meeting her in february


Katastrophe is the alter ego of a genderqueer teen named Spencer. She is basically a little @jinkxmonsoon. She loves Broadway, cartoons, and a lot of the same movies as Jinkx. She wants to be a Broadway star. Katastrophe is in love with everything that has to do with Jinkx! Katastrophe is a Jewish insomniac from NYC. She sings and acts but can’t dance to save her life. You can usually find her performing, screaming at her tv, or singing. Jinkx knows who Katastrophe is and has met her twice! This February Katastrophe is going to meet jinkx again! Katastrophe hates sports and rude people. It is Katastrophe’s dream to sing with Jinkx one day!

HyunA announces her official fandom name at 10th-anniversary fan meeting!

HyunA celebrated her 10th-anniversary with much love!

On February 17, HyunA held her 10th-anniversary fan meeting. On this day, many fans, as well as staff members, managers, and more, joined to congratulate HyunA. Fellow Cube Entertainment artists- CLC, Pentagon, and BTOB - also made a surprise appearance, ultimately, making the sexy star burst into tears of joy.

The day turned even more special as HyunA announced her official fandom name. Now, HyunA’s fans are officially named A-ing.

Congratulations to HyunA and A-ing on her 10th-anniversary!