Bieber be a sheep?”

“That is the most logical question to be asking.” I roll my eyes, hitting his stomach lightly which just causes him to laugh even more.

“This next bit is even weirder. It like transported to this waterfall, but the waterfall was maple syrup,” I pull my self back up again, meeting his humor filled eyes. “Then this figure started to rise out of the water, I mean maple syrup, but the figure was you and you started to chant ‘I am the maple god- obey me’,”

Shawn cracks up laughing, his eyes crinkling in the corner. He rolls pulling me down onto the bed next to me and I squeal at the movement.

“That was well worth being woken up for,” Shawn murmurs, lips pressed against my cheek.

“I told you it was!”

talking to strangers online is so wild like one time i posted fanfics on deviantart and the next thing i know i’m talking to two of my readers who are from my country who are sisters who are also my neighbors who also turn out to be my cousins like lmao so wild i didn’t know i had other cousins haha