meeting humor


I saw a post a while back about someone’s hc that Yondu’s hash scars werea Kree slave brand and I’ve been thinking about the OG Ravagers a Lot and have so many headcanons and so much homework so here have a WIP of a thing I definitely don’t have time to be doing

--Mr."Hardly" Perfect--Another poem for Thomas Sanders! <3

Your dark brown eyes,

leave me hopelessly hypnotized.

That cute crooked smile,

melts my big heart into a pile.

Your adorkable personality,

makes me forget the harsh pains of reality.

Every fandom you’re apart of has me love you even more,

my deep love for you is like an open door.

My ears can’t help but ring,

of every beautiful song you sing.

I’m always left in a gaze,

when you act out in those community plays.

You’re just far too sweet,

for us not to meet.

Your quirky humor,

makes me wish I would’ve found you sooner.

You’re everything I want and more,

you’re the only one I truly adore.

Every little thing about yous got me Sherlocked,

because of you my worlds been rocked, harder than by The Beatles.

Without you my heart is filled with piercing needles.

I need ya more than you know,

without you I wouldn’t know how to go.

You are my one true love,

my purest Turtle Dove.

It’s hard to fathom that such a being like you exists,

at the end of the day you’re the only one I’ve missed.

You, with all your “flaws”, know how to work it,

this is why you are my Mr.”Hardly” Perfect!

We talked for a few minutes. I was drunk and probably made a fool of myself. I told him I had seen them 4 times before this, but this was the best show by far. He said something like he was sorry I had to come all the way to Germany to see them play a good show. When I first started talking he said something like “Woah, I thought you were gonna have a German accent.” I told him I wanted to rub it in all of my friend’s faces back home that I’d met him, but the only thing I had for him to sign was a crumpled cigarette pack, which he signed. He told me smoking wasn’t healthy for me, but he was smoking the entire time. I asked where they were going next and he said they were playing Munich the next day and I asked if I could go with them and I don’t really remember what he said, some sort of joke I didn’t get, but then I asked if I could have a kiss instead and he was like “What? Okay” and let me kiss him and then I was like “Oh, everyone will be so jealous of me!” and left because then I felt really dumb. He was really nice, smiling a lot, tipsy. I cried for days after he died.
—  Lisa M., fan of Alice In Chains, about accidental meeting with Layne after concert in Frankfurt, Germany (2.2.1993)