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hey do you know what happened to jackson at the fanmeet? i heard that he was upset and might have argued with the members or something

“Might have argued with the members or something” - sounds like a rumor or an assumption made up by someone on Twitter ^^;; There are many users who want to make drama

Jackson was quiet and seemed upset at the fanmeeting. No one knows what happened because none of us can enter Jackson’s mind and he didn’t say what was bothering him. His mum met his brother and his family yesterday and he couldn’t join them, it was also his mother’s birthday. It could have been the reason why he was upset but it’s another assumption, we don’t know for sure. He’s aware that he won’t be able to meet his brother for a long time after that.

Fans were worried because according to fanaccounts he hasn’t said a word during the first 40min of fanmeeting, made his punishment not talking until the end of the show (during one of the games), avoided eye contact and looked sad in most of the previews.

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Hey darling! You looked extra cute on vacation. Did you have fun?

I did! I got to see a lot of friends I really missed and pretty much be only referred by my preferred pronouns and neutral name which was very affirming. I’m grateful to have such friends and I wish I didn’t live so far away from them. People locally don’t really care about my pronouns or name so its kind of frustrating. But I got to wear a bunch of cute fem presenting outfits, meet some fans, go to the Oregon zoo, and eat a whole bunch of food! I want to visit again soon and then eventually move out to Seattle.

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I just want to let you know that I was on the writing subreddit and a question was asked about the best ways to monetise writing and I used what you do as an example without mentioning your name and then someone was like "oh I follow an author who does that, she writes lgbtq fiction" and I was like "is that Asy, by any chance?" and it was! Your fans are meeting each other by chance on other websites! And I know this is super rambley, but I thought you might like to hear it!

I do like to hear it! That’s really cool!! XD