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A Study in Strays

Description: John Watson moves to 221B Baker Street. Unfortunately, the flat’s already occupied.

Review: When John moves into 221b there’s a stray cat living there that won’t leave. John comes to love the cat until one day he wakes up with a man in his bed claiming to be his cat. You can see where it goes from there. I would have preferred that Sherlock could still turn into a cat after the curse he was under was broken, but this is a sort of Beauty and the Beast au with a dash of enemies to lovers thrown in.

Rating: Mature


ID #90921

Name: Jeanine
Age: 18
Country: Germany

Hi lovelies!
I’m here looking for people to become friends with from all over the world - I’d be up for sending either snail mail or emails!
I guess one could describe me as an open-minded, creative and humorous person. My favorite things to do are probably drawing, writing, reading, listening to music (mostly house music and soundtracks of games and anime) and meeting friends quite often. Also, I’m VERY into anime and manga and I’m a little sucker for art.
Meeting someone with similar interests would be awesome, but it’s definitely not required, anyone is welcome!

Preferences: Someone around my age (a little younger or older won’t hurt, though) who isn’t homophobic, sexist, racist etc. would be awesome!
I’d prefer to talk to people speaking German or English, since these are the only languages I’m fluent or close to in!

we all know that one person who is suspiciously good at meeting celebrities. like you know they’re attending school and working a part time job and never leave the house on the weekends, yet somehow they’ve met all of your favorite bands, got super adorable pictures and videos with them, and have even met some of them more than once??? and its not like they paid four hundred dollars for a meet n’ greet. nah, they just FIND these famous people in random places. like how??? what pagan ritual did u use to become this lucky???? how many virgins did u sacrifice for that selfie with beyonce


smackle humor | classic (my new video)

echoofhopecreations replied to your post “OKAY! Now that the season is over and canon can’t screw me over…”

a prompt from me. “We weren’t supposed to get caught.” Can you tag me to the post where you post the fic or fic link? Thanks

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…Maybe this wasn’t supposed to be as dark as I ended up making it…

Don’t try and make me give you anything resembling a timeline for this. I have no idea when it’s happening. It just is. AU, sure. Imagine the structure and hierarchy of 1.14, except drawn out and lasting so long this happened.

“Do you have any idea,” Agent Neville irritably remarked, “how long it’s going to take to search the fifty square miles in and around Los Angeles?”

“No,” Flynn replied, voice barely above a whisper, “but I’ll just… wait here while you find out, hmm?” He laughed and it sounded painful. “But that will only be if I don’t… kill you first… bastard.” His threat was impotent. The words were wet with the blood pooling in his mouth and the trail of it dripping from his nose. His arms were pulled behind his back and around a chair. Every time they hit him, the movement jerked and wrenched his stationary arms, held in place by a pair of metal handcuffs.

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She's the devil (but looks like an angel)

Sending some serious Valentine’s vibes over to @bawsonweek!

Summary: AU Meet cute where Ginny is a nutritionist and personal trainer; Mike is pretty sure that Baker is the devil in disguise hidden behind a pretty smile.

“Baker is the best nutritionist and trainer in the industry.” Al Luongo said, as he stared down his oldest player and somewhat protégé. “Apparently Baker worked magic on Chris Pratt, whoever the hell that is, and now he is in the best shape of his life.”

Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1945
Additional Tags: Bawson; AU; Personal Trainer AU; Meet cute; Humor; No angst; Blip/Evelyn mentioned

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*actual opening of s3*

melinda: i was gone for less than an hour and you let our daughter get eaten by a rock!!

phil: a space rock

phil: just to clarify