meeting baby

imagine thinking negan is a more valuable character than carl, glenn, sasha and abraham lol

My maternity leave starts in 2 weeks! I’ll be a little over 30 weeks pregnant, which gives me time to get all of the last minute things done. I️ want to be 100% done by 34/35 weeks just in case the twins decide to come early.

Not too much longer now until I️ meet my babies. 😊


Senna arrived on December 6th and is settling in well. Only a couple of accidents in the house so far (both management failures on my part), and he’s learning to settle nicely in his exercise pen to nap and in his crate to sleep overnight. We’re working on nipping– he is an eight-week-old herding puppy after all!–and the old cats are beginning to get used to him.

My sister-in-law took a couple of beautiful pictures yesterday while he was in his pen settling down after meeting my baby niece. I’m working on being able to tell the difference between Lively Puppy and Overtired Puppy– it’s a fine line!–and have him signed up for a socialization class in the New Year. In the meantime we can work on some basic stuff at home. I do not want to mess this little guy up, but so far we seem to be off to a good start.


youngjae + hyung line (or, “the entire hyung line is in love with youngjae and i have proof”)

Sugar Baby In Their 20s : Things To Remember

Unfortunately unlike a lot of you super young and smart sugar babies out there, I didn’t start sugaring until last year at the age of 23. I don’t know what the age limit is or if there is one but I do often get anxiety about it. 
This week was spring break and I had a sugar date EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I was completely having fun and relaxing. I still have 3 more to go. One tonight, two Sunday and one Monday night. Unfortunately, in the sugaring world, you have to come back to reality.  

1) If you’re a sugar baby student, don’t forget to be a student. 

As much fun as I’ve had over the last week of spring break, I did NOT want to focus on homework, I wanted to fantasies my next date with Feline Felix (he’s on Monday :)) However, if you tell your daddies you’ll still be in school for another two years, don’t make it four. Make sure you get your assignments in, get a good grade on your tests and if you have to, TELL YOUR SUGAR DADDY TO WAIT UNTIL YOUR TESTS ARE DONE. 
I have done this many more times than not. Your sugar daddy SHOULD respect and applaud you for having your head straight in your studies. 

2) Save. 

Anyone that knows my blog well, I do give tips and tricks about how to fake your expensive wardrobe for cheap. “Be $mart In Your Wardrobe” posts if you were wondering. Always save though. Your sugar daddy can drop you like a hat at any time for whatever reason. Have money saved for a rainy day for rent, tuition, whatever.  If you can, have a day job so you don’t have a blank in your resume for 2 years for sugaring. You’ll thank me later. 

3) Learn. 

Your daddies have a world wind of experience under their belts. They became successful for a reason, why not make yourself successful too? If you’re going out with a doctor, or an attorney and your degree is going in that direction, make sure to use him as a reference to get a good job after school. Mr. Limelight has tons of connections that I could use from knowing him. Don’t ever end on bad terms and hang on to his number. 

4) You’re not in your 20s forever.

Keep this in mind always. You’re not going to able to sugar for the rest of your life. If you do, kudos to you. Make sure you have that degree, that house, that dream and never let go of the site of that. 


HAVE FUN! You’re not in your 20s forever and you may not ever get to experience these things ever again. Take it while you can!  

Hope this helps. 

- (sbmisstaylor)