meeting each other's families

ok but the fact that glenn started team family.  maggie was right and i never explicitly thought about it that way until now.  glenn didn’t just save rick’s life back in atlanta - he put into motion every event that would lead these characters to meet and come to care about each other so much.

team family wouldn’t exist without the selfless, compassionate, caring, pure heart and soul of glenn rhee and everything they do to protect each other honors him and his memory and everything he risked and sacrificed and that’s honestly the most beautiful thing i’ve ever heard. 

Batfam Masterlist!


Bruce wayne/ Batman:

    Damian wayne/ Robin:

    • That Todd
      Damian’s beloved gets hurt in battle
    • Hardened exterior 
      Damian comforts you after a particularly rough day. 
    • Big day
      It’s soon to be your and Damians wedding anniversary, and you have a couple of surprises up your sleeve. 
    • I’ll surely have to repay you (Smut)
      Damian and you have fun with a particular lasso. 
    • I know
      Jealous Damian to the rescue. 
    • I mean more then a friend
      you tell damian you love him more then a friend. 
    • Back early
      Damian comes home earlier then expected. 
    • Warehouse (Smut)
      When You almost get injured during a mission, Damian just can’t hold back at home. 
    • Condition
      Damian finds out you’re ticklish. 
    • have you ever…you know…had sex with anyone?
      Damians cocky attitude has gotten him in a sticky situation, Dick to the rescue.
    • I might have come off as offencive
      A bad pairing for a project ends with feelings being confessed.
    • Trying
      After a long time of trying to get pregnant, you break from the thought of being unable to provide Damian a long desired family.
    • Kiss the girl
      Damian and you have an awkward date, but Jason and Dick to the rescue.
    • Wake up
      Damian comforts you after a nightmare.
    • Disgrace
      After a criminal flirts with you, Damian is forced to confess his feelings.
    • If What
      Damian is flabbergasted when you can understand what he said in Arabic. 
    • I hope you enjoyed yourself, beloved (Smut)
      Damian repays for his pleasure.
    • In all seriousness (Smut)
      Jealous Dami shows you who you belong to.
    • Foil Packet
      Bruce walks in on you and Damian in a heated moment, when he only presumed you to be friends.
    • Get it yourself (smut) [Part 2] [Part 3] [Final]
      Damian shows you who’s boss after you’re rude to him, but things take a different turn when your moodiness becomes much more.
    • Wherever he goes (smut)
      Damian makes love to you at the hotel on your honeymoon.
    • You look amazing (smut)
      After spending the day with you in a sexy robin costume, Damian needs to show you how he feels about it. 
    • Killing a fly
      Stepping out in Damian’s defence in front of mother Talia, things get heated between the women. 
    • Second least favorite 
      You and Jason are both fond of the same type of music, which means frequent jam sessions together. Making boyfriend Damian jealous. 
    • The weak get thrown to the dogs
      After killing his pregnant wife while brainwashed, Damian turns his sword on himself. 
    • Asked for
      After a while of begging, you finally meet his family.
    • Languages
      Dami and s/o speak to each other in the others mother tongue.
    • Money man
      The beginning of a beautiful friendship.
    • Reunited in death
      Damian is driven over the edge after the death of his beloved.
    • Distraction (Smut)
      Damian gets turned on by you chewing on your pencil, causing a small distraction from homework.
    • Little Dancer
      years after leaving the life of being Jokers dancer behind, it comes back to haunt you.
      Damian’s s/o catches him masturbating by accident.
    • French girls
      Asking Damian to draw you like one of his french girls, causing a fit of laughter.
    • Time
      You and Damian travel to the future to meet an older version of you
    • Visiting Grandpa 
      Visiting grandpa Damian after not being able to visit for a while.
    • I’ll protect you
      After your dad gets put in jail, you feel as if you’re in danger.
    • That’s what fathers do
      Dad Damian gets out done in a pillow fight by the women in his life.
    • Ain’t no other man (Smut)
      Damian comes home early from a mission because you’re hanging out with Jon.
    • Never told us
      The family finds out that Damian has been dating someone for a while and hasn’t told them.
    • I can help
      Boss Damian has fallen for an employee but find out they’re being abused.
    • You live on
      Damian can’t cope with losing you in childbirth.
    • Pet Shop
      You have caught Damians interest, working at a pet shop, but it requires collaborative effort to get him to ask you out.
    • I’m not crying
      Damian mistakes your teary eyes for crying.
    • Is she going to make it
      A proposal turns into a fight for your life.
    • Fun with paint
      After getting paint on Damians face, the war is on.
    • It’s really you
      Searching for your best friend, a few years after he left the league.
    • Shadow people
      After a nearly lethal fight, you end up dating and getting engaged to the target.
    • Useful
      Your body image issues are getting to you, and Damian is there to make it all better.
    • If I knew (Smut)
      After a difficult patrol, Damian finally makes a move.
    • The battle
      Damian got annoyed with you, putting a stop on your sex life, but you’re not too fond of it.
    • Bring your child to work
      You meet the super sons for the first time, but the young Wayne boy doesn’t seem to impressed.
    • Why wasn’t I aware
      Damian finding out you have adamantium claws.
    • Lose my mind
      Exam season is taking a toll on you.
    • Same to you
      You and Damian realize that you’re both vigilantes.
    • Masks
      Trying something different to cheer up Damian.
    • Amnesia
      Damian doesn’t understand why he’s hurting but you seem to be fine.
    • Sorry doesn’t mean squat  
      Damian wants you to forgive him after he raises his voice at you.

    Jason Todd/ Red Hood:

    Dick Grayson/ Nightwing:

    • Energetic (Smut)
      Dick needs to rid himself of excess energy.
    • Coat
      Dick comforting you after a breakup.
    • What if I fuck up?
      Telling your brother Damian that you like Dick a bit more then you should.
    • Work sucks (Smut)
      After a rough day at work, Dick needs to blow off some steam
    • Treating you right (Feat. Jason)
      The boys are catching feelings, and you need to talk to them about it.
    • Screams
      As your baby gets hurt, Dick to the rescue. 

    Timothy Drake/ Red robin:

    General batfam:


    anon gave me a challenge; asked for a bit of Carl Barks with nice-guy-Gladstone but then I remember this part of A Christmas for Shacktown (W OS 367-02), which is a sweet holiday classic where the ducks are trying to raise twenty-five dollars to get the kids in the poor part of town a toy train!

    baby Smaurent and Damen hcs

    Inspired from convos with @verebrothers and @randomstufffromotherblogs  (as well as @twicehalfblood 

    AU where Laurent and Damen meet each other when they’re respectively 5 and 10, while the Akielon royal family went in Vere for alliance talk (some drawings in a thread to go with it, I’ll post them on tumblr once they’re clean…)

    • Smaurent is really intrigued by Damen, and touch his hair a lot
    • He asks him questions, things like “why is your skin a different color ? what is this hole in your cheek ?”
    • Damen explains that his skin is darker because there’s a lot of sun in Akielos so it protects him
      • Later, Auguste finds Laurent covered in coal. When he asks him why, Laurent explain that it’s to protect himself from the sun “for when I’ll go in Akielos to play with Damen” 
      • Auguste finds it adorable, but he now has a really dirty little prince to have bathed
    • Less cute, but later, Auguste and Damen walks in on Smaurent in front of a mirror, about to pierce his face with a needle they use for their ears. They scare him because they freak out and stops him, and all crying, he tells that he just wanted a “hole in his cheek” (the dimple) like Damen…
      • They explain to him that he can’t make one, and that Damen was born with it…
      • Smaurent is sad because he wants to be like Damen, so Damen tells him how you can just learn to love things in the other, even if you can’t have them for you.
      • He also tells him how pretty he thinks he is, even without a dimple, that his smile is blinding, and that he has the prettiest blue eyes and blond hair
    • It makes Smaurent fall in love (damn Laurent you’re 5… Damen stops being flirty you’re 10 everyone calm down)
    • Laurent: “I will marry Damen, so there won’t be war and we can play”
      • Damen likes the idea
      • The parents / big bros find it funny at first, before being like “Well… that definitively could be a good way to ally our countries…”
      • That’s how they end up in an arranged marriage
    • Laurent taking Damen’s chiton (the one he intended to wear) and running in the castle wearing it. Damen (naked) running after him
      • Eventually, Laurent trips on the hem of the chiton and falls face first, and starts to cry like that
      • Damen takes him in his arms and starts to comfort him, blowing raspberries in his hands to make him laugh
      • A servant is like “Exalted you’re naked” Damen: I don’t care HE’S CRYING
    • When Damen has to go back in Akielos, Laurent is crying all he can, and ends up giving him his favorite horse toy, telling him to give it back to him when he comes back, and making him promise
      • Damen does
      • And he gives it to Laurent each time he comes back, and each time he leaves, Laurent gives him to him again.
      • Last time Damen gives it to Laurent is before their wedding.

    my general impression of each of the hxh arcs:

    • hunter exam: our four boys meet each other and slowly become a team/family. we start getting their backstories. other than that one pedophile dressed as a clown, everything is cute and fun.
    • zoldyck family: killua’s backstory. things start getting Slightly More Fucked, but generally the day is saved through The Power of Friendship and everything is still sweet and lovely.
    • heavens arena: gon and killua live in a hotel together for a season. great fight scenes.
    • yorknew city: someone please give kurapika a hug. why did they take the ice cream scene out of the remake.
    • Greed Island: best arc!!!!!!!!!!! adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!! an old woman tries to con gon and killua and ends up adopting them because she realizes they’re too precious for this world. right at the end shit gets real and gon loses a limb, but don’t worry about that.
    • chimera ants: the show takes a complete 180 from the last arc. everything is fucked!!!!! everything is terrible!!!! why is this happening someone please give killua a hug!!!!
    • 13th hunter chairman election: we’re gonna take the love and friendship between the two main characters - the relationship that has been the foundation of the entire show so far - and just fucking rip it apart because fuck you that’s why.
    • dark continent: remember all those characters in this entire show that you grew to love? never mind any of them, here’s a thousand pages of politics about a million new boring characters you don’t give a shit about. and you’ll take it and be thankful for it because at least it’s not on hiatus anymore.
    Zodiac couples as couple things
    • Cooking together for the first time: Aries x Scorpio, Gemini x Taurus, Libra x Leo, Pisces x Virgo, Aquarius x Sagittarius, Cancer x Capricorn
    • Where you both want to leave so you give each other "the look" for the first time: Leo x Scorpio, Pisces x Cancer, Aries x Sagittarius, Virgo x Capricorn, Taurus x Libra, Gemini x Aquarius
    • When you gossip about your friends the whole ride home for the first time: Pisces x Scorpio, Virgo x Aries, Aquarius x Leo, Taurus x Sagittarius, Libra x Gemini, Cancer x Capricorn
    • The first time you get hooked on a TV show together: Aries x Scorpio, Virgo x Leo, Libra x Pisces, Taurus x Capricorn, Sagittarius x Gemini, Cancer x Aquarius
    • When you stay up all night with each other: Pisces x Leo, Libra x Sagittarius, Virgo x Scorpio, Taurus x Aries, Aquarius x Gemini, Capricorn x Cancer
    • When you meet each others families for the first time: Gemini x Cancer, Leo x Aquarius, Virgo x Scorpio, Capricorn x Pisces, Sagittarius x Libra, Taurus x Aries
    • When you introduce each other as boyfriend/girlfriend for the first time: Aries x Gemini, Taurus x Leo, Capricorn x Aquarius, Virgo x Scorpio, Pisces x Libra, Sagittarius x Cancer
    • When you write each other notes or letters for the first time: Aquarius x Scorpio, Cancer x Aries, Virgo x Taurus, Leo x Sagittarius, Pisces x Gemini, Capricorn x Libra
    • When you realize you're in love for the first time: Scorpio x Cancer, Aquarius x Libra, Gemini x Pisces, Taurus x Aries, Virgo x Capricorn, Sagittarius x Leo
    • The first time you get into a screamy fight: Scorpio x Aries, Gemini x Capricorn, Virgo x Sagittarius, Pisces x Leo, Libra x Taurus, Cancer x Aquarius
    • When you stick up for them when they aren't even around: Virgo x Scorpio, Leo x Gemini, Pisces x Aries, Aquarius x Sagittarius, Libra x Cancer, Taurus x Capricorn
    • The first time you do something you hate just because they asked you to: Virgo x Taurus, Aries x Libra, Scorpio x Pisces, Leo x Capricorn, Gemini x Sagittarius, Cancer x Aquarius
    Send me a symbol for an established relationship

    🌟 old high school friends who lost touch for a while

    (distant) family members who meet each other at the funeral of one of their grandparents / parents

    known each other since kindergarten but didn’t start getting along until recently

    🌙 good friends who sometimes don’t talk for months, but suddenly show up on each other’s doorsteps and have a laugh like they talked just yesterday

    muse A is the new doctor / nurse / caretaker of muse B

    💫 arch-enemies since the day they could talk

    muse A works in muse B’s favourite restaurant

    love / hate relationship in which they totally need each other’s constant reassurance, but hate each other’s every move

     they tried a relationship once, but it didn’t work out and now they’re the best and closest friends who tell each other everything

    they live in the same apartment building and greet each other in the hallways, not yet aware of how alike they are and how much they could mean to one another

    💙 muse A is muse B’s biggest fan and they finally get to meet them backstage

    used to be co-workers a few summer jobs ago

    💰 business partners who always agree on the work related topics, but never on anything else

    anonymous asked:

    First time? (SFW or NSFW)

    Since I’m working on a slow burn fic that isn’t going to have any NSFW scenes until the sequel I should branch out and explore other first times. Strap yourself in and take a fucking sip, babes. This is going to be a long list of shit.

    • Their first text messages to each other, a la my fanfiction, were this.
    • Their first proper picture taken together was once the GPF was finished, when skaters were still in their costumes. They were sitting together at the Kiss and Cry, medal around Yuri’s neck and both of them have half smiles on their faces, exhausted and completely wanting out of there just to get the banquet over with. Seconds before that picture, Otabek said to him, “that skate was worthy of three golds, Yura.” It sent shivers down his spine that would remain unexplained until he falls.
    • Their first Skype call was quick. It was barely twenty minutes while Yuri was waiting to leave and it was one of those “hey I have a little bit of free time do you wanna Skype?” “Sure.” They reacted like how Internet Friends do the first time they Skype, all smiley and flustered and giggly throughout the whole thing.
    • Their first time hanging out together off season was awkward. Otabek’s luggage was stolen when he got there and so he had to borrow some of Nikolai’s clothes that he wore with him while they went to St. Petersburg and visited various places.
    • The first time they stay up all night together was the second day of Otabek’s first visit. They had been so caught up in each others’ stories that they didn’t even notice the sun rising until Otabek turned his head and was blinded by a beam of light. Even after they get together, there are many more nights like this. 
    • The first presents they exchange are on their birthdays. Yuri’s was first, obviously, and he received two different cat shirts, simple gifts because they didn’t know each other too well just yet, but still he loved and wore all the time. Then when Otabek’s birthday came, Yuri’s extra ass got him this.
    • Their first inside joke is when Yuri discovers @daddybek and then decides to share the blog with Otabek to see his reaction. They never drop it even after they already establish the daddy kink in the bedroom.
    • One of the more entertaining firsts is the first time they get drunk together. It was Yuri’s eighteenth birthday, and Otabek decided to hell with being the responsible friend and did everything his best friend asked, no matter how ridiculous. They just were being stupid and having fun and they had the worst hangovers in the morning, the night before was hilarious and fun as hell. 
    • Viktor and Yuuri were behind Otabek and Yuri’s first trip together. They went to Disney World, of course, because what better place would they vacation to together other than Cinderella’s Castle in Magic Kingdom, Kilimanjaro’s Safari in Animal Kingdom and the Food and Wine Festival in Epcot? Nowhere. That’s the correct answer. 
    • The first time they change in front of each other outside of the locker rooms is when Otabek is visiting Hasetsu. It’s also the first time they share a bed and a room together, but they were comfortable with each other at this point and didn’t think anything of it. It’s not like they don’t have the same parts, after all. 
    • Their first movie together was Wonder Woman. It was either that or Lego Batman, but since Otabek’s little sister wanted to come they took her to see Wonder Woman because damn it all if that movie isn’t a masterpiece and absolutely incredible for young girls to watch. 
    • The first time they read each others’ minds is when Yuri is meeting Otabek’s DJ friends for the first time, and he knows who each one of them is based on personality and looks alone, and he’d never seen them before. He would just look at Beka and say their name with rising intonation and he would just nod in confirmation. 
    • Sometimes, when Otabek visits Yuri while he’s staying with Viktor and Yuuri, Viktuuri would forget something and go get it and leave the boys alone. However, they were really busy once and they sent Otayuri to go get what they needed, and that became the first time they went grocery shopping together. They helped with making dinner when they came back, too, making that the first time they cook together. 
    • The first time they meet each others’ families, their families were already aware of their painfully obvious crush on the other, even though they never mentioned anything about it. They would do everything in their power to try and get the boys to finally slip and hook up, but it never worked, much to their frustration. 
    • Like all first kisses, their first kiss was a mess and a complete mistake. Yuri didn’t know what he was doing while Otabek had experience. When it clashed, it was a bumbling mess of lips and clinking teeth, but still they loved it anyways. 
    • Nothing was more surreal than the moment they first referred to each other as lovers. Someone was hitting on Yuri, that beautiful boy, and Yuri impatiently told him “I have a boyfriend.” Still, he pushed, and finally Otabek intervened and just said, “he’s my boyfriend.” They didn’t think anything of it until after the guy left, and they both just thought about it for a moment, as if their minds were the same and they thought the same thing for just a second before they went on about their day as if nothing happened. 
    • Their first night they moved in together, they couldn’t sleep. They tossed and turned together in their bed with huge stupid grins on their faces and they couldn’t help but giggle with each other while they cuddled and watched the sun come up, peeking through the curtains they put up just a few hours earlier. It was beautiful…dawn of a new day, dawn of a new age. 
    • The first time they fought, and like, legitimately fought, was because Yuri kept pushing himself. He was behind in practice and kept overworking himself to exhaustion, and no matter what Otabek did he still kept doing what he wanted anyway, until finally a huge argument broke out. It ended up in tears and holding each other while Beka reassured him that he didn’t want him to hurt himself and he just wanted to keep him safe. 
    • And then, last but most certainly not least, there was the first of all firsts. It was right as Yuri was slipping under, his head resting on Otabek’s chest and listening to his heartbeat while they lied in bed together, illuminated by moonlight. There was a soft kiss planted on top of his head, before Otabek whispered, “I love you, Yuri Plisetsky.”

    anonymous asked:

    Smut prompt: David and Killian are best friends and Killian's "lady of the night" is Emma. But he doesn't know emma is davids little sister.

    *unbeta’d so sorry for mistakes*

    Just a silly, baby bit. Ended up being smutless ;).

    They’d met a month ago. She was chasing some guy (part of her job) and had turned up at the bar that he worked at. The guy was a bust - had left hours ago - but she was not.

    She was interesting, enigmatic and beautiful.

    She explained she was new to town, so he insisted on buying her a drink. They talked until it was closing hour, the  other bartender picking up the slack for the totally beguiled Killian.
    (She seemed just as smitten, Will his coworker had teased the next day.)


    Moving back to Storybrooke had been a fresh start after a bad break up. Her brother had coaxed her home after many years of trying, wanting to mend their fractured relationship. But that was still in it’s infancy, gently working back into each other’s lives after almost a decade wasn’t simple.

    And meeting Killian was a not expected development.

    She’d not dated in forever. Really thought that maybe that part of her life was over: too many assholes leaving their mark. But he was different. He was warm, funny and devastatingly handsome.

    Perhaps she should have declined the offer of a drink, but she was technically off the clock and she found she wanted to (despite herself). They were so similar yet different all at the same time.

    Three days later she returned, hair curled, a floral dress that toed the line between casual and dressy was topped with her ever present leather jacket. She took a seat at the bar and waited for him to notice her.

    He smiled and she was already falling for him.


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    anonymous asked:

    Could you please do prompts of two villain getting together?

    1) “You wanted help from forces you couldn’t control, now you must pay the price.”
    All of their life they had considered themselves at the top of the food chain, the most dangerous predator in the room. It was equal parts mesmerizing and horrifying to come across a being that made their teeth look like toothpicks by comparison. 
    A shiver ran down the villain’s spine. “But together-”
    “-Together?” the other purred. “Ambitious of you. You haven’t even bought me dinner yet.”

    2) “Why are you being nice to me?” 
    “People like us, we have to stick together,” the villain said reasonably. They tightened the bandages. “It’s not like anyone else is going to stick up for us.”

    3) “I tell you what.” She smoothed down the antagonist’s shirt. “You want the recipe to my toxins, and I need someone I can bring home to meet my parents so they’ll stop questioning my social life.”
    Perhaps,” she continued. “We could help each other out.”
    “You want me to meet your family?” 
    No one ever invited them to meet the family. Ever. They weren’t considered suitable material for anyone’s beloved baby, and work-life boundaries were a nightmare to navigate when they couldn’t even talk about work with anyone they knew.
    “It’s a quid pro quo, don’t look so pleased,” she snapped. “It’s just business.”

    4) The break out blasted through the holding cells. It felt like the only change in silence and concrete since forever. The villain shielded their eyes, coughing up dust, before raising their head at the sound of boots too casual and sauntering to be the frantic rush of guards. 
    “It’s a sin to keep a wild creature in a cage,” murmured a voice. A hand reached out to them as the dust of the explosion cleared. “Come with me.”

    5) It was a moment born of impulse, dark nights, long hours alone with only plans to keep company with. It meant nothing really. Then it kept happening. The villain didn’t know whose mouth met whose first; but to not go to war against the world for just a few hours soon grew to be an addicting thing. Even if they were the last people anyone on the planet would be safe with, there was a strange safety with each other. 


    “If you can seduce our dearest hero before I can - this corner of the city is all yours.”
    “Why do you want to seduce them?” 
    “Do we have a bet or not?”

    dinner for three

    *requested —> Anonymous said: Will you write a ty fic where you either get set up on a blind date with him by your bro and it goes super terribly but it’s okay because it’s ty and you like each other OR you take ty to meet your family and your bro is all =_= because he doesn’t like any guy around you let alone this fucking silver headed edgy mcedgelord guy who won’t stop holding your hand but at the end of the night he has to admit that ty isn’t so bad (and then ty tries kissing you on the doorstep and your bro interrupts-

    -like go home Lee taeyong I said you could date my sister not make out with her under our parents roof =_= even though you’re outside (Also bro is doyoung duh like who else) 👀👀👀

    Originally posted by dailynctgifs

    author’s note: 1,429 words. doyoung needs to #chill.

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    for most of the season isak is looking up at even, and i always attributed this to their natural height difference or their positions in the shot, like when isak is sitting while even is standing. but then we got the close-ups where isak seems much taller. those technically can be explained by tarjei on a box or henrik bending his knees, all for the sake of the function of the close-up, but then julie did a wide shot for o helga natt and i got confused.

    until today, on my 834956472137th rewatch, when i realized that even’s height depended on isak’s perspective. these are the moments when isak thinks he’s on the same level as even, when he gets him. in the locker room when they talk about being accepted by each other’s families, meeting each other before going to the hotel (and then again in the elevator), and reuniting in the courtyard at school.

    @reasoniwantyoutostay pointed out how their positions in bed change too, in hjernen er alene even is lying slightly above isak, and in minutt for minutt isak is lying above even. when they fall back onto the bed in passe på meg they appear on the same level again. their heights, even when lying down, depend on isak’s perspective of the situation and how he feels about even.

    these moments are when isak feels closest to even, and julie is forcing their positions and heights in these shots to show that.

    Imagine telling Chris you love him for the first time.

    A/N: Finally had some time to just sit and write, so here’s that request from @createdbytinyaddiction. I hope this meets what you requested, my mind’s kinda in holiday mode.

    The sun rose over the Manhattan skyline as you awoke from your sleep. Your eyelids fluttered open and you smiled when you remembered you were still camping out in your living room in the fort that you’d made with your boyfriend, Chris, and his adorable co-star, Mckenna, on Thursday night after their movie ‘Gifted’ premiered at the New York Institute of Technology. You’d promised her the last time you saw her at the Los Angeles premiere that you’d let her have a sleepover at your apartment after the New York premiere. She’d been wanting to see your apartment for a while now, from the moment Chris told her about how you had the most beautiful workspace with the prettiest teal blue typewriter- she’d been begging you to see it. Mckenna showed a great deal of interest in creative writing, so it didn’t surprise anyone that when she met Chris’ writer girlfriend that she’d cling onto you.

    You didn’t mind though, you found her incredibly adorable and sweet. You remembered meeting her at lunch after she was casted, you’d fell in-love with her immediately. Chris had brought you along because he’d bring you everywhere with him if he could, and usually he could- you were a freelance writer, you could work from anywhere at any time. But you also knew the real reason he’d brought you along was to see you around kids; he was a family man who wanted a family of his own eventually, so he had to make sure the one he was going to settle with had the same family oriented values that he did. Now he knew you had nieces and nephews like he did, but he’d never really seen you with them as you’d only been dating six months. The two of you were still in the honeymoon phase where it was all about the two of you and no one else mattered. You’d met his parents and he’d met yours, but that was it. You were both yet to meet the rest of each others’ families, though plans had been made for the Fourth of July.

    Despite the relationship only being six months old, you were both pretty sure about each other already. Even before the meeting with Mckenna went down, Chris had no doubt about you because he knew you shared the same mindset as he did. You may not have been as big a kid person as he was, but you did believe in doing things for the ones you loved and you loved Chris. If he wanted children, you’d have children. Be it for him, or with him- you’d do it because the love you carried for him was indescribable and unconditional, and it was enough to erase any fears and uncertainties that you had about having kids. Before you met Chris, you didn’t understand what your mom meant when she said “when you meet the one you’re meant to be with, you’ll want kids.” After meeting Chris, her words had never been more clear.

    The only thing now that was standing in your way of getting that happily ever after was yourselves. Neither of you were fearless enough to push past the concept of time, you both worried that things were progressing faster than they normally should therefore preventing you from professing your love for each other. He didn’t want to scare you away and you didn’t want to scare him away, which was ridiculous because neither of you had plans to go anywhere. One of you just needed to find the guts to pass that first 'I-love-you’ barrier then things were going to fall right into place and you’d both live happily ever after.

    “Morning,” you heard Chris whisper as he rolled onto his side, draping his arm over your stomach. You turned to face him, pressing your hand against his stubbly cheek. “How do you always look so beautiful so early in the morning?” He quizzed with a sleepy smile that made your heart flutter.

    “I just watch and learn from you,” you answered then giggled when he chuckled. “How’d you sleep?” You asked, running your fingers through his hair which was so much fluffier when he didn’t have any product in it. He groaned as he stretched and you knew sleeping on something other than a bed was starting to take a toll on the body. “Think it’s about time we tear down the fort and sleep in the bedroom?”

    “Probably,” he chuckled, resting his arm on your stomach again. “I do like sleeping in this fort though.” You nodded in agreement as you admired the interior; it was a lot prettier at night as there were fairy lights you could turn on. “Mckenna did a great job decorating it, I don’t think we could’ve pulled it off without the kid.”

    “Neither,” you agreed with a nod. “She’s pretty talented, that one.” You smiled when you remembered you were having her over again soon. “I can’t wait to see how well my bake day is going to be with her as my sous-chef, I bet she’ll be more helpful than you.” He scoffed, pretending to be more offended than he actually was. “All you do is distract me, I never get anything done with you in the kitchen.”

    “And that’s a bad thing?” He smirked and you laughed, squirming when he tickled your sides. “I’m the best sous-chef and you know it,” he poked your cheek and you rolled your eyes, nodding mockingly. “Say it, Y/N.” He tickled your sides again and you laughed. “Say I’m the best sous-chef, say it.” He urged as he continued to tickle you.

    “You’re the best sous-chef!” You managed through your laughter and he stopped, wrapping his arm around your waist and pulling you closer to him. “You’re the best sous-chef, okay?” You caressed his face in your hand and you rested your forehead against his. “You’re the best sous-chef, the best actor, the best boyfriend. You’re the best everything, Chris,” you told him, smiling as you lost yourself in his kind eyes. “And I love you,” you whispered, completely unaware that that was the first time you’d ever told him that.

    “What?” His eyes widened and his lips parted; he may have been waiting to hear those three words for a while now, but it still took him by surprise. “Did you just-” He cut himself off when he saw panic wash over you. “No no no,” he chuckled as he tried to calm you down. “Don’t um- Don’t freak out, Y/N. It’s a good thing, you love me. It’s- it’s fantastic.” You pulled away from him and sat up, burying your face in your hands. “Hey,” he sat up and placed his hand on your back. “Y/N, listen to me. I’m-”

    “I’m going to go start breakfast,” you said and quickly scrambled out of the fort and to your feet. Chris followed you, chuckling softly. Your panic rose as you felt his presence right behind you. “Do you want pancakes?” You tried to quicken your pace only to have him stop you by grabbing your wrist in his hand. “You don’t want pancakes?” You mumbled nervously when he spun you around, eyes watching you with an intense gaze.

    “Can you shut up for a second?” He asked and you pressed your lips together; he chuckled softly then smiled as he whispered, “I love you too.” Your heart rid itself of all that horror and panic, and sang a thousand melodies. “I love you so much, Y/N. You don’t even know how long I’ve been wanting to tell you how much. If you didn’t say it then, I would’ve said it at breakfast. I just-” he cut himself off, licking his lips. “You’re the love of my life and I’m in-love with you.”

    “Are you sure?”

    “Are you serious?” He laughed and you bit back your smile. “Yes,” he cupped your face tightly in his hands, “I am absolutely sure that I am one hundred percent in-love with you. I’m thirty-six, sweetheart. I wouldn’t be with you if I wasn’t sure you’re the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. I think I should be the one asking that question seeing as you’re the baby in the relationship,” he chuckled when you scoffed, slapping his chest ever so gently. “So are you sure?”

    “I loved you even before you knew my name, Chris Evans,” you responded, wrapping your arms around his neck. He smiled, releasing your face to wrap his arms around your body to pull you as close as he possibly could to him. “So yes, I am very, very sure that I’m in-love with you.”

    “Good,” he smiled. “Because I’ve got great plans to marry and spend the rest of my life with you.” You smiled and tipped your head, inching closer to his lips as he inched closer to yours. “I love you, Y/N.”

    “I love you too,” you smiled then kissed him.

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    After having worked together for 2 months, I waltzed right up to him and said “I kinda have a thing for you.” He laughed, I was embarrassed, it was a disaster…I kept at it though, because I knew that I could be the whirlwind he needed to get his heart back on its feet, and he would be the anchor who kept me grounded. Fast forward past many movie dates, late dinners, concerts, jam sesh’s, and meeting each other families…and I’m right where I want to be. Thanks Kev, for putting up with my feisty antics, and for teaching me that a lover truly is a bestfriend as well.

    Joe Sugg imagine || Couples Q&A ||

    Anonymous said:

    Could you do one we’re joe is still a thatcher and is starting YouTube and y/n and him do a couple q&a

    - - -

    “This is really weird for me.” You couldn’t help but admit it, sitting on your bed with a camera balanced on a stack of books since you didn’t have a tripod yet, in front of you, watching as Joe stood behind it, “I know, but … I’m really going for this Youtube thing.” He glanced up at you and gave you a smile.
    “I know, and I know you’ll do amazingly with it, but – I’m the camera girl.” You laughed slightly.

    You’d held the camera for Joe many, many times during his videos, you weren’t much for the public eye, especially with Joe’s ever growing channel.

    “Well, the world deserves to know the camera girl, I love very much.” Joe beamed, leaning over and giving you a soft kiss, before sitting down. “It’s only a few questions, the couple’s Q and A, please?” He pouted, making his eyes big.

    “Okay, fine… You’re lucky I love you.” You caved in pretty quickly to him. “Yes!” Joe said victory punching the air. “What do I do?” You asked, staring at the camera, awkwardly. “Just be you, the lovable, perfect you.” He poked your nose and you moved your head quickly in attempts to bite his finger, before you both laughed.

    You both had sorted yourself out and Joe did his introduction to the camera; “and with me today, I have my beautiful girlfriend, (Y/N) – yes! That means I conned her into doing a couples question and answer video, I know you’ve been pestering me to get her in front of the camera.” Joe laughed, you waved to the camera, smiling – trying to act natural. “It only took a few tablets in her drink this morning.” Joe nodded. “OI!” You said sharply pushing him a little bit.

    “So, I just Googled a list of couples questions and there was a lot of them, so I just picked a few at random.” Joe had his phone in his hand.

    “Oh first, introduce yourself;” Joe remembered, everyone knew he was 20 and a Thatcher.

    “Uhm.” You said, “I’m (Y/N), I’m 19 and I’m taking some online courses for marketing.” You felt like that wasn’t very exciting. “She also looks after me.” Joe raised his hand and you nodded, agreeing.

    “Shall we get into it?” Joe looked at you and you nodded again,

    “First question; pretty simple – How did we meet?” He asked.

    “You stalked me like I was an antelope at school and when I was unsuspecting you attacked.” You said seriously. “I never!” Joe said quickly, gasping.
    “You did too!” You said quickly. “Listen, listen … Guys…” You looked at the camera trying to cover Joe’s mouth you kept protesting you telling the story. “I had gym class the period before Joe, he’d ALWAYS sneak out of his English class early to get to the gym before the bell went and he’d purposely time it so we’d always run into each other…” You said.

    “How is THAT stalking you like an antelope?!” He stared hard at you. “Dunno, just kinda is, really, isn’t it?” You laughed.

    “Don’t be foolish, you look nothing like an antelope… Smell like one, maybe… Especially on taco night.” - “JOE!” You exclaimed.

    “Anywayyyy… We met at school, okay? School.” Joe was looking at the camera. “Question two; kinda ties into question one.” He cleared his throat. “How long we’ve been together?”
    “You’re making me answer this because you always mess it up, aren’t you?” You asked him and he grinned. “Maybe.” He winked.

    “Joe thinks it’s four years, but it’s three.” You answered. “In his head, I was dating him a year before he asked me out.” You teased him.

    “She lies!” Joe hissed, trying not to laugh, he hadn’t stopped smiling the entire time the camera had been going.

    “Wanna read a question?” He asked you, “I know you’ve only recently learned how to read, but … If you need help with any big words, I’m here to help.” He handed you his phone, as you stared at him with a dull expression.

    He was biting his lip, trying not to laugh. “You see what I put up with?! YOU SEE IT?!” You looked at the camera while gesturing to Joe.

    It was hard to explain, but it seemed like even on video the chemistry and the love you both shared for one another was captured with every recorded second.

    “Uhm, okay – question three; what was… Our first road trip together?” You asked, looking at him, tapping his phone lightly against your lips as you waited for him to answer.

    “Easy, we went to London for the weekend – I had just gotten my licence, (Y/N) got us incredibly lost… Ended up on the entirely wrong motor way and next thing we both see; a big old sign welcoming us to Wales.” He shook his head.

    “That wasn’t my fault!” You defended, “okay; so – story time.” You clapped your hands together, abandoning his phone on your bed.
    “So, Joe passed his drivers test – super excited; I had the flu… I was delirious, sick as can be and he’s toting us off for a journey to London on a bank holiday weekend. I couldn’t remember my own name and he put me in charge of the map…” You scoffed.

    “I was trying to be romantic!” Joe cut in on your story time quickly, “I was trying not to get sick out the window.” You whispered.

    “Let us just say, we turned around and both went home and didn’t speak to one another for about two or three days afterwards because we wouldn’t take the blame.” Joe laughed, “it was definitely a test for our slightly new relationship!” He admitted, making you roll your eyes, “true though.” You laughed.

    “See? Guys you’re learning so much about us.” Joe picked up his phone, “ouuu, question four; what do we argue the most about?” He smirked as he read it.

    “The flipping amount of straw you drag into the house.” You answered almost automatically. “It’s true… We find bits of straw in the most random of places… And it’s not a serious argument, it’s just kind of a funny one.”

    “Question five; Who said ‘I love you’ first?” He smiled.

    “Me” - “You.” Joe and you said at the same time and looked at each other, grinning. He lent in and kissed your lips quickly catching you off guard, it made your blush.

    “I did, it came out really casual I think though?” He asked, looking at you and you nodded, “we were watching a movie around my house, cuddled up on the couch and he just kinda looked over and smiled, and he said, I love you.” You recalled.
    “But! THIS ONE!” Joe put his hands on your shoulders and shook you slightly, “didn’t say it back!” He looked at the camera and made the saddest of faces. “To be fair, I did say it not long after.” You tried to point out.

    “Four days later… I was terrified I overstepped and scared her off.” Joe fixed his hair. “Had be panicking for days on end…” He sighed dramatically.

    “Question six;” you held the phone again, “Nicknames we have for each other?” You asked.

    “I don’t think we really have any… I mean, babe, I usually call you babe,” Joe said, “but you call me babe a lot, too.” He thought. “Nah, don’t really have any, sometimes I call her (Y/nickname) but… So does everyone else…. Only thing I know is I’m good with whatever she calls me, unless it’s Joseph in a very scary tone – then, then I know I’m really in trouble.” He nodded to the camera.

    “Question seven; when did we meet each others family?” You asked.

    “Easy enough, I met your parents not long after we started dating, maybe a month or two, I went over for supper and I was nervous as anything – but her parents are really sweet, and it went exceptionally well.”

    “Yeah, my parents really liked you… And, well I met your sister before I met you, we did some projects in the same art room together after school… Then, I met your dad on his birthday a while after we started dating and he’s hilarious.” You paused thinking, “but I didn’t meet your mom until early last year, but she’s really sweet.” You smiled. 

    “She actually, bought me these earrings.” You pointed to them, they were just a simple pair of dangling earrings with a silver cloud shaped charm, since you loved clouds.

    “And, last question; three things you love about the other person.” You read, looking up and nodding. “Interesting.” You laughed.

    “You go first.” Joe put his hand under his chin, watching you, batting his eyelashes at you.
    “Three things I love about you;” you smiled, “I love, how anytime you take on a new project or challenge, you’ll do whatever it takes to become successful, so your determination. And, the way you always find the joy and wonder out of the simplest of things. Hmm… And I guess, the thing I love the most about you, is that – you are you… No matter what, you’ve never tried to change yourself to fit in with anyone else’s way of thinking.” You nodded. “And also you’re pretty hot.” You beamed a bright smile.

    “Aww… Babe.” Joe said, a bit emotional not expecting those kinds of answers from you. “Just being honest!” You sang in a higher pitched voice.
    “I don’t think I can top that.” Joe admitted, looking at the camera then back to you. 

    “Can I just say… What I love the most about you is you’ve always stuck by me, even when I know I’ve been a royal pain… Even when everyone else was tired of me, you were always right there – beside me, cheering me on.” He took your hands into his. “You never let me down.” He pulled you closer to him and kissed you, your fingers lacing together with his as you shared a kiss.

    Coming apart you both smiled at each other.

    “And that booty is fiiiineee!!” Joe said pulling you almost onto him and he slapped your behind.
    “JOSEPH!” You exclaimed not expecting that to happen, and in fear you were going to end up on the floor.
    Joe was laughing, moving his foot, he hit the corner of the books holding up the camera. “OH NO!” You both said together as the books fell and the camera took a short tumble down to the floor.

    Which Joe took as a sign to end the video just like that…

    • Bug fanboying the heck out of Lito
    • Hernando and Dani absorbing everything and the first thing they do is to thank whoever looks after Lito - Sun and Wolfgang really.
    • Jala properly meeting Koren Jean Claude Lady. 
    • Diego is relieved that all of this is true, and his BFF status is secure.
    • Mama Rodriquez and Capheus’ Mom ADOPTING THEM ALL
    • Papa Kandrakar making food
    • Mama Kandrakar probably judging Wolfgang from head to toe, going Not Bad, Not Bad.
    • Detective Mun, Zakia knowing that they are 100% Sensate approved
    • ETA: Papa Marks stalking in the far corner of the room, torn between checking how many law suits the Sensates have amongst themselves, and just relieved his daughter is okay.

    anonymous asked:

    consider this. It's 2019 or whatever and season 6 comes out and it's just. Klance. Established relationship klance. And it's fluffy and they love each other and accept their flaws. Lance takes Keith back home to Cuba and he meets his family. It starts raining and they're smiling at each other. There's a sunset. They're in love. No more suffering. No more discourse. No more hints. Klance is canon, I'm acing all my classes, my crops have been watered and I've found inner peace

    this sounds like a nice dream